Obama Ohoy!

Today is a significant day in history, with Barack Obama winning the Presidency in the USA, I find it suitable to congratulate my American friends on making history today. The first African American US President in history. You can read Obama’s acceptance speech here.

I feel euphoria in the air. I have never experienced such hype and excitement through a Presidential campaign and election. Web 2.0 and Social Media has had a huge impact on this. It is a tool that will keep the politicians more accountable moving forward. This is a good thing. A real positive!

Barack Obama – 44th President

Barrack ObamaBarack Obama and the Obama administration, like it or not, have now got a huge influence on your everyday life. No matter where you live. Finances, prices, economy, fuel prices, you name it! I sincerely hope Barack proves to the world that he, as the first African American President of the United States, is as capable as the best Presidents before him.Β  I hope he is better – much better.

GW Bush racked up more national debt for the US than ALL the previous President between them. That’s probaly got a “slight” influence on the economic mess that Obama will need to deal with. Not since Woodrow Wilson signed over the Fed Bank to private ownership in 1913 has such a mess been tolerated.

I wish Obama luck and I wish everyone affected by US foreign policy luck. Now, let’s hope peaceful progress can be made in Oil Related countries. Let’s hope Barack can bring in Universal Healthcare to US citizens and bring them into the 21st century and join the rest of the worlds health standards for everyday citizens.

And let’s hope GW Bush doesn’t do anything silly in the 76 days he has left in office!

Let’s hope. I’m hopeful.

15 Minutes Of Fame

Everyone is jumping on the Obama Bandwagon (look! I am) and congratulating him. In social media, sites like Digg and Twitter are going crazy! You can read Aussie Politician Malcolm Turnbull’s well wishes on his personal website and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd welcomes the massive win by Barrack. Rudd states:

Forty-five years ago Martin Luther King dreamt of an America where men and women will be judged not on the colour of their skin but on the content of their character. Today, what America has done is turn that dream into a reality.

Martin Luther Kings Dream

Remember the immortal statement by Martin Luther King: “I Have A Dream“. Well, today that dream has partly manifested for Martin Luther King. History has been made. America has taken a big step towards world credibility today! Forget the military muscle and all that homeland security stuff for just a few moments and let’s all congratulate America and share in their dream of peace and success throughout our world. I think today everyone wants that: Peace

Today we celebrate. Tomorrow, let’s hope Martin Luther Kings dream is good. I think it will be.

Congratulations Obama. Congratulations America!

Have a most outstanding and peaceful day

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator
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  1. Change is never painless but some changes can be less painful than others! This turn around in AMerican governance is a chance for the world to see the better side of the USA.
    I too hope Obama can deliver a more socially responsible style of government!

    Congratulations to Obama and good luck to the America!

  2. A dive towards a new world !
    The miracles of solidarity can do wonders !
    Let’s go for it !
    Only the believe in prosperity will save us !

  3. President Torney says:

    Sean, as you say, everyone is getting on the bandwagon. even you! surprise, surprise. isnt it a pity that nobody is even close to the truth? Martin Luther Kings Dream my backside. he would be turning in his grave. america is a ticking time bomb about to explode. it has nothing to do with presidents (despite their corruption and lack of morals or inteligence). america is a cesspool of corruptin because it is a reflection of the people of that country. ignorant, uneducated, perverted dollar chasing trash. if Obama had an opponent (a white man) that had even half a brain he would not have stood a chance. just like 911 when america reeled in shock at being attacked without notice or any ability to detect or defend … they have reacted in a knee jerk fashion to their coming doom (last time they simply went out and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqui’ citizens to ease their embarrassement).

    your summing up is an ignorant take on a ludicrous situation. do you know how women get into positions of power in the so called civilised world? its when men have screwed up so bad that none of them want the job. so how does an african american (correction, half cast) get to be president? because no bloody half inteligent white man wants the job. THATS WHY OBAMA IS PRESIDENT. of course you will not print this because its politically incorrect = THE TRUTH.

