Thunderbolt And Blogfoot

“He Has Exactly 7 Minutes To Get Rich Quick” – So he turned to blogging!

Today’s webinar is about locating affiliate products and getting them onto your blog to earn commissions. I will run you through some examples of places to go for fast products and be able to have them live on your blog in a matter of minutes.

Affiliate Networks

These are the most obvious places to go for affiliate products as a beginning internet marketer: Clickbank and Commission Junction. There are many other places to go but the above affiliate networks are great places to start as you can be up and running in minutes.

Thunderbolt And Blogfoot

Today’s webinar is again Clint Eastwood themed: Thunderbolt And Blogfoot. Enjoy!

The rules are in the webinar. Learn and Earn – if for no other reason, then just For A Few Dollars More. Make sure you follow the rules in the webinar to a “T”. Attention to detail separates the winner from the… runners up.

Sean Rasmussen
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About Sean Rasmussen

Sean Rasmussen is a passionate blogger and has been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When he's not with his family, or dog Buddy, Sean is usually blogging or doing something related to the internet.


  1. I am going to be the first to congratulate you on turning up the heat. It’s been a wild ride and this is definitely going to be challenging. May the best cowboy or cowgirl win. Yehaa!

  2. Thanks for getting this up Sean as I missed it yesterday. I am keen to revisit the bits on blogging and also to test myself re getting an article on page 1. Will try and see if I can connect your LSI to it

  3. Hi Sean

    I have published a post on the topic of Sean Rasmussen to my blog. Just over 300 words (got a bit carried away once I got started). Now I will attempt to get it to Google Page 1 by Friday night.
    .-= Tori´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen =-.

    • You’ve done well to contain yourself at that and maybe I have written too many (just checked – the counter says 471 [blushing]).

      When I first started my post about Sean Rasmussen I had a couple of paragraphs but then the passion took over and next thing I knew there I was.

      And I guess there is so many others things I could say too.

    • Hi Tori
      I take my hat off to you with your blog and your blog post. Fantastic and well done for taking action so quickly too. Fantastic and I have added 200 points to your For A Few Dollars More competition tally. Many thanks for all your contributions during Sean’s 7 weeks of fun. 🙂

  4. Thanks for Getting this up so quick Sean. My blog is at the above adress…you are welcome to check it out and give some feedback 🙂
    .-= Jody Chambers´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Australia’s Leading Internet Guru A Blogroll review =-.

  5. Just updated my blog with the webinar link, hope you’ll like this new revised version. Comments please on my blog Many thanks, Ian.
    .-= Ian Ballantine´s last blog ..ボズ ナウ =-.

    • I might have seen the revised version from the beginning. The changes must have already been done by the time I saw the first email LOL.

      Good idea adding a bit more about Bunbury. I have added the name in too and, would you believe, I had put in the same link!!

      Great minds think alike.

    • Hi Ian
      Thank you for your blog post with Sean as your topic. I have added 200 points to your For A Few Dollars more tally and thanks for your contributions in Sean’s competition. Loads of fun and boy 7 weeks can go fast 🙂

      • Hi Cherie, thanks again and please pass on my heartful appreciation to Sean Rasmussen and the rest of the team. Can’t wait for the next free internet marketing competition. I’m moving home this coming weekend so may be offline for a little while. Give me time to think more about my passions so I can write more blogs when I get online again. All the very best – Ian Ballantine.

  6. I guess someone has to be the first to do this. 🙂

    Seeing as I wasn’t able to view the video for some reason I’ll just have to go by the notes I took this morning.

    Comment in this post (i.e. today’s webinar video article)
    Topic – Sean Rasmussen
    Sean Rasmussen in headline
    Use various SEO strategies.
    Link text “Internet Marketing” back to
    Use the blog URL for Comment Luv
    Make sure box by RSS feed is checked.

    Hope I got that all right.

    Now I’m having a double single malt or three. 🙂
    .-= Don White´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen- Gentleman and Internet Marketer Extraordinaire =-.

  7. Hi Sean,
    thanks for a great webinar – in great for as we know you giving us lots of extra time and attention ;). Thanks for that, I really appreciate how much time you give to let us learn from your online experience and knowledge.

    I have written a little post about you on my blog, I hope you like it 🙂

    Have fun reading through all the posts written for and about you
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen – Australian Internet Marketer =-.

    • Hi Renee
      Well done with your article on your site and thank you for all your efforts over the last seven weeks with the For A Few Dollars More competition. I have added 200 points to your Learn and Earn score. Many thanks Renee 🙂

  8. I just posted my comment on having done the blog featuring Sean Rasmussen – with appropriate anchor text link etc – but it doesn’t seem to have been recorded here.
    Is it because of the different URL that we had to put in?
    *** link removed ***
    If this doesn’t take I may need some of those single malts of Don’s
    .-= Peter Damien Ryan´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Master of Latent Semantic Indexing Technique =-.

