The Post With No Name

Welcome to The Post With No Name – Part 2 of Learn How To Blog in the For A Few Dollars More internet marketing competition.

On Friday we covered the initial stages of learning how to blog. Now we get into the fun part: Posting and structuring an article.

Learn how to:

  • Create a headline
  • Insert a hyperlink
  • Use images in your posts
  • Include videos
  • Manage multiple blogs in the same dashboard
  • Change the appearance of your blog in only minutes

The Post With No Name

I hope you have signed up for your free blog. You will be able to add in more knowledge to the fold after this webinar recording of Learn How To Blog – Part 2.

There will be another webinar on Wednesday night. The registration link will be here shortly.

See you soon.

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator
Aussie Internet Marketer Β© 2004 – 2010

About Sean Rasmussen

Sean Rasmussen is a passionate blogger and has been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When he's not with his family, or dog Buddy, Sean is usually blogging or doing something related to the internet.


  1. Hi Sean,

    Another great webinar. One thing I was wondering is: do Google Ads work? I was discussing this over the weekend and it was suggested that they have had their day and noone clicks on them anymore.

  2. Willem Broekers says:

    Great recording Sean, but I thought you would have picked up on your mistake “select postion” instead of position for image! I need to watch a few more times but I am getting there!

    • I haven’t seen that one yet, but I do cover a lot of ground in a short time making these presentations. There can be hours and hours of work in a 40 minute session.

  3. Enjoyable webinar. However, I don’t know how frequently I’ll be dragging myself out of bed at 1AM when it’s a lot easier on this old body to just watch the recording. It’s not as if I’m watching the replay of a hockey game and already know who won. πŸ™‚

    Glad that you showed how to register multiple blogs on UWCBlogs. You never know when more will be needed. I may want to have more than a million dollars coming in at once.

    All joking aside, I’d like to express my appreciation again for all the time and money you’re putting into the presentation of the seven week Learn and Earn contest. You presentation style is excellent. You are the man!
    .-= Don White´s last blog ..Psycho- =-.

    • Gregory Born says:

      I understand your pain. I have 4 kids aged 5-10 and am busy with them so thank heavens for the recordings.

  4. That is one thorough and simple to use overview of WordPress. I’ve seen many WordPress videos through YouTube, but none get close to the simplicity and ease of your teaching. Headlines, text, picture, video – you covered it and showed that even a beginner can muscle the skills to develop their blog. Good work.
    .-= David Moloney´s last blog ..Choosing the Best Domain Name =-.

  5. geoff harnden says:

    thanks for the recording Sean. Just didn’t quite make it home in time for the start of the live webinar. This content is good Sean. Still cautious about what you can pick up and insert given Copyright law. Eg.. you took the Bula Band films so that’s OK for you to insert, but can anyone just take any You Tube URL and insert into their blog??? thanks again, GH

  6. I have a question and this is going out to everyone. I have an infant website and business set up (all very recent, i didn’t build it by the way). It happens to feature a blog, which i need to utilize more. Now do I apply what I am learning here to that or would it be better to be doing something seperate and new, different topic etc etc? Advice would be apprecated. Thanks

    • Hi Tania

      Yes definitely apply it to your business blog as it will help your site overall. I presume the blog is on WordPress.
      There is nothing to stop you creating another blog and in fact if you can have them as related topics you can link between them.

      Another topic as well will be fine

      Just be sure you can devote the time to them all.

      .-= Gee Hollings´s last blog ..Are Keyword Research Services Really Worth It =-.

    • If the blog is attached to your website, you can certainly apply what you are learning here Tania. Keeping the blog content relevant to the content of your website is the way to go. You can also create a new blog if you wish and go down a different path with a new topic/niche. πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Sean,

    I just want to say thank-you for putting these webinars together for us. Even though I have a little knowledge of building a site; I still managed to learn some stuff.

    Also, by watching how you teach us; I’m learning to do this myself. One day, I would like to pass this knowledge on and there’s no-one better than you to teach me how to do that.

    Again, thank-you for all your hard work and effort. We really appreciate it.
    .-= Jazz Salinger´s last blog ..Learn and Earn – It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint =-.