  4. Hello President Torney

    I’m under no illusions of what the US have done around the world and what goes on there and here. It seems you haven’t read any of my old diggs against old GW Bush and his cronies.

    I do believe that the Republicans wanted to lose this election but that is my opinion only. Besides, at face value Obama seems as capable as any president prior to him going right back to Jimmy Carter, who I believe was the last decent President they had. Reagan, Bush & Bush were all crooks and Clinton didn’t do much in the humanitarian department either by bombing the shit out of Yugoslavia.

    Your outdated and White Australia Policy Attitude is outdated and fossilized.

    There is room for equality between races in this world. Your racist attitude is exactly what you hate about America and it seems you are manifesting your own reality. Do you hate black people? I don’t.

    Give Obama a go before you slag him. That’s the Aussie way and we are proud of that quality. Hopefully the yanks will learn something from that.

  5. Congratulations to Obama and to America for making this day historical. That quote from our own Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd says it all. Let’s pray that this is the beginning of significant change for humanity the world over as it does have a global effect!

    Ange Recchias last blog post..Dr John Demartini – His Journey

  6. Hi Ange. There are a lot of happy people in the US at the moment. Check out the celebrations on Twitter.

  7. African American DownUnder says:

    Great post Sean!! I think our friend?? Mr President Torney needs his head examined. I am sure that he knows nothing about Dr King making comments like that. And I am also sure there is little understanding of corruption from P Torney. Hmm lack of morals, well that would include all the countries on the planet.

    Mr Torney I read from your comments that you have some issues with color as well as an issue with the USA. I am a proud American and I think this is an historic day. America is not perfect but I would stack it against any nation on this planet as far as freedom and the pursuit of happiness goes.

    Mate I think you need a little more love in your life and that’s = THE TRUTH

  8. scotty smith says:

    Mate, your comment is about the most racist remark i have heard in a long time…pull your head in mate, just because someone is a different colour to you, it does NOT mean they are not intelligent. You are a snob nosed person who really needs to realise that our world is full of different coloured people ( i am guessing you are white??) You are also putting shit on women, i think that might be a bad idea mister perfect.
    I am so glad Bullhunter let your story stay on his site mate, as you are about to be bombarded with the same abuse you have given to black people and women, shame on you president torney

    “america is a cesspool of corruptin because it is a reflection of the people of that country. ignorant, uneducated, perverted dollar chasing trash”……………..you are more of a piece of trash than any of the people you have just degraded mr torney.
    Scotty Smith
    speaker for the people

  9. Richard Colum says:

    Well done America, I’m an Aussie and proud to be one, but today I sit along side of you white and black, yellow and pink what ever they may be. We have seen a dream come true from planning, all be it, taking a long time, well that is planning at it’s greatness, Barrack Obama and your team of professionals well done and god bless America and it’s Allis.

    Too President Torney who ever you are, get your head out of the sand and here is to peace around the world. To full of your self to even post your real name. I could go on but i’m going to his level now.

    Great post Sean keep it up.

    Richard Colum

  10. Congratulations to Barack Obama for becoming the new president of America, I wish him all the best and I can see things looking brighter for the future with a new leader.

    He has fulfilled Martin Luther King’s dream, and speaks of changes, just like the great rapper 2Pac, both who would be very proud today to see what has been achieved on such a monumental and historical day.

    And it seems we have a representative from the One Nation party throwing in his 2 cents before he’s even had a chance to be sworn in, let alone make a difference. Whether the president is black, hispanic, female, or otherwise, matters much less than having a person willing and capable to do what is necessary for the people.

    President Torney, haven’t you had enough of half-intelligent white men? Isn’t that why we’re saying goodbye to George W. Bush?

    He’s had 8 long years to prove himself, and was found time and time again to be lacking… you have to at least give Obama a chance before you pass judgement.