  9. Oh thank goodness, the webinar is here & I can catch up!!
    I was having withdrawals! 😀

    I was dreading not being able to catch up on the Thunderbolt & Blogfoot webinar, as I missed out yesterday, being “out in the sticks” for a week with an occasionally dodgy internet connection… I don’t care what certain politicians say about not needing the National Broadband Network – WE DO!! As budding internet marketing enterpreneurs it is an absolute lifeline. 😉

    I shall now watch, enjoy, learn & get my hiney into gear with the affiliate networks, products, blogging & whatever other tasks are set – thanks Sean! 🙂

    • And if they don’t you could jump up and down with your blogfoot and if they still take no notice you could hit them with your thunderbolt.

      Yes us budding internet marketing entrepreneurs EXTRAORDINAIRE are the life blood of the economy. If we all stuck to J.O.B.s where would the country be??

      • I caught the webinar last night as I missed it due to work and suddenly had a heap of work to do! For those who do manage to get onto page 1 of Google – well done to them for getting there so quickly.

        Broadband, copper pairs and the orange phone company! We have to keep on fighting for our internet as they keep on swapping the copper pairs in our street for whoever is winging the loudest about their internet – so we have to ring and complain that we have lost it every couple of months – is a pain.

        I went to a seminar where there was an American gentleman speaking and he was winging about the speed of the page load – I thought it was pretty good actually – what speeds are they used to over there?
        .-= Jayne Pleysier´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen- A Successful Internet Marketer’s Journey =-.

  10. I bet clickbank and commission junction are loving all the attention at the moment!

    I have just updated my blog and all is as per instructed in the webinar. I would like to wish everyone the best of luck with this and I hope you are all enjoying the challenge 🙂
    .-= Helen Nester´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen – Success Communicator =-.

  11. geoff harnden says:

    This webinar in the Learn and Earn Internet Marketing Competition is an absolute bottler!!!
    And I see (above comments) the Great Point Grab is ON!!!

    3 Questions Sean…
    1. The fact that you posted the example blog in this webinar on with banner and means they will shut this blog down on you…??
    2. Does the same apply to your Thesis theme which I think is with
    3. Will it be possible to add further (multiple) blogs to uwc after the link has gone, by some other means?? My reason for this question is that still playing catchup in many ways, and finding products, affiliate links, learning SEO etc., and thus the subject matter is still germinating…

    Absolutely great stuff Sean. Thanks

  12. Ok Sean, published the blog post.

    Not sure if I did something wrong, I cannot seperate my posts!

    Might have to practice some more! 🙂
    .-= Willem Broekers´s last blog ..Internet Marketing Mentor- Sean Rasmusen =-.

    • Hi Willem
      Thank you for your post and nice to read your article. Blogging is fun and over time and yes practice, your articles will become second nature to you. Then you might turn into a mini Sean. lol 🙂 I have added 200 points to your competition tally. Well done.

  13. It took me a bit of time initially but I have managed to complete a blog post about Sean Rasmussen on my blog. I created a new one from scratch just for the occasion.

    I have changed my website in the box above to my blog so hopefully it will be rescued from the spam box to appear here. I’m confident I’ve ticked all the boxes and now just have to spread the word further.

    Any feedback would be welcome.

    • Hi Bernadette
      Great blog post and really like the image of Sean as Buzz Lightyear. I can see all the efforts you have placed in there and it is much appreciated. Nice Jim Rohn quote too Bernadette. I have added 200 points to your competition score. Very nice 🙂

  14. Woo hoo, great webinar Sean. Great revision on blogging for me, it has made me appreciate how far I have travelled in the last six weeks (I had never completed a blog prior to this competition). Now, watch out world!
    Thanks for the reminder about – i had been put off as reading the application form i read needed to earn $50,000 per months – duh reading the wrong bit, so thank you and have now signed up.
    Had fun creating a blog, especially tying into my theme of my blogs – enjoy 🙂
    .-= Nateele´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen’s Secret Formula =-.

    • Hi Nateele
      Wow, you have a great blog happening there. Well done and so glad you like The Secret Law of Attraction as I do also. Many thanks for all your efforts and contributions over the last seven weeks too with Sean’s competition. I have added 200 points to your For A Few Dollars More tally. Very nice indeed 🙂

  15. Thanks for the great webinar Sean. Just listened to the recording but cannot get into the Affiliate Networks you mentioned above fyi.
    .-= Rose Kawe´s last blog ..Just Get To the Point Already! =-.

  16. I did my best to follow the instructions from this webinar and apologise in advance for this comment that will end up in your spam box, but I wanted you to at least see my work. That is if you have the time. Thanks again. 🙂

  17. Another great webinar Sean and the review on blogging is most welcome. I created a new blog focussed on Sean Rasmussen and had great fun doing so. This whole competition has involved acquiring a huge and useful education on the dos and don’ts of internet marketing. At the end of the competition the next steps will be putting it all together so one can succeed at internet marketing.

    • Isa – When you comment on here that you have created a post on your blog for Sean Rasmussen you have to put the URL for your blog in the website line.

      It will most probably spit the dummy and sit there for a while processing (that’s what happened to mine) but what it’s doing is putting your comment in Sean’s spam folder.

      However it is no problem because Sean can kindly look in his spam folder and see it and approve it.

      Look forward to seeing your blog post.

      P.S. May pay to write yourself a new comment (rather than replying on this comment) when you put your blog URL in.

  18. Hi Sean,

    Okay, I’ve written you a post. I hope you like it. Everyone has written some great posts. 🙂
    .-= Jazz Salinger´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen – Aussie Internet Marketer Making a Difference =-.

