Secret Law Of Attraction. Proof Readers Wanted

I am ready to release my second Mindset book: The Secret Law Of Attraction. It is a re-write of an old classic that possibly inspired Napoleon Hill to write Think And Grow Rich.

Mindset Mastery has now been downloaded by a massive amount of people. Then there are all the copies that have been forwarded by email as well by the readers. It has been a huge success! Many thanks to Napoleon Hill for providing the massive inspiration to Millions of people.

The Secret Law Of Attraction

Law Of AttractionI will need 10 volunteers to read The Secret Law Of Attraction this coming weekend. You will then be asked to respond to this post in the comments section with any suggestions, errors, bad grammar, spelling etc. So please bookmark this post to come back with your feedback.

Put your Name in the comments section with a lovely message to me and I will email a copy to you. 😉

50 000 Gifts Available

Next week, I will offer it for a free download to my 50,000 database. This week my database clocked past that magic number. So there will be lots of happy people out there and your assistance is much appreciated!

I am flat out preparing for an internet marketing workshop in Cairns for my 12 months coaching group, SR Elite, so time is a little precious right now. Normally I would do the proof reading myself but for now I will call a favour from my loyal readers. 🙂

There is no need to submit an email in the comments section as I have your email through the admin when you post. The copies of the book will be ready this weekend for you to read.

Meanwhile, please go and join the FaceBook Group for The Secret Law Of Attraction.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator © 2004 – 2008

P.S. This is the download area for proofreaders: The Secret Law Of Attraction. The post will only open with your password that has been emailed to the approved Proof Readers.

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Sean Rasmussen is a passionate blogger and has been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When he's not with his family, or dog Buddy, Sean is usually blogging or doing something related to the internet.


  1. This book was ready 18 months ago. It was written prior to Mindset Mastery. As I pondered the final version and wondered what changes to make, I finalized the Mindset Mastery book instead. I’m really good at having stacks of projects on at one time 😉

    So now, it’s time to finish one of them. Help me close the door on this one.

  2. Michelle Green says:

    Hi Sean. I would love to proof read your book for you. Be sure to say hello to that lovely wife of yours for me too!

  3. Hi Sean,

    I would be happy to proof read your ‘new’ book for you.



  4. HEy Sean

    I’m happy to proof read a copy for you 🙂



  5. Hi
    I would like to read this new book. I am very insterested on the Law Of Attraction and I’ve been trying to use it on my life, with some interesting and surprising results. I am teaching it to my two sons but I need some more study.
    Keep the good work. Your messages make me happy over and over again. I keep them on a journal to read sometimes, when I feel insecure or needing guidance.
    Hope to hear from you soon. Hope to be one of your proof readers.
    Best regards,

  6. Sean ,

    I am looking forward to reviewing your new book.

  7. Count me in. It’s my last weekend in my JOB so I have the time to do much more important things.

    Cheers mate.

  8. Hi Sean, I am happy to volunteer to read your book The Secret of Law of Attraction.

  9. Gini Diane Collinson, LCSW says:

    I can proof this weekend; that sounds lovely enough. Anything that inspired Napoleon Hill should be a great read!

  10. Sean,

    I am in. Would love to help out in any way that I can and reading is something I love and do a lot of daily…

  11. I’m in too. Would love to proof read it!


  12. Hi, Sean,
    Extreme apologies that I will not be able to proofread as promised as I have a really packed weekend coming up. Best wishes with it anyway.

  13. Sean,

    How many pages / hours do you think are involved with proofing?

    Regards, Eileen.

  14. The book isn’t huge. I’d say, you could read it in a weekend comfortably

  15. Mahesh Garg says:

    I am in too.



  16. Hi Sean,
    Hi Sean,

    I would love to proof read your new publication “The secret Laws of Attraction”.

    I have really enjoyed the books that you have sent me over the past few months, and I have felt that I would like to share these inspirational books with other people. I have established a website with my young daughter Melissa (14 years old), and we thought it would be great if we could include your ebook “Mindset Mastery” for sale or even as a free download on our website.
    Can you advise me if you would allow us to do this, and if so what obligations would we need to observe?

    I have a vision of educating people in the Asian Regions with the philosophies of the “Mindset Mastery” methods. I have a strong belief that there are many people both young and old in the Asian Regions that are never given the opportunity to educate themselves to “Think – and become Rich”.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  17. Sean,

    I would be honoured to proof read your latest publication.

    Have a great weekend.

  18. Sean

    Would love to proof read your latest book. How exciting!


  19. Sean,
    I’d love to read your book.
    There is nothing in the world that works like the LAW OF ATTRACTION. I read Napoleon Hill in the early 70s
    I know that every thing that comes into my life I have attracted, even if I’m not happy with what ever it is. I did it. The Moral…..Choose your thoughts very carefully…… we move towards our dominant thought.

    I have enormous respect for what you have done Sean.

    Looking forward to working with you.

    Wild Bill

  20. Sean,

    Looks like you already got your 10 volunteers but if you run short, contact me and I’ll be happy to assist. Look forward to reading it.
    Regards, Eileen.