  8. Again another great webinar full of fantastic content and I am looking forward to setting up my next blog. Sean you are a diamond or should I say a real fistfull of gold.
    .-= Isa´s last blog ..Get Your Life Back- =-.

  9. Leigh Aubrey says:

    I love to read everyone else’s blogs and check out their sites. I am learning all the time. Love it

  10. Just added the video plug in and already know I’m going to love it.

    You’re right, Sean. Even those who knew how to blog already are learning from you. I’ve been blogging for years and it took your video to drive home the importance of headlines as I always love your layouts. This is inspiring me to write longer blogs to warrant breaking them and making headlines.

    Thank you!
    .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..Asking the Universe =-.

  11. Thanks Sean, again great webinar. Catering for beginners like me is the best thing someone has ever done for me for free!! Now you thought me how to playaround with the dashboard creating and adding more stuff. And yeah I agree with you, Aussie men are more BBQ oriented types than to be seen around the kitchen area (**laughs**).
    You’ve totally changed my life Sean!!
    .-= Rose Kawe´s last blog ..The Next Learn And Earn Webinar =-.

  12. Another great webinar!

    I love it when I get to learn something new, the latest webinar “Learn how to blog – part 2” was not only really simple to follow but I also learnt a couple of things about plugins that will really help me in my internet marketing efforts. I am looking forward to learning more about how to blog using wordpress because there are always nifty little tips & tricks you can pick up by watching how others do it!

  13. Hi Sean

    Excellent webinar laying out the steps in very simple terms.

    I agree that most marketers that are trying to teach others assume there is a base knowledge and don’t really cater for the absolute newbee. They also tend to kept the real good information to themselves.

    I am really appreciating that you are passing on the required information not just teasers.
    I’m sure all the first timers will benefit from the Learn and Earn process you are presenting to them.
    .-= Gee Hollings´s last blog ..Are Keyword Research Services Really Worth It =-.

    • Hi Gee

      Totally agree here – these webinars have been so easy to follow and comprehend and really cater to such a wide audience. Not only that, but there has been some real nifty tips shared by Sean and everyone else here. It’s really a generous atmosphere and it’s awesome!

    • I heartily concur with your assessment Gee – most do keep the good info to themselves. First they hook you in with a taste 0 but to get the real deal you then have to ‘upgrade” at a significant monthly cost. Its a trap for newbies.

      This comp is the first time I have experienced getting more and more actionable material and all for free. That says a lot about Sean

      • In my travels I found while there is some good free ‘stuff’ if you look in the right place and this competition has certainly steered the likes of me to some of those.

        I have also found some that are free do have upgrades you can purchase as well as FREE trials. Beware of the free trials. Some ask for credit card details and say nothing will be charged would you not be happy with the trial. And they probably wouldn’t but would be easy to forget about when that free trial ends and, hey presto, there’s a charge on your account.

        Take the common sense approach and stick with the information that has been put on the table and I’m sure Sean would be prompting doing it all for free.

        • That’s a timely reminder about so-called free trials. I got caught once with a health supplement (Acai). Got the free trial Ok – their blurb page raved on about how free it was etc – and almost hidden was a tiny link to their T & C – which i didn’t notice.
          Of course it said – auto payments would be taken etec etc unless cancelled within 14 days – the product took 16 days to arrive! Then there was a complicated process to cancel!

          All in all they really failed to make obvious and clear about the ongoing payments – which if not dishonest advertising, was disengenuous at best

          • That’s a ‘not so good’ sales technique – the product taking longer to arrive than the trial!!

            If you’ve paid by credit card the complicate part of getting your money back usually ends up in canceling you card to stop them auto charging in the future.

            You can generally email to your heart’s content without a single reply.

            I too was caught out on a service I was using but when I canceled it they kept trying to charge my card.

  14. Gerd Kohlmus says:

    Hi Sean,
    I really enjoyed your webinar. Great presentation! Easy to follow and very detailed. It’ll definitely help me to set up my next blog with ease.