  19. Hi Sean Rasmussen,
    Just posted a new post on
    Looks like there is going to be some stiff competition.
    Hope you like it
    .-= Cade´s last blog ..Move over Oprah…cause Sean Rasmussen is taking over =-.

  20. Bummer! i was unable to attend webinar and just watched the video at 11:30pm thurday night. If your looking at rankings tomorrow night I’m out of time.

    I will probably do a post tomorrow night any way ( according to your criteria) as a thanks for running this competition and just to see how well I can rank on

    Thanks again
    .-= David Pearse´s last blog ..Targeted Internet Marketing-Market Samurai =-.

  21. Hi Sean
    Here is my post
    Topic – Sean Rasmussen
    Sean Rasmussen in headline
    Link text “Internet Marketing” back to
    .-= Rita´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen =-.

    • HI Rita
      Thank you so much for your article and post on Sean Rasmussen Rocks. Very cool and appreciated. I have awarded you 200 points to your For A Few Dollars More tally. Thank you for all your efforts over the last seven weeks as it has truly been a pleasure. 🙂

  22. It has been a real “Murphy’s” day and night for me but at last I will publish my post!
    .-= Elly´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Creates The YOTA Internet Marketing Forum =-.

    • Great work Elly and congratulations on getting your commentluv to work. I am still having issues.
      .-= Jackie Stenhouse´s last blog ..Anxiety Separation in Children =-.

      • I too Congratulate you Elly well done.
        I know we have all come a long way with our own determination, and Sean Rasmussen’s dedication to teaching us the best way to go forward.
        .-= Rita´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen =-.

    • I have had a murphy’s day also with getting the commenting to work and then half of my blog post disappeared. Thank goodness the blog keeps a record of previous saves. Phew!

      I have had a look at your blog and written you a comment. Well done on your achievements to date.

      • Thanks for your support, it has been a big learning curve for me and so pleased I was pushed out of the ‘nest’ today.

        Sean and zodiacs (and the lovely Yang) teach us very well in the YOTA forum

        I even had problems leaving a comment last night as I see others did too so I am going to do it again just to make sure I put my blog URL in properly.
        .-= Elly´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Creates The YOTA Internet Marketing Forum =-.

    • Hi Elly
      Many thanks for your article and was a great read on your blog. I really liked your You Tube video that you made too. Well done for being an action taker and I have added 200 points to your For A Few Dollars More tally. 🙂

  23. Hi Sean,
    Thanks for Thunderbolt And Blogfoot webinar! Very informative, as usual!
    I have written a post on Sean Rasmussen topic on my new blog, hope I’ve done all right and you like it!
    Had great fan practicing all you taught in this webinar!
    Cheers, Ada
    .-= Ada Leucuta´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen – Aussie Internet Marketer =-.

    • Well done on creating a blog Ada. I was going to leave you a comment but it said comments were closed.

      I had the exact same thing so here’s some things I changed that allowed people to comment. BTW – my blog is a UWC one.

      Go to your Dashboard and down to settings>discussion. Make sure the first four boxes are ticked. Then also go in to edit your post. Make sure the box down the bottom with Allow Comment has a tick in it.

      The second point was the one that allowed comments for me.

      Hope this helps.

    • Hi Ada
      Fantastic efforts there with your new blog and article. I enjoyed reading your post and congratulations on placing a video on there as well. I have added 200 points to your competition tally. Thank you for taking part in Sean’s Learn and Earn competition. 🙂

  24. Good evening

    I have now put together my Sean Rasmussen blog. I hope it will give you a tenth of the pleasure it gave me it putting it together.

    I have clicked the bit below, but it seems not to recognize my latest post. I will check it out and make sure it works.

  25. It didn’t seem to work, but i have posted a new blog on with the topic/title Sean Rasmussen.

    I hope it will all sort itself out.

    I will check tomorrow and see if the red wine I will have absorbed will help my computer get it right.

    • I’ve been and looked at your blog post and given you a comment. Probably also goes to that Sean is a modern day Pied Piper of Bunbury, giving enjoyment to all that follow.

  26. Hi Sean Rasmussen!

    I have written a blog post on my Business Marketing Shop site blog about you – hope I researched most of the details correctly

    I’ve been doing commentluv for a few days now – and now I am panicking that it wont work on this post 🙂 – it says down the bottom the post name….so lets hope it works when I click go!
    .-= Jayne Pleysier´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen- A Successful Internet Marketer’s Journey =-.

  27. I can’t believe no one took advantage of the shout out opportunity you gave for not only the exposure but $500! Don must have fell asleep right then and everyone else was…not paying attention?

    I paid full attention, repeated and paused and wrote as I was watching the webinar and trust that I have met all the criteria for an extra 200 points at least and look forward to reading the “best” blog (even if it is mine, I’ll read it again).

    Don White actually is now in second place and giving Jazz a real run for her points. He is amazing at getting people to sign up for the Year of the Affiliate Forum and I’m sure will be paid nicely in the coming months from that. Elly has slipped into third place again but I know that in the next few days the ComLuv Icons are going to be shuffled again and again.