  21. Hi Sean,
    It would be a privilege to proof read your book and provide you with feedback!
    If I do get a chance to, I don’t know about you, but I definitely will have a good weekend! 🙂

    thank you,



  22. Michelle Turnbull says:

    Hi Sean,
    I am a qualified proof reader, and I love your publications.
    I would be honoured to proof read for you.
    Yours most sincerely,
    Michelle Turnbull.

  23. Hi, I love to read your points on this.

  24. I look forward with great enthusiasm to read your book as I am currently very interested in books that promote the power of the mind.

  25. Pattana Ajjaneeyakul says:


    Your work would help me in making the biggest decision in my career. Please send me a copy. Thanks.


  26. Hi Sean,

    I’d love to proof read your new book. I was amazed when my own book University Wisdom was proof read how different people picked up on different areas that needed improvement. Do you have a deadline for the comments?

    Kind Regards,


  27. Hi Sean,
    Hubbie is doing nightshift so I have all the time saturday and sunday night to proofread your book.
    Love to read the contents, which will enable me to educate myself more about the Law of Attraction, and at the same time I will write down any spellingmistakes etc. that I might find for you.
    Keep up the good work!

    Brenda Murphy

  28. I have mean enjoying your posts and stuff you keep sharing.
    I will be pleased to read /proof read your forthcoming Law of Attraction Book. (how many pages ?:)

  29. I have been enjoying your posts and stuff you keep sharing.
    I will be pleased to read /proof read your forthcoming Law of Attraction Book. (how many pages ?:)

  30. The book will be approx 70 pages. Probably a light evenings read for those that are fast reader, unlike me.

  31. Jude Walton says:

    Hi Sean, I would love to proof read your book. I’ve been associated ‘with’ you over the years and have observed how your life has progressed and have been pleased for you. I’m a great ‘nit picker’ when reading books so would love the challenge and also be able to hopefully help you have another great success.
    PS: I’ve just downloaded The Year Of The Affiliate and hopefully will be on my way!!!

  32. Your book sounds great. It will be fantastic to help you out as you have been helping me.

  33. Enrique Febres says:


    I’m so looking forward to proof read your book. Thank you for so much inspiration


  34. Hi Sean
    My previous offer still stands.
    All the best with your future endeavours.


  35. Whoa! I’ll be emailing out a lot of books tomorrow (Friday). Please note, I have created a FaceBook Group: The Secret Law Of Attraction

    Click the above link and join in there if you wish to be in the community of The Law Of Attraction.

    Thanks for the great response! Keep it coming.

  36. Would love to proof read your book but I think you don’t need any more volunteers. However, good
    luck and look forward to reading it


  37. Hi Sean

    I am seeking ways to become wiser and wealthier. It’s been only 6 months since I started thinking differently, and changing directtion slowly. I hope you will ring me in the future rather than I contact you!! haha..

  38. LOL. Not many people get calls from me nowadays. My PC switches off at 5pm (atleast I try to…) 😉

  39. Hi Sean

    Would be delighted to proof read if you need another set of eyes…. Love your work and Napolean and LOA…an avid reader and trainer of all things possible !!

  40. Hi Sean, if your new book is anything like Mindset Mastery, I’d LOVE the opportunity to help with the proofreading!

    I just realised how that sounded… >_<

    Let me rephrase to “Mindset Mastery is awesome, anything i can do to help with your newest project would be a big honour”.

    🙂 Phoenix

  41. An email with the download link will be emailed out shortly. It will only be the draft copy at this stage.

    I expect the emails to go out this evening.

  42. Thanks Sean
    What a wonderful opportunity to be a part of something much bigger.


    I have posted this post with a download link in the main post for your ease of access.

    It is password protected and I will email you a PASSWORD tonight (Friday 19th Sep, 2008)

    Please keep the password and your BETA COPY to yourself and submit your comments about the book in this thread.

    Thank you


  44. Hi Sean,

    Have been inspired by Mindset Mastery and would love the opportunity to proofread “The Seret Law of Attraction”


  45. Hi Sean,

    I have been trying to open up your book, but can’t! It just comes up in 000111 etc

    Does that have something to do with it being BETA?

    Have tried a few different ways to open it with the net but no success.

    Also when I tried to open Facebook from your link, it wouldn’t work either.

    I went into Facebook from opening the Website myself, but once in there I couldn’t join the group by the link as it came up saying bad link.

    I don’t think it is my computer? Hope not anyway?

    Any suggestions on what could be wrong?

    I was hoping to start reading tonight, but hey it looks like an early night now. Hopefully by morning, the problem will be fixed.



  46. Hi Sharon

    Have you got the latest version of Adobe Reader? It requires a recent version of a PDF reader.

    Try this link: and update your PDF reader

  47. Hi there

    How about editing it from an African perspective? Would love the challenge


  48. Thanks Sean,

    I am downloading it now. Takes awhile hey!
    Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Good night,


  49. UPdating Adobe on my computer fixed the problem. Thank you, I have it printed out now and ready to go.

    Enjoy the weekend, weather’s great here.