  15. i enjoyed it, like the bit about the spider too πŸ™‚

  16. Hi Sean,
    Great webinar, thank-you. It’s important when building a structure to lay solid foundations. Like building a house the foundations are important.The webinar with no name could almost be called “the foundations” webinar πŸ™‚

    The foundation rules that you’re teaching can be repeated over each time when I am building a new blog.
    Already I am seeing amazing results (by only the second webinar) from newbys who are building impressive blogs.

  17. Thanks for another great webinar on how to make our blogs stand out more. You have a way to explain and make things look so simple. Thanks Sean
    .-= Jackie Stenhouse´s last blog ..Falling Pregnant =-.

  18. Thanks for putting a lot of effort into this. I’ve been blogging for a while at my travel website, and I found out what the Heading 2 section is used for! Thanks!

  19. Hi Sean, Is there an option to not have the ads displayed on the blog? They don’t appear on the WordPress blog I have.

  20. Jean Follington says:

    Hi Sean,
    thanks for the excellent webinar, I’m a beginner but you explained things so clearly, it is a great help.

  21. Ailsa Smith says:

    You’ve done it again…another great webinar. I’ve learnt alot of new stuff so far and it just keeps getting more exciting as we go. Can’t wait till the next webinar but until then I’m going to practise what I have learnt so far.

  22. Cathy and Trevor Howitt says:

    Hi Sean,
    Another great Webinar.
    I have a question for you. My ultimate aim (and what I am in the middle of doing) is to have a self hosted blog. Besides “practising” on this free blog and learning how to blog properly (which I think is fantastic) , can the blog eventually be shifted over to a self hosted site? If so, will it still have UWC in the URL?

    Once again, a great webinar and very easy to follow. Excellent for beginners and “not-so-beginners” alike.


  23. Leigh Aubrey says:

    This is great. I tried to work it out for the last few days but couldnt find out how to do it. Now I am armed and dangerous!!! Thanks again Sean.

  24. Hi Sean,

    a great seminar on how to set up your blog and how to create an interesting blog post! Even for people who have written posts already it is a great review of the basics.

    Everybody should watch it!!
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Self Improvement Books – What Are Your Favourites =-.

  25. Brenda McNutt says:

    Wow.. that was a lot of information in a short space of time. The way you presented it
    made the tasks seem less daunting and I’m looking forward to having a go.

  26. Hi Sean,
    Have just gone through listening again to the recording of Monday nights wedinar and have tried out the learnings on my free blog. Its all so simple when you are taught the correct way of doing it. Thank you so much. You are a great teacher.

  27. Holy smoke!!!! You make it seem so easy -proof will be in the pudding when I put into practise, but I get so excited in learning this stuff – simple for some but mindblowing for me.

    What I also took note is that people need the “foundations”, so this is where I am going to stick with my FUNctional Pilates – what a great reminder – there are learnings everywhere when the mind is open πŸ™‚

    PS – how do you create a google ads code – guess the best bet is to google it?:)

    Keep up the awesome work Sean – and everyone else
    .-= Nateele´s last blog ..Hello world- =-.

  28. Jayne Pleysier says:

    Just realised Ive missed Wednesday night’s webinar by watching this one πŸ™‚ Oh well. Just to let you know Sean – the commitment is there, but the pause button also needs to be there with small children so watching them recorded is easier.

    Been WASTING time looking through WordPress themes and STILL can’t decide which one! Analysis Paralysis! (As Christina said on Grey’s Anatomy – Pig or Cow!)

    One of the points tripping me up is how many columns. I noticed that the one you chose has three columns (I cant get that one to work – it just goes to a blank screen when I go to customize the heading)…Is there a method behind the madness is choosing columns?

    Thanks for putting these recordings up so promptly

    • The amount of columns is totally up to you Jayne, I suggest at least one sidebar. Not too sure why you are having problems with the custom header, maybe try refreshing the page when it goes blank, or trying a different theme.

    • Jayne, if you haven’t solved it yet – Skype me and I will walk you through it. Once you get the hang of how WordPress works it is easy. I did a bit of expermentation and what i don’t like I delete and so on.

