The Secret Formula To My Success

The secret formula to my success is basic, simple, cheap and attainable for every person in this wonderful world we live in. It is a secret that has been kept from generations of people all over the world for millennia.

I am using this secret right now and I am going to give it to you. I won’t bold, italicize or make it stand out anywhere. You will have to look for it, because it so bleeding obvious to everyone in the world, and has been for thousands of years. People do not appreciate free advice and do not value what they do not have to earn, work for or pay huge amounts of money for. That is why children squander their inheritance and 2nd and 3rd generation Billionaires go broke – because they didn’t earn nor value their lot in life. Hence they don’t deserve their good fortunes and they throw it away into the great fortune waste disposal in the sky.

What Is The Secret Formula To Success?

Again, I am using the secret right now. It is going through my ears at this very moment and you have the opportunity to harness this concept – or carry on as normal. Your choice! Here it is… the secret to my success is: Inspiration. It is running through my veins at this moment. It is fueled by a tremendous passion that no one person in this world can rival at this very moment in my life. Right now, I am on top of the world and can achieve anything I set my mind to. It is a place anyone can be: In the moment of great inspiration, fueled by an intensive passion that could put out the biggest infernos, drain the biggest floods and topple the highest mountains.

It is a feeling everyone deserves to have – and the only person that can take away your own right to experience this – is you!

This secret formula is in my ears right now. I am using one of my senses to fuel the other senses. In my headphones, right now, I can hear a song. With another of my senses, I am seeing a video with inspiring pictures that also fuel my inspiration. They are pictures of moments that draw great memories of achievement and success. I have captured this in a video and watch it every day to get started – to start my inspiration on another day of success – to flush out the negatives that pollute my mindΒ  – to rid the garbage that I let influence me in a less positive way – to replace less good with REALLY GREAT – to install inspiration in my mind and get started with a massive dose of inspiration.

That, my friends, is The Secret Formula To My Success.

Share My Formula – Right Now!

The music I’m listening to now and the video that is playing on my second monitor – right now – is on the below video. This song inspires me – it fuels me – it gets me started – and it inspires success! Success allows me to have a life where I am truly grateful for the real things I want in my life for my loved ones. I know I inspire thousands to take action and to do this I need lots of ROCKET FUELED PASSION.

Draw upon your own secret. Recall those memories that make you happy and inspired and locate the song that you can amalgamate into eternity with a strong bond to those memories. Then listen to and see those memories every single day in your life – Starting today!

The Secret Is Here

If you have skipped to this part, go back and read the previous paragraphs. Otherwise you have just robbed yourself of the message and underlying formula to get inspired with inrivalled passion.

YouTube Preview Image

This video has been viewed over 20,000 times on YouTube. Over 300 people download my free book online every single day of the week. You can get the book on the Download The Secret page.

I have listened to this song non-stop while writing this. My writing is non-stop, un-edited, nor proof-read. Read it as the words entered my mind. Images have been thrown in at a whim. Whatever impulsively entered my mind is there.

Use my song and my memories to see what fuels my success and I am certain you can put together your very own formula to your future success.

This works! Use it to your great advantage. Ignore it totally at your own peril. You owe it to your family, children, siblings and loved ones, to become inspired now – and every day into the future. Be your best every day of your life!

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take – but by the moments that take our breath away!

Here’s to your success!

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator
Aussie Internet Marketer Β© 2004 – 2010

P.S. If the video inspires you, please rate it and comment on YouTube.

P.P.S. I dedicate this post to my wife Cherie; my best friend for 21 years and mother of the 2 most special boys in the world.

About Sean Rasmussen

Sean Rasmussen is a passionate blogger and has been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When he's not with his family, or dog Buddy, Sean is usually blogging or doing something related to the internet.


  1. There may be errors in this post as I published it without pollution (proof-reading). Therefore there are no second thoughts to change the original wording.

    So the Grammar Police can have a day off today πŸ˜‰

  2. It reads quite nicely, Sean. The message is so strong that I felt it had to be tweeted, dugg and shared on Facebook. Your approach to life is always an inspiration.

    And seeing as it’s that time of the night I’ll raise a wee dram or three of the single malt in your honour. πŸ™‚
    .-= Don White´s last blog ..Psycho! =-.

  3. Jody Chambers says:

    Without inspiration you have days that are dull, dreary and lackluster…thanks for sharing Sean…sometimes I forget what is great in my life.

  4. Hi Sean,

    Love the post very inspirational, have been to the Download The Secret page and done that. “Be your best every day of your life!” is the only way to live our lives.

  5. WOW !!!

    You know how they say things come into your life at the time you need them, well your video just did. I burst into tears the minute it started playing and am typing this through my tears.

    So inspirational, thank you very very much Sean.
    .-= Brenda McNutt´s last blog ..All Rugged Up at Home =-.

    • I read your comment and it ‘grabbed’ me. I wanted to reply but didn’t really know what to say. And I still don’t.

      I feel for where you are as I’ve been in some circumstances that would have stirred up the same feelings in me. I don’t know or understand the challenges that you are going through (and don’t have to know) but I believe everything happens for a reason and as you’ve said things do come into your life at the time you need them.

      Look for your way through the ‘fog’. It is there.

      “It’s not what happens that determines the major part of your future. What happens, happens to us all. It is what you do about what happens that counts” Jim Rohn

  6. Thanks Sean,

    This is an awesome post & I appreciate the opportunity of being able to follow someone who has & continues to achieve success in life. I really hope to develop my own formula for success as you have & I love the video clip you have provided here as inspiration. : )
    .-= jeremy´s last blog ..jlagatule- RT @gurubob- True influence is not forcing people to say yesit is systematically destroying their reasons to say no – GuruBob =-.