  50. Michelle Green says:

    Hi Sean. I just finished and would like to congratulate you on a job well done! I’ve found a few grammatical errors, but other than that, it reads well.

    I’ve listed my comments below and I hope they make sense. If you need me, I’m sure you know how to find me! I’m off now to go write in my grateful journal! 🙂

    Page 15 – Some of the text just above bold writing (end of paragraph) is a different size to the rest of the paragraph.

    Page 33 – Last paragraph, “Imagine yourself using the them…”.

    Page 36 – Second paragraph (sentence) – “Your have no right….”

    4th paragraph. If taking things from people by physical force is robbery, them taking things… should be “then”.

    Page 38 – Second paragraph – “Health will never to be gained” should be health will never be gained.

    Last paragraph – … or gives distracts them from hunger….

    Page 41 – First sentence?? “It is wonderful becoming”.

    “If your physical health is lacking, you will find that the getting rich is dependent…” s/be “you will find that getting rich…”?

    3rd paragraph – “It is might be likely…”

    Page 44 – Second last paragraph “…men’s affairs will be arranged so that some one will be mine the gold for you…” S/be “someone will mine the gold…”

    Page 50 – 3rd last paragraph, “By continually working on you image”. S/be “your” image

    Page 52 – First paragraph “…depends for one thing on you having…” s/be “depends on you having”??

    Page 56 – 2nd paragraph “…simply the desire for more abundant life…” s/be “a” more abundant life.

    Page 61 – Second last paragraph “…they will force the system to be change in a way” s/be “changed”.

    Page 62 – just over half way “No matter how big an obstacle….or that a way over, though, or around it…” Should be “through”.

    Page 67 – 4th paragraph up “I have changed the way I think….I wish you have the most outstanding results” Doesn’t make sense.

  51. Thanks Michelle

    All those items have been corrected. Thank you so much

  52. 1st para: “book’s contents.” rather than “books contents”

    2nd Para: needs to read a bit better. Makes sense but it not easy on the eyes. 🙂

    3rd Para: change “Here is a background….” to incorporate it into the para following that line beginning “This eBook…” To read:

    This eBook incorporates a background about The Secret Law of Attraction: The Road to Universal Wealth and its original Author Wallace Wattles and is an edited version of material originally written by Mr Wallace Wattles who lived in the late 1800’s in the United States of America.

    2nd last Para Page 3: “…the ability of all peoples” Should this be “people”?

    Last Para Page 3: “The message underlying wattles’ work are….” Either needs to read “messages” or change ‘are” to “is”.

    Page 4, 1st Para: Need a comma after “maintained” Also, remove the word “And’ at the start of the sentence as it is not needed.
    Page 4 2nd Para, 2nd sentence: Change the word “wrote” to “intended” maybe?
    Page 4 Para 6, last sentence. Might need to add “to:” after the word “grounds”.
    Page 4, Para 3. Is the first sentence correct or missing a comma after the word “universe”?
    Page 9 Para 3, 1st sentence. Remove the word “and”
    Page 21, 1st Sentence. Donn’t really need the comma after “to do more”
    Page 21, 2nd last para – last word in 3rd sentence. Would read better if you put a comma after the word “body”
    Page 26, Para 4, about climbing the ladder. Sentence needs better structure, IMO.
    Page 30, Last Para 2nd sentence, you have two “to”‘s so need to remove one.
    Page 33, Last Para, 2nd sentence has a typo…”the them” (remove “the”)

    And that is 1/2 way through. Will read the rest tomorrow. Very enjoyable so far. It has taken my mind a few more steps further on in terms of being grateful and how to make it all happen so I can lead a holistic life. Piece by piece, things are coming together for me and I can’t wait until I’m “There”. 🙂

    Regards, Eileen.

  53. Send me one!

  54. Hi Sean,
    I’ve been a fan of young wallys for years and so appreciated the chance to refresh my mind of the “Certain Way ” of approaching life.
    Keeping in mind that we are using the Proof Reading For Truckies 101 method, I hope you find these observations helpful.

    page 28 directly above plate 13
    This all bought to him by his faith, and it is can be suggest remove is

    page 30 para 2 line 3
    The good things you have have come to you suggest insert comma between haves

    page 30 para last line 2
    to to lose ground suggest remove one to

    page 34 para 2 line 4
    thing that he owns in imagination only has real faith. sugggest insert comma between
    imagination and only

    page 34 para 4 line2
    said jesus said to his pupils suggest removing a said

    page 38 para last line 2
    to keep them alive in while still living in wretchedness suggest remove first in

    page 39 para 3 line 1
    suggest use removes ladder as opposed to throws down ladder

    page 42 para 2nd last line 1
    there can only one shortest distance suggest insert be

    page 43 6th line of page
    it is might be likely that the dead suggest it might be that the dead still live and are near

    page 44 para 4 line 2
    some one will be mine for you suggest remove be

    page 50 4th last line
    the thought of it will call summon the energies suggest call/summon

    page 52 para 2 line 6
    there many musicians suggest insert are

    page 52 para 3 line 4
    piece of nah-crafted furniture ? [ perhaps i’m showing my ignorance here ]

    page 63 top of page
    competetive plane but they can never that way for you suggest insert appear

    Hope this is of some assistance.
    I certainly received more in use value than it cost me in time value in completing this little
    exercise and I’m sure everyone else will feel the same, especially the first time readers.

