Think and Grow Rich 212 – Clearing The Clouds

If you think of your daily life or regular planes of thought as being clouded by all the static around them, then you can relate to those moments of clarity when that fog is lifted. Here, Napoleon Hill continues to talk about just how to more readily and successfully reach that level of clarity.

Clearing The Air

When lifted to this higher level of thought, through any form of mind stimulation, an individual occupies, relatively, the same position as a person in an airplane that has gone high enough to see over and beyond the horizon that normally limits his vision on the ground. Moreover, while on this higher level of thought, the individual is not hampered or bound by any of the stimuli which circumscribe and limit his vision while wrestling with the problems of gaining the three basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter. He is in a world of thought in which the ordinary work-a-day thoughts have been as effectively removed as are the hills and valleys and other limitations of physical vision, when he rises in an airplane.

While on this exalted plane of thought, the creative faculty of the mind is given freedom for action. The way has been cleared for the sixth sense to function; it becomes receptive to ideas which could not reach the individual under any other circumstances. The “sixth sense” is the faculty which marks the difference between a genius and an ordinary individual.

The creative faculty becomes more alert and receptive to vibrations, originating outside the individual’s subconscious mind; the more this faculty is used, the more the individual relies on it and makes demands on it for thought impulses. This faculty can be cultivated and developed only through use.

Sixth-Sense Operational

That part of us known as our ‘conscience’ operates entirely through the faculty of the sixth sense.

The great artists, writers, musicians, and poets become great because they acquire the habit of relying upon that “little voice” that speaks from within, through the faculty of creative imagination. It is a fact well known to people who have “keen” imaginations that their best ideas come through so-called “hunches.”

There was a great speaker who does not reach heights of greatness, until he closes his eyes and begins to rely entirely upon the faculty of Creative Imagination. When asked why he closed his eyes just before the climax of his oratory, he replied, “I do it, because, then I speak through ideas which come to me from within.”

The Freedom Faculty

Seriously consider Napoleon Hill‘s point here. Think of one famously successful person, and compare him to the description provided here. No doubt you’ll come to the same conclusions as the rest of us – those who succeed go above and beyond “standard” thought, and rely on just a little more action than the average person, all the while allowing him- or herself the freedom to do so. What if you did that, too?

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator
Aussie Internet Marketer © 2004 – 2010

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About Sean Rasmussen

Sean Rasmussen is a passionate blogger and has been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When he's not with his family, or dog Buddy, Sean is usually blogging or doing something related to the internet.


  1. Hello Sean,

    I am thinking differently lately – ever since I have the read book from T.Harv Eker I have seen my life turn around. Its amazing how much my life is created by what I am thinking, and what I am asking for. Once you have the Millionaire Mindset then every thing around you falls into place. Amazing how the rich think different to the comfortable people. I am starting to get used to being uncomfortable, and reaching goals I never thought I could ever reach – all because of what my mind believes. A bit like “what you think about happens” 🙂
    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Millionaire Mindset Chapter Summaries =-.

  2. Dear Sean,
    I knew since i was little that one day i might take the world in to my own hands.
    Here is the short version of me…I was 17yrs old when i built my home.I paid it off by age 21..(using the rich and famous insights tricks) The good tricks..:0
    At age 21 I started to Invest in Property.After 20years now i am still buying , selling,Building , marketing Property..I BUILT CLOSE TO 30 PROPERTIES FOR MYSELF.
    made more money then ever. I travelled the world twice..Living in Hotels the high life.Went for 5months visiting 13 countries. I have seen everything there is to see..
    And all because we chose to learn,listen,take steps,and Think Positive everyday.
    I learned to survive on my own. I love teaching others about Concepts in How to Become Property Millionaires and enjoy all the great stuff that i have.
    email me your thoughts..All emails will be replied to.
    La Rouge Group

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