The $750 Billion Global Meltdown

The $750 Billion Bailout… This is not my usual blogpost. If you decide to skip this post, at least watch the video below, of the girl speaking at UN. It will make you think big-time.

Thoughts Become Things

As you may know, I’m not a big fan of watching the news. I believe we are heavily influenced by what we see and hear, regardless if we actually believe it at first sight. This leaves the global news corporations in a very powerful place to influence citizens, voters and stockmarket traders to play the fiddle for world banks and oil companies. It’s their very own Law Of Attraction playing their tune.

Thoughts Become Things“. Put the thoughts in the publics head (TV, Radio, Newspapers) and their thoughts become reality for the whole world.

Who Gets The Cash? – Not You!

So the US taxpayer could be donating USD750 Billion to the banks to bail them out of trouble. How stupid is that? Lets understand one thing here: The US Government does not issue the money. The Federal Reserve does. The Fed is owned by the banks, not the US Government. So, here goes the scenario:

  1. The US taxpayer borrows US750 Billion FROM the Federal reserve (The Banks).
  2. The taxpayer gives 750 Billion To the banks to fix the mess they got themselves into.
  3. The US taxpayer then pays interest on the 750 Billion debt for the loan to the US Government.
  4. Who collects the interests on the loan? Yes, the banks!
  5. The banks then go and collect the debt owed to them by the consumer, although the US government has already paid it back for them!
  6. Who has the most control over the government and their decisions? Would it be fair to say: The people who hold the purse strings (The banks)?

I’ll give it 6 month or less and that 750 Billion has just disappeared into the same hole as the rest of the money. But with one great outcome: Another Asset For The Banks: A loan of 750 Billion!

If anyone thinks The President isn’t told what to do by the Banks and Oil Companies, well, they are living in Utopia. And good luck to them. If he doesn’t do it their way, he’ll probably get shot like all the others that didn’t dance to the banks tune. (Lincoln and Kennedy come to mind. They upset the banks big time!)

Hang On A Second! WFT?

Let’s get something straight here…

  1. The banks lent out money based on overvaluing property and lending more money than the properties were worth.
  2. The banks knew they couldn’t get their money back because most people were borrowing way above their ability to pay it back. When the shits hit the fan (the economy turns down), companies have to sack their employees, meaning they can’t pay back their loans to the bank.
  3. The companies go broke, people get kicked out of their houses, and the banks go broke too…
  4. But the US Government steps in, ADVISED BY EX-BANKERS to bail out the banks (who created this mess in the first place) and give 750 Billion to the banks to cover the debt (that the banks created).
  5. Now the banks have got a lot of the debt covered, they go and collect the debt AGAIN from the poor American people and kick them out on the street…
  6. The next step is to go and get MORE money from the government and collect the debt again from the failed loans.

These vermin created this issue by being greedy… they advise the government to bail them out (ex-bankers advising the Bush Administration), and next time they will ask for more. Because, don’t fool yourself… they will want more. And then the same advisors will move into the next US Administration and advise the next guy to help them AGAIN… and again. Until they send the USA broke – and that will happen.

You see, we change governments, but the same advisors advise both sides of government. That’s why “not much” changes! The US will get a new clean face with the same old policies. Pull some wool over the voters eyes again and keep them happy for another 4 years!

Debt Is Good – For The Banks

Everyone knows that debt is liability to everyone, EXCEPT for the banks, for whom it is an ASSET. We base our economy on debt and the very people that control the purse strings want MORE DEBT. A Global Meltdown is exactly what the big banks want. 1929 was a great year for the big banks. So was World War 1, World War 2, Korea, Vietnam, The Middle East, The Middle East and The Middle East.

Give The Money To The PEOPLE – Not The Banks

Now why don’t they give the $750 Billion to the people? The banks will get it anyway!!! Simply pay out the failed loans across the board and help the taxpayer get rid of their debt instead. Kill two birds with one stone. Here goes THE HUMANE scenario:

  1. The US taxpayer borrows US750 Billion FROM the Federal Reserve (same as before).
  2. The taxpayer uses 750 Billion to eradicate debt for the taxpayer and foreclosed loans.
  3. The US taxpayer pays interest on the 750 Billion debt (same as before).
  4. The money paid off the failed loans goes to, guess who…. The Banks!
  5. The Banks collect the interest on the 750 Billion loan which will help them (another Asset).
  6. Who has the most control over the government and their decisions? Should be the bloody voter, not the Banks! If ALL Americans attended the vote, rather than 20-25% then there would be a different outcome. That why voting is not compulsory in a Democracy, right?