  7. An inspirational video. Appreciating the special moments in life is so important.
    .-= Melanie Braggs´s last blog ..Building Chicken Coops =-.

  8. Hi Sean,

    Michael Nielsen here!

    I invented this sentence the other week. I might sound negative but it is actually in the same realm as your inspirational blog today.

    The sentence is:
    Life is the break you take
    between birth and death

    Sorrento πŸ™‚

  9. Once again Sean you wear your heart on your sleeve! I know your love for your family and the great sacrifices you have made for so many outside that circle – this is what we call a generous spirit. You deserve every success and it is yours as we contemplate it!
    .-= John Wood´s last blog ..Debt Consolidation and Wealth Creation can be done Simultaneously =-.

  10. Hi Sean

    Thanks for sharing this part of your journey, and the joy of love you have for your family.

  11. Thank you Sean,
    Nothing I can say at this moment will express just how your words have made me feel

  12. Hello Sean,

    The Secret Formula To Your success is perfect πŸ™‚ Brilliant post and love the you tube clip. Great to have inspiration.

    .-= lisa wood´s last blog ..Healthy Challenge =-.

  13. Jayne Pleysier says:

    The inspiration you find and the inspiration you eminate is very humbling. You have truly found your passion. I have been thinking about how busy you must be at the moment with so many things happening and wondering how this has been affecting your mood and energy levels. The momentum you have and the joy you have in what you are doing is awesome!

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you, Sean. I really enjoyed this video. It speaks to me and gives me a visual guide for what it is that I want. Additionally, the music takes me along and lays me back with it’s rolling, soothing melody and vocals. I may have make this a daily viewing.

  15. Clem and Erika schollum says:

    Thanks Sean
    We’ve both watched this and are in a much better head space and am working on putting it into practice (while humming creed)

  16. Cool, Sean. So so so cool.

    Funny you wrote this post about inspiration today. I went for a beautiful walk in the park this morning, and had a huge burst of inspiration. I’m so excited about everything.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..It’s all worth it for the personal breakthrough =-.

  17. Thanks Sean , a couple of years ago you reminded me that there is still a lot out there to get excited about, endless opportunities and things to achieve as long as we get motivated , focused and take action, so a thousand thank yous for the reminder and also the copies of The Secret and Think and Grow Rich . Great idea putting something together with all these tools we have online now to inspire us each day ,I’ll work on it .
    .-= tony shirren´s last blog ..Day Trader =-.

    • geoff harnden says:

      Hi Tony,
      Your comment reminds me of one of my favourite “sayings” which came into being on my 40th birthday.

      It essentially is a reminder to myself, that everything I have done, learnt, and experienced… I can do all over again.
      And of course, it is the same message as in Sean’s video clip… Start Afresh..

      While, I might be a little past half way now in reality; I needn’t be in mind..

      “Halfway there, and LOOKIN’ good”

      • You already have the secret formula for your success. Everything you’ve done, learned and experienced has given it to you.

        A lot of people think of little past halfway as on the downhill slide. You are halfway through a glass of water (or maybe wine if it helps you with the analogy). Have you drunk the best half or is the best half still to come?

        You might have had a great first half but the best is yet to come! Lookin’ good, feelin’ fantastic!

  18. Hi Sean,

    thanks for a great post – and a great video! I love your idea to start your day with such an inspiring video every day – it sets the right tone for the rest of the day. I have been thinking about creating one for myself for a long time, now the day has come to do it.

    Thanks for putting fuel to my inspiration!
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Self Improvement Books – What Are Your Favourites =-.

  19. Wow! So inspirational Sean I could feel the electric energy throbbing through me as I watched the video. I have thought about making one of these for myself but never got around to doing it. Your words in the article plus the video have revived in me the want and need to do just that.
    Thank you for being just who you are. A great individual who stands out among the crowd, a friend, teacher and mentor.
    .-= Isa´s last blog ..Been online for β€˜The Affiliate… =-.

  20. Wow! So inspirational Sean I could feel the electric energy throbbing through me as I watched the video. I have thought about making one of these for myself but never got around to doing it. Your words in the article plus the video have revived in me the want and need to do just that.
    Thank you, for being just who you are; a great individual, who stands out among the crowd, a friend, teacher and mentor.

    • Do that regularly Isa and your empowerment (is that a word?) will grow. Regularly do such things that make you feel that way and you will be unstoppable.

      I have to second what you say.

  21. You are so right Sean, that people who get things for free do not often value their worth. In fact some people troll out looking for free stuff just because it’s free.

    Success is not something tangible. It is not one thing. It is lots of things but it comes from within. I alone can drive my own success.

    Your ‘process’ that you have outlined above is the fuel for that drive. I take myself to that place too but in being honest about it probably not frequently enough.

    When I do it’s totally amazing and empowering.

    • Clearing out the clutter in the mind so that focus and inspiration work together is oh so needed by moi!
      As you say success is from lots of things – and most of them are touched upon in the articles we read in this comp.


    I know that I have the ability to achieve my definite purpose in life:
    therefore I demand of myself, persistent, continuous action towards
    its attainment and I here and now promise to render such action.
    I fully realize that no wealth or position will long endure
    unless it is built upon truth and justice;
    therefore I will engage in no transaction which does not benefit
    all to whom it effects.
    I am succeeding by attracting to myself the forces I wish to use
    and the cooperation of other people.
    I induce others to serve me because of my willingness to serve others.
    I eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness, cynicism, anger, and fear
    by developing a true love for all humanity,
    because I know that a negative attitude towards others
    will never bring me success.
    I cause others to believe in me because I believe in them
    and believe in myself.
    This is my creed, my quest.
    To never stop striving for the top.
    To always keep moving forward.
    To always be the very best I can be.
    I am the power. I am the magic. I can not be stopped. I am a winner.
    I promise to always be true to myself
    because I am the creator and master of my universe
    and I am responsible for making a positive difference in the world
    and to the quality of life in it.
    I live in constant and never-ending improvement.