    I did know how to blog before and have already set up a Click Bank account but it’s awesome to have a refresher and I thank you again for having made the recording available as even if I did call in live I wouldn’t have listened to a thing I heard.

    Hope you like my blog about you Sean and trust that things are just getting started for me. Watch out Jazz and Don – my baby is tired and I’m wired 🙂

    PS: Another reason I’m thankful for this competition – I was planning on taking my son for a walk as it was beautiful outside and instead decided to let him sleep and get caught up here. Now, when I look out my window, it’s pouring rain just as hard as it’s pouring blogs about Sean Rasmussen. 🙂
    .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..Lesson’s in Internet Marketing From Sean Rasmussen =-.

  28. Finally… I’ve finally caught up on the Thunderbolt & Blogfoot webinar, then caned myself all night to complete my blog set up & get your post completed:
    “Sean Rasmussen – Inspirational Aussie Internet Marketer” – I think it sounds catchy, hopefully Google does too! 😀

    I decided to run with a brand new hosted blog & have changed it in my website link above to get some of that sweet, sweet ComLuv!
    And WOW – considering I barely knew what a blog was last year, I can’t believe I just set up a site from scratch to basic completion in about 7hrs, including having dinner & watching the webinar to see what I was in for!! 😀 (Well, I think it’s pretty cool!)

    I’ll be happy to tweak it from here, add a couple of other useful widgets, I’m actually already a JustHost affiliate, so may add their logo, but it will be great to have a dedicated site now I can promote for “Year Of The Affiliate” & draw inspiration from Sean’s years of experience. 😉

    For now I’m going to collapse, as I have a house to paint today!… Looking forward to the next biggie: Rank em High – For A Few Dollars More!
    .-= Mel Smith´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen – Inspirational Aussie Internet Marketer =-.

    • Wow! Didn’t realize this was a blog from scratch – you are talented and learning lots Mel. I left a comment which is awaiting moderation and had to steal an idea from you but improved it (you’ll have to visit my site to see the improvements 🙂 ).
      .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..Lesson’s in Internet Marketing From Sean Rasmussen =-.

    • Hi Mel

      I enjoying reading your blog post about Sean and have left you a comment. I love the Bunbury sunrise.

    • Mel
      I am in awe of how much you have got done. It’s great to see you using what Sean has taught you into practice. As my friend Bev says – You Go Girl. 🙂

      I also commented on your post.
      .-= Tania Shipman´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen =-.

    • Hi Mel
      Congratulations on your article and also for setting up a blog from scratch. That is true commitment and enthusiasm. A bit thumbs up from me with your actions Mel. Thank you for all your For A Few Dollars More contributions over the weeks and it has been a pure pleasure watching all your actions. I have added 200 points to your competition tally. Well done Mel 🙂

  29. Thank you, Sean, for providing an easy and free platform for myself and others to express our thoughts. I subscribed to getting emailled updates of the comments posted on this blog. Glad I did, so I can keep up to date with trends; just like being in a Sean Rasmussen Fan Club forum!! A foggy morning here in Briz Vegas so thanks for turning the rain off Sean. Have a great day.
    .-= Ian Ballantine´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Internet Marketing Success =-.

    • I know I’ve given you feeback some where at some point about your blog post but have just been back to your site and placed the comment there.

      I have a UWC login rather than a WordPress one and so my comment will appear under my son’s name Mitchell. Therefore it will put his blog in the website line and not mine.

      However I’m sure he would think it’s cool if you want to place a comment on his too.

  30. Well I have been trying to get my commentluv to work since writing this yesterday and thanks to the wonderful forum I think we have a short term solution. Anyway I made it.
    I must admit a post about Sean Rasmussen and internet marketing looks quite odd on my pregnancy parenting and babycare site but the things we do to gain points.
    .-= Jackie Stenhouse´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen The Aussie Internet Legend =-.

    • Jackie

      I still can’t get commentluv to accept the fact that I posted the winning blog last night.

      If you think putting Sean on a pregnancy site looks strange try putting him on a music site, as I have. I think Sean the father of a musician is understandable but I do wonder if that is stretching things too far.

      Anyway, my blog is there on no matter what commentluv says.

      Hope you make it to second place with your pregnant Sean :):).

      I will keep checking to see if commentluv will come to the party.
      .-= Dobbs Franks´s last blog .. =-.

      • Hi Dobbs,

        If you put your posts url into the section where it asks for website, it will go into Seans spam folder and he will hopefully get it out and approve it for you. That is how I got mine to work after a lot of anxiety. At least with your music site it may be possible to fit Sean in somehow but pregnant Sean just wouldn’t get the ranking lol
        .-= Jackie Stenhouse´s last blog ..Anxiety Separation in Children =-.

        • Jackie

          Thanks for the encouragement. I will keep my things crossed that it will all happen before the deadline tonight.

          I am about to go to the webinar. Maybe I will have a chance to abuse him then and see if I can find out what the right thing to do is.

          See you in cyberspace.

    • @ Jackie – I’ve just looked at your blog post and think that in this case it’s more about what you say than where you’ve said. Plus you are opening the eyes of a lot of mums that may never have been exposed to this kind of opportunity before.

      I’ve given you a comment.