    Mick Reades last blog post..Deliciously Tender Lamb Shanks With Lentils

  11. President Torney, exactly what are you the president of? Being racist? I can assure you that no matter the colour of our skin, we are all made of the same stuff! And what gives you the right to call Obama a “half cast?” My partner in life has an African American father and an Australian mother. It’s people like you with closed minds that make this world so difficult for the majority of people to get along and live side by side in peace! I’m not one for politics however, in Australia, the news has been around Obama all day. Social media too so there is no escaping it. All I can say is thank GOD that you are not the president of America with that attitude. Like Sean said, give Obama a go before you start slagging him.

    Ange Recchias last blog post..Dr John Demartini – His Journey

  12. Mr Torney,

    Go find some friends. You might realise there are better things to do than to be a cranky ol’ racist bloke all day.

    Binh Down Unders last blog post..Avoiding Stretch Marks

  13. Just to try and stay fair… were President Torney’s comments speaking from his own racism, or was he speaking from the deep-rooted racism that exists in the US regardless of his own attitude?

    Sean – not that I would have difficulty believing it – what is suggesting to you that both the Democrats and the Republicans got the result they wanted today? Do you think they wanted to let a Democrat cop flack for a while and give themselves more of a post-Obama, rather than post-Bush, chance in 2012?

  14. Yes, Tris. I think McCain was a token candidate that wasn’t supposed to win. GW has left a mess behind and Obama is having to deal with Middle East issues worse than ever, a financial crisis that I believe will be a world Depression by 2010 etc. US troops cross the Syrian borders and antagonise Iran as well. I wouldn’t swap with Obama for the world.

    GW Bush accumulated more debt than ALL the previous Presidents between them. China, Japan, India and Russia own more hard assets in the USA than they care to admit. 3 Trillion dollars is held by China in Treasury Bonds and US Cash. The US economy is at the mercy of ONE Chinese currency dump.

    China, India, Japan & Russia buy up bulk hard assets in the USA and the rest of the world (Factories etc). USA buys up bulk soft assets (technology, software etc that depreciates very fast). Over time, the USA is going broke at a very fast rate.

    These countries also prop up the USA by buying treasury Bonds and US cash to the tune of the yearly deficit to keep the world economy afloat. It cannot keep going. Obama has his work cut out.

    He ran a very clever campaign, so let’s see how he goes.

  15. It is such a shame to see this kind of ignorance on such a historic day. A day that I was proud to see first hand, as this will become a day when you remember in many years time and can recall where you where when you heard the news.

    In my own eyes I do believe the Republicans had no intention of taking the job back and I have thought that the entire campaign. After the mess GWB has created who would want it. I believe BA is up to the task at hand and I look forward to his first term.

    The truth is plainly your closed mind, and I pity you Torney. Grow a pair of balls and put a name to your dribble.

  16. Good Sean, I wish you every success and I know you can acheive even more than what your epic catalogue of results already includes.

    Live long friend!

    Tommy Turbos last blog post..Obama Ohoy!

  17. President Torney says:

    *** post has been removed due to potential racial slurs, highly offensive language and personal attacks directed at the readers on this blog ***

    Sean Rasmussen

  18. President Torney says:

    *** post has been removed due to potential racial slurs, highly offensive language and personal attacks directed at the readers on this blog ***

    Sean Rasmussen

  19. President Torney says:

    *** post has been removed due to political and threatening allegations towards the US President ***

    Sean Rasmussen

  20. scotty smith says:

    What are you blessing America for hero…isn’t this what you think of the people who live there…”people of that country. ignorant, uneducated, perverted dollar chasing trash” (these are your words moron)
    Here is an idea DICKHEAD…. how about you move to America if your views and opinions lie there, as Australia does not want your opinionated bullshit.

    “how does an african american (correction, half cast) get to be president? because no bloody half inteligent white man wants the job”…………if that is not racist mate, it is so bloody close it is not funny, you are judging all “african americans” with that comment mate….guess what..they are not all the same DICKHEAD!

    What are you president of mate WWLIABWTLIA….wankers who live in australia but want to live in america

    and you cannot even spell “intelligent” DICKHEAD…go and have another couple of drinks you pissed outspoken moron.
    Scotty Smith
    speaker for people against President Torney

  21. Richard Colum says:

    And hear’s too that YAWN!YAWN! time for bed, See you later Mrrrrr President of nothing, except critisim. Put a smile on your dial and invite your white teeth out. learn to love not hate.