    – Author Napolean Hill,
    Self confidence formula in his book “Think and Grow Rich” .
    Source Tony Robbins – Life Mastery, Hawaii

    • Thanks for posting this Bernadette. I actually typed this out myself when I read the book. I love Napolean Hill and his wise words and I quite often quote to my children, especially my 16 year old who works part time “do more then what you are paid to do”.
      .-= Jackie Stenhouse´s last blog ..Types of Child Anxiety Disorder =-.

      • What you are saying to your daughter is fantastic. She will stand out from the crowd. It also has a hint of Jim Rohn. It applies to anything.

        A response (which is not so regular now) from my 9 year old was “Why should I? He hasn’t ….” I take the same stance as you and work on his education.

    • Thank you Bernadette for reminding me about this. It is a great life success tool the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ full of priceless gems.

    • Silly me, my reply to this is posted in reply to your next post Bernadette. I will repeat though thanks for the reminder.

  23. Thank you for sharing this Sean. Quite often we forget what is truly important to us in the quest of seeking financial success. My husband and our 3 precious children are what count the most in my life. You’ve inspired me to make a video as well I can watch each day. You have a beautiful family.
    .-= Jackie Stenhouse´s last blog ..Types of Child Anxiety Disorder =-.

  24. Sean

    Truly a wonderful piece of writing.

    You might consider doing some more :).

    Thanks for your thoughts and secrets.

  25. Some people know the price of everything and the value of nothing – this is great article. I like the idea of cleansing the mind with a song or music so that it can be re-uploaded with inspiration and the positive.

    Make the most of every day indeed!

  26. I started to read this article and immediately thought I don’t want to listen to this song!
    But, as my mind does need cleansing, I played it – it was not what I expected so I enjoyed it.
    It also makes me thing that there are so many truly inspiring pieces of music and songs that we can never run out of having the spirit and mind uplifted when we need it.

  27. I think Sean is correct when he says people don’t really value stuff they get for free – and let’s face it do we either?

    Well, yes I suppose we do – sometimes free stuff is of value – e.g. this comp.

    However, most free things I have found on the net aren’t really fo great value – other than cluttering up my desktop

  28. Hi Sean,

    I’m going to use your YouTube clip as the secret formula to my success from now on. It’s absolutely brilliant and just what I needed today.

    I definitely feel inspired. πŸ™‚
    .-= Jazz Salinger´s last blog ..Internet Marketing Coaching – Difference Between Success and Failure =-.

  29. G’day Sean,
    Thankyou for that wonderful, inspiring video and post. It’s been a part of YOTA for some time, but I’ve never thought of using such a positive uplifting message on video / audio to kick start my day.
    I usually do my 5 Km walk nice and early while reciting aloud all the things for which I’m grateful. Even did a blog about it last year.
    .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..SEAN RASMUSSEN’S ” LEARN AND EARN ” COMPETITION =-.

    • I have also made a start on one for myself and it starts with GRATITUDE and the things I am grateful for. I haven’t been able to figure how to get into a format to upload to YouTube but am working on that.

      I haven’t decided on whether I will create myself a series or run all my ideas in the same clip.

      The boys thought it was cool and that’s good enough for me. I’m grateful for their opinion.

  30. Uzun Maria says:

    Thank you for the opportunity of having the chance to watch this video as a sourse of inspiration and for all the information I have got from you. It helps me to overtake many difficulties and not to lose those important values, which are so vital to everybody in order to maintain oneself in form and prosper or even to keep the last hope of changing the things to the better when it seems to be impossible.

    Kind regards!!!

  31. Thanks for sharing the great secret Sean, what a gift! – and thanks, for the great video too!
    Very inspiring – it just changed the way I feel!

  32. Hi Sean,
    Thank-you for sharing your secret formula for success. What a formula! So lovely! The song is inspiring and you are lovely. You have a beautiful family. You deserve all that you have and much more.

    I went to YouTube and rated the video. I commented also.
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Couples Marry at Common Law =-.

  33. I love this quotation “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take – but by the moments that take our breath away!” We have all been breathless at the amount to time effort and content That Sean has made available to our all. And I for one will treasure everything I have learned and not be ungrateful for the opportunity to learn for free. Thank-you Sean

  34. Hi Sean,
    That is one of my favorite songs! ( I love those guys)

    Thanks for sharing that mate, I too am very blessed with two great kids and a wife of 19yrs. I draw strength from them everyday.

    I like the idea of putting your most inspiring moments on a video. ( will have to put it on my to do list).

    I really like your mustang! (that inspires me too)
    .-= David Pearse´s last blog ..Targeted Internet Marketing-Market Samurai =-.

    • I have been inspired by Sean’s video to make my own too. In fact I spent a bit of time yesterday and started one.

      When I watched it for the third time I jotted down some things that come to mind.

      I’ve just watched it again along with the one I’ve started. What an uplifting way to start the day!!!

      Like Nike says “Just do it!” Don’t wait for tomorrow to start, do it now!

      • I have to add a bit more here. Start EVERY day with how you WANT TO FEEL …

        I am fantastic thanks. How about you?

        It’s funny when I reply that to someone who asks me in person. It takes people aback. They might comment “Really … That’s good … You’re being positive … How can you always be fantastic …. etc”

        I don’t know if it’s just a kiwi thing but when you ask someone how they’re going I would say about 90% would say “Not bad”. Is it a society conditioned response or truly how they feel?