    My mother asked for a recent photo of me, so I sent her a copy of plates 8,15,20 and 23 from
    the book. I hope she recognises me !!!!!!!


  55. test

  56. Spent quite a bit of time on this one, pressed the submit button and POOF off into cyber space never to be seen
    again. Will moniter other views for a day or two to see if my points are covered. Will post again tues evening if I have any points not covered.

  57. Hi Sean,

    Well, I really enjoyed your ebook. It really made me think and contemplate!

    I am not the best way to put these alterations to you, but will go ahead and hope you will understand.

    – Table of Contents: – 16, Remove comma after Some Caution and also after Picture Credits, the dots of the line do not start after the word Credit.

    – Page 3 Introduction: 2nd paragraph, insert the word ‘have’ after however I to make it read ‘however I have found massive inspiration….

    – Page 3: instead of Here is a background about the book, change to Here is ‘the’ background about the book…

    – Page 3: paragraph 6 would it be better to hae it as His works have as their central theme ‘,’ the ablity of all ‘people’ to rise above ……

    – Original Preface Pade 5: Instead of ; after finance in the 2nd sentence, I think a full stop would be better and then start the new sentence with It is a practical manual……

    – Page 5, 3rd paragraph: The monistic theory of the universe ‘is’ the theory that One is All, and that All is One; ‘and’ that one Subtance…………

    – Ch 2, Page 9: First sentence, make the capital S of science into lower case.

    – Page 10: 2nd paragraph – first sentence, change the c and w of Certain Way into capitals to be in line with the rest of the book.

    – Page 10: 5th paragraph – take the comma out after the words fail to do to make it flow easier.

    – 8th paragraph: Put an extra space after the question mark (line 2) and before the word We

    – Page 11: 1st paragraph, put an ‘a’ in on 3rd line after as. business which has ‘a’ call for those talents.

    – 4th paragraph: 2nd last line, take away extra space between because, as .. said here before,

    – 5th paragraph: last line, add an ‘s’ to the word cause to make ’causes’

    – Chap 3 last paragraph: Change the word grows in the first line to become, eg: As the world becomes more……then add the word ‘the’ into conscious, these are ‘the’ fields that… and also add the word and in eg: burgeoning demand, ‘and’ the people with the forsight………..

    – Page 13 2nd paragraph: 2nd last line, take the ‘s’ off the word worlds

    – Page 13 4th paragraph: take away extra space between the words of .. so many (line 5)

    – in above paragraph 5th line from bottom add the word ‘are,’ after wants and needs ‘are,’ so that those ……….

    – same paragraph again: put comma after the word years, in the 2nd last line.

    Page 13, 5th paragraph 2nd line: take the ‘s’ off the word begin. Also after in a Certain Way take away the semi colon and add ‘for’ the law of wealth is………..

    – same paragraph as above: change the word ‘tell’ to the word ‘show’ him how on the last line.

    – Page 14, 3rd paragraph: 4th line, take off the semi colon after with the forless Suff and add the word ‘and’ with the raw……….

    – 7th paragraph: put a comma in after the word whole (‘the race as a whole, is always’)

    – 9th paragraph: put an ‘s’ on the word toward on the 1st line (inherently towards more life)

    – 10th paragraph: 1st line, instead of ‘it is a fact that..’ put ‘this’ is a fact…. and also 2nd line, change the word later in ‘this’ text to later in ‘the’ text.

    – Chap 4, Page 16, 3rd paragraph: the text changes to a smaller text on the 2nd last line after the words primal substance …….. after this the text is slightly smaller completing this sentence.

    – Page 16, 7th paragraph: The brackets change now from ( ) to [ ] often thru out the book. Best to keep them all the same as ( ). Line 4, take the full stop ‘.’ away after the word etc. before the bracket closes.

    – 7th paragraph: change the Seeth to seeth on the 3rd line. Also, 2nd last line, change ‘and to show how’ to ‘and therefore show you how.’

    – Page 17, 2nd paragraph: change center to ‘centre’. Also take away the semi colon after original thought (2nd line) and put a full stop. Starting the next sentence with If man…..

    – 4th paragraph: I notice that everytime you put this sentence in, you use a capital P for produce. Would it be better to underline the word to emphasize it?

    – Page 18, 4th paragraph: 1st line, put a comma in after the word poverty,. Also finish the sentence at in your own mind. Take away the semi colon and begin the new sentence with When you hold to the truth………

    – Page 21, 6th paragraph: 2nd line Put a capital H on He/it. Thought you do put a small i on it, later in the book you change it to Capital I and put it in front of the He. It changes around later in the book such as He/It and It/He. Is there a reason for that?