      • Dobbs and Jackie
        I think that you have both written about Sean nicely on your blog posts and have integrated the topic about Sean Rasmussen nicely into the niche areas of your blog……it is also a great way to expose your readers to new ideas!
        .-= Jayne Pleysier´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen- A Successful Internet Marketer’s Journey =-.

        • Jayne

          Thanks for the kind words. As soon as I get caught up from my five days in Tokyo I am going to have a good look at your site and let you have it!!

          Sorry to have been so remiss, but at the pace Sean sets going away for a few days is tantamount to disaster.

          I am not going to let it get to me though, I am going to catch all of you somehow.

          Thanks again.
          .-= Dobbs Franks´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen- The Poet =-.

          • Hi Dobbs
            Great to see your comment love working and to be able to read your post on your blog. I really loved reading your post and your writing style sure is unique. Many thanks for all your contributions to Sean’s For A Few Dollars More competition and I have added 200 points to your tally. Thank you Dobbs. 🙂

    • Hi Jackie
      Thank you for your article about Sean on your site. Luckily Sean loves kids and parenting too hey – lol 🙂 I have added 200 points to your competition tally. Well done and many thanks.

  31. Hi Sean

    I really enjoyed the webinar especially highlighting how quick it is to find affiliate programs.

    I was very happy to write a post about Sean Rasmussen. You have taught me so much this last year that I don’t think I can ever put in words how much I have gained from it but I’ve tried with this post.
    .-= Tania Shipman´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen =-.

    • I’ve just got to visiting your blog post about Sean and left you a comment.

      I love that video clip of the boys. They look similar age to mine and they are experiences I’m going to give mine. They are awesome promoters!

    • Hi Tania
      Great blog post and was a pleasure to read. I really liked how you placed your screen shot of your results on there too Tania as that sure is proof in the pudding. Well done and many thanks for all your contributions over the weeks in Sean’s For A Few Dollars More competition. Fantastic and I have added 200 points to your competition score. Nice 🙂

  32. Hi Sean, I have written a new blog post on my new blog about Sean Rasmussen and Internet Marketing and have inserted the correct links. Thanks for this webinar, it got me moving!
    .-= Melanie Braggs´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen- Aussie Internet Marketer =-.

    • HI Melanie
      Wow, great blog. I really like your theme and looks good. Many thanks for your kind words and great to read that you have enjoyed the journey and making progress, well done. I have added 200 points to your competition tally. Very good 🙂

  33. Hi Sean,

    I’ve been pretty busy since the last webinar but I’ve managed to slap together a Sean Rasmussen blog post! Hope you like it : )
    .-= jeremy´s last blog ..Just Get To the Point Already! =-.

  34. Fascinating to see what we all have learned – and how many new blogs have sprung up since the webinar 🙂

    I have to make sure I host a competition like this one once, it’s great to see what everybody is writing about Sean.

    I will see you all at the webinar tonight – Hang ’em high 😉
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen – Australian Internet Marketer =-.

  35. Hey Sean
    Another brilliant webinar about internet marketing and I am grateful to watch these high quality webinars that you produce, direct and star in! 🙂 The competition moves forward and I see a huge number of people above who have taken up the most recent challenge. This is really inspiring to see! I have followed all instructions as given and hopefully paid enough attention to detail. My early research showed a challenging niche with the phrase “Sean Rasmussen” (you are a popular man) and I’ve given it my best shot but also trying to rank for “Internet Marketing Coaching”. I’ll let you know how it pans out over the next few days.
    .-= Bev Langford´s last blog ..Internet Marketing Coaching with Sean Rasmussen =-.

    • You have written a great blog post. I’ve written a comment with a couple of points that stood out for me.

      I can tell you have definitely gained a lot from Sean’s internet coaching.

    • Hi Bev
      Many thanks for your contribution and article post on your site. Your You Tube video has brought back great memories as Fiji was a wonderful place to go with the kids. Many thanks for your kind words and I have added 200 points to your Learn and Earn score. Well done Bev 🙂

  36. Wow! What a challange. I don’t know how you can do your blogs so fast because this has taken me hours. I hope that I too can master them one day soon and be able to spend a quarter of the time trying to get my blogs up and running. I think it still needs alot of work, but at leastI have my Sean Rasmussen blog up and running. I hope I have done all that was asked to do. I couldn’t get a video on it, I don’t know what I am doing wrong but I will keep trying.

    Oh! and thanks for the great webinar. It’s a bit sad that this Learn and Earn Competition is coming to an end.
    .-= Ailsa Smith´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen A Teacher in Internet Marketing =-.

    • You can be proud of your blog post Ailsa. You have done a great job. The best way to revise putting a video in is reviewing that part of the webinar.

      If you are still having problems just holler or for an even quicker response, ask in the forum (unless it’s in the middle of the night LOL)

    • Hello Ailsa
      I loved the personal message in your post and how you wrote so passionately about Sean! You got an image in – that is fantastic!

      Let me know when you open your comments and I will be lining up to make one!
      .-= Jayne Pleysier´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen- A Successful Internet Marketer’s Journey =-.

    • Ailsa,
      Your Comment Section on your blog site is closed – I had the same situation with an earlier blog. I went into Forum and got the problem resolved.I thought your blog was excellent. Jacqui 🙂
      .-= Jacqui Emery´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Internet Marketer =-.

