The Breakthrough Experience With Dr John Demartini

I’m jumping in my car, heading to Perth, to go to The Breakthrough Experience with Dr John Demartini. It is almost 4 years since my wife, Cherie, went to the same event in Perth, followed by attending a massive 7 Day Demartini Course in Sydney.

Now it’s my time! I’m looking forward to it as I have been listening to Dr John Demartini in my car for years. Cherie is coming along for a revisit.

Breakthrough Feedback

Dr John DemartiniI’ll let you know my feedback of The Breakthrough Experience in my next blogpost. When it comes to Dr John Demartini, I can guarantee you it is going to be good.

You can check out this page to see the upcoming events with Dr John Demartini.

I’ve had a breakthrough already! I wrote this blog post in 7 minutes 😉

Sean Rasmussen
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