      I think a template with one sidebar (i.e. a two column template) is enough – and choose one that allows a customizable header

  29. Jude Walton says:

    Ah Sean,

    What can I say, just another amazing hand held video.

    I’ve sorted out my multiple blog sites – finally last night, with a little (big) bit of help from my new friends. I was looking in the wrong spot, silly me. I’m new to this sort of communicating, it could definitely grow on you.

    Thank you so very much.

    PS: Cherie sent me a whole lot of different ‘sites’ for everything so far, I think – actually I’m hoping I’ve not closed down the tab as I want to do the Gravatar one next.

    • That’s what I love about this For a Few Dollars More internet marketing competition is that it is another bog group of friends who are so willing to help. I love to help people and it’s nice to know there are others like me who I can learn from.

      The world is round and so the information goes round too. With the information super highway it’s amazing how fast it travels. You invariably get it back – it’s just in a different form!

      • Jayne Pleysier says:

        Hold my hand for as long as you can ! Information is well laid out and in an easy to learn format. So much of our lives are fast-paced that it is great to be able to take things at a pace great for learning.

  30. Hello Sean,

    Great easy to understand video – Love it πŸ™‚

    So easy to see how to blog, and how to set up a blog….interesting how you take it step by step so novices can get started.
    .-= lisa wood´s last blog ..Image Is Everything =-.

  31. That was a FANTASTIC webinar Sean!
    So easy to follow and what a difference to the blog!!
    .-= Sue Brown´s last undefined ..Response cached until Thu 1 @ 8:59 GMT (Refreshes in 19.43 Hours) =-.

  32. I had been trying to figure out inserting a video and your webinar Post with No Name gave me that missing link. I thought it had to be in the settings some where but a lot of them were foreign to me and had no idea what they did.

    Thanks for the missing link that has created another dimension to my blog πŸ˜€

  33. Trish Rock says:

    You are certainly making it easily understood and in plain english for all the newbies to blogging! There are going to be many successes as a result πŸ™‚

  34. I’ve just registered on gravatar and created my own identity. I am no longer part of the blue square group. Yay!!! My avatar represents MY SUNNY DISPOSITION. If I’ve done it all correctly you will hopefully now see it. On show for the world to see.

  35. Yes I did refresh thanks Renee but once I left the page and then reopened it – VOILA!!!

  36. So much great information in this video, thanks for showing us how easy it is to create a blog. With practice and this video we will be able to put together new blogs in no time at all. For now it is step by step as we Learn how to Blog.
    .-= Melanie Braggs´s last blog ..Building Chicken Coops =-.

  37. Jude Walton says:

    Right, now I’ve watched this webinar twice. I’m going into my ‘unpublished’ blog to tweak it.
    Sean you are amazing. You have given us what has taken you years to learn and all for free. How Great is that!!! πŸ™‚ SOL = shout out loud

    • I drink “Becks”, Jude. Actually, any old beer will do πŸ˜‰

      • I like your avatar Jude.

        I put my blog up even when I didn’t have it all set up and having been doing lots of playing around with it and still improving on it. I think I will be tweaking for a while yet.

        Why not put it up anyway even if it’s not perfect?

        P.S. While you are shouting I’ll put in my order to join the party!

  38. Sean, thanks. I LOVE the simplicity of your teachings. I think I’m going to try and get my mum involved. Have suggested to her to start something like this for a long time, but she lacks the confidence and perhaps I lack the patience. Thanks again.
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Reception Issues on iPhone 4 =-.

    • Great idea Nicole. Just get her started with a couple of things for her to get some confidence. Working through it with her will be good support.

      You can still work through your the material at your pace and help her through each step at hers.

      The emphasis that I see is on the learning so she only has to keep pace with herself.

    • I hope she does get involved Nicole. As you say Sean’s teaches in a manner that is clear, concise and easy to understand – simplicity without being simple. The other good thing is that he doesn’t waffle on and on – and that may also appeal to your mother.

  39. No one has an excuse for a lousy looking blog after watching this great webinar! Sean, your step-by-step instructions are so easy to follow and I am heading straight to my UWC blog to add a couple of videos. I’m sure many others have done the same.

    Thanks again πŸ™‚

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