UnAustralian Holiday?

Normally, I don’t post twice in one day, but it would be UnAustralian of me to go against my will. I have a little thought to share with you as I sit here on a Western Australian Public Holiday, while the rest of the country is at work…

An UnAustralian Thing To Do

I’m wondering why the rest of Australia is at work today? Wasn’t it ANZAC Day on Saturday? There was a time when the Aussie spirit decided that a Public Holiday will be moved to the Monday if it fell on a weekend. When was that changed? Well, I am glad Western Australia is so far behind the rest of Australia that we still have a public day of rest after we have honored the men and women that gave their time and life’s for their country – because they were asked to – and some told to – by their government.

To remove such a public day of rest after ANZAC Day is totally UnAustralian.

The UnAustralian Way

I say this with some tongue in cheek. I always get stick by the East Coast for living so far away from the real Australia. I jokingly call this the UnAustralian side of Australia. Being a country boy, living away from the hustle and bustle is pretty cool by me. Now, I can really see the value of living in a state that is nicknamed: Wait Awhile (W.A.) – You see, over here we are so slow, we need an extra day of rest after a weekend.

The politicians love to use that term: UnAustralian. They use it describing each others acts and policies. It all seems like a game but it has to used in context. It is one of the most insulting ways to describe a fellow Aussie. Well, bring back the day of rest on the Monday for the people of Australia and we wont call the politicians UnAustralian.

I hope you all enjoyed your ANZAC Day on Saturday.

Life is good!

Sean Rasmussen
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  1. Hi Sean, I absolutely love Western Australia but I have to disagree with you this time. I believe we should celebrate Anzac day on the day it falls, not just use it as an excuse for a long weekend, we get enough of those.

    • I’m with you Jackie. ALL holidays should be celibrated on their actual date rather than moved to a Monday. That is a relic from the days that shops and factories etc didn’t open at weekends. The word Holiday comes from the phrase Holy Day and if you start messing around with dates then the day can’t be too holy can it!!!!

      • Oh and by the way, I reckon the commemoration of ANZAC day is very important. I had the privilage of going to Gallipoli (the Turks call it Gelliboulli) and visiting the beach, seeing the cliffs and wondering what those ignorant English Generals were thinking when they sacrificed the lives of so many Australians and New Zealanders for that desolate and isolated beach. As it turns out I discovered that my great grandfather was killed on the first day of the landing; quite likely never even made the beach.

    • Radek Simcik says:

      I come from Europe and we don’t have this Monday off thing if public holiday falls on weekend. I find it really nice for people that work. How many public holiday do we have a year so we cannot move it on Monday?

  2. Hi Jackie
    Yes. We definitely want to celebrate on the correct date. When a public holiday falls on a weekend, Australians used to have the Monday off anyway as a public holiday. That was the point in my post. Anzac Day doesn’t move. It never does. 🙂

  3. Roger Veness says:

    Hi Sean,
    I fully agree with Jackie, we celebrate Australia day, Christmas day & Easter sunday on the day it falls. Aussies are too spoilt with paid public holidays. I’ve always worked for myself and have to pay for my own time off. Regards, roger

  4. Hi Roger
    Yes we are spoilt, but only one step more than South Korea. Australia has the second highest average workweek per capita, after South Korea, in the Industrialised world. I don’t mind paying my employees for extra days off. They deserve it.
    And they are Aussies. They need drinking time 😉

  5. Bravo Sean, you are a man after my own heart – a passionate true blue Aussie – we certainly lead the way in the West in maintaining the spirit of Australia. Never let go of that feeling.

  6. We Queenslanders don’t need the extra day to rest….mind you after going to the dawn service with our boys and then a full on Sunday with friends and a BBQ….sleeping in on Monday would of been nice!!!

    Thanks for rubbing it in:)


    lisa woods last blog post..No Drugs

  7. Hi Sean,

    An interesting topic that I am sure you put out there with purpose. 🙂 I had to think long about the pros and cons of a day off and because I am not very knowlegeable in the way of work history of the world, I was interested to read your reply.

    My opinion would be that it is important to remember the Anzacs but do we need a day off to hold them in our hearts? Probably not. However, having said that, we do work longer hours these days and there are more stressed employees out there than there used to be I am sure, so if the holiday allows us to reflect on the Anzacs and find some balance in life when we do, then I am all for having the day off and making it a special day where we enjoy and are grateful for our great country.
    Even in my first business when we were a start up, I still believed in public holidays knowing that we all came back more refreshed and surely that is good for everyone’s well being (even those self-employed) as well as recognising some important moments in history that have given us the opportunity to live where we do today and feel safe and grateful.
    That’s my two bob’s worth 🙂

    “Pursue your goals with certainty”.


  8. Hi Sean,

    This is an excellent blog. It’s always interesting to get the perspective of someone on the other side of the world.

