Think And Grow Rich 221 – The Risk of Overindulgence

Overindulgence, as Napoleon Hill says, is an easy trap to fall into when it comes to sex, but it will easily undermine your efforts at transmuting the power of sex into success and financial power.

Intemperance and Addiction

Intemperance, or overindulgence in sexual habits is just as detrimental as intemperance in habits of drinking, eating, and other addictions. In this age we live in, an age which began with the First World War, intemperance and sexual indecency is common. This may be the reason for the shortage of truly great leaders, the likes of which we have not really seen in any great numbers for a very long time. No man can avail himself of the forces of his creative imagination, while dissipating them. Man is the only creature on earth which violates Nature’s purpose in this concern. Every other animal indulges its sex in moderation, and with purpose which harmonizes with the laws of nature. Every other animal responds to the call of sex only in “season.” Man’s inclination is to declare “open season.”

Everything In Moderation

Every intelligent person knows that stimulation in excess, through drinking alcohol and using drugs, is a form of abuse which destroys the vital organs of the body, including the brain. Not every person knows, however, that overindulgence in sexual expression may become a habit as destructive and as detrimental to creative effort as drugs or alcohol.

A sex-crazed man is not essentially different than a drug-crazed man! Both have lost control over their faculties of reason and will-power. Sexual overindulgence may not only destroy reason and will-power, but it may also lead to either temporary or permanent insanity. Many cases of hypochondria (imaginary illness) grow out of habits developed in ignorance of the true function of sex.

From these brief references to the subject, it may be readily seen that ignorance on the subject of sex transmutation, forces very significant penalties on the ignorant on the one hand, and withholds from them equally significant benefits on the other.

Understanding the Power

What we can take away here is that Napoleon Hill is not saying that sex is a bad thing, but that, like any false stimulation, it can be a harmful thing if left unchecked and unbalanced. Ignorance in sex transmutation is as harmful as ignorance in any other respect. The point is to understand the power and how to use it to your benefit, not to go to extremes one way or the other.

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  1. G’day Sean,
    I learned 40+ years ago of the hazards of excessive use of alcohol which was starting to rule me, so on New Years Day 1970, I quit for 6 months – still haven’t had a drop. Don’t miss it at all.
    It was a great lesson for me – if I cannot do things in moderation, including sex, I just do not do it at all.

    Great Post – grateful for your writing of it.


  2. PS to above. + Hellotxt + Dugg the post

  3. Hi Sean,
    When I was in Melbourne back in the 90’s I was doing some voluntary work for the church cleaning up the rooms for the nightly meetings. I was shown a 6 foot list with over a 100 different 12 step programs from sex addicts Anonymous to t.v. addicts anonymous which were available. I was taken aback with this list of groups as I realized extreme behaviour can come in any shape or form. We need to find balance and moderation in everything, it is a slow and subtle progression of moving in the right direction until we find equilibrim and once we have found it then we need to continue the work and keep it in balance, this requires time, effort and patience.

  4. “Every other animal responds to the call of sex only in “season.””

    Not exactly true… Think about bonobos for example. They even use sex to solve social problems. But man is the most obsessed by sex animal, for sure.

  5. Hi Sean,
    I agree that moderation is the key here. The R complex or reptilian brain is responsible for addictive behavior.

    It has been a long time since I have seen an admirable leader in the U.S. I would have to say Ronald Reagan was the last great President that the U.S. has had IMHO.

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