Once the banks get their money, they will still bankrupt citizens collecting their loans… they are crooks and, in my opinion, the real scum in this crisis.

Here’s a quote from Nathan Rothschild, the most powerful banker in the world (Bank Of England) during the Napoleonic Era:

I care not what puppet they put in charge of The Brittish Empire. The person in control is the person that controls the money supply- and that person is ME ” – Nathan Rothschild

There are people all over the world that want to vote in this US election because it affects their life’s directly. Who the world goes to war with next is directly influenced by the next administration of the USA. There should be 300 Million people at the polls – not 60 Million! Everyone knows The Republicans will get kicked out this election. But if they said this:

We will pay off $750 Billion Dollars of the taxpayers mortgages“, they would win by a landslide!

Why? Because people don’t vote for wars in distant lands, imaginary people hiding in caves, world starvation or greenhouse emissions – They vote for their own personal comfort and benefit. And if people are going broke, the government that fixes it gets in. (Politicians are still scoundrels though)

7 Minutes Of Caring For The World

I’ll leave you with a video that you will watch, if you TRULY CARE about the world. It will be 7 minutes that will change the way you feel about life. This girl cares about our future.

YouTube Preview Image

Something to think about! I have spoken to you about The Law Of Attraction in the past. It’s all about caring and wanting good things for ourselves and the world. It needn’t be superstition. Just be a good person and Good Things Do Happen. Good luck!

Have a most outstanding day

Sean Rasmussen
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  1. Same thing happened here in mexico during the 90’s the thing was called FOBAPROA and we are still paying for tha mess

    check it out:

    That is why i don’t watch news or at least I don’t believe what people said and what news said


  2. Jon Symonds says:

    Hi Sean,
    I watched a great DVD called Zeitgeist which goes into detail about how the Fedral Banks work and how they create these certain events to happen to control and make profits from the middle class. It is a mind blowing DVD that is well worth watching. You can buy it online from the Zeitgeist website or you can watch it on youtube.
    Check it out.
    Jon Symonds

  3. G’day Sean,
    this was a very insightful post, and your solution of giving the money back to taxpayers was an excellent one but not likely to happen wouldn’t you say?


  4. Sean, I just want to say great post.

    Your concern is that your post is going off tangent, yet you are so passionate about the subject.

    Why not start a new blog called The Truth, and I’ll be your #1 commentator, researcher, news provider, truth bringer, helper

    all the best

  5. Hi Jon, Nik & Dean
    My opinions are unlikely to be heard as long as I don’t own the banks 😉
    Yes, I do off on a tangent. I respect people’s opinions and have noticed, more and more, that more people are respecting mine.
    Maybe it’s the law of attraction in action…
    Thanks for your comments

  6. i think your on the money, people should learn to pay cash only. then the banks would have lil say in what the different classes of people aspire to be

  7. Wow Sean this post has displayed to me the passion I know you have for humanity & our planet. It is a belief and passion I saw & felt in you the very first day I shook your hand at the gold coast, just 15 months ago. Well mate your passion is infectious and not only me , I have seen you in the last 15 months spread your infection widely among others. It makes me proud to know that I know you, and your passion has infected me to a point that I want to contribute to your cause in any way I can.
    And that young girls video I have never seen before was truly moving, was wondering where she may be today as the video was made in the 90’s .

    hey…….life is good…… come join me

    Allen Sentance

  8. Michael Nielsen says:

    Great video with the girl speaking at the UN meeting. Very moving.

    Yesterday I was visiting Burswood Casino in Perth, Western Australia. I do this sometimes using very small controlled amounts of money. I stood at different roulette tables and Black Jack tables trying to test my luck and unluck. I was fascinated at taking a good look at myself moving in and out of greed and fear, depending on the current win or loss. Should I try one more bet to win even more ? Other times thinking – should I just take my winnings and go home? At very low finance holdings thinking – why don’t I just forget it all and loose the rest to get peace from my turbulent emotions?. I came home on an even with a sigh of relief.

    We all know that we should eliminate emotions in financial matters – but when it really comes to the crunch most of us have a hard time controlling these emotions. The funny part is that greed only exists when we feel we don’t have enough and fear when we have something we might loose. Maybe this is why poor peole often are more willing to share. They HAVE NOTHING to loose.

    Deep in my heart I believe that giving is much more fulfilling than to have and to get. Yet most of us struggle with these emotions everyday – including myself. The smile of a person you help is more fulfilling than a bank statement that states your current economic status. But remember you have to be rich to be able to give excessively. So being rich with a giving attitude is great.

