The Secret MP3 Download

Secret MP3This here is The Secret MP3 Download I have been making for some time now. It is yours to grab for free and there is nothing else you need to do than download it and enjoy!

<== Click the MP3 image to download the zip file. The file is quite big, so take your time downloading it and make sure you listen to it in its entirety. Please read this article and comment while you wait for your book & MP3’s.

This Is My Gift To You. Enjoy!

==> Update: 21 March 2012 Over 44,000Β Secret MP3 Downloads since 2009 <==

Secret MP3 Download

The Secret MP3 Download is 218MB and consists of 21 files: The book (The Secret Law Of Attraction) & 20 Audio Files. The entire book has been professionally narrated for your enjoyment. You can listen to this book in your car, on your iPod, your computer or anywhere you like.

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The Science Of Getting Rich

This is the same book that The Secret was based on with Rhonda Byrne. The famous book by Wallace Wattles: The Science Of Getting Rich. If you can read this book and listen to the soundtrack once a year, I’ll assure you that life will be a lot easier to understand – or at least become far more fun! Even more than it is now!

The Secret To Freedom – Be 100% In Control

In 2009, I have re-discovered the road to freedom. As you may be aware, I have gone my own way lately and left behind other unethical businesses that think lying and cheating is an honorable way of life. It disgraces my mind to think that people put money before honor, but in 2009 I have truly re-discovered the Animal in Corporate Australia.

You think you get wiser as you age, but that isn’t always the case. I surprise myself constantly with the level of trust I place in other business people and get the occasional financial slap by them. Reading and listening to the above book: The Science Of Getting Rich, and grasping the message therein helped me get back to my own track again.

The only way you can totally control Ethics and Integrity in your business is to be 100% in control.

Earlier in the year, I made The Secret Download available. Making this gift available to you today, makes me very happy. I’m hoping to share some goodness and help make more people even more happy πŸ˜€

I look forward to the future, starting today. Hang around and I will share plenty of goodness with you. I sincerely hope you enjoy The Secret MP3 Download and get many, many hours of enjoyment out of it.

May Ethics & Integrity be with you

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator
Aussie Internet Marketer Β© 2004 – 2009

About Sean Rasmussen

Sean Rasmussen is a passionate blogger and has been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When he's not with his family, or dog Buddy, Sean is usually blogging or doing something related to the internet.


  1. Barry Dungey says:


  2. Thanks so much Sean for this great gift. I can’t wait to listen to the audio!


  3. I have only just read your opening comments here-and am amazed that there is another person that thinks like I do–always trusting people !
    I thought that good old ethics had “gone by the Board”!!
    This is sooo refreshing-.
    At my age (75) I am still looking-and just hope that someone will help me download what you have sent!(my skills are not what they should be–but I am an optimist!!

  4. Barry Dungey says:

    thanks for the opportunity

  5. Thanks Sean I’m looking forward to listening to this.
    .-= Jencat´s last blog ..Cross Trainer =-.

  6. Thank you Sean. Your gifts are very appreciated!

  7. Hey Sean,

    Seems the download function is not working..I couldn’t download it.


  8. Hi Sean

    Great headline
    “the secret MP3 download”
    Great marketing!!

    I have just learnt an important tip about subject lines/headline teasers

    I look forward to the download!

    Thanks as always
    .-= Matt´s last blog ..Apartment Lending =-.

  9. Hi Sean
    I have given a member of your staff a DvD and emailed information to her to look at a business opportunity that is opening in New Zealand and Australia. DUBLI.COM Portial is already open in America and Europe and the world portal is also opening some time in November this year.
    Can you please give me your opinion and if you are interested in the business
    Await your reply

    Mark Atkinson

  10. Peter Allard says:

    HI Sean,

    I enjoyed your teaching immensly at the Sydney Seminar recently, especially what you had to say about search engine optimization.

    Thank you for the download I thoroughly accept the principle and do my best to
    put it into practice daily. You may have heard the recent news about the murder of a
    Sydney Land Developer. I spent 5 years managing a property that they were
    seeking to own and it owes me a lot of money. I am putting the law of attraction to work to receive what is rightfully mine that I am currently being denied at law.