    – Page 22, 5th paragraph: What he (God…., should be What He (capital H)

    – Page 26, 5th paragraph: 3rd line – who is willing to take the trouble ‘and’ … rather than ‘may’. Also there is an extra space to take away after gains riches..
    As well, take the semi colon away after the ‘or himself;’ Change to a full stop and start the next sentence with When given the ….

    – Page 27, 9th paragraph: You have It in front of Himself and just after that (It-) He. The opposite to earlier in the book.

    – Page 28, 3rd paragraph: change ‘and it is can’ to ‘and this can’

    – Chap 7, 6th paragraph: [] brackets instead of (). Also It (Him) back to front.

    – same paragraph: comma after ‘always grateful’,’ lives in closer touch’

    – Page 30, 2nd paragraph: Change ‘certain laws’ to Certain Laws.

    – 5th paragraph: Change ‘The law of gratitude’ to ‘The Law of Gratitude’

    – 2nd last paragraph: 2nd line, take out the extra ‘to’ at the beginning of the line.

    – Chap 8, 2nd paragraph: 2nd line, change ‘because they have themselves’ to because they themselves have’

    – Page 33, 4th paragraph: 3rd line, change worth while to worthwhile.

    – last paragraph: Take the ‘the’ out of sentence. ‘Imagine yourself using them’ instead of ‘Imagine yourself using the them’

    – Page 34, 8th paragraph: [] instead of () twice

    – Chap 9, Page 36, 4th paragraph: change them to then – ‘robbery, ‘then’ taking….’

    – last paragrah: [] to ()

    – Page 37, 11th paragraph: take the ‘with’ away from the first line, to ‘But all of this can be stopped by the wrong…’

    – last paragraph: 1st line, put a capital W on the word ‘Will’ twice

    – Page 38, last paragraph: Take the word ‘in’ out of ‘keep them alive while still..’ and also take the word gives out just after that, ‘or distracts them’.
    Take extra space out from before the words forget and hour in the 3rd line.

    – Page 41: The sentence ‘It is wonderful becoming’ This stumps you as you read. Should it be, It is wonderfully becoming??????

    – Page 42, 5th paragraph: put a comma after the word way on line 2 and add the word ‘effort’ afterwards. eg: ‘to find that way, and by effort travel it;…’

    – 10th paragraph: Add the words ‘be the’ to 1st line: There can only ‘be the’ one shortest distance….’
    Also 3rd line, change ‘simple’ to ‘simplest’ route…..
    Take the word ‘and’ out on 2nd last line of above paragraph. ‘and images will waver;’

    – Chap 11, P44, 1st paragraph: change the word ‘which’ to ‘where’ in 2nd last line.

    – 2nd paragraph: last sentence – change from ‘it’s not enough for man to;’ to ‘it’s not enough for man to just have thoughts’

    – 3rd paragraph; take the ‘s’ off the word roads to make ‘road’ in last sentence.

    – 4th paragraph: 2nd line, take the word ‘be’ out to make it ‘so that someone will mine the gold for you’

    – Page 45, 2nd paragraph: change the word ‘that’ to ‘as’ in the 3rd line to read ‘ the same desire for more life as you have’
    Add an ‘s’ to the word toward ‘towards’ in the last line.

    – 9th paragraph: Change the Capital C of the word Come to ‘come’ in the 2nd line.

    – Page 46, 2nd paragraph: add the word ‘by’ into the sentence to make ‘and has to be acted on by the persons…’

    – 11th paragraph: make the word ‘toward’ into ‘towards’ in the 2nd line.

    – Page 47, 4th paragraph: change the word ‘toward’ to ‘towards in the 3rd line.

    – Page 50, 11th paragraph: change the word ‘you’ to the word ‘your image’ in the 1st sentence.

    – Page 56, 5th paragraph: change the word centre to ‘centre’

    – Page 60, 9th paragraph: change [] to ().

    – 10th paragraph: change [] to ()

    – Page 61, 1st paragraph: [] to ()

    – 4th paragraph: Change the word ‘governments’ to singular ‘government’

    – 6th paragraph: 3rd line, make ‘change’ into ‘changed’

    – Page 62, 2nd paragraph: take extra space out before ‘nor’ in the 2nd sentence. Change line to read ‘nor the capitalistic/competitive economic or industrial system.
    Also put a comma in after ‘plane of thought,’

    – 8th paragraph: Change the word law to capital ‘Law’ on 3rd line.

    – 9th paragraph: Change [] to ()

    – Page 63, 1st paragraph: Add the word ‘be’ so it reads ‘but they can never be that way’

    – 3rd paragraph: Change the capital B on the word Becoming at the beginning of the 2nd line to ‘becoming’

    – 7th paragraph: 9th line – change ‘he knew’ to ‘he himself knew’

    – Page 64, 1st paragraph: After Gates was a college dropout; the same source of Ability which has enabled men like him is open to you;…. thereafter, it goes on and on, and loses the sense of reading. Maybe the sentence can be shortened or changed.?

