Taking Internet Marketing To A New Level

Thanks to Clint Eastwood we are now Taking Internet Marketing To A New Level. In the next webinar we take our Google rankings and Hang ’em High on page 1 of Google.

Hang ’em High

The internet marketing competition is riding into the sunset this week. There are still bonus points to allocate and many more points to earn for action takers. As many of our Learn And Earn contenders are fighting the Google Rankings to earn more points – and bragging rights – they are also in contention to make the grand prize… Oh joy to the bold. Just put them six shooters back in them holsters, cowboys! Make it a clean fight and have lots of fun.

Webinar Registration Link

You can register for Friday’s webinar here.

See you there. Snooze or lose. There are points up for grabs.

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Sean Rasmussen is a passionate blogger and has been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When he's not with his family, or dog Buddy, Sean is usually blogging or doing something related to the internet.


  1. Woohoo First again..all ready to string ’em up!
    .-= Jody Chambers´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Australia’s Leading Internet Guru A Blogroll review =-.

  2. Yehaa. Saddled up and ready to Hang ‘Em High as we ride into the sunset.

  3. Willem Broekers says:

    Yippee! I got here through my own blog!!! 🙂

    Something must be working!

  4. Looking forward to the webinar and have entrusted my Google rankings to the powers that be (with a little help of course!)

    Best of luck to all the Learn and Earn contenders 🙂
    .-= Helen Nester´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen – Success Communicator =-.

  5. Ah jist registered podnah! Ah hopes ah don’t forgit it lake ah did yesterdee.
    Hang em high indeed if ah miss takin’ internet marketing to a noo level.

  6. All registered for the next Webinar. Maybe I’ll get to bed early tonight and it won’t be such a task getting up tomorrow at 2:24am. Then maybe I won’t. 🙂
    .-= Don White´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen- Gentleman and Internet Marketer Extraordinaire =-.

    • Hi Don,

      I thought you had adapted to Australian times by now? Maybe we need to get you into a dark room and only have lights on during Australian Day time, that should get your body clock adjusted 😉
      .-= Renee´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen – Australian Internet Marketer =-.

    • Was that maybe you won’t go to bed early early or you won’t get up at an ungodly hour of the morning so you can Hang ‘Em High? Hmmm … me thinks you will be going for the record number of early rises. You might have to find some other things to do at that time of the morning once the competition ends.

      P.S. Like your dark room idea Renee.

    • Told you were in the wrong Perth – immigrants are still being accepted from Canada, especially those who are into internet marketing – though you might have to live in Bunbury!

  7. Your smokin Sean. All registered for the next webinar, now to get my commentluv working for my new post so I can finish the last task.
    .-= Jackie Stenhouse´s last blog ..Anxiety Separation in Children =-.

  8. Just registered for tomorrow’s webinar. A very critical time of the year and I don’t know if I can find the time to catch up!

    Loving everything I’ve learnt from you Sean. You are truly a champion and great soul with a generous heart.
    .-= Rose Kawe´s last blog ..Just Get To the Point Already! =-.

    • But you know what Rose, whether you have caught up or not, you are still showing up. You could have got bogged down and thought ‘What the …’

      Showing up is indeed the start of your way to success and WILL allow you to take internet marketing to a new level for YOU.

  9. Registered and ready to go.
    .-= Elly´s last blog .. =-.

  10. Registered for this next webinar and have been very busy on my blog.
    Sean I hope you enjoy the write up I have given you and your great work.
    I am aware that this comment might end up in your ‘luv comment’ box, but so be it.
    Roll on Friday for the ‘Hang ’em High’ webinar.

  11. All set for Friday for the ‘Hang ’em High’ webinar.
    I have made and published a blog on Sean Rasmussen. It was a bit of a struggle to get it altogether but, I overcame the hurdles and that is what this competition is all about. Failure is not a word I like to use about myself.
    Persist and you shall succeed!:)

  12. Hard to believe 7 weeks of the Learn And Earn competition are almost over!…
    I think everyone here can be proud that we are succeeding in taking internet marketing to a new level. 😉

    It’s been a wild ride, as we all gallop into the sunset, for a few dollars more!
    I’m all registered for the Hang ‘Em High webinar & it may be a long night as I’m still catching up on the Thunderbolt & Blogfoot tasks!… But as Isa stated above – Persist & you shall succeed! 🙂

    • It might be hard to belive it is over – but it needs to be – just so we can spend time absorbing and planning implementation of the tons of info we have been exposed to!
      Oh, and get on with other things neglected during this time.

      • Here! Here! I want be taking any of my new internet marketing knowledge to a new level unless I consolidate what I’ve learned.

        I think it’s just been long enough as I am finding I am at saturation point. Once consolidation starts it will make room for more to info to enter.

  13. Hey there

    Great to be back home where I can actually attend the webinars live.

    Look forward to this one.

  14. taking it to a new level – that’s music to my ears 🙂 All registered and fired up to go!

    And I see that Sean is back to more realistic time slots again (60min minimum). Be ready for a looooong Sunset everybody 😉
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen – Australian Internet Marketer =-.

    • ‘This’ sun will soon be setting on this internet marketing competition but rest assured there will be a glorious sunrise tomorrow and it’s rays will shine at a new level.

  15. Hang ‘Em High or Rank ‘Em High … either way it’s gonna be a winner!

  16. Jacqui Emery says:

    I’m registered for tomorrows Hang Em High Webinar! Things are pretty exciting around here at the moment – just love it!

