Port Vila Vanuatu Holiday

Port Vila Vanuatu Locals This month we have decided for a Port Vila, Vanuatu Holiday, with time away from affiliate marketing. I’m sitting at the pool with a quiet drink and enjoying the tranquility of the Melanesian lifestyle of the beautifully relaxed Vanuatu people. They have a word here that signifies “The Best” and that word is Nambawan, pronounced “Number One” in English. And that is how I feel tonight writing this blogpost about my Holiday in Vanuatu: Nambawan!

Nambawan Blong Vanuatu => Check out these Warriors from last nights Melanesian Fest at the Le Meridien Resort.

Port Vila, Vanuatu

Port Vila is the capital of Vanuatu on the island of Efate where both the American and Australian versions of Survivor were filmed. It is the second time we’ve been here for a holiday, the first being in 1995 when we stayed on Hideaway Island and traveled to the northern island of Espiritu Santo where the marvelous dive wreck of the SS President Coolidge was sunk during WWII. I dived the shipwreck for a solid week. You can read more about the SS President Coolidge in my post about Internet Marketing in Vanuatu.

Le Meridien Port Vila Resort

Le Meridien Port Vila ResortWe are enjoying the holiday here at the Le Meridien Port Vila Resort. My 2 sons are playing in the pool and I’m seriously considering a cocktail called: Nambawan. With a name like that, it must be good!

In this photo, both my sons are having a Tug-o-War across the resort pool next to the swim up bar. The staff here at the Le Meridien resort are super friendly with big wide smiles typical to the people of Port Vila and Vanuatu. We have been to Fiji 3 times and twice to Vanuatu and I must say that they are equally nice and friendly as a people. Vanuatu was recently voted happiest country in the world and you certainly notice that as soon as you get here from the hustle and bustle of the western world.

Scuba Diving Holiday In Vanuatu

Next stop on my holiday, I’m taking my son for a Scuba Dive. We do a 10m dive near a spot called Devils Point. It is a famous Holiday diving spot here in Vanuatu. As I have done many dives myself and am very passionate about it, taking my son scuba diving is going to be good fun. It fits in great with my holiday goals and dreams I’ve set to achieve over the next few years. One of my massive goals is to take my sons on a holiday to every continent in the world. In addition to this, I definitely desire to take them to every pacific nation possible. This is a beautiful part of the world and we can learn a lot from the Melanesian people here in Vanuatu.

Internet Marketing In Vanuatu

A group of my Internet Marketing coaching students have arrived in Vanuatu and have joined me here at the Le Meridien Resort. Last night we had a Poolside Tweet-Off. If that makes no sense, I better not explain… We are having stacks of fun with Internet Marketing techniques, Social Media and sipping a few cocktails in the process. If you are on Twitter, look for the #vanuatu hashtag and join in

Your Next Holiday: Vanuatu

Every year, 60,000 tourists arrive for a Holiday in Port Vila, Vanuatu. There is so much to do here. On Monday we go for a Beach Buggy race through the jungle of Port Vila and drive through a local village before racing down on the beach and go for a swim with the Turtles. Apparently there are sharks there too. But they are Vanuatu sharks and if they are half as friendly as the Melanesian people, we will be safe…

Do yourself a favour. Make sure your next holiday is in Vanuatu. It’s laid back and Port Vila is only a 3 hour flight from Australia. And make sure to order a ‘Nambawan’ Cocktail when you arrive.

Having a most outstanding time in Vanuatu

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator
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  1. I am stoked to be able to say that I am also on holiday in Port Vila Vanuatu with Sean…at the moment we are having a couple of quiet drinks at the pool bar. I would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking about a great holiday to check out Port Vila Vanuatu, where the Melanisian lifestyle is slow, and the people are super friendly.

    Scotty Smiths last blog post..Successful Part Time Options Trading

  2. Great to have you here in Port Vila, Scotty. What a holiday it is turning out to be

  3. Kelvin Lim says:

    Thanks for the cool info Sean! This is definitely in my list of places to visit! I’ll do one island nation at a time.. =) Enjoy the rest of your holiday with the family!

  4. Thanks Kelvin. Vanuatu certainly is a great place for a holiday

  5. Must be an awesome place to visit.
    By the looks of that photo Sean and Scotty, you guy’s are getting too much sun.lol
    Happy days!

    Stuart Ginbeys last blog post..We and the machine…how close are we?