    The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the righteous but I am only made righteous in Christ and expect a hundredfold return for the half century I gave to spread the gospel. Now retired, I am going to buy my own home. PTL

    Blessings Peter

  11. Eric Bakker says:

    I’m sorry but I can not get it to download. The link is not working or I’m doing something wrong

  12. 1. Click the image in the top left corner (the picture of the disc).
    2. A new Tab or Window will open.
    3. A Zip File will start downloading. You may need to accept it first i.e. choose “Save location”.
    4. If for any reason it doesn’t work, maybe call back tomorrow. It works 99,5% of the time.

    * The file is 218MB. With a possible 1000’s of people downloading it this weekend, there will be an occasional glitch for some people (law of averages…)

  13. Eric Bakker says:

    Sean, thxs for your quick response. I think the site is overloaded, to many traffic at this moment

  14. Sean

    Thank you so much. You are a rare breed indeed amongst your wealth creation peers. A pity some of them did not have your honesty and concerns for their clients. All show but no dough is a common complaint I hear from others that have also been caught. All the best.

    The site has had over 2000 downloads this afternoon already. If it is to slow, bookmark the page and call back tomorrow or in a few hours.

  16. And where is you the secret that we could download?

  17. Sean
    Thank you for your gift and I look forward to listening to the lessons it holds. see you soon at the forum

    Greg Dimmock

  18. Hi Sean,
    Am so grateful for the gift, I really love to learn about this great SECRET that has been hidden from men for several decades.
    I’ll also wish to request that you don’t leave me out when the video is ready.
    Thank you Sir.

  19. Thanks so much for your free download Sean. I can’t look at it right now, but I have promised myself that I will put the time aside this afternoon. That is as long as the systems not going to be clogged up. Then I will keep trying.
    I look forward to listening to your story.

  20. Just downloading now… Can’t wait to hear that great advice and tips.

  21. Hi Sean Thanks for your amazing gifts, looking forward to listening to the the secret download.
    All the best where ever the wind may blow you!.

  22. Well, where’s the download link? I keep going around in circles.

  23. Hi Barry
    The download link is by clicking the top left image (the DVD/CD image)
    however as I write this, the site is not coping with the TB’s of bandwidth at the moment.
    So it is best if you bookmark the page and come back tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  24. Hi Sean
    I’m glad to see someone else has woken up. Like you I look back on all the stuff that was promised by so many and realised I was not willing to sell out my ethics to make money from lies and trickery. Thankyou for your gift.

  25. Thanks again for wasting my time with recursive links and other such web junk.

    You do have some good content, but every time I look here, I find most of your links go nowhere, or to a duplicate copy of the same page on another server…

    • Hi t t t
      Thanks for the praise and not so much thanks for the non-praise. There is no opt in form for this download, no charge whatsoever and I have paid every cent it involved in getting it made available including the excessive bandwidth my servers are currently copping.
      Free content is voluntary to receive. Use it and prosper. Discard it and go on with life as nothing happened.

  26. Thanks…what you give…you will receive many times in return…

  27. Thanks Eric
    Enjoy the MP3’s and the books too πŸ™‚

  28. Thanks Sean,

    It has surprised me too! So many people trying to take the short cut by using and stepping on everyone in their way. Hey a lot of these people get to the top… but what do they end up paying in the long run for their lack of integrity… illness is one thing that immediately comes to mind… happiness is another!

    My motto has always been: “Seek not the attention of many, but rather the depth of a few!”

    Thank you so much for your gift.

    Kind Regards,

    • So true, Paul.
      First of all, thank you for your “thanks”.
      I have seen many people get punished by their conscience by illness. Their mind breaks down their body defenses and make them ill. It is the minds way of stopping them from the mind punishment that eventually stops them with severe illness.

      “It is the dis-ease of the mind that is the disease of the body”

  29. Thank You So Very Much Sean!
    The time and effort you put into all that you do is very much appreciated.

  30. Hi Sean

    Thank you for the audio version of this. I recently borrowed the book at the Library and even though I have been reading it little by little, having the audio version will fast track my reading and I can listen to this while I work.

