Think And Grow Rich 215 – The Light Bulb Moment

Mindset Mastery eBookThe utility of the creative faculty is certainly not restricted to Dr. Gates. In fact, it becomes more of a rule among successful geniuses than an exception. In our pursuits to learn from the men and women who managed to Think And Grow Rich, let’s look at a few examples of people who have done exactly that!

Tuning In

Edison tried out more than 10,000 different combinations of ideas through the synthetic faculty of his imagination before he “tuned in” to the creative faculty, and got the answer that perfected the incandescent light. His experience was similar when he produced the phonograph.

There is plenty of reliable evidence that the faculty of creative imagination exists. This evidence is available through accurate analysis of men and women who have become leaders in their respective callings, without having had extensive educations. Lincoln was a notable example of a great leader who achieved greatness, through the discovery and use of his faculty of creative imagination. He discovered and began to use this faculty as the result of the stimulation of love which he experienced after he met Anne Rutledge, a statement of the highest significance in connection with the study of the source of genius.

Behind Every Great Man…..?

The pages of history are filled with the records of great leaders whose achievements can be traced directly to the influence of women who aroused the creative faculties of their minds, through the stimulation of sexual desire. Napoleon Bonaparte was one of these. When inspired by his first wife, Josephine, he was irresistible and invincible. When his “better judgment” or reasoning faculty prompted him to put Josephine aside, he began to decline. His defeat and St. Helena were not far off.

If good taste would permit, we might easily mention scores of men, well known to the American people, who climbed to great heights of achievement under the stimulating influence of their wives, only to drop back to destruction after money and power went to their heads, and they put aside the old wife for a new one.

Napoleon was not the only man to discover that sexual influence, from the right source, is more powerful than any substitute of expediency, which may be created by mere reason.

The human mind responds to stimulation!

Stimulating The Mind

Stimulation and cultivation of the mind is critical to success and wealth. These are two of the crucial elements Napoleon Hill isolated as common among successful men and women. The key, then, is to find the most effective ways to positively stimulate and cultivate the mind’s power – sexual transmutation and the development of the creative faculties are chief among these.

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  1. C’mon Sean, that’s the most facile explanation for Napoleon’s eventual defeat that I’ve ever read. You don’t think he had his share of “sexual desire” post-Josephine when he was sleeping with his mistress Maria Waleskwa or his second wide Marie-Louise? Josephine was a terrible wife to Napoleon. She cheated on him constantly, literally from day one of their marriage, and scorned his adoration of her.

    Instead of looking for superficial reasons for Napoleon’s defeat, it’s better to look at the combined vehemence of the European powers who were determined not to allow the French Revolution to succeed, knowing that their own people would use it as an example to overthrow their respective monarchs.

    After bravely fighting off aggression for 30 years, France ran out of people, money and will, and was lost to the Bourbon restoration.

    History is much more interesting when we examine the complexity of the facts rather than attribute major events to minor incidents.

  2. When a man loses his desire and inspiration, he loses the edge that makes him a champion. Napoleon had other hurdles to fight, such as the Rothschild family and the banks. It is hardly a description of “why” he was defeated. Even the bank of France was his enemy 😉

  3. Hi Sean,

    I’ve been falling down the rabbit hole, as it were, in learning more about the laws of attraction. Of course, in my search I landed on your blog, as has been the case quite often recently.

    Anyway, I definitely agree that stimulating and cultivating the mind is key to success in many areas of life. We, as creatures, are simply amazing. I often say that I don’t want to die (and am generally scoffed at for making such a statement).

    But it’s not because of fear, it’s because of plain wonder. Excitement. How can anyone look out at the universe and WANT there to be an end to the learning, the growing, the discoveries?

    Forgive me for not holding to the topic at hand, it’s been an eventful day of learning and that has me excited and eager to keep digging.

    I tried downloading The Secret from your link and keep getting an error. (I just discovered Secret.TV, watched and ordered the DVD and lo and behold, moments later I am lead to your blog and after reading a few more posts found your link.) Is that offline and no longer available?

    Hey, keep up the writing. As you can probably tell you, and others, have me whirling. You do a great job.


  4. Hello Sean,

    I so believe that every successful man has a more successful women behind him – without sounding too over the top, women who support a mans ideas, imagination, creative side and places trust in them….that is when the man becomes who he is and who is meant to be. Every millionaire is a millionaire because their mind is stimulated and they are exploring their creative side.

    Great article.

  5. That is a brilliant article. We must be creative and take risks with whatever tools we have. Also we must have a faultless plan, however we can not worry about the outcome by being attached to it. If we do then people will notice us and the whole thing gets ruined because of our desperation towards it.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  6. Yeap without stimulation you can do anything good! Stimulation of the mind is the road for succes!

  7. Great article! I think this is a very interesting way at looking at success and successful people. I too agree that exploring this connection of the laws of attraction and breaking the boundaries of creativity will somehow influence the circumstances that surround one. But the outcome shouldn’t be the driving factor, it should be the desire to push ones self farther. Taking risks and pushing our minds, much like exercising the physical body, will give us the stimulation to see well beyond the obvious.


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