        Sometimes I say to these people (that I know or don’t know) “Well it’s only going to get better then isn’t it?” and they look at me real weird like or go like “Duh … what are you on about?”.

        I correct the boys from saying good to something like excellent, awesome or fantastic. They don’t do that all the time but they also take people aback with this response. Every morning when they get up I ask them “How are you today” and the response they have learned is “Excellent (or any equivalent). Today is a great (sometimes they change it themselves and say awesome or fantastic) day and I can do well at everything I try”.

        Why do we condition ourselves to think less? But I tell you if you get in the habit of saying it, it makes you feel better.


  35. Hi Sean,
    Thanks for sharing your secret to success. You definitely need inspiration to give you great ideas, and to help when times get tough.
    I think I’ll make my own inspirational video to play, you know, to get me in the right frame of mind. πŸ˜‰
    .-= Cade´s last blog ..Stock Market Education =-.

  36. There is some truly inspired & inspiring people & comments on this post!!
    It is a beautiful video & very appropriate music there too Sean πŸ˜‰

    All too often we forget how much the little things really mean, until we remind ourselves of the precious blessings & abundance there is to share in our lives…
    My family is physically less two members today, after our gorgeous staffy dogs were gently put to sleep in our arms last night, succumbing to their illnesses πŸ™ but the unconditional love, loyalty, faith & friendship they showed us in their lives will live on!… For that & many other things, I am eternally grateful! πŸ™‚

    I also think we could learn a lot more from our furry friends – they have the Law Of Attraction all worked out & also offer true, unconditional love! πŸ˜‰

    As Bernadette would say – I hope everyone is having a **fantastic** day!

  37. Thank you for sharing the secret formula to your success Sean. Wow, that stirred up all sorts of emotions for me.

    Most mornings, I start my day with a walk over the beach – there is something quite magical about watching the sun come up :).

    The song my children and I often like to sing is the Black Eyed Peas, using the lyrics “today’s going to be a good day!”

    Everything that happens in our lives, represents an opportunity to grow.
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..Indoor Air Quality =-.

  38. Very inspirational post Sean – thanks.

    Great choice of song and band. I find Higher by Creed a very uplifting and inspirational song.
    .-= Colin´s last blog ..Gratitude =-.

  39. Sean has only given us the platform with his secret formula to success. The golden opportunity we seek is in ourselves.

  40. Thank you Sean for sharing this inspiration.
    It is amazing what we actually hear or see to where we are specifically in our journey. Even in your post The Affiliate Sanction – you opened with the theme of focusing on one or two areas, “aaahhhaaa” and now this …. you ar truly a beautiful person.
    .-= Nateele´s last blog ..A Letter from Your Belly Fat =-.

  41. Helen Nester says:

    Bless You Sean Rasmussen you are inspiration.

    I wanted just to add one word.


  42. “The question is not whether the formula for success will work but rather whether the PERSON will work the formula” – Jim Rohn

  43. geoff harnden says:

    Hi Sean
    I was introduced to “The Secret” several years ago by a friend of mine who is a Motivation/Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. It completely changed the way I viewed the world, and myself in it.
    However, one has to practice it’s message everyday in life. I think it a great idea to do what you do and play whatever (music, video, affirmations) every morning to remind ourselves, and to inspire ourselves each day to greatness.
    It’s an excellent video Sean,
    and an excellent message.
    Thank you.

    • It was only last year that I was introduced to The Secret. I have watched it a few times and also listened to it while doing things in the kitchen. I’ve picked up more out of it each time. It’s also interesting that I picked up things while just listening that I didn’t while watching it.

      I think for me, for some things, it was new food for thought but more about changing the way in which I thought about it – if that makes sense.

      You are right on the button Geoff to implement these messages and thought patterns everyday. Certainly music or video if a very enlightening way to uplift all our senses.

  44. Straight from the heart is the best place to start. If there are mistakes, I’m sure we will read right through them.
    Thanks for this Sean I have had a great week so far, some wonderful things have happened to me, this is but one of the many that I have experienced,
    .-= Richard Colum´s last blog ..What Does it Cost to Buy a Home in Australia =-.

  45. Sean

    I just had the great time of subscribing to your YouTube site. I am most excited with Tim’s piano playing. I am even more excited with that than the 50 points I have earned by rating and commenting on 3 of your videos and sharing Tim with the world on Facebook.

    Do encourage Tim and tell him I will give him a free lesson when we meet. It doesn’t matter whether he wants one or not, he will be getting it :):).

  46. Hi Sean

    I had already subscribed to your YouTube channel and did have one video in my favourites already and had previously shared 3 on both Facebook and on Twitter. I have added some more to favourites and rated and commented them as well. I think that’s all the boxes ticked.

    I hadn’t noticed the one with the boys on the beach before. I really enjoyed seeing the fun they were having. I’m not surprised given the great environment they are being raised in. What awesome promoters!

    • And, additionally those young fellas beat his record for the shortest vid!

      • Cathy Howitt says:

        Bernadette, I agree about the You Tube video with the boys on the beach. Imagine what budding entrepreneurs we have in the making. If they already know how to do You tubes, imagine what else they are capable of doing, but with a successful Internet Marketer as a Dad, is it any surprise???

    • Hi Bernadette
      Great to see you at the live webinar YouTube points grab. I have added 50 points to your score and great seeing you at the Webinar πŸ˜‰ Well done.

