Think And Grow Rich 218 – Natural Stimulants

Although, as Napoleon Hill says here, history is not lacking in examples of men and women who turned to substances for “inspiration,” there is no need; if you understand the power of sex transmutation, you understand the potential that you already have, waiting to be harnessed and focused.

Inspirational Destruction

History is not lacking in examples of men who attained to the status of genius as the result of the use of artificial mind stimulants in the form of drugs and alcohol. Edgar Allen Poe wrote the “Raven” while drunk, “dreaming dreams that mortal never dared to dream before.” James Whitcomb Riley did his best writing while under the influence of alcohol. Perhaps it was thus he saw “the ordered intermingling of the real and the dream, the mill above the river, and the mist above the stream.” Robert Burns wrote best when intoxicated, “For Auld Lang Syne, my dear, we’ll take a cup of kindness yet, for Auld Lang Syne.”

But let it be remembered that many such men have destroyed themselves in the end. Nature has prepared her own potions with which men may safely stimulate their minds so they vibrate on a plane that enables them to tune in to fine and rare thoughts which come from—no one knows where! No satisfactory substitute for Nature’s stimulants has ever been found.

It is a fact well known to psychologists that there is a very close relationship between sexual desires and spiritual urges—a fact which accounts for the peculiar behavior of people who participate in the orgies known as religious “revivals,” common among primitive people and certain factions of modern culture.

A World of Emotion

The world is ruled, and the destiny of civilization is established, by human emotions. People are influenced in their actions, not by reason so much as by “feelings.” The creative faculty of the mind is set into action entirely by emotions, and not by cold reason. The most powerful of all human emotions is sex. There are other mind stimulants, some of which have been listed, but no one of them, nor all of them combined, can equal the driving power of sex.

A mind stimulant is any influence which will either temporarily, or permanently, increase the brain activity (what has been repeatedly dubbed here as ‘vibrations of thought’). The ten major stimulants described, are those that people most commonly resort to.

Through these sources one may commune with Infinite Intelligence, or enter, at will, the storehouse of the subconscious mind, either one’s own, or that of another person, a process which is all there is of genius.

Natural Stimulation

Utilising those methods, in Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill provides us with is a much safer, and in the end more productive and long-lasting route to the success that should be natural to us. By learning to tap that endless energy source, we can achieve far greater things than are possible with any unnatural stimulation.

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  1. If only everyone understood and harnessed the energy and creative power that we each hold inside – it would leave no room or desire for destructive chemical stimulants. I guess it all starts with wanting more and being prepared to do something about it!


  2. Those of us who are older and have experienced life know that the overdose of alcohol, drugs and sex does not lead to enlightenment. Action seasoned with reasoning helps to balance our feelings and emotions. Love is a powerful emotion that can change and transform us into a relationship which as we get older and wiser we realise that there is another energy to sex and love. We can harness that energy that bonds us to another person and utilize it by challengeing ourselves and each other to grow and be more than we are now. For if we do not work on our growth and question ourselves and each other, we will be stuck and not realise it as we are either moving forwards or going backwards. Life waits for no one!

  3. I agree with Caroline and Keith. If we all can back to our source or love, we have all energy and stimulant that we need for our success in this mortal life.

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