    We could use some of that “slow” UnAustralain mindset here in the States 🙂


  9. Thanks Eileen
    I agree, we do not need any time off to honor or respect anyone. And I also agree that a day off does not hurt anyone, including employers (I am one).
    My opinion is that the best way for us to respect our forefathers (and mothers) is to respect ourselves. If we do that, respect for others is automatic. Living a long life without wearing ourselves out 6 days a week in a JOB could be a good idea 😉
    Families are broken up from long working hours. Australians are at the forefront of divorces in the world with 1 in 2 marriages breaking up in the first 2 years. It’s a sad statistic and long work hours does have a big role in this statistic. It’s not the main reason, but is a big contributor.

  10. So well put Sean. Thanks for your reply as I think it helps all of us see the reason behind your topic here.

    “I’m pursuing my goals with certainty”.



  11. I’ve always worked for myself and have to pay thanks you

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  12. brow Sean.İt is good article.thank you

    ahmet başyiğits last blog post..Sırsızlık

  13. Hi Sean,

    An interesting topic that I am sure you put out there with purpose. I had to think long about the pros and cons of a day off and because I am not very knowlegeable in the way of work history of the world, I was interested to read your reply.

  14. Want to trade location for a while? I’m in Scotland and would like to see your country.

  15. I have just stumbled upon this site and blog, I love the way you write. I am a South African and would love to visit Australia, I have a friend that visits her sister there ever 2 years and ever time she comes back she tell of how she just wants to move there to and how beautiful the country is. I will have to save up so that I too can visit. I love how your holidays fall on a Saturday your Monday become the holiday we only have that happen when the public holiday falls on the Sunday

  16. Have to agree on this – I couldn’t believe how ‘UnAustralian’ this was – luckily we are not a family to conform and as such, our little boy did not attend school nor his soccor match on that day…is that UnAustralian or a bit too Aussie for some?
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Sign Language for Babies =-.

  17. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    I think the most important thing should be to honor our ANZACs and to truly appreciate the sacrifice they made for us. I can’t imagine the horror they went through for us.

    The ANZACs fought for our freedom and to preserve our way of life. I think we should celebrate the time off by engaging in activities that celebrate our way of life.

    • Radek Simcik says:

      Hi Jazz, I agree with you … if celebrate then celebrate ‘them’ in our thoughts. Didn’t we read already lots about the power of our thoughts?

  18. Being from Germany it took a bit getting used to this Australian regulation to just move the public holiday onto the next working day if it fell on a weekend. But therefore we do have more paid leave back there …

    And Sean, better WA (wait awhile) than FNQ (f… nothing quick) 😉
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Motivational Music =-.

  19. Love it Renee

    I can’t stand the term unaustralian. What exactly does it mean? Anybody know? I agree with others that public holidays should be taken when they fall.
    Us kiwis also have the habit of transferring the holiday to Monday. I think it is the fear of missing out. Now that’s a fear worth getting rid of.
    .-= Gee´s last blog ..Search Engine Optimization Tips For Baby Boomers =-.

  20. Actually after reading this post again ( i had already quoted way back on this one) I have decided that yep it is very UnAustralian for us not to have Monday off after ANZAC day. I thought every year that was the norm, to have a public holiday to remember those that had fought for our country.

    I wonder which bright Politican thought of that one? I bet he didn’t work on the Monday 🙂
    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Searching For Gratitude Rocks =-.

  21. A quick question on the subject.
    How often, when there’s a Monday public holiday following, for example, Anzac Day on the weekend, do any of us ACTUALLY think about Anzac Day on the Monday while at a BBQ, football match, or just chill out ?
    .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..How Proud Can One Be ? =-.

  22. Hi Sean,
    I agree, A public holiday should always remain for Anzac Day.
    If for no other reason but: “out of respect” for the men and woman who gave their lives for this country and for the returned solders who had to live with the battle scars for the rest of their lives.

    Also the RSL Clubs are disappearing one by one in Sydney NSW. Marrickville RSL and the ANZAC Club Marrickville both closed down last year. Once RSL Clubs represented a legacy for returned soldiers. Not any more, and who has the money for the sale of the properties now? … yes, that is all very UnAustralian.

    Thanks for the tribute Sean.

  23. Sean you get absolutely no argument from here your words say it all, by the way W.A. (Wait Awhile) is keeping the rest of the country alive. oooh that has hit a nerve. ha ha
    .-= Richard Colum´s last blog ..Tips for First Time Home Buyers =-.

  24. You got it spot on about Wait Awhile. It’s funny that we (as in us Sydney people) don’t get any news about anything that happens over there. Is it that nothing happens in WA??

    These days there are so many things that are unAustralian. What’s with the flags on cars? Some people have 1, some have 2 – I for one think the Prime Minsiter should make it law that all Australians should have 4 (one for each wheel?) . Any less and you get deported!
    .-= Samantha Banfield´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen and his crazy talk! =-.

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