    Appreciate your gift and love your blog!


  31. Hi Sean

    Appreciate the lovely offer – it will not download in any way for me. hmmm could you have a look at the link for me.?

    with gratitude

    • Hi Vicki
      The site has struggled with Terabytes (1,000,000,000,000) of downloads in the past 24 hours. The link is correct but is very slow.
      Please bookmark the link and come back tomorrow. It will still be here.

  32. Thanks for the free gift Sean.

    Still trying to d/l it but by the looks of the reactions should be worth the wait.

    .-= Cemil´s last blog ..Anti Spyware =-.

  33. Hi Cemil
    The downloads will be here for many days. I will make sure you get your copy.
    Thanks – Sean

  34. Amaechi David says:

    Dear Sean,
    You have been a source of inspiration to me.You have created many positive impacts in my live.Firstly read your book “WHAT I WISH……….”, it greatly changed my thinking.
    I started telling people about your book and started referring you as my millionaire mentor,even though i am only seeing a little of what you have to offer.
    I have downloaded your other book”YOTA AFFLIAT 2.0-LEAKED VERSION”.I believe it will also be a useful guide to my becoming and starting Internet affiliate marketing.

    I am from Nigeria.I request you to kindly assist me on this direction.

    Thanks,and God bless you.

    Amaechi David

  35. Thanks for the download – great stuff!

  36. Thank You With Gratitude and may God & Jesus Bless you with Great Fortune just recieved you Email to Download it Happened and Now our Mircale Wish’s & Dream will comew true Believe & you will Recieve and of cousre it added to my Vision Board.

  37. Hi, need to ask your for assistance, I read WD Wattles and want to read you updated version, but when I click on; This here is The Secret MP3 Download, nothing happens?? Can I download it from another site?

    Thank you Gia

  38. All downloads will now function fine on my servers. Go back to the download link and try again.
    Sean Rasmussen

  39. Hi Sean,
    Thank you for the gift, I’m sure I will find great value in it. I know exactly where you’re coming from but its good to see you moving forward. Just to let you know, I’ve been following your blogs and using your ebooks for the past four years. You’ve always been encouraging and left a positive impact on me. I’m sure many people feel the same way. GREAT things happen for those who walk spiritually and answer to something greater than themselves.
    Good luck and God Bless.

  40. Hi Sean,

    Thank you so much for this, however I don’t seem to be able to successfully download it.


  41. Hi Sean
    Thank you so much for this – look forward to having it in the car – definitely the thing to listen to while sitting in Sydney traffic!!!
    Regards Nicola

  42. Hi Sean,
    Thank you so much. I am continually looking for good material to help keep me focused and motivated.

  43. Ross Sneddon says:

    There are many people in this world of ours who preach, promote or otherwise peddle concepts we all should follow in our daily lives, some good, some questionable. You on the other hand not only suggest these ways to us but openly practice them. We all see this continually in your messages to us, your conduct with the YOTA program and your general comments of life.
    May I congratulate you on your actions which are there for us to see and sincerely thank you for your generosity and kindnesses given freely.
    May you in turn also prosper as you should, and may we improve our own lifestyles by emulating yours. We can only become better people, all of us. Thank you.

  44. Mbi Ebenchong says:

    Thanks Sean
    Can`t wait to listen to the Secret MP3. I`m downloading it.

  45. Sean,

    You truly are a generous & gracious man. I am disappointed that you were exposed to unethical business, however, I know that you are an honest, caring person and will have a fantastic year.


  46. Hi Sean,

    Thats very generous from you mate, Thank you very much for this gift.
    I have seen ‘The Secret’…..quite a few times over the last couple of years, and now I’m exited I can listen to it while I’m driving…… Awesome stuff.

    At the moment I wish I could have more time to spend here online networking and creating more content for my blog, but first thing is first, some times priorities takes the best of us, but I think to clear the road ahead at this stage is better for me, with so much cleansing going on in my life at the moment, I’m working into being able to have more time to do what I enjoy doing, which is freedom, and self development, and living my true path and mission here on earth. πŸ™‚


    Cheers…. Paulo.
    .-= Paulo´s last blog ..The Importance Of Managing Your Anger. =-.