    – Page 66, 3rd paragraph: Make a full stop after man must be active. His actions can only be…

    – 4th paragraph: Possibly change the word ‘steadiness’ to ‘steadfastness’????

    Well, that is the end. I hope the above is discernible to you.

    Thank you for the opportunity to do this.



  58. Hi Sean, here are my editing suggestions.

    Page 3 – 7th paragraph – last sentence – tense
    The message underlying Wattles’ work is The messages underlying Wattles’ work are

    Page 5 – 4th paragraph – western world or Western World

    Page 7 – 1st paragraph – first line – punctuation – replace semi-colon; with a comma. Page 7 – 2nd Paragraph – abnormal could be seen as a derogatory term try unusual. Then again that might be intentional on your part.

    Page 11 – 1st paragraph – You have used ‘which’ several times in the one paragraph and might like to replace a couple of them with the word ‘that’.

    Page 13 – 2nd paragraph – 1st sentence – consider replacing ‘which’ with ‘that’ 5th paragraph – Buckingham Palace rather than just Buckingham; …enough to ‘clothe’ each person… [rather than ‘cloth’]

    Page 18 – 2nd paragraph – Do you mean ‘site’ as in place or ‘sight’ as in viewing?

    Page 20 – 2nd paragraph – …living substance, It must… [substance, it must…]

    Page 26 – 4th paragraph – ‘…and every employee who is willing to take the trouble may climb that ladder gains riches…’ [who climbs] that ladder gains riches…]

    Page 37 – 11th paragraph – ‘…can be stopped with by the wrong thoughts…’ [suggest you delete ‘with’]

    Page 38 – 13th paragraph – ‘…the number of well to do people…’ [suggest hyphenates: ‘well-to-do’] Page 38 – 14th paragraph – ‘…keep them alive in while still living… [remove ‘in’]
    ‘…or gives distracts them from hunger…’ [or gives distraction from hunger]

    Page 42 – 5th paragraph – ‘… to find that way and by travel it…’ [to find that way and travel it] Page 42 – 10th paragraph – ‘ There can only one shortest…’ [There can only be one shortest…] ‘…images will and waver…’ […images will waver…]

    Page 43 – 3rd paragraph – ‘It is might be likely…’ [It might be likely…]

    Page 50 – 1st paragraph – 2nd sentence – ‘…and they act in another pace and at…’ […and they act in another place and at…]
    10th paragraph – ‘…working on you image…’ […working on your image…] 10th para cont…. ‘…of it will call summon the…’ […of it will call and/or summon the…]

    Page 52 – 2nd paragraph – ‘There many musicians who…’ [There are many musicians who…]
    3rd paragraph – ‘…piece of nah-crafted wooden…’ […piece of hand crafted wooden…]

    Page 53 – 3rd paragraph – ‘…never do what you want to do.’ […never do what you want.]
    I suggest this because the entire paragraph seems overloaded with ‘to do’ – they are repeated seven times in five lines. There are also several paragraphs that end in ‘…you want to do.’; possibly this might be your intention, but the ‘to do’s do seem overwhelming.

    Page 61 – 1st paragraph – ‘…stress-free [financial] living.’ […stress-free [financial] life.] 6th paragraph – ‘…force the system to be change in a…’ [to change] or [to be changed]

    Page 62 – 1st paragraph – ‘…book, and become rich…’ […book, and so become rich] 7th paragraph – ‘…way over, though, or around…’ […way over, through, or around…]

    Page 63 – first line – ‘…can never that way’ […can never be that way…]

    Page 67 – first sentence – Did you mean Mumbo-Jumbo or is Humbo- your preference?

    Page 70 – suggest uniformity in formatting, but not a mix of all three. Either – name or – name or : name

    Hope this of help to you and I am looking forward to the publication.


  59. Mahesh Garg says:

    found couple of them, but not sure, if they are already listed
    pg 18, line 1, expending
    pg 52, line 16, nah-crafted



  60. Karen Thomson says:

    Hi Sean

    First of all, what a great piece of work well done. Have got a bit dizzy checking if others have picked up what I have so am just going to go with what I found all up.

