Think And Grow Rich 220 – Caring To Succeed

The salespeople Napoleon Hill talked about in the last installment largely transmuted sex energy unknowingly; so think how much more effectively you could utilise sex transmutation by simply being aware of the power. Awareness, will-power, and effort are all it takes to harness and focus this unstoppable natural force.

Success Unawares

The majority of salesmen who transmute their sex energy do so without being least aware at all of what they are doing, or how they are doing it.

Transmutation of sexual energy calls for more will power than the average person cares to use for this purpose. Those who find it difficult to summon will-power sufficient enough for transmutation may gradually acquire this ability. Though this requires will-power, the reward for the practice is more than worth the effort.

The entire subject of sex is one with which the majority of people appear to be inexcusably ignorant. The urge of sex has been grossly misunderstood, slandered, and adulterated as something negative by the ignorant and the foul minded for so long that the very word sex is seldom used in polite society. Men and women who are known to be blessed—yes, blessed—with highly sexed natures are usually looked upon as being people who will bear watching. Instead of being called blessed, they are usually called cursed.

The Curse

Millions of people, even in this age of enlightenment, have inferiority complexes which they developed because of this false belief that a highly sexed nature is a curse. These statements concerning the virtue of sex energy should not be construed as justification for an irresponsible, wanton sex-life. The emotion of sex is a virtue only when used intelligently, and with discrimination. It may be misused, and often is, to such an extent that it debases, instead of enriches, both body and mind. The better use of this power is the focus of this chapter.

Higher Callings

Napoleon Hill was quite ahead of his own time, and no doubt turned quite a few heads with his notion of sex transmutation in an age of discretion and prudence. It’s just one more thing that made his book a timeless break-out – the gritty truth about how people succeed and how people get rich, revealed regardless of how socially ‘acceptable’ it was for the mainstream at the time (a truth that holds true even now).

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  1. Hi Sean,
    I had to go back and have another read of Nepoleon Hill’s book and read up on sex transmutation, your right he was ahead of his time and still is I believe, as I went overseas with my first wife (may she rest in peace) and a dozen friends of hers came over to visit. Well after the greetings the men and women had a long conversation about sex, I just sat there speechless as I was not used to honest and open discussion on sex, here back home we just don’t talk about sex as it is taboo because it brings up a lot of uncomfortable feelings we would rather not address.
    The only time it is talked about is in private or through lewd remarks and bad jokes, we can learn a lot from this great man.

  2. G’day Sean,
    Dugg, FB’d Delicioused and Tweeted.

    Even though I’ve read TAGR a few times, this part about the meaning of sexual energy being transmuted never really got home to me. Still doesn’t.

    Unlike another commenter, I was raised in a family where we did talk about sex from a very early age, and I never felt shy discussing it – ever – even with those of the opposite sex with whom I had a purely platonic relationship such as musicians, dancers and singers. It’s been said one’s sex drive diminishes with age………still waiting !


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