Think And Grow Rich 213 – Superior Intelligence

Mindset Mastery eBookAs we now venture onto a new year again, and many have made new year’s resolutions, it’s worth noting one of the most common traits of a successful person: Being Eccentric. Eccentric people truly understand how to Think And Grow Rich. Read on and you’ll understand why…

It’s probably not coincidence that many geniuses and highly successful people are considered eccentric. Napoleon Hill could recognize those “eccentricities” as something more than just oddities – he knew them for pathways to genius and success.

Close Your Eyes…

One of America’s most successful and best known financiers followed the habit of closing his eyes for two or three minutes before making a decision.

When asked why he did this, he replied, “With my eyes closed, I am able to draw upon a source of superior intelligence.”

The late Dr. Elmer R. Gates, of Chevy Chase, Maryland, created more than 200 useful patents, many of them basic, through the process of cultivating and using the creative faculty. His method is both significant and interesting to anyone interested in reaching the status of genius, in which category Dr. Gates, unquestionably belonged. Dr. Gates was one of the really great, though less publicized and less well-known, scientists of the world.

Personal Communication

In his laboratory, he had what he called his “personal communication room.” It was practically sound proof, and equipped so that all light could be shut out. In it he kept a small table where he kept a pad of writing paper. In front of the table, on the wall, was a pushbutton which controlled the lights. When Dr. Gates wanted to draw upon the forces available to him through his Creative Imagination, he would go into this room, sit down at the table, shut off the lights, and concentrate on the known factors of the invention he was working on, staying in that position until ideas began to “flash” into his mind in connection with the unknown factors of the invention.

Intelligence Revealed

On one occasion, ideas came so fast that he was forced to write for almost three hours. When the thoughts stopped flowing, and he examined his notes, he found they contained a minute description of principles which had no parallel among the known data of the scientific world.

What is more, the answer to his problem was intelligently presented in those notes. In this manner Dr. Gates completed over 200 patents, which had been begun, but not completed, by “half-baked” brains. Evidence of the truth of this statement is in the United States Patent Office.

Dr. Gates earned his living by “sitting for ideas” for individuals and corporations. Some of the largest corporations in America paid him substantial fees, by the hour, for “sitting for ideas.”

In Touch With Intelligence

Your own best form of personal communication may not be the same as what Napoleon Hill has presented here with Dr. Gates’s story. Just know that like Gates, your own best pathway to success might be, and probably is, something less than conventional – especially with the conventional norm being failure. Yet another lesson in taking that path less travelled to success and wealth!

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  1. Hello Sean,

    Interesting to know that having the eyes closed helped him to make the right decisions. I really like that idea….normally I go with what feels right inside (like a gut feeling) when I ask the question out loud of an answer I am looking for. It works everytime – if the answer feels right then I go with that so I guess you could say I am a bit eccentric, but don’t tell anyone I admitted to that 🙂

    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..How To Blog For Free =-.

  2. Hey Sean,

    Dr. Gates had an interesting methodology and it reflects the importance of creating the disciplines that allow for you to tap into superior intelligence. Those disciplines can come in the form of closing the eyes or sitting for ideas (as Dr. Gates did) or going with what feels right inside (as Lisa mentioned)

    Although I consider the superior intelligence to be that of my own identity, requiring eyes neither opened nor closed to realize, I do understand that we need practical ways of ensuring our conscious alignment. As you mentioned, whatever the path travelled by each of us, the road less travelled will be the one that accents us the best.


  3. Hi Sean,
    With so many distractions in life these days, I can see how removing those distractions can help the thinking, problem solving processes and productivity.
    I find when take the time to de-cluttering the mind and my environment, I end up been more productive in the long run.

    .-= Cade´s last blog ..Learn How To Blog – “Sneak Peak” Review =-.

  4. Hi Sean,
    For what I would call meditation, this is my time for sitting for ideas. I too find that ideas do flow more freely and open your mind up to more possibilities that you would have never thought of before.

    This could be a secret to success that we all are able to use for our own personal growth and success in life.

  5. Danny Younes says:

    I find meditation the best way for me to relax and as I do ideas just flow. Capture those ideas and take action and don’t recognise failure and you will succeed.

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