  47. Hi Sean,

    I too have previously subscribed to your profile on youtube as it is a good way to keep up with your video’s. Next time your on there you might see that I have left you a few comments & likes for the video’s I found helpful & interesting. I’ve have also shared your video on how to take advantage of the free internet marketing forum to earn an extra 50 points & hopefully rope in a few more signupee’s!
    .-= jeremy´s last blog ..jlagatule- RT @gurubob- True influence is not forcing people to say yesit is systematically destroying their reasons to say no – GuruBob =-.

  48. Hi Sean,

    Amazing! 4:45 and I’m still awake.

    I’ve been subscribed to you on Youtube for awhile now so I popped over and favourited, commented and shared a couple of the Malolo Island Bula Band videos and also Allen Sentance’s endorsement of The Year Of The Affiliate.

    I could listen to the Malolo Island Bula Band all day long. Nice easy listening music with great harmonies. And I’ve known Allen since I met him online in 2007 and think he has an amazing outlook on life. Any endorsement he makes has to be genuine because that’s the type of guy he is.

    Sometime today I’m going to have to set up a playlist of your Malolo Island Bula Band videos so I can easily listen to them whenever I take the notion.
    .-= Don White´s last blog ..Developing a Path for Young Canadians to become Peace Professionals =-.

    • I’ve added one of the Malolo Island Bula Band songs to my favourites on YouTube as well. As I was reading your post by the time I got to the name of the band for the third time it was starting to feel like a tongue twister.

      Who has the secret for saying that quickly?

    • Hey Don
      Well worth sitting up for one of Sean’s webinars I think πŸ˜‰ Especially for the live webinar bonus that you actioned today. Well done and I have added 50 points to your tally. Malolo Island is very treasured memories and great family moments. πŸ™‚

  49. Hi Sean,
    What a title – The Secret Formula To My (your) Success. I love that you wrote an un-edited script; straight from the heart in all of your presentations. And you gave the secret away! πŸ™‚

    As a further note to today’s webinar, (which was great by the way) I am subscribed to you-tube; I have commented on your channel; I have commented on 3 videos of yours, and liked, favourited and shared them all (couldn’t help myself) on Facebook. It has been over an hour to choose which ones I wanted to share.
    .-= Jo Carey-Bradshaw´s last blog ..Wealth Creation – Coffee and Internet Marketing =-.

    • HI Jo
      Fantastic to see you live on the YouTube webinar with the points up for grabs for attendees. Very nice and I have added 50 points to your Learn and Earn score. Well done πŸ™‚

  50. I earned my 50 points on Youtube and I even made a bonus comment. The secret to your success is inspiration and rocket fuelled passion. I, too, am successful in my own way, the secret to my success is fueled by dragonfire.
    .-= Wal Heinrich´s last blog ..The Wide World of Prefab Homes =-.

  51. Hi Sean,

    Have been to YouTube and commented, favoured and shared as suggested for 50 points.

    • Hi Angus
      You are a man of action and yes to your suggestion of the 50 points up for grabs from the live YouTube webinar. Awesome πŸ™‚ and I have added these to your tally, nice jump there!

  52. I struck while the iron was hot and did my bit regarding the YouTube challenge.

    My YouTube shows I have a subscription to seanrasmussen on YouTube – got his pic there to prove it LOL!

    I really liked the vid for The Secret Law of Attraction which I think deserves a definite thumbs up and a 8/10
    I originally found it on YouTube at

    I think I thought this was another of his YouTUbe sites – shows how much I know about YouTube – but getting there. My site had just been idle for so long, and now thanks to Sean’s articles and the comp its is starting to look real (well, almost!)

    Free Internet Marketing Support
    Sean’s inimitable style comes through as he tells us about the access he gives us in the comp.
    I like it because it is a demo of the generosity he is providing to us in the comp.
    A thumbs up

    I actually have some of his vids on my site as favourites

    Selling Affiliate Products – making money with no website. This gets a thumbs up because, apart from explaining how, it is straight to the point.

    Aussie Marketing Kids
    Liked this one to for its β€˜unbiased’ opinions about Sean and the brevity. LOL
    A thumbs up and a tongue in the cheek

    Put a reference to The Secret law of Attraction onto my own FB as well as Sean Rasmussen Talks.

    And tweeted on my Twitter accounts. Actually, I must have some automation going because it also tweeted The Aussie Marketing Kids too!

  53. Jody Chambers says:

    Hey Sean…have done all that was requested on Youtube…the great point grab πŸ™‚

    • Hi Jody
      Great to see you up for the challenge with the Live You Tube webinar points grab. Nice jump to your tally there and I have added 50 points to your score. πŸ™‚

      • Jody Chambers says:

        Thanks Cherie…how do you keep up with all this! Even I can’t remember what to do and where to comment and I only have one person to think about πŸ™‚

  54. Ive been busy on YouTube. I truely see how the secret formula to success is inspiration. I faved and commented on a few of your vids sean and hope I earnt my 50 points πŸ™‚

  55. Hi Sean

    I recall a mention on a webinar about some extra points up for grabs in regard to YouTube if we could figure out what the task was going to be and do it before you told us what it was.

    I’ve just been back through some of the webinars but couldn’t pin point which one it was. Did I pick it up wrong?

    • I think he was referring to yesterday’s webinar Bern. Sort of a teaser to anticipate it coming up. I think it was the webinar on the 14th? I made a note then – but, as usual it is not very clear.

  56. Hi Sean,

    been on Youtube and done all as said – does it matter that my user name is a different one there??
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Self Improvement Books – What Are Your Favourites =-.

    • Hi Sean, I am pretty sure you didn’t say that we have to tell you which of your videos we favourited (is that correct english? sorry, not sure) , but I guess it can’t harm.

      So my current favourites are The Secret Law of Attraction, “Stuck on you” performed by the Malolo Island Bula Band and How to Get a Gravatar.