    • Hi Ailsa
      Well done on completing a blog and then placing a post on your site Ailsa. Fantastic efforts and it was a real pleasure to read your article. Thank you for all your efforts in Sean’s For A Few Dollars More competition and I have added 200 points to your competition tally. Many thanks Ailsa. 🙂

  37. OOPs,
    Lets try that again…..
    Hi Sean,
    Excellent Webinar! I’ve had a go at your task – and I’ve had a lot of fun with it. Hopefully I’m on track with my attention to detail.
    Also thanks! – putting this blog together has made me go through a massive roadblock, and I’ve squashed it flat!
    Kind Regards, Jacqui 🙂
    .-= Jacqui Emery´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Internet Marketer =-.

    • Thanks for the comment. I have been to your website and written one for you. Love the banner heading. Very appropriate.

    • Hi Jacqui
      Well done on setting up your own blog and then posting an article on it. Fantastic action steps there Jacqui. Your kind words are appreciated and boy haven’t these last few weeks been hectic and fun. I have added 200 points to your For A Few Dollars More score. You have accomplished a great deal online Jacqui, very awesome. 🙂

  38. So very sorry to have put a URL in one of my comments. I was just so frustrated that I couldn’t get the site to come up in comluv that I resorted to making sure you knew where to find my masterpiece.

    Please forgive. I will just have to trust that you will be able to find my fantastic blog on Sean Rasmussen on my website which seems to hide.

    I will keep watch and do something violent to make it happen if it does not emerge fairly soon.


  39. Well todays Hang Em High webinar cleared up a point for me re inserting the URL for the blog mentioning Sean Rasmussen AKA Sean Eastwood.
    My required comments I think have ended up in the spam bin because I put in the correct URl but included the actual page extension.
    So here it is without the extension, as i think is required,

    I hope it qualifies as the name Sean Rasmussen associated with my article has appeared in the first 3 spots on page 1 and with a variation in 4 spots
    .-= Peter Damien Ryan´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Master of Latent Semantic Indexing Technique =-.

  40. Just leaving another comment again from yesterday to say I published my post but I had alot of problems leaving a commetn last night but doing it again to be on the safe side.

    I put Sean Rasmussen in the title and linked the words ‘internet marketing’ back to this site as requested.
    .-= Elly´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Creates The YOTA Internet Marketing Forum =-.

  41. This site is published it has Sean Rasmussen in the header.
    It has Internet Marketing in the body it is linked to

  42. I have updated the date on the site as the comment love didn’t come up on the on the last comment so I hope this is alright

    • Hi Rita

      I had a problem with commentluv coming up but saying I was not registered or something. When I clicked off this site and came back in again it was ok. Is it working now for you?

      • Hi Elly
        No it is still not working on any of the Sites the tick is there and the bar is going back and forth, oh well its just not meant to be then

  43. Hi Sean and CHerie- here’s hoping we got this up in time to make bourbon and white wine time! We have made an entry in my blog with the criteria requested: 1. Sean Rasmussen, correctly spelled, in title 2. link to this site in the blog post 3. I did the best i could as to SEO strategy, despite my anlaysis paralysis on the subject, 4. I hope the link works but if not here it is again.

  44. My I hope this won’t be a duplicate, the first one got zapped, as others have commented as an issue. but this looks more promising. I left my very first blog post on my new uwc blog with Sean as the subject and title, spelled correctly, with SEO strategy in place I think, despite my analysis paralysis on the suject, and I have linked to twice in the body of the post. Here’s hoping we made it in time for bourbon-thirty! 🙂
    .-= erika schollum´s last blog ..Thanks- Sean Rasmussen! =-.

    • Hi Erika
      Well done on taking the positive action steps off setting up your own blog and then article. Very nice and I do like your theme behind your post too. Please be proud of yourself as you have accomplished a great deal. I have added 200 points to your competition tally. Awesome and many thanks Erika 🙂

  45. erika schollum says:

    I’m a bit hurt feelings really- nothing i post is accepted here- but I have done the blog on Sean as subject matter w/a link to this site so here is hoping you can find it- everything i post that includes a link to it is eaten by something… sorry sean if you get like 6 of these in your spam folder. tx e

    • The spam folder will be exactly where your comment for the blog post is if you’ve put a blog URL in the website line.

      Sean will see the relevant ones posting your blog post and it will appear. Hey Presto!

    • Hi Erika
      I really loved your post and they way in which you were very passionate in how you write and spoke your truth.

      I wanted to leave you a comment, but it said I had to log in – which took me to your login to the admin page……………….I tried to leave a comment without logging in as wel, but I got an error page 🙁

      Let me know how i can leave a comment as I would love to support what you have written here.
      .-= Jayne Pleysier´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen- A Successful Internet Marketer’s Journey =-.

      • erika schollum says:

        @Jayne, thanks for reading my post, i will see if i can remedy that today- gosh my posts in triplicate is a bit embarrasing! Thx Sean for un-spamming me! i have so enjoyed reading everyone’s lovely versions of you Sean- loving warm fuzz! 🙂

        • I just went to leave a comment and did so before reading Jayne’s just above. I see it said comment closed and I would really like to comment on your blog post.

