Think And Grow Rich 219 – Sexual Energy And Success

Sexual energy. Success. I have your attention already? Good. Let’s get started…

You can learn a lot by observing the success of others. Think And Grow Rich gives us perfect examples of how we can learn by finding the successful niches and the people within them, observing what they’re doing right, and then incorporating it into our own plans for success.

Sexual Energy Applied

A teacher, who has trained and directed the efforts of more than 30,000 sales people, made the astounding discovery that highly sexed men are the most efficient salesmen. The explanation is that the factor of personality known as “personal magnetism” is nothing more nor less than sexual energy. Highly sexed people always have a plentiful supply of magnetism. Through cultivation and understanding, this vital force may be drawn upon and used to great advantage in the relationships between people. This energy may be communicated to others through the following media:

1. The hand-shake. The touch of the hand indicates, instantly, the presence of magnetism, or the lack of it.

2. The tone of voice. Magnetism, or sexual energy, is the factor with which the voice may be colored, or made musical and charming.

3. Posture and the way a person carries the body. Highly sexed people move briskly and with grace and ease.

4. The vibrations of thought. Highly sexed people mix the emotion of sex with their thoughts, or may do so at will, and in that way, may influence those around them.

5. Body adornment. People who are highly sexed are usually very careful about their personal appearance. They usually select clothing of a style becoming their personality, physique, complexion, etc.

When employing salespeople, the more capable sales manager looks for the quality of personal magnetism as the first requirement of a salesperson. People who lack sexual energy will never become enthusiastic nor inspire others with enthusiasm, and enthusiasm is one of the most important requisites in salesmanship, no matter what one is selling.

The Ability To Influence Others

The public speaker, orator, preacher, lawyer, or salesman who is lacking in sexual energy is a “flop,” as far as being able to influence others is concerned. Couple with this the fact that most people can be influenced only through an appeal to their emotions, and you will understand the importance of sexual energy as a part of the salesperson’s native ability. Master salespeople attain the status of mastery in selling because they, either consciously, or unconsciously, transmute the energy of sex into sales enthusiasm! In this statement you may find a very practical suggestion as to the actual meaning of sex transmutation.

The salesman who knows how to take his mind off the subject of sex, and direct it in sales effort with as much enthusiasm and determination as he would apply to its original purpose, has acquired the art of sex transmutation, whether he knows it or not.

In A Nutshell

That, very succinctly and very accurately, summarises the basis of sex transmutation as presented by Napoleon Hill. If you can learn to transmute and direct at least some sexual energy, you can easily draw upon an innate powerhouse for success in anything.

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  1. Hi Sean,
    I worked in hospitality for 30 years and I learnt early that our role was to make people around us feel comfortable by projecting confidence, speaking in positive tones, pesenting ourselves well and encouraging people to enjoy themselves. We pick up on people’s energy all the time, we do it automatically as that is our nature, those of us who are aware of it put that energy to good use. When we sell anything we are also selling our persona or energy, people want to know that we not only care about the product but also have their best interest at heart. I never thought of that as sexual energy being trasmuted into another energy, something to think about.

  2. Thanks Sean, I’m off to let my missus know how she can help me become an even better salesman, cheers.

  3. I always wondered why the milkman got the blame, he must have been a good salesman.
    I’m the son of a milkman, (don’t worry My DNA matches all ok) that is why I succeed in selling. ha ha

  4. Hi Sean,
    Thanks for the article. Must say I’ve never thought about it this way before. Explains soooooo much about my hubby….he’s highly successful in sales….one of the best in the country! NOW it makes sense lol….
    PS We’re coming to your seminar in a couple of weeks. Really looking forward to it. 🙂

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