  47. Excuse me, sorry, I put the wrong email address above………. lol. πŸ™‚
    .-= Paulo´s last blog ..The Importance Of Managing Your Anger. =-.

  48. But you can not, no matter how hard you try, no matter what you think say or do, be in control 100% of the time.

  49. Hi Sean,

    Thank you very much for making this available to us newbies. I am sure I will find it enlightening and useful.

    Kind Regards,


  50. Hi Sean,
    Thank you for your generous gift. I am sure I will find it enlightening and useful. Those of that are newbies to all of this are surely benefiting from being able to learn from you.

    Kind Regards,


  51. Michael Chen says:

    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for the free download but I can’t open the 00tsloa pdf file. Got an error message”there was an error opening this document. Bad encrypt dictionary”. Can you please email this file to me?


  52. Raka Taviri jr says:

    I am anxiuos to find what’s in it for me.

  53. Hi Sean
    Thank you for this gift. You truelly are very generous. I can’t wait to listen to it.

  54. Why is the download taking me round in circles?

  55. Thanks for your gift Sean, I look forward to reading and listening to the pearls of wisdom which I’m sure will be contained within. I agree with your observations about unethical people operating in this arena and I can understand why you have decided to go it alone.
    Ken Egan

  56. Hey Sean,

    Thanks for such a beautiful gift. I also have “Think and Grow Rich” on mp3 which I have listened to countless times. I have listened to your mp3 a couple of times now and find it much easier to understand. I am a very simple person who needs simple and easy instructions…….hee hee!

    Thanks again Sean, your big heart is very much appreciated.
    Don’t ever stop sharing formulas for success!!!

    Big Hug,

  57. No words to say how thankfull I am, wish u the best. sincerely.

  58. Hi Sean,

    Thank you for your gift.
    Knowing that you are a person of integrity and honesty, I am sure you will be feeling “lighter” for having the courage to move away from what wasn’t right. Listening to our intuition will usually give us the correct answer in our lives.

    All the best,


  59. Robert Rien says:

    I had the pleasure of being with you and Sean Stenning for 2 days in Sydney at one of your seminars earlier and I was impressed then, but I didn’t develop whatever I thought I was going to do then.
    After listening to your gift to us I now understand that at that time I wasn’t ready to make use of the knowledge you offered.
    I will work on myself, achieve a creative mind and move on with my life the way it should be.
    Thanks Sean,
    Rob Rien

  60. Thanks for the download I look forward to listening to it. By the by Sean do you have a video phone? I tell you what ACN has a big presence in Australia and we they will be launching the video phone soon. In order for you to get an advanced look at it please go to my acn web site. thank you again. I look forward to your response. Thank you for all of your time and effort in providing the general public with your acquired knowledge, I know it will do some people a lot of good I just hope that I can be one of them.
    Warmest Regards Steve

    • Hi Steve. How are you finding the video phone? I had a look at them in Ballarat laste last year and they looked pretty cool. Are they getting a big take-up yet or is it too early to say? I would also be very interested to hear about the effectiveness of your web site for lead generation or is its purpose not for that?

  61. Hi Sean,
    Thanks for the present, both in thought and deed.
    I couldn’t agree more with your secret for freedom – stay in control.
    That doesn’t always mean be the one in charge; just do things on your own terms and stay consistent with your own goals and mores.
    It’s certainly worked for me.
    Cheers – to a brighter future

  62. Rad Cameron says:

    Thanks for the gifts Sean. I was delighted to read you’ve moved on from those people/organisations. Good move! I’d be happy to do business with you now you’re on your own.
    Wishing you all the success you dream of,


  63. Hey Sean,
    Thanks heaps, you truly epitomize the term “Over Deliver”


  64. Michael Muhleck says:

    Hi Sean,

    I also would like to say thanks for your time and energy

    I am I guess what you call a wannabe rich and wannabe everything I read but I just never seem to break the ice. I always think of the saying when the student is ready the teacher will come, well the teacher has come many a time but the results are just not there…..I have read the secret and am a firm believer in the power of intention etc but I am missing somthing and I just cant place my finger on it ????? any suggestions