      I have also shared them, but I have to admit I lost track of the additional points added. But I am sure Cherie is on the ball with that πŸ™‚
      .-= Renee´s last blog ..Self Improvement Books – What Are Your Favourites =-.

      • I don’t recall specific mention of detailing what we reviewed, liked etc on YouTube. I see some people have and some haven’t.

        I think initially the task was offered as a secret squirrel thing but the secret is well and truly out now and pretty much everyone will be on the path to success with this task.

        • From my notes, basically we were asked to
          favorite and rate 3 vids
          tweet and eff bee one of them
          note we had done this here

          And, if we were good boys and girls we would get 50 points! And, lots have been good!

    • Hi Renee
      Great to see you were listening at the live YouTube webinar and very well done and I have added 50 points to your score. Well done πŸ™‚

  57. Ada Leucuta says:

    Hey Sean,
    Just completed the YouTube task: subscribed, commented, rated, and shared my favorite videos. I also left a comment on your channel!
    They will all show up with my name as Alexandra – as per my YouTube profile.

    • HI Ada
      Great to hear you were at today’s live webinar and actioned the live points YouTube grab. Fantastic and I have added 50 points to your competition score. πŸ™‚

  58. Hi Sean

    I have shared three of your videos to my facebook and to Twitter as they are all great.

    I left a comment on your YOU tube account for each one and subscribed to your video’s

    The three videos are: , ‘Replace your income online’ video 1, ‘Internet Marketing Forum of the affilate’, and ‘How to subscribe to comments’

    Now that was fun!

    Kind regards

  59. Clem and Erika schollum says:

    Clem’s sleeping but I could not go to bed without reading/watching this again- tx for this Sean- I’ll fire it up again in the morning before my test too! wow- what were we doing 2 weeks ago?? all-consumed with this and not missing whatever else it is i used to do! πŸ™‚

  60. Hi Sean
    Have been into Youtube (Cheshirejp1) Already had you subscribed from a previous task from last week.

    Really loved the last one which was the Internet Marketing Forum one you mentioned with Jame Southwell doing the music.

    Have left comments on three clips, twittered and facebooked as well.
    .-= Jayne Pleysier´s last blog ..How A Marketing Service Can Help Your Business Grow =-.

    • Hi Jayne
      Well done in attending the live webinar and actioning the live webinar YouTube points grab. I have added 50 points to your Learn and Earn competition score. πŸ™‚

  61. Hi Sean,

    I’ve been to YouTube and subscribed to your channel and friended you. I’ve rated, favourited and shared three of your videos. I chose The Secret Law of Attraction, The Malolo Island Bula Band playing Lionel Ritchie’s ‘Stuck on You’ and Firefox Personas.

    I’ve shared them on Twitter and Facebook as well.
    .-= Jazz Salinger´s last blog ..Internet Marketing Success – Make It Happen =-.

    • Hi Jazz,

      your Video is not bad either, I put a big “thumbs up” to it.

      I am considering creating my own first video, but am wondering what I have to do about the music in regards to copyright and so on – what did you do?

    • HI Jazz
      Fantastic to see you were at the live webinar to action the YouTube live attendance points grab. Thank you and I have added 50 points to your internet marketing score. Well done πŸ™‚

  62. Hi Sean,

    I love you tube as it allows us to watch clips from any music we like. I had already subscribed to your channel and have watched, commented, rated and saved to favourites 3 of your videos as well shared on facebook.

    .-= Jackie Stenhouse´s last blog ..Types of Child Anxiety Disorder =-.

  63. Melanie Braggs says:

    Hi Sean, I have completed all the YouTube tasks you set yesterday to earn 50 points.
    .-= Melanie Braggs´s last blog ..Building Chicken Coops =-.

  64. Cathy Howitt says:

    Hi Sean,

    As part of the You Tube challenge, I have:

    1. Subscribed to your You TUbe Channel (Under Howittclan)
    2. Have faved, rated and commented on 3 of your You Tube videos.
    (The Secret Law of Attraction, Internet Marketing Forum/Year of the Affiliate and
    Tim Rasmussen Ring Dance – Instrumental).
    3. Shared all three of the videos on twitter

    I am still learning how to use You Tube effectively, but this was a great way to learn and make some points in the process.

    Well done on making this competition so much fun.

    PS: I am a sucker for any videos where children can show their amazing talents.

    • I too am drawn to videos of kids both sharing and playing about. It is good to see more kids following the formula for success. May it rub off on their friends too.

    • Hi Cath
      Well done for being part of the live webinar to achieve the live YouTube points grab to which I have added 50 points to your tally. Thanks for the thumbs up for the piano playing YouTube as that is one of my favourites too. πŸ™‚

  65. Hi Sean,
    The YouTube task was great. I have subscribed to your channel, rated, faved, tweeted and commented on 3 of your videos.

    I’m using Tim playing the piano to inspire my daughter to practice ;). He’s amazing.

    The Secret Law of Attraction is such an inspiration. I do love this song.

    I’m a newbie to YouTube, but I can already see that I’m going to love it :)!
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..Indoor Air Quality =-.

  66. Rose Kawe says:

    OMG! Thanks Sean, how could you just pick the number one song in my life! This is amazing! I love Creed!

    Thanks again for sharing this post “The secret Formula To My Success.” Very inspirational and of course you having the most charming wife and very special boys in the world makes you super special.

    I love this song so I’m definitely off to YouTube now to rate it!


  67. Hey guys, can someone please tell me where you heard about the 50 points and all the you tube details, as I have not seen it. Cheers in advance.

  68. Above is an insight into Sean’s secret formula for success. Cherie posted the video below about the power of visualisation. Any wonder they work so well together.

