Think and Grow Rich 217 โ€“ Age and Success

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Let’s get back to this blog, Napoleon Hill and Think and Grow Rich! Let’s talk about Age And Success.

If you think there is a reason why people are more successful as they age, you might just be right. Napoleon Hill would certainly agree.

Why Men Seldom Succeed Before Forty

Hill discovered, from the analysis of over 25,000 people, that men who succeed in an outstanding way seldom do so before the age of forty, and more often they do not hit their real pace until they are well beyond the age of fifty. This fact was so astounding that it prompted Hill to go into the study of its cause very carefully, carrying the investigation over a period of more than twelve years.

This study disclosed the fact that the major reason why the majority of men who succeed do not begin to do so before the age of forty to fifty, is their tendency to dissipate their energies through over indulgence in physical expression of the emotion of sex. The majority of men never learn that the urge of sex has other possibilities, which far transcend in importance that of mere physical expression. The majority of those who make this discovery do so after having wasted many years in a period when sexual energy is at its height, prior to the age of forty-five to fifty. This usually is followed by noteworthy achievement.

The lives of many men up to, and sometimes well past, the age of forty, reflect a continued dissipation of energies, which could have been more profitably channeled. Their finer and more powerful emotions are sown wildly to the four winds. From this habit is where we get the phrase โ€œsowing his wild oats.โ€

Impelling Emotions

The desire for sexual expression is by far the strongest and most impelling of all the human emotions, and for this very reason this desire, when harnessed and transmuted into action, other than that of physical expression, may raise one to the status of a genius.

One of Americaโ€™s most able business men frankly admitted that his attractive secretary was responsible for most of the plans he created. He admitted that her presence lifted him to heights of creative imagination, such as he could experience under no other stimulus.

One of the most successful men in America owes most of his success to the influence of a very charming young woman, who has served as his source of inspiration for more than twelve years. Everyone knows the man to whom this reference is made, but not everyone knows the real source of his achievements.


While it would be easy to turn this into a conversation about the merits of good-looking help, we’ll try to bring the focus back to where it belongs: the channeling of natural instincts into success and wealth. Given some thought, it’s easy to see the point that Napoleon Hill is really making, and that is that, once settled enough to exercise some control, we all have natural emotional energy that can be put to some very good and relatively unconventional uses.

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  1. I think as we men get older and have experience life through the trials and tribulations, we gain a certain confidence and belief in ourselves. How we project that knowledge in our lives is a good question. Having a woman in our life does have it’s many benefits besides sex as sometimes a man needs to be encouraged or even push into doing something he has dreamt about doing for years but afraid to make the plunge or just too complacent and too comfortable to take a chance on being more than he is.
    And it is so true and it has been said many times that behind every good man there is a good woman to support him. When a man is single, he doesn’t have to care at all but when he has a woman, he has a lot to care about because all women are high maintenance and need a lot of caring. I think as older men we can age gracefully like a bottle of wine and really enjoy the best years of our lives and live our true potential.

  2. Hello Sean,

    Great points about how the mindset has a lot to play into the age and success of a man….so hubby only has a few years left before he is really successful then!! Will I think it better happen sooner rather than later ๐Ÿ™‚ Only kidding, back to the information at hand….The success of every man depends on how much support his women is offering – what’s that famous saying “Behind every successful man is a successful women” !!


  3. Hello Sean,
    no doubt Napoleon Hill is right, that sex and derived emotions can stimulate to great achievement. The question in my mind is, does this powerful motivator always lead to achievements of high ethical value, achievements that benefit all affected? Would that not depend on the character of the motivating person? If we are looking for true inner greatness, beyond outer success, it seems the motivating vision would come from within.

  4. The above comments are missing some fundamental points. The (not necessarily but usually, physically) attractive or charming women actually are encouraging these men to strive further than they normally would. Think of it as a songwriter’s muse inspiring him to write breathtaking songs rather than mediocre. Don’t settle for somebody who you feel is just okay. For your life partner you want the person who makes you feel amazing. For men, it’s proven a younger woman will make him happier, but whoever you get that feeling with, don’t let them go! xx

  5. Great site, dad!

  6. Hi Sean,

    I have just been to Thinkand grow rich seminar yesterday and listened to your talk about online selling Affiliate marketing. I am very new to the computer industry and hardly know how to operate the computer apart from checking my email. I want to come to your bootcamp in November but I am not too sure if I would be a good student. I m in my late 40 already.

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