    What is the current credit crisis about ? The truth is it is about greed and fear. These are the two emotions that has always run the whole economy and the share market. The problem is that they have never been as magnified and enormous as now. If we all could transform greed and fear to give and have faith (whatever you want to have faith in) then Planet Earth would be an even greater place to live. Do we dare to give and have faith?

    The definition of insanity is to do the same thing expecting a different result. Maybe a new attitude would make us feel rich instead of being rich.
    You can be rich on paper and still feel poor – Why? Because at the end of the day being rich is only a state of mind. So put your mind to it not your money. 🙂

  9. i would say giving the money to the banks or to the people will have the same consequences. if you are the bank, will you increase my credit limit to another $1million while I still have another $1 million debt to pay my mortgage ? how can I pay the interest ? how can I meet my monthly repayment ? unless my boss will double or tripple my salary within months. will they do it ?? ……

    I think the best option is just leave it.. to deep long recession .. as it SHOULD happen. business cycle is top and bottom.. it’s the fact…. recession SHOULD also occur… naturally. then after a while.. it will be BACK to NORMAL as USUAL.

  10. Richard Colum says:


    I note that the speach from that young lady then proably has more sence than a lot of our politicians and world leaders. when are we as a people going to stop letting banks get away with what they are doing to people and their lives.
    1992 was when that young Lady spoke and to day 2008 nothing has really changed that much. we see china getting bigger and stronger Russia starting to build again and America getting weeker, ( what a time for those powers to come in and put a couple of more holes in their ego) sometimes i cannothelp thinking that they have caused this problem i do not know may be i’m wrong i hope so.

    Well that is my thought and thankyou to the pure message that came from that young lady it certainly does make your sit up andtake notice.

    Let us all take the message on bord and do something for our fellow man it does start on our door step.

  11. That was an interesting and insightful post. But there are alot of things out there in this big whole world we have yet to discover and learn. Too big to amount into 1 words. But anyway your article post is really an eye opener to everyone of the new and the old who is not widely read. But anyway I would like to comment for your valor and your quest for knowledge. It is something you can reward yourself for it. But when there are times of needs, people would not lend a helping hand because of greed and power that they look down upon on. There are brutal truth out there in this world. It is too big to stomach and amount to anything in the meantime. Information overload and too many politicans love to brainwash people’s weak mindset. That is the underlying problem. Not everyone can be able to think like you because everyone have different oipinion, perspective and viewpoint of life. It is something we are going to work on.

    Till then godspeed Sean. May god bless you.

  12. Thanks Ohiit.
    I’m waiting for people to storm the banks and take back their money just to find out the banks never had it (or atleast only a “fraction”). Isn’t it funny that all this has happened a few times before but people seem to think that they wont repeat other people’s mistakes.
    I appreciate your kind words

    I am not for sure on the math…( I could not find a calculator that would go up past 750,000,000,)…
    but, here goes…
    How about printing up the 750 billion and either giving every one in the USA 2.5 million / or giving every one in the world 1 hundred thousand.
    Of course we would not have the welfare system, Medicare, Medicaid, social security, pension plans, retirement plans, and a bunch of other plans that are draining the system. There would also be a problem with immigration if we keep it all to our selves. And you know that some would use the monies to buy lottery tickets and blow the whole thing..
    SO, no more lottery… Those that spend it foolishly would in turn be required to take responsibility for their actions and some would turn to stealing and other illegal action. We have that now any way.. I believe that those that have a passion for their work would remain working and others would fill in the gaps rather than stealing.
    I could go on but I will let you play this out in your own mind.
    At the very least I think it would be a world wind party, even for those that already have lots of money and really do not need more.

  14. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,
    Wow! What an amazing post. I feel embarrassed to say I’m pretty ignorant of how Governments and banks handle our money. I want to learn more about this. Your post has motivated me to become more aware of what is actually going on in the world.
    The speech by Severn is incredible. I can’t believe she is only twelve. She is so young and yet so wise already. Her father is right. We are not what we say; we are what we do. I am determined to do better. We owe it to each other and our children.

    • I was recently sent an email prospecting for a company selling gold and silver. They had an excellent video where various well known experts were discussing the monetary system and how GW Bush’s actions early in his administration set the scene for the global crisis. Basically there is nothing of value backing cash. The money in the system is determined by the Reserve Bank who can create money at the push of a button and the rolling of the printing press. Money comes from nowhere and can disappear back to nowhere. The only value in cash comes from peoples belief in the value. I really can’t understand why governments don’t directly control the monetary system rather than leaving it to the banks.