    • erika schollum says:

      thanks for the video repost Bernadette, I like it- it was pretty good to think of the things I’d like but didn’t think to put on my “list”! πŸ™‚

      • And when you are on any path to success you can always add to your list as you expand your mind.

        I only saw this video, which really has the secret, the formula to success, a couple of days but have watched it each day. I plan to watch it each day mainly before I go to bed so when I’m putting my message out the the universe it is being empowered.

        That is what I want, what I deserve because of who I’ve become. I have the power to create enlightened abundance and prosperity.

        … and let the subconscious work on it while I’m asleep.

  69. Have completed YouTube tasks :), please may I have 50 points.
    And Tim was brill!!
    .-= Nateele´s last blog ..A Letter from Your Belly Fat =-.

    • Hi Nateele
      The points offered were for live attendees of the webinar for the points grab. I am unable to locate your name of the attendance report. Sorry, unless you have registered and attended in a different name? If you have please let me know. We do appreciate your actions with YouTube and yes Tim’s video is one of my favourites as well πŸ™‚

  70. Clem and Erika schollum says:

    Hi sean and cherie- we’ve watched and fav’d and tweeted and facebooked some really great videos on the Sean channel- i’m glad to get to watch all those videos poolside finally- way interesting and i’m picking something new up with every step of this so thanks again- we are indebted, truly. THis video and your book and mindset mastery and the marketing stuff too- its been a wild 3 weeks and our house won’t be the same again- in the best way possible!!

    • Clem and Erika schollum says:

      I meant to say we watched, favorite-added and tweeted and facebooked on You Tube. (sorry Cherie for forgetting that bit!) We picked several of the affiliate marketing interviews with Sean Rasmussen! thanks for sharing all the secrets to your success.

      • Hi Clem and Erika
        Thank you for all your contributions you have made with the competition as yes there has been loads of learning and loads of fun too. With this particular points grab, it was for live attendees of the webinar and I am unable to locate your names on the Attendance report sorry.

  71. Helen Nester says:

    Hi Cherie

    Have completed my You Tube tasks πŸ™‚
    Fav & Share on FB – Tears In Heaven . Malolo Island Bula Band
    also The Secret Law of Attraction – Creed (great band!)
    Fav: Internet marketing Forum Theme Song

    • Hi Helen
      Great to see that you were at the live webinar for the YouTube live points grab. Thank you for actioning the instructions and I have added 50 points to your Learn and Earn Tally. Well done Helen πŸ™‚

  72. Ailsa Smith says:

    I’m so happy that you have written this article. How inspirational. I’m not the brightest of bunnies in the burrow but with all that I have listened to and heard within this competion and with reading your blogs I have realised that I don’t need to be, to be successful.

    I have watched that video on YouTube previously and would have to say it is on of my favorites by far. Love the song that goes with it too.

    I have subscribed to you on YouTube but my name on YouTube is DanrossPark. I have Fav, Rated and Commented on three of your videos. Stuck on You Lionel Richie Cover, Internet Marketing Forum Year of the Affiliate and Replacing your Income Online.

    I have also shared all three of these videos on Twitter.

    And while I have been writing this I have listened to this video on this page 3 times…Love It!

    • I’d say you are a very bright bunny indeed. Well to start with you entered this internet marketing competition.

      Second you are making us of the information and the secret formula to success as you’ve come this far.

      There are quite a number who were bright enough to start but not smart enough to stay with it. Who knows maybe their cat threw up on the carpet!

      You might want to pack some extra carrots because the grass is a bit lean on the top of the world.

      P.S. I’ve watched the video heaps plus the power of visualisation that I posted on SR talks wall (courtesy of Cherie). I made my own and watch that too. It is already working.

    • Hi Ailsa
      Thank you for attending the live webinar for the YouTube live attendance points grab. I have added 50 points to your competition score and great choice of videos πŸ™‚

  73. You know your audience, Sean as I did “skip to this part” and had to go back and read. I know the law of attraction, have used the secret to my own success time and time again. I thought the write up was something I could skim over and yet I found myself going back to review it all with a keener eye.

    We all need reminders, all need visuals and repetition to keep us on track and your video, your write up, your secret formula to success does all of that.

    The law of attraction is a very powerful thing and someday we’ll all realize and use it to its full effects.
    .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..Internet Marketing at it’s Finest =-.

  74. Commented on your more than three of your YouTube videos, saved several as favourites and shared them. I figure if you put this much effort and so much of yourself in each of your YouTube videos they should be watched time and again by a lot of people.
    .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..Internet Marketing at it’s Finest =-.

  75. Sean
    You wrote this post straight from your heart and unedited and it really is inspirational. I got goose bumps reading it and I totally enjoyed the video – I have it playing in the background now. Thanks for sharing how you feel.

    I’ve been subscribed to your youtube channel for quite a while now and had favourited some already. Today I’ve favourited, commented and shared at least 3 more (The Secret Law of Attraction, your boys on the beach and Tim’s ring dance) as well as twitted and face booked them. The 50 points are just a bonus, adding these videos to my favourites are the real reward.
    .-= Tania Shipman´s last blog ..Internet Marketing Competition – Weeks 1 – 4 =-.

    • Hi Tania
      Thank you for all your contributions in the competition. The 50 points was a live points grab for the attendees of the webinar. Unfortunately I am unable to see your name of the attendance report, unless you registered in another name?