    • From your post it sounds like you’ve got the belief in place and you are open to coaching but I can’t see much in the way of action words there. I heard a motivational speaker once tell a story about a student of his who came to all the trainings and read all the books and had great aspirations. When he next heard from the student he was told that the teachings didn’t work. The mentor responded by acknowledging what the student said of his experience but then asked the student “But did YOU work?”. Belief and knowledge without action is not going to give the result. And if you’re not sure where to start – just start anywhere! Do something! Just get the ball rolling and it will become obvious where you need to next turn your efforts.

  65. Hi Michael
    The only thing I can add is that something was missing. What that is, is hard to say. Maybe it is the level of passion you have put in? Normally that is where it falls down. Maybe it is that the wrong teachers appeared? That is also very possible!
    Make sure you don’t want to be rich in a monetary term. It has to be more than that. Then you will get the money anyway, once the other pieces fall into place.

  66. Hi Sean,
    You asked for a comment on your article *grin* . . . listening to PeterGabriel’s “In Your Eyes” . . . well it seems you have gone through a a bit of a re-evaluation and some paradyms have been shattered . . . there is an old saying that is now updated to “all’s fair in love, war and . . . business” . . . idealism is just a mask for fascism . . . expectations are an open invitation to be burdened as pain is the clash of expectations with reality . . . it’s everyman for himself now so honour is becoming a fable except with some – the real heroes . . . do I detect the need for atonement? . . . *smile* . . . I look forward to seeing where you are at, viz a viz “secret download” . . . now listnening to the Corrs’ “Forgiven but not Forgotten” . . .
    – in gassho

  67. Thanks so much for the gift. Took me a while to figure out how to d/l it, my bad though! πŸ™‚

  68. Clicked on the Mp3 link of The Secret and it didn’t open or allow me to download.

    Thanks for you blog and for your passion.

  69. cindy theunissen says:

    thank you for the free download, i came across this by accident, but really needed this today. Thank you
    Cape Town

  70. Hi Sean,
    Thank-you so much for the free gift. I can’t wait to hear it!
    Have a great day!
    .-= Jazz Salinger´s last blog ..Musical_Life =-.

  71. Thanks Sean for your gift to us and the world. You truly are an inspiration to all of us and a fantastic mentor. Good on you for ditching the dishonest rogues in your life and keeping it simple and pure. Best wishes to you and your family. Hope to meet you one day…perhaps you will one day come to little ole Adel to do a seminar πŸ™‚

  72. Valerie Smith says:

    Thank you so much for this.. I have been reading about the secret for a while now watched the DVD and other things. I can honestly say that my life is changing for the better. I now wake up feeling happy and with a strange feeling of excitement ( like a child in the lead up to Christmas) It seems to bubble up inside me. People have also noticed the change in me and have commented on it.

    I am now going to listen to you gift to me. Thank you again
    Health wealth and prosperity to you and everyone reading this. :-))

  73. Hi Sean

    Thanks so much for The Secret gift, very much appreciated. You have a big big heart. God bless you and wish you more success.


  74. Cheers Sean – Been listening to this on my iPod for a while now – great to listen to on the way to work.

  75. Hey Sean, it’s nice to hear from other like minded around the world, and i am also going in the same process of cleansing i have quit my job and looking into doing something more beneficial than just working for the sake of money, i have realized your entire lifestyle affects everything else and we have to be responsible for out actions, Earlier i was talking to my twin brother, and we discovered that Fear is the thing that is killing our planet, people are getting controlled by fear and end up doing what they never meant to do. I think it’s time every person around the world should stand up for what is worth doing and start living with harmony.
    .-= Hubert´s last blog ..The Amazing True Story That Gave Us Think And Grow Rich =-.

  76. Love it!!!!!
    Thank you!

  77. Thank you very much, for this knowledge….. really great…..

  78. This was great Mr. R. I mean the secret on MP3 wow you’re awsome. I now get to listen to this on my way to school. I just can’t believe it your awsome man.

