Think and Grow Rich 209 – Science and Sex Transmutation

It may be an old expression to say, “Behind every great man, there is a great woman,” but in at least some respects (and for many men, many respects), there is a lot of truth in it as well. Napoleon Hill certainly believed it to be so, particularly in relation to the power of sex transmutation and its application to success and wealth.

The Science Behind Sex Transmutation

Scientific research has disclosed these significant facts:

The men of greatest achievement are men with highly developed sex natures; men who have learned the art of sex transmutation. The Great men who have accumulated great fortunes and achieved outstanding recognition in literature, art, industry, architecture, and the professions, were motivated by the influence of a woman.

The research from which these astounding discoveries were made went back through the pages of biography and history for more than two thousand years. Wherever there was evidence available in connection with the lives of men and women of great achievement, it indicated most convincingly that they possessed highly developed sex natures.

Irresistible, Immovable Forces

The emotion of sex is an “irresistible force,” against which there can be no such opposition as an “immovable body.” When driven by this emotion, men become gifted with a super power for action. Understand this truth, and you will catch the significance of the statement that sex transmutation will lift one to the status of a genius.

The emotion of sex contains the secret of creative ability.

Destroy the sex glands, whether in Man or animal, and you have removed the major source of action. For proof of this, observe what happens to any animal after it has been castrated. A bull becomes as docile as a cow after it has been altered sexually. Sex alteration takes out of the male, whether Man or animal, all the fight that was in him. Sex alteration of the female has the same effect.

Undeniably Influential

Without argument, it is clear that sex and the emotions and awareness surrounding it have been powerful leaders throughout mankind, and now, as we see, throughout economics and politics as well. Of course, few of us probably needed Napoleon Hill to tell that to us, but it certainly does make for some interesting considerations to see the other sides and facets to this powerful natural force – a force that we’ll continue to reckon with throughout the next several posts.

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator
Aussie Internet Marketer © 2004 – 2010

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