  6. Hi Stuart
    We are keeping the locals busy.
    Happy days

  7. I hope you got the recipe for those ‘Nambawan’ cocktails, they sound yummy!!

  8. If anyone needs a local to help them out, we live here and operate the Number one website of our beloved country. My wife (Silvana) and I fell in love (not hard to do…) with the country and its people 8 years ago. We quit our jobs in Ozzie and set up/managed White Grass Ocean Resort in Tanna, for three years (yep know tanna back to front) then ran Breakas Resort in Port Vila for a while.
    We then saw that not everyone likes to book ahead or buy “packages” from travel agents. Many people like to travel independently and prefer to just show up at the airport, so we created Vanuatu Standby Accommodation which is a desk at the airport for anyone that requires accommodation on arrival, the site will explain it in more details (www.vanuatustandbyaccommodation.com).
    Anyway, we are available 24 hrs and love to make sure that people that visit this land have the best available information at hand, so even if your not a client of ours you can obtain honest, real time info on Vanuatu, and that’s really important because there is so much missinformation or out of date data out there. We have over 1,000 images of the country in our Photo library (I cant stop shoting, its a photographer’s paradise!).
    As I said, whether you use us or dont, thats not important, just come and see this great place.

    Tropical regards,

  9. Thanks John, for that information.
    I will be sure to contact you next time I come over here and check it out.
    If you are interested, email me some photos and I can use them in my blog.
    Cheers – Sean

  10. Kelvin Lim says:

    Looks like you made it to #2 in Google for “Port Vila Vanuatu Holiday”! (last I checked anyway)! Excellent work! This is in less than 24hours! In due time, you will be #1! =)

  11. phil browne says:

    Hi sounds like you guys are having a great vacation Ill make vanuatu my next holiday.PS bring back the receipt for those drinks see yu

  12. Hi Phil
    You’ll love Vanuatu. I haven’t got a bad big enough for all the drink receipts. 😉

  13. Sean, you done a great job since Saturday!

  14. We’ve been seeing this post rocket through the search engine findings during the Geekversity Course in Brisbane. Great post, and awesome applications! Sound like everyone is having a great time in Vanuatu, so get stuck into it! Cheers, Anthony

    The Travel Tarts last blog post..Don’t Cry For Meat… Argentina…

  15. john nicholls says:

    Hi Sean,

    If you can send me your email addresse happy to send you some images of Vanuatu.


  16. Hi Sean
    What a wonderful place, thanks for sharing your holiday and the photos. This place looks stunning, i hope you going to share the recipe for that cocktail

  17. Sean
    You lucky lucky dude, wow what an awesome place to take a vacation, take about paradise, I don’t think come any better than here.

  18. We will be in Vila for just one day as part of a cruise. What is the best idea for seeing as much as we can of this beautiful place in one day. We are not dive or snorkelling people.

  19. naomi salvesani says:

    Myself, my daughter and my 21month old grandson are going to port villa vanutua. We have never been over their. What is their to do over their and is it a nice place to visit. This is the first time we have been over-seas

  20. I hope that the cocktails and the pool eventually got more attention than twitter…although I am sure that it was a valuable lesson for your students. I am curious, did it make the trending topics?
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Sign Language for Babies =-.

  21. Reading the blogs when you are on an internet seminar and want them to rank fast I realize I still have to work on mine to fully optimize them …. think think think

    Ok, I will read through mine once more and put a few more keywords in 🙂
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Motivational Music =-.

  22. Poolside tweetoff? Sounds like I missed out on a wild party!!! Thanks for the Vanuatu recommendation. I might just make that my next trip… Great diving? Sold for my hubby!
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..Richard Branson Business School: A day visit =-.

  23. That looks like a great spot for a vacation and from the pictures I can tell you had a really wild time there 😉 Thanks for sharing.

  24. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    Port Vila sounds absolutely wonderful. I’m going to have to go sometime soon. Scuba diving, the beach, a few cocktails. It definitely sounds like somewhere I need to be.

  25. Reading through this post I started hearing Kokomo by the Beach Boys in the back of my head.

    Aruba, Jamaica, ooh i wanna take you to Burmuda, Bahama…. God it’s been too long of a day 🙂
    .-= Cemil´s last blog ..Online Business Blackbook Releases First Affiliate Marketing ebook =-.

  26. Port Vila. Sounds magic. Better get cracking, so I can come on the next one.
    .-= Jo Carey-Bradshaw´s last blog ..Empowering Mindset – Mindfulness =-.

  27. When you do what you love you never leave it behind. Every day is more of a vacation then two weeks off from a job you have. With everyone of these posts you increase my desire to travel and yet it feels like I’ve been so many places already with you and your family, Sean. Thanks for taking me and us along.
    .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..You Are the Reason I Know It Will Happen =-.

  28. Evey Contreras says:

    What is port vila’s national holiday?

  29. We’ve been seeing this post rocket through the search engine findings during the Geekversity Course in Brisbane. Great post, and awesome applications! Sound like everyone is having a great time in Vanuatu, so get stuck into it!

  30. Wow, great picture. I wish all people great vacation in Vanuatu.

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