  17. Alison Cox says:

    I’ll be there! The time has passed by so quickly – looking forward to this one very much.

  18. I will be there this evening “No Grand kids today” so I will be taking it to a new level “I am excited”
    .-= Rita´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen =-.

    • Won’t it be exciting for you. Now that you have taken internet marketing to a new level and the wealth of knowledge you have gained, you can pay forward to their ripe young (or youngish) minds.

      How exciting it is that you can help educate them with this knowledge rather than just leaving them to be educated in the school ‘education’ system.

  19. Game on, brother!!
    I’m sure the winner will party every night, and every day!
    Lets Rank’em High cowboys and cowgirls!!
    .-= Cade´s last blog ..Move over Oprah…cause Sean Rasmussen is taking over =-.

  20. Thanks Sean,

    I’ve just registered for the webinar & interested to see how we will be taking Internet marketing to a new level! : )
    .-= jeremy´s last blog ..jlagatule- RT @tonyrobbins For you night owls still upCome be the first to have a sneak peak of R Breakthrough insiders site http-bitly-caSRxw =-.

  21. Thanks for challenging me Sean, this competition has been fun and I’ve learnt a lot. looking forward to tonight’s webinar.
    .-= Melanie Braggs´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen- Aussie Internet Marketer =-.

  22. erika schollum says:

    What a terrible time for the audio card in my laptop to DIE… we are still sortin it out and hoping it makes it online before the rug of safety gets pulled out from us! I am sure it was amazing and anxiously awaiting a pc repair and posting! 🙂 tx heaps and gluck to the contenders- Don on a MASS attack for you Jazz- watch out up there!

  23. I just checked out Melbourne Pizza Delivery facebook fan page – interesting – but I think they don’t deliver to Perth which is a shame. But then it is a social experiment!

  24. Hi Sean,

    The competition has taken internet marketing to a new high as well. I’m starting to unwind a little now. I made a SR blog on my site and just deleted it….shouldn’t have i suppose. I’ve made another SR page on Squidoo but I don’t think that fits the competition criteria to gain the points. Never mind…I guess it’s a learning curve and I’m gaining experience at building blogs.

    As you probably know, I’ve been a member of Melbourne Pizza Delivery for a while now. Being there for it’s creation I feel it’s part mine. lol.

  25. Alison Cox says:

    I’m a member of Melbourne Pizza Delivery on Facebook. Mmmmmm pizza!

    Thank you for another great webinar, Sean. From the beginning, I have been here to learn, and the last 2 webinars have been informative and content-rich, just like the blogs we’re all churning out!

  26. Great webinar again Sean as they all have been. I am a member of Melbourn Pizza Delivery on Facebook and acquired an appetite for pizzas in doing so. Mmmmm!
    I visited UWCblog, WebVision2020, Ring Around Uranus but couldn’t find anywhere to leave a comment. Universal Wealth Creation both sites and still no place for a comment. Same situation for internet marketing program, Planet Wealth Blog, also Planet Wealth TV but did read the Planet Wealth Financial Services Guide and also noticed that there is access to Andrew Dimitri interview.
    I will check back for the upload of tonights webinar and see if you have some links in there. Cheers. 🙂

  27. Ah, ha, I finally found the link on Universal Wealth Creation that brought me to this site so I could make a comment. First, I would like to compliment you on the design and layout. Next it was the Clint Eastwood clue that did the trick. How imaginative Sean. Great internet marketing copy. 🙂

  28. Hi Jackie,

    Wow! thanks for telling me. I thought the article wasn’t showing up at all and so thats why I deleted it. I have just made a Squidoo lens and they have “featured” it on Squidoo. I hope Google finds out lol. It probably won’t make the competition deadline though.

    Thanks again Jackie for the info.

  29. Hi Sean

    I have been to Alexa and reviewed your UWCBlog.

    I noticed that you are going to have a support forum soon. That’s a great idea!
    .-= Elly´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Creates The YOTA Internet Marketing Forum =-.

  30. ………….Signed up to the webinar but missed it due to work 🙁 This competition has been great and I really enjoyed the learning in the webinar on Wednesday and have high hopes for this one as well!
    .-= Jayne Pleysier´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen- A Successful Internet Marketer’s Journey =-.

  31. Hi Sean

    I have been to Alexa and reviewed Webvision 2020.com and RingsAround Uranus.com (lol)
    .-= Elly´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Creates The YOTA Internet Marketing Forum =-.

  32. Hi Sean

    I know posted a comment last night but can’t find it now.

    I wrote a review on Alexa for Universal Wealth .com.au yesterday
    I have already reviewed Universal Wealth Creation .com

    Kind regards
    .-= Elly´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Creates The YOTA Internet Marketing Forum =-.

  33. Lucky last:

    I have visited Alexa and reviewed the following:
    Planet Wealth T.V
    Planet Wealth Blog. com
    Internet Marketing Program Of The Year
    Melbourne Pizza Delivery.com
    .-= Elly´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Creates The YOTA Internet Marketing Forum =-.

  34. It’s how you grow and learn with anything right, especially with taking internet marketing to a new level. Lovin’ it :).
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..Life is beautiful – It’s all a game anyway- right =-.

  35. Hi Sean,
    Just realized how to raise my rankings and I am making a mad dash for it before the webinar today.

    No harm in trying a strategy that may work! 🙂
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Lifestyle with Sean Rasmussen – Affiliate Marketing =-.

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