  79. roden dadacay md says:

    SALAMAT PO!!!!

  80. nail shakhtur says:

    hi , i want to start this coment with a Big thank you!! , i did not read or leassen to the secret before, i do not know if will be helpfool for me to leassen and i dont know in what extend, i do know i need to understund and i need all the tools i can have, i have been blast for the last 6 years with almost atomic bombs in my life, betrayed by my wiffe, betrayed and frouded by my partner and a woaman that was like my family, was fighting in court were injustice was allways on me, i los in 5 years almost 6 my savings and my welth, from driving a brand new sport mercedes went to sheep 500 dollar car, but God never left me and even when my family and closest did not want to help me judges were against me for perjudice , money finsh in my bank account , God allawed evrithing to change and i end up winning all 5 court cases and my name was clean again, I APRECIATED WHEN YOU ASK FOR VALUES AND INTEGRITY ,i lost material values to win respect and values for my daughters , thank for give for free a help , an intention to help is in off , specially when you helping some one you dont know and may be never will, may God bless you and bless your family with care and wisdom, with faight and values , thank

  81. Ed Desengo says:

    Thank you for the offer of the download……..However none of the DOWNLOAD links work????

    Ed Desengo

  82. Is there anywhere where people talk about the kind of manifesting results they have had from the book and MP3.


  83. Roseline Arnulphy says:

    Hi Sean
    You are a wonderful human being to actually allow your great work to be downloaded and read by all who are interested, without expecting payment in return. Most wonderful works always expect us to pay and this to me, delays passing on their wonderful lessons on to only a few who can afford it. You deserve more than 1st place on google. You are truly one in a billion to me.

    I also battled working out the download of the mp3 only because I did not open my mind and eyes to see the image was the link. I usually look for a highlighted text.

    Thanks again for your truly wonderful gift,I will treasure it and absorb every bit of the message/s you have given us so freely.
    Love and Abundance to us all.
    Roseline Arnulphy
    South Africa

  84. Hi, Sean.

    Though I already had read your book – The Secret Law of Attraction, I am still excited to listen to your MP3 because I know, just like the book, it will continuously inspire me and improve more my attitude towards a lot of things. I felt so blessed to had come across your website and discovered the amazing Secret. For that I thank you so much. Please keep on sharing.


  85. I am so happy for this.. thank you so much..
    We got it all in us and I know Rhonda, you and everyone, using the secret properly, will have great blessings in your life. So will I and my family bit by bit with technology and sharing of knowledge like you are doing, the whole world will as well. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
    Keep it up!

  86. hi buddy its a really nice share
    thankyou 4 sharing

  87. @Sean: “It disgraces my mind to think that people put money before honor, but in 2009 I have truly re-discovered the Animal in Corporate Australia.”

    I reckon I have a pretty good idea which company you might be referring to there. The only reason I came on board was because of the genuineness of the presenters who fronted it.

    And thanks for the MP3. Much appreciated.

  88. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  89. Thanks for putting together this free download, I can’t wait to have a listen. I haven’t downloaded any MP3’s before, this will be my first one.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Sign Language for Babies =-.

  90. Hi Sean

    Because of what you have learned – the hard way – I have benefited as an internet marketer and as a person.

    Thank you for your honesty in sharing your experiences. It means that others can learn from your life lessons and hopefully avoid your mistakes. I know that it feels shit to be stabbed in the back and lied to. And lose heaps of money as a result. But I know you’ve taken the hard lessons from it and are a better entrepreneur now because of it.

    Thank you also for not taking the road of thinking that we’re all bastards! Like you, I believe that most of us are good. And we learn from the contrast.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..How to make comments online and build your online persona =-.

  91. Hello Sean,

    great to be able to download the Secret onto my MP3 so I can listen to it while I walk – so looking forward to that.
    Happy to hear that you are getting back on track with the help of the secret (and the principles behind Think and Grow rich). Still curious and wondering who you were associated with that were not honest? Two different people (from different companies) spring to my mind, but I will leave it at that. I like to follow those that are honest, and have intergrity plus realise that Australia only needs people that don’t try to sell anything and everything without morals πŸ™‚ Glad to say that you are one that I am proud to follow.
    Still learning more and more from you everyday, with The Secret MP3 I will be on track for huge things in 2010 πŸ™‚
    Thanks Sean.
    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Searching For Gratitude Rocks =-.