          I had that initially too but here are too things you can check (the second one was what allowed comments to be placed on my post).

          In your dashboard under settings>discussion make sure the first 4 boxes are ticked.
          Go to edit your post and at the bottom make sure there is a tick in the Allow comments box

  46. Just so many interesting comments, I’m amazed by the awesome response Sean Rasmussen has had over the past few days!! He truly is a wonderful person worthy of our attention, and a great friend of mine. To me, there are no losers in this competition; rather just willing participants and eager learners who are prepared to do whatever is necessary to succeed in life. Well done to all of us who have chosen to be of the new era of communication: the “I” in “the Cloud”, perhaps “colloidal”??
    .-= Ian Ballantine´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Internet Marketing Success =-.

  47. I just posted an article on my blog with the title “Sean Rasmussen, Internet Marketing Master”.
    I hope I’m not to late for it to count.

    Thanks Sean for all your effort putting this competition together!
    .-= David Pearse´s last blog ..Targeted Internet Marketing-Market Samurai =-.

  48. Ooops! just waiting for comment luv to update.
    .-= David Pearse´s last blog ..Targeted Internet Marketing-Market Samurai =-.

  49. Isa – I have written you a comment on your blog post. I love your list of pros and cons. I looked for your comment to post this reply on but I think it is still in the process of showing up. Good job.

  50. As the 30th draws to a close and we have all been busy blogging about Sean, I have spent the past few hours reading the blogs which were written. I was really surprised at how many of us had echoed the same sentiments about Sean Rasmussen and his honesty and integrity. We can’t make this stuff up – we have our online personas to take care of as well so what we have written has come from the heart. What we have written has been very sensitive and there has been so much information that anyone who is researching Sean will now have a lot of information to read, which is really important when we are making decisions about changing our lives.

    I am about to watch todays webinar….and I have put it off a little as it is the last webinar for the competition and I have really enjoyed what has been presented and the tasks we have been set to help us along the Internet Marketing path. I didn’t participate in the competition earlier in the year as I made the excuse that I had too much on my plate and when I saw the effort Jazz put in to win I justified the decision to myself.

    This time I decided to participate and I am really glad that I did. At times it has been lengthy work, but practicing the skills has been really important and I feel that my internet marketing approach has improved with the help of Sean….but also with the help from everyone who has contributed to the blog via comments and we have shared some great resources, ideas as well as been extremely supportive of each other.

    Thankyou for letting me read your blogs tonight and allowing me the chance to leave a comment and I have made a lot of Facebook friends so will be able to keep in touch with you even after the competition has finished

    No matter who takes out the first spot……we have all been winners in what we have learnt!

    • I agree with you Jayne re Jazz – she has set a standard for us all – she has focused on sharing and leaning and not just on earning and we have benefited from comments which contribute to our learning too.

      I realised a while ago that I wouldn’t catch up to her, but rather than just throw in the towel, it has spurred me on to emulate her.

      • Jody Chambers says:

        Thank you Jayne for posting that…it made me fell all warm and gooey inside 🙂 Joke’s aside I totally agree. Thanks Sean for bringing us all together…like minded crew all trying to better ourselves and our fellow….bretheren?

      • Jazz is an amazing lady, just works quietly away and before you know it she has taken off at a million mile an hour.

        I caught up with her once in this competition but she left me far behind. We have had lots of humurous exchanges though and it has been lots of fun chasing her!
        .-= Elly´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Creates The YOTA Internet Marketing Forum =-.

        • If I had a hat on (maybe I could borrow Don’s), I would take it off to you. That is a great comment and tribute to make. It’s great to use the success of others to empower our own effort.

          There is plenty of room at the top for everyone. Even if everyone in the competition were all on the same points, we would be miles ahead of the rest of the posses sitting around eating our dust.

    • Jayne

      Beautifully said and I am sure we all agree and just wish we were able to be as eloquent.

      Thanks for expressing it so beautifully.
      .-= Dobbs Franks´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen- The Poet =-.

    • I have only just read your comment and so totally second that and as Dobb said so eloquently put. Definitely had the warm fuzzies.

      I have also been reading through a number of blog posts about Sean and while they are individually reflect each person have the same message in principle.

      Also as Peter has commented it was also probable, though not impossible, for me to catch Jazz. As Jim Rohn says “Success leaves clues” and I am grabbing as many as I can as I climb that same ladder.

      I have also commented on all (I think) that I have read and it has been really enjoyable. If anyone else would like a comment on their work of art just let me know.

  51. Yes! comment luv finally working!

    As I said, I posted an article with Sean Rasmussen in the title.

    .-= David Pearse´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen- Internet Marketing Master =-.

    • Hey David
      YEAH! Just checked your commentluv link and it worked to get me to the Sean Rasmussen post you had created. The effort is worth it!
      .-= Jayne Pleysier´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen- A Successful Internet Marketer’s Journey =-.

    • I’ve added a little comment on your Marketing Samurai post. Something I have recently been looking into. Sounds like I might wonder why I hadn’t already done so.

      I guess you do what you can with the information you have at the time.

      Great to see your link appear for your post about Sean. Perseverance was the winner on the day!