  76. Hi Sean,
    It’s probably a bit late to be posting this after the “Internet Marketing Competition Update” webinar, but I wanted to note that I had already completed some of the YouTube tasks last week, by subscribing to your channel, favouriting, commenting,
    tweeting & rating on “The Secret Law Of Attraction” video. πŸ˜‰

    I’ve also completed the same tasks for other videos I really enjoyed, including:
    – Free Internet Marketing Support
    – Tim Rasmussen Ring Dance – Instrumental (TALENTED!!)
    – Internet Marketing Forum – Year Of The Affiliate
    – Internet Marketing Success – Pt7
    – Setting Up A Free Website – Pt6
    – Selecting Affiliate Products – Pt4
    – Aussie Internet Marketing Kids

    A bit late, but I’m happy to say I am actually following a system to finish these tasks that I start, so even if I’m running late each week, I’m still determined to COMPLETE what I start & I have to say I’m proud of myself!! πŸ™‚ All too often I’ve let things fall by the wayside as it gets “too hard” to catch up – NOT this time – my journey of a thousand miles is being completed in small steps!… πŸ˜‰
    .-= Mel Smith´s last blog ..Increase In The Phenomenon Of Social Media Sites =-.

    • You’ve struck a good formula for success, Mel. That’s a great way to keep on track and finish things you start.

      It is easy to start too many things and not complete most of them. I know because I’ve been guilty of that.

      I like your ‘journey of a thousand miles’. “Success is a journey not a destination.” Ben Sweetland

    • Your actions are commendable Mel and certainly something I will learn from. I thought I was doing so well in this Internet Marketing Competition, finding the secret formula to my success in Sean and realize now I just didn’t have the time to dedicate to this. Instead I’ve taken what I’ve learned and applied it in the time I had and let the comments slide.

      Although it would have been grand to win $20 000 in Cash And Prizes through the Learn and Earn competition, I think I feel more successful knowing I’m getting my own sites up to my standards instead of letting them fall by the way side.

      My list now consists more of working on my own sites than trying to earn points although you never know… Sean did mention special bonuses.
      .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..Kelly Moran Took Me On Summer’s Road =-.

      • That’s awesome Sarah – that is the true purpose of this “Learn And Earn” competition, to get ourselves into the swing of creating our own ‘winning’ blogs & organising ourselves to the point we are all earning from what we have learned!
        I just checked out a couple of your blogs too – you should be proud of what you are doing & have acheived, especially when you’ve got a littlie to tend to! πŸ˜‰

        I know what you mean – I also haven’t got the time at the moment to keep up with doing hundreds of comments – I’m still just getting through reading many of Sean’s articles & posts, trying to suck up that information like a sponge! πŸ˜€

        • It’s also fantastic to see the effort that everyone has put into this Learn And Earn competition, not just with the commenting by Jazz, Elly, Peter, etc, but also to see Don going great-guns & implementing Sean’s successful internet marketing strategies, blogging & getting his link out to have so many people sign up to the For A Few Dollars More Forum offer!

          That’s a champion effort – & I’m sure a wee dram or three of single malt can’t have hurt Don’s inspiration, eh?!.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰
          .-= Mel Smith´s last blog ..Listing Building Tips You Can Use Today =-.

        • Me three!! I have accumulated some fantastic gems our the all the secret formulas which I have to say made a lot of sense at the time.

          Having moved through quite a lot of information over the last few weeks I have moved through some things thicker than the time it takes me to consolidate something. It’s alright while you are implementing a new skill but left for a bit the dust gathers and you have to go back and regroup.

          Having said that it will probably be more easily absorbed the next time round.

      • Yes there are some extra prizes as well. It would just be a guess what they would be for and what they are.

        Mine have been back a bit too because I have some extras jump in the way but I’m still doing what I can too. You will find working on your own sites and having them work well will earn you well in excess of $20,000.

        Just continue to be awesome.

        • Hi Mel
          You are doing a fantastic contribution to the Learn and Earn competition and it is a true joy to read all your motivations and actions that you have taken. Well done and glad to read you are also having fun. πŸ™‚

  77. Hi Sean
    It is 5.10 am I have been up for an hour I am now listing to and watching to the video this is a very powerful post for all who care to read, listen too and see the Secret.

    “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take – but by the moments that take our breath away”
    I love this quote

    • Hi Rita
      Yes, I agree with you, very nice quote by Helen Keller. Keeping motivated and having joy in our lives keeps us spurred on to achieve our dreams and desires. Great to see you part of the competition. πŸ™‚

  78. Mary Halacas says:

    A truly inspirational youtube video of how life should be all about. Its also all about helping people to achieve all that they can and more. Your video has re-awakened me from a terrible nightmare and inspired me. Thank you.

    On another note if you wish check out Renegade University as they teach “Attraction Marketing”, they have a free course…..

  79. Sean and Cherie,
    I have been to Seans YouTube site [was already Subscribed] and Fave’d, Rated, and Commented on 3 videos [Internet Marketing Form | Year of The Affiliate, Steve Brenman’s Testimonial from plane cockpit, and Aussie Internet Marketing Kids]
    Also have shared on facebook Internet Marketing Form | Year of The Affiliate.
    Also have twittered all 3 videos too.
    I hope I’ve done everything ok for the 50 points,
    Kind Regards, Jacqui πŸ™‚
    .-= Jacqui Emery´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Internet Marketer =-.

  80. Hi Sean,
    Do you say that “inspiration” is the secret formula that’s spoken about in Napoleon Hills book, Think And Grow Rich?

    Is it inspiration and persistence? I’m probably missing something….
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Lifestyle with Sean Rasmussen – Affiliate Marketing =-.

  81. Great video Sean, I’m happy that inspires you, what inspires me is seeing someone who has made it although the circumstances say it’s impossible!

    Sorry I can’t be part of this Competition and earn the points πŸ™

    Have a fantastic day!

  82. I just looked at the other comments and realised that it’s an earlier post, of which I was probably a part! Duh!!

    Still stick with my original comment though πŸ™‚

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