  15. Hi Sean,
    great passionate post – straight on the mark. I am always amazed by us humans and how difficult we make life for ourselves and other people around us. Banks are an invention by humans, money as well. And if I remember correctly the intention was to make our life easier, not to ruin people en masse.
    One problem with humans is that the older we get we should become wiser, but we tend to forget our intuition amongst all the rules we learn along the way. And most of us don’t dare to have their own opinion anymore (like Severn) but say as the others say as it is easier.
    Thanks for speaking up – and I am happy to live in a democracy where I can speak my mind, even if others don’t agree!
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Overcoming Procrastination =-.

  16. That girl and her group wrote a most powerful speech and her presentation to the UN was incredible. I hope she made the delegates start really thinking about what they are doing (or more likely not doing) to make the world a better place.

    And you are totally right about the US bailout of the banks. Australia did sort of take the approach you advocated. The government did give money out to the citizens rather than just the banks. And now in March 2010 Australia seems to have come through the crisis stronger than any other economy.

  17. Thanks for your passion Sean and for opening up our eyes.
    We need more people to speak their minds such as Severn did. She was right on the money that adults do the opposite to what they teach their children. Little wonder there is confused youth today.
    I model my life on walking the talk. However I see little evidence elsewhere apart from a select few, yourself included.

    If all voters did get off their collective backsides maybe things might change. But apathy rules
    .-= Gee´s last blog ..Search Engine Optimization Tips For Baby Boomers =-.

  18. If only someone was called to actually answer Severn with a speech in reply. I would have loved to have seen what a smart UN adult person would have said in response to such brutal youthful honesty.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..Richard Branson Business School: A day visit =-.

  19. hey sean I liked the speech from the young girl very moving I would think her parents would be very proud. As for change we all have our bit to do one small step after another and things will change. we must all take action

  20. Hi Sean,
    I became aware of corruption in the banking system a while back however the info here shows that greed has reached new levels. Scary thing is the masses don’t seem to have a backup plan for when it all hits the fan.

    Scary thing about the child’s address to the UN in the video is that the UN members applauded her performance so must have liked it but, “has anything changed?” Not that I have noticed it hasn’t!
    So what now? Exit from the system is my advice.


  21. That 12 year old girl is so much wiser than her years. Her speech held passion, her face held you still, and her words were like ice. She melted my heart and gave me goose pumps. If only there was more young ladies like her in the world, standing tall and proud.
    Her parents must be over the moon. I hope after that speech all those that were present took her words away with them to really think about….

    As for the way the government controls the money/debt. I am going to only say one sentence “shame on them for their actions. How do they sleep at night?”

    That girl stole my heart….she is powerful.
    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Searching For Gratitude Rocks =-.

  22. G’day Sean
    ARE WE ON YOUR LIST OF PRIORITIES ? Wow, what a poignant statement for a 12 year old. She,Severn Cullis-Suzuki, took my breathe away with that statement. Having known you and Yang for close to 2 years now, I feel sure you two have your kids at the top of your list. After the Brisbane TAGR you were out of the place in an hour and a bit to return home for Sunday with your boys and Cherie. At a guess, you did a 22 hour day.
    As far as watching ” The News ” is concerned, I’m with you 100 % and see only 2-3 bulletins per week. Don’t believe more than 2 % of what’s presented.
    Cheers mate,

  23. G’day Sean,
    Here’s a positive bit of news hot off the presses, or at least from the ABC news. How nice to have a positive occurence. What is it ?

    President Obama signed off today on an historic Health Amendment Bill for the USA, leading to a more equitable health care system. It’s only been debated for about 130 years, so the Pres should feel pretty pleased. He took Action ! Beauty !
    .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..How Proud Can One Be ? =-.

  24. Someone said the solution is for the US government to borrow enough money from the Fed to buy out the Fed. Then, owning the Fed, they can reduce the interest rate on that loan to almost 0, and decide to pay over a very long time, if ever. Unfortunately, the president who tries to do that would, as you suggested, be at risk of extreme prejudice.
    .-= Wal Heinrich´s last blog ..Think And Grow Rich Mindset Mastery =-.

  25. Hi Harry,
    Is it really “health care” or is it just the sickness industry making their millions by pushing their brand of drugs onto a population.

    Unless someone has a bone sticking out of their leg we should not need “health care” I believe this system is being forced onto the American people and they do not want it. We in Australia had a good health system until Medicare came along. Same thing in US is happening from my understanding of what people want.
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Common Law Marriage – What is Common Law Marriage? =-.

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