    • Hi David
      Congratulations on your blog and article with Sean’s challenge for his For A Few Dollars More competition. Many thanks for your article and it was a pleasure to read. Glad you are enjoying the competition and that Comment love is working now for you. I have added 200 points to your score. Very nice 🙂

  52. As of 10.30pm, my article comes up on #1 with two mentions in #2 and #3 – not sure if that is correct though. Hope so

  53. there is still so much to do
    I have reviewed on Alexa, Melbourne Pizza Delivery
    PlanetWealthblog and Internet Marketing Program of the year

  54. I just google what this Thunderbolt movie was – I don’t know my Clint Eastwood. Yes, I think BLogfoot was an apt choice considering the original is Lightfoot! – I don’t think you can be Lightfoot when you are that tall!
    .-= Jayne Pleysier´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen- A Successful Internet Marketer’s Journey =-.

  55. Hi Everyone!

    In case ya’s missed it… Here is my blog post ‘Are you Running in Sean Rasmussen’s ‘Learn & Earn’ Competition? Had a few hick ups along the way but should have some action in the comment luv now : )
    .-= jeremy´s last blog ..Are you Running in Sean Rasmussen’s ‘Learn and earn’ Competition =-.

    • Totally awesome job dude! Looks great! The videos stand out well on the black background and great use of a testimonial.

      I went to leave you a comment on your blog post but got this message –

      Your comment has been blocked because the blog owner has set their spam filter to not allow comments from users behind proxies.

      If you are a regular commenter or you feel that your comment should not have been blocked, please contact the blog owner and ask them to modify this setting.

    • Great job you have done there Jeremy. I can see you have taken on lots of he Iearning Sean has given us all.

      I tried to leave a comment on your site too but had a problem, same as Bernadette. I will try and get hold of you via facebook’
      .-= Elly´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Creates The YOTA Internet Marketing Forum =-.

  56. Hi Sean,

    have attempted blog on you, plenty of room for improvement.
    .-= Angus´s last blog ..Internet Marketer and Coach – Sean Rasmussen =-.

    • I’ve just been and had a look at your blog. I don’t think I would say plenty of room for adjustment as you have summed up Sean nicely.

      You may want to correct your word conclusion in the last paragraph. Other than that great start and you can always add to it if you so feel inclined or just write some more posts that focus on certain aspects.

    • Angus

      I have had a look at your site and I must say it is very well presented. Lovely clean lines and nicely spaced.

      The colours are really gentle on the eyes and I like what you have written.
      You have made a great job of your blog. Looks professional.
      .-= Elly´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Creates The YOTA Internet Marketing Forum =-.

    • Hi Angus
      Well done on setting up a blog and posting an article on your site as well. Very nice and many thanks for your article as it was a pleasure to read. Thank you for all your contributions on Sean’s For A Few Dollars More competition and hope you have enjoyed the last few weeks. I have added 200 points to your tally and very well done Angus 🙂

  57. Oh well……didnt get to page 1 🙁

    I did everything I know of to get Google to crawl my page…..but according to MS they havent been for 5 days – the site is only a few months old so insignificant.

    For the IM guru in the competition who got there – WELL DONE – I have admiration for you and your SEO abilities!
    .-= Jayne Pleysier´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen- A Successful Internet Marketer’s Journey =-.

    • When I did a Google search the other day and Sean’s sites taking up most of the spots on page 1 that I see the latest challenge on the Thunderbolt and Blogfoot webinar as a challenge to knock one of them off!

    • Cathy Howitt says:

      You may not have gotten to Page 1, but you have done an amazing job anyway.

  58. Cathy Howitt says:

    HI Cherie,
    I asked the question on the Forum about the fact that my blogs are on two websites that don’t allow commentluv (I have contacted the company that helped us build our websites, but no response…..not like to Webvision Forum). YOTR spoke to Sean (who was very busy) and Sean said to post the URL’s in the commnet and it will probably go to spam, then he will read it and decide whether to award points.
    So just letting you know that I was aware of Sean’s rules about posting URL’s here, but have only done so to complete the task of writing a blog. (I know Trev and I have written two, and only one is counted, but you might find them both interesting.)
    Thank you in advance.
    Thank you also for all of your hard work and dedication with Sean over the last 7 weeks. I have learnt an incredible amount and have taken massive action, so thank you to both of you and to the YOTA moderators.
    PS: I will put the URL’s in the next comment in case it goes directly to spam.

  59. Cathy Howitt says:

    Hi Cherie,
    Here are the URL’s that go to our blogs that are written about Sean Rasmussen.
    Hope you and Sean enjoy them.
    Happy reading.

    • Hi Cath
      Unfortunately both links that you have provided have both given me the message of – 404 Page Not Found on these links. I have not awarded you any points though wish to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for all your efforts over the last weeks with Sean’s For A Few Dollars More competition. You have added many colours to our competition and I do applaud you for all your comments and actions. Well done and many thanks Cath 🙂

  60. Hi Sean,
    I have forgotten to come to this section and let you know I did a blog post on Sean.

    I guess I missed the points as well. Never mind. I did a post on Sean and I think it’s doing pretty well. Page 1 of Google!?
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Lifestyle with Sean Rasmussen – Affiliate Marketing =-.

  61. Page 2 right now as well.
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Lifestyle with Sean Rasmussen – Affiliate Marketing =-.

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