  92. Hi Sean

    Thanks for your honestly. I almost signed up with that company and am glad I didn’t.
    Having known you for some time now I can personally recommend you for your honesty and integrity.
    I have not found another marketer that even comes close to you for your honesty, integrity and generosity.

    Long may our relationship continue
    .-= Gee´s last blog ..Search Engine Optimization Tips For Baby Boomers =-.

  93. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    The Secret download is awesome and I really appreciate you doing this for us. It just show us how much you care about our development; not just as Internet Marketers but as people too.

    You are without a doubt one of the most honest and ethical people that I know, let alone among Internet Marketers. I am really grateful to be learning from you.

  94. Hi Sean,
    thanks for sharing all this great information with us and thanks for your high standards – personal and in business. The ones learning from you learn about ethical business as well and we hopefully will manage to outrank the not-so-ethical ones.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind =-.

  95. May Ethics & Integrity be with you
    G’day Sean,
    May Ethics & Integrity be with you
    This sums up everything I’ve learned about you over the last [ almost ] 2 years, since I got the 21 CA homestudy kit via Yang and UWC. Couldn’t resist doing a copy and paste of the statement.

    The MP3 download is just wonderful, and I’ve burnt it to CDs to play in the car or on my stereo. Reckon I listen to it 3-4 times weekly, and sometimes READ the Ebook and LISTEN to the MP3 simultaneously. That exercise is said to promote the maximum absorption of the info.

    .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..How Proud Can One Be ? =-.

  96. Thank you for this download. We all need a constant refresher to consistently live in the wellness we want to create.
    .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..You Are the Reason I Know It Will Happen =-.

  97. Tom Bice says:

    Thanks, Sean, for the free download. I will listen to it and learn from it. I expect to gain valuable knowlege from listening to the MP3 audio. I will then apply what I have learned and keep in touch with you as to how I am doing. God bless you.


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  102. One thing that has always bothered me about Internet Marketing was the apparent lack of integrity on the part of a large number of people associated with the industry. Any time I’ve considered getting involved I’ve always ended up thinking, “Hell, I don’t want to come off sounding like a carnival shill.” And that usually quells my enthusiasm. However, having met a number of regular people on-line who strongly believe in you, and having read a lot of your material I’ve come to believe that there definitely is the potential of being an ethical marketer. Thanks for the material you are continually making available.
    .-= Don White´s last blog ..The Hands of the Quilter Stilled =-.

    • Cheers Don, ethics and integrity is always the best way to go. Just because other marketers may not have this quality, it doesn’t mean we have to follow their footsteps πŸ˜‰

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    Anyways, I am D/L it now and I will never stop mastering my mind

    Please Sean, tell me where the Secret has taken you so far?

    Fatiha Guebli- Algeria

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    That was 2 yrs ago & every thing has changed in my life OMG!!! I can’t list them all here, but would love to chat with you or anyone else who needs to know if this is REAL, And the old saying be careful of what you pray for, Because are you ready to handle it when you get it. This way of thinking completely changed my Life. And no I was not ready to receive all the things I have been praying for & I had to learn real quick how to handle all that was coming at me, I got it now & man do I feel good, Now my prayers on what I want has changed, Also in a good way instead of asking for all I want in one bundle I now take baby steps so that I do not become overwhelmed with all the blessing coming at me all at the same time!!! LOL. Sean What a wonderful person to share in all your blessings, I have purchased Letters from the Universe & every time a new guest comes to my house they must select a random page of the book & read it, This book is always spot on for what my guest needed to know now, & it has been spot on, Its a little creepy in a good way. Thank you again for sharing your blessing & I will do the same
    God Bless you My Dearest friend in my head, Tish Lancaster Austin,Tx

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    I am utilizing your site here and links to share this information with others in hopes they too will benefit from the truths herein. Thank you for making this possible!!! Blessings and Love to you!!! Kris

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