    P5 Para 3 – I found the first sentence confusing to read
    P10 Para 2 – ‘certain way’ needs capitals if you are keeping it the same vein
    P11 Para 4 – there seems to be an extra space between the words as and said in the last sentence
    P14 Para 3 – the word formless should have a capital F?
    P16 Para 3 – I would spell channeled with two lls ie channelled but am British origin so not sure
    P16 Para 3 – the last sentence drops into a different size font
    P17 Para 3 – There is a thinking stuff etc……this statement is worded slightly differently after this ie you say ….fills the smallest spaces of the universe (then later) …….fills the inter-spaces of the universe
    P22 Para 5 – What he should read What He
    P23 last para – any thing should read anything and formless should have a capital F
    P24 second statement – all others have a capital P on the word produces so is inconsistent, I personally prefer no capital
    P26 Para 2 – the word ‘give’ should be exhanged for gave
    P26 Para 5 – ….may climb that ladder gains riches for her…does not read correctly
    P27 Para 1 – I would consider kingdom should have a capital K and the word intelligence a capital I
    P27 Para 7 – Original substance….substance should have capital S
    P28 Para 3 last sentence – and it is can be…….the word is should be removed
    P30 Para 6 – should be a comma after the word Supreme
    P34 Para 4 – said Jesus said (one said needs removed)
    P36 Para 4 – them taking things should read then taking things
    P37 Para 5 – there seems to be an extra space between the words or and people
    P37 Para 6 – ….working in the Right Way – previously you have referred to the Certain Way
    P37 Para 11 – stopped with by the wrong – remove either the with or the by
    P37 Para 11 – intelligent Substance should be capital I – Intelligent Substance
    P38 last para – …..wretchedness, or gives distracts them – remove gives + there also appears to be extra spaces between the words they and forget and an and hour on this same sentence
    P41 Para 4 – creative method should be in capitals? Creative Method
    P42 Para 5 – ….find that way and by travel it – remove the word by
    P42 Para 8 – creative method should be in capitals? Creative Method
    P42 Para 10 – ….and images will and waver; – remove the word ‘and’
    P44 Para 2 – appears to be an extra space between the words for and man
    P45 Para 8 – ….personal action Come together..lower the c
    P46 Para 13 – ….wrong business but that he – remove the ‘but’
    P50 Para 10 – ….thought of it will call summon the – remove the ‘call’
    P52 Para 2 – ….well- developed (remove the space), insure should read ensure, There many musicians should read ‘there are many musicians’
    P53 Para 2 – …work doing do what – remove the ‘do’
    P63 Para 1 – …they can never that way – should read they can never be that way or they never are that way

    that’s all I got…..:)

    good luck with the book – have been telling all my friends about it


  61. Hi Sean,

    Some of your great proof readers above have covered off the edits I would have sent in. I’ll just list mine anyway and leave the rest to you.
    Page 38, last Para, 2nd sentence. “to keep them alive in”. Remove “in”. Also. “or gives distracts them”. Remove “gives”? Also, extra spacing needs to be removed from “they forget for an hour or two”
    Page 42, Para 5, 2nd sentence “…to find that way and by travel it’. Remove “by”.
    Page 42, 2nd last para, 1st sentence: There can only one shortest…” Missing “be”? Also 2nd last sentence in same para, “your thoughts and images will and waver”. Needs to be reworded.
    Page 43, 2nd Para, 2nd sentence: “It is might be likely…” Remove “is”?
    Page 43 2nd Statement. Capital for “Produces” needs to be made lower case? IF this is the case then need to change it in all the statements throughout.
    Page 44, 2nd Para, 3rd sentence: “it’s not enough for man to” Has extra spacing that needs to be removed. Also, doesn’t flow that well.
    Page 44, 2nd last Para, 2nd sentence: “so that some one will be mine the gold for you”. Change to “so that someone will mine the gold for you”.
    KEY POINT: (not an edit but loved this line as I believe it is crucial in this whole piece of work) “By thought the thing you want is brought to you; by action you receive it”.
    Page 50, 2nd last Para, last sentence. “will call summon”. Remove “call”.
    Page 52, 2nd Para, 4th sentence “well-developed” There is an extra space in there not needed. And following sentence “ensure” not “insure you will get rich”.
    Page 52, 2nd Para, 6th sentence “There many musicians”. Need to add “There are many musicians”.
    Page 52, 3rd Para, 4th & 5th Sentence. Use “could” and “will”. Need to straighten out the tense. ie Either “can take the same tools….but his production will be a botch” or “…could take the same tools…but his production would be a botch”.
    Page 53, 2nd Para, last sentence “if you work doing do…”. Remove “do”
    Page 52, 7th Para “Where all others factors are equal”. Remove “s” from “others”.
    Page 56, 2nd Para. Should it be “…a more abundant life” rather than “more abundant life”?
    Page 59, 2nd Para, 3rd Sentence: “but who also show us – by how they live their lives”. (This is my rewording). Otherwise, might need to reword that section IMO. Also, 5th sentence “…how to attain to these things”. Remove “to”? so it says “how to attain these things”.
    Page 61, 1st Para, 1st Sentence: “…stress free life”? Rather than “living”? Also, 2nd last para “..they will force the system to be change…” Add a “d” to “change”.
    Page 63, 1st Para, 1st Sentence: “…but they can never that way…” Add in “be”.
    Page 67 “the thought you have make you the person…”. Remove the s from makes

    Very powerful Sean. Thanks for the read.


  62. G’day Sean,

    Just finished proofreading your book, and I have enjoyed it very much.
    I have to admit this was one of my challenges on my ‘to do’ list.
    English is my second language and this exercise really helped me to gain more confidence in my reading and writing.
    Thank you for rewriting this book in ‘plain-easy to understand’ english.
    I have compared my list with the others and I have to add 2 more things I picked up as well.

    page 27: It is God that worketh… ( is ‘worketh’ a word?)
    page 30: line 7: you already have have come to you ( have, have ?)

