The 3 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Enough Money Right Now!

These are the 3 reasons why you are not making enough money right now.

  1. Action
  2. Intention
  3. Value

This will make more sense in the below webinar recording. Hopefully, once you understand the 3 reasons, you will open up to the concept and open your door to success.

Today is about opening up your finances by understanding your own Core Values around money. Once you know where “Money” sits on your personal Priority List, you can start bringing more money into your life on a much more abundant scale.

3 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Enough Money Right Now!

This was part 2 of the Own Your Life webinar series for the YOTA Internet Marketing Forum. This is a mindset session to help you make sense of money and hopefully help you make some…

This webinar, even though it is part 2, can be watched on it’s own.

It’s time to Own Your Life. Enjoy!

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator
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  1. Sean, it’s not “in the below webinar recording,” it’s “in the webinar recording below.”

    Below is not an adjective; it’s an adverb.

    This information is too important to mar it with bad grammar.


    • Thanks Cindy. I appreciate your observation.
      If you can rise above this obstactle, the content within the webinar above may still be of assistance to you 🙂

    • Hello Cindy,

      Did you know that I cant spell – never have been able to….but gee can I make money!!! Now its not the message that is important but whats in the message 🙂


  2. That was an awesome webinar Sean….making money got me in but it was learning the core principles of my life that really interested me in the end. Great work bigfella and thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks Sean, great webinar and reminder from Bootcamp.

  4. How lucky for us that you kept on talking oblivious to our trouble of not being able to hear you. Thank you so much. Will hear you tomorrow on the next webinar.

  5. Hi Sean,
    It was great to be able to go over some important stuff from the Bootcamp again as I needed to reinforce that positive mindset and get my priorities right. It has come at a good time as I had suddenly doubted myself but as you say “celebrate confusion” and thats what I am doing now. I realize that the only obsticle is my limited belief in myself and your approach have allowed me to move forward. Thanks Sean.

  6. Hi Sean,
    Thanks so much for revisiting the personal values concept, you put it in a way that makes a lot of sense. It give us a better understanding of ourselves and our partners, and how we can channel our thinking and effort to achieve our dreams/goals.

    Since the bootcamp, Belinda and I have been using the Intention Cards every day, and we have already noticed the difference in our own mindset & action taking by asking ourselves quality questions and setting intentions.

    Thanks Big Fella,
    Cade and Belinda

    • Hello Cade and Belinda,

      So good to hear that you have found value with the intention cards….changing the mindset sure works. Wasnt the bootcamp amazing…..and watching the webinars sure helps to reminder us what is important!!!


  7. Hi Sean,

    As Jackie said, it’s truly a great thing that you were unaware of the glitches last night. I listened to this recording this afternoon in the forum, and am so glad you have posted it here, so that I can share it. There are times when a spade is precisely and exactly a spade – and calling it by fancy names, or gently defining things just doesn’t cut through the … well perhaps the word ‘barriers’ will do here. 🙂

    Thanks for speaking frankly, and your passion for cutting through the ‘rot’ we carry is obvious and persistent. Whatever it takes to get our minds onto a productive path is great with me. Thanks again Sean.

  8. Great webinar Sean, I particularly like the hierarchy of values section. Really make sense and it points out my husband and I are definitely perfect for each other – except for the golf bit.

  9. G’day Sean,
    Thanks for recording this – I was so disappointed at around 31 minutes when it dropped its’ bundle. The standout was the Hierarchy of Values.

  10. Thanks Sean. I really enjoyed this webinar. I didn’t get to it till now as study commitments have been pressing but gee, I wish I’d watched it a few days ago in readiness the for next two webinars. Very good.

  11. Zaza natashima says:

    Hi. It’s awsome stuff found on your webnar. I hope you could send latest updates via my email.

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