    Thanks again for the opportunity, and good luck with your book!

  63. Well, after crossing off all my edits that everyone else have already covered, i only have a couple of things left.

    -some of the pictures have numbers beside them on the right hand side.
    -pg 21 fulfillment (with double “l’ should be fulfilment (with one L) – may be a difference between american and australian spelling though

    Great work everyone!

  64. Hi Sean,
    Saw your mail giving the download kling for proof reading, just now (having been away etc)
    I can see that you have already received feed back from many which is great… Seems like i
    will not be able to proof read it by 25th and am thus not downloading the book/draft. This is
    just to let youknow.
    Best Luck and Blessings

  65. Hi Sean,
    Saw your mail giving the download link for proof reading, just now (having been away etc)
    I can see that you have already received feed back from many which is great… Seems like I
    will not be able to read/proof read by 25th and am thus not downloading the book/draft. This is
    just to let you know.
    Best Luck and Blessings

  66. wow… hey guys, you all are so awesome, have help Sean so much by spending your precious time to prof-read this great eBook…. TAHNKS!

    Hi Sean, I have finished reading your eBook, it is a wonderful learnng experience for me! Thanks for giving me a chance to prof-read your original version of the eBook. I have learnt so much from it!
    As you know, english is not my first language, but in this prof-read exercise, I really focus so much on trying my best to help, hehehe… Apparently, all the room for improvement were already mentioned as above by your other loyal readers.

    Hope you don’t mind that I didn’t repeat the same things that they mentioned as above.

    One thing I really appreciate so much in this eBook is you really appreciate and respect other religions. In the eBook, you didn’t specify and re-inforce about God or Heavenly Father, you actually include other words as well such as Supreme Intelligence, etc…. this will not offence others who are non-christians, GREAT! FANTASTIC! (I’m a christian anyway and I understand that some non-believers might not be happy if the book keeps saying God, God and God all the times, they might think that you are trying to rpomote a specific religion), so you are doing very well Sean!

    Once again, thanks and I’m really aprreciate your grant to allow me to prof-read this eBook, it is just fantastic, I reckon more and more life will be touched! Sean, awesome work, grea job! Let’s us make a huge difference in the world and make this world a better living place!

    God bless!

  67. Well done boys and girls.
    After reading all the effort in the posts above, all I have left on my list are two suggestions as opposed to corections.

    page 39 para 1 line 3
    suggest removes ladder instead of throws down ladder.

    page 43 6th line of page
    suggest It may be, that the dead still live and are near.

    I have been a fan of young wallys for years and appreciated the chance to re-read this classic.

  68. Proof read the above post 8947 times before posting and still failed to notice that a CORRECTION was required.

  69. could i please read your book? heh i would love to proofread it!!!!xD

  70. As a spiritual life coach I believe in the Law of Attraction and share this belief with my clients as part of my coaching regime. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic.

  71. Hi Sean,
    no more proof reading necessary – but next time you are in Cairns let me know, ok? I will invite you for a coffee in Port Douglas (or I come to Cairns) 🙂

    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Overcoming Procrastination =-.

  72. Uhh… am I 18 months too late? Let me know if there’s another book coming out.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..Green businesses in South Africa =-.

  73. I love your site it has loads of great information I have made this part of my life right now, I am always looking for more information about this does anyone know of any other sites with great information like this in my quest for knowledge on this subject

  74. Hi Sean,

    What a great idea to get everyone involved in your book by asking for proofreaders. Now we see the rewards in the free book download.

    Best wishes,

  75. excellent idea
    .-= Gee´s last blog ..Why You Should Just Ignore Fad Diets (Part 2) =-.

  76. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    I would have loved to be a proof reader for your book. Maybe next time. 🙂

  77. Hello Sean,

    What a great idea – asking others to proof read your book. Saves you time, gets the book out there and has a snow ball effect……everyone will be looking for when they can get their own copy 🙂 Handy tip to remember for when I have my product ready to launch.

    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Our Kids Today =-.

  78. Creating a proof reading master mind group. Now that’s a clever idea.
    .-= Wal Heinrich´s last blog ..Think And Grow Rich Mindset Mastery =-.

  79. Hi Sean,
    All the fun is over for the proofreaders so now everyone has the opportunity to read your book free from errors by all the loving hands.

    I have joined the Facebook Fanpage a while ago and the Secret Law Of Attraction has become a big hit. You didn’t know I was a clairvoyant did you ? Lol
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Common Law Marriage – What is Common Law Marriage? =-.

  80. Hi Sean….
    Not a criticism, you understand, but don’t you think it might be time to remove a website that is asking for proofreaders THREE YEARS later??

    • Hi Tom 🙂
      When we got our reader, within a matter of days, this blog page was already dated. Blog pages are out of date very fast. I gather, 3 years on, everyone knows it’s no longer needed.

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