    Good Night.

  22. Got the link from Bobby’s page.
    Congrats! there was a little celebration here in Jakarta; some American expatriates who live in Jakarta made a little celebration at a cafe by showing his short biography. He was once living in Indonesia for 4 years.
    hope for the wind of change

    Lulus last blog post..Pownce : Lulu A. – Photo Blogs and Discussion

  23. President Torney says:

    *** removed due to extreme course language ***

    Sean Rasmussen

  24. President Torney says:

    *** removed due to personal insults and slander ***

    Sean Rasmussen

  25. Oh dear.. this post has stirred quite a bit of an argument lol

    Binh Down Unders last blog post..Avoiding Stretch Marks

  26. Wow, I wonder why some people love to slag others off? I don’t think there is any country in the world that has everything right and there is certainly no politician – no matter what their race.
    I don’t know much about US politics and I am sure that much of the reasoning on this site as to why Obama was elected is true, but the reality is that – for whatever reason – Obama is the President of America – and no matter what anyone thinks about America, it is still considered to be a powerful player on the world’s stage. Our TV newscasters were saying “he (Obama) is in possibly the most powerful position in the world…” – whether or not you agree with them is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether or not Obama does a good job. Only time will tell. If he does, it will not be because of his race or colour (by the way, the word is ‘half caste’ not ‘cast’).
    I am thankful that both people of colour and women are considered to be contenders to lead a nation. Despite much prejudice which still exists all over the world, it is at least a sign of some progress.
    Instead of slinging insults at everyone and everything, surely we should be rejoicing that the election of a ‘black’ president is possible when it would have been totally impossible less than 50 years ago.
    Interesting to see how some people resort to bad language when their vocabulary runs out, isn’t it?

  27. Hello Jan
    Personally, I’m interested to see what Obama will acheive. Hopefully he proves to the world that he is the right choice.
    Thanks for visiting

  28. President Torney says:

    *** removed due to anti-american citizen remarks ***

    Sean Rasmussen

  29. I only see one sad issue here and that is the politics and anyone who is pro business definitely should not be so pleased when the left gets into power on any level of government. We now have the very sad situation where the left is in power in the US, UK, Canada, NZ and Australia. This is very bad. Anyone in business should be very concerned. I won’t be congratulating the left on any victory black or white – ever.


  30. Hello Bill πŸ™‚

    That’s cool. But we still know how to look after ourselves and eachother regardless of the government. Those guys are just puppets for the banks anyway. Swings and Merry Go-Rounds. These guys take turns to take office and look after eachother. Left gets in, right gets in next time. Just keep the third parties down, like the Greens, Independents etc. Let the people focus on the 2 big parties and they are guaranteed to have another turn soon.

    Meanwhile, we just adapt. Life’s pretty good.

  31. President Torney says:

    *** removed due to high swearword content ***

    Sean Rasmussen

  32. President Torney says:

    *** same story: swearing and rudeness. Removed ***

    Sean Rasmussen

  33. It’s all expected that racism will comes up once Barack win and it did happened. I’ve lots of white friends in America and they are broad minded people that in fact voted for the one they’d called half brain Barack. This Torney guys seems to be like a no brainer at all just like Mc Cain who happen to be a white TRAPO (traditional Politician) (and TRAPO in Spanish means rags) that have 8 kitchen in his house?? LOL!! If you have brain, why built 8 kitchen (this is insane)!! why not build a one acre house and have a 1 big beautiful kitchen? wow!! so now Mr. Torney why you’re so bitter that the US will going to have a black pres.? do you have any bad experiences w/ them? I tell you I hate Indians, I had very bad experiences with them but I still have indian friends because I know not all of them are bad or probably as bad as you are.If you’re about racism just zip your mouth shut and observe first. Do you think if ever you’ve given a chance to run for a president, are you capable of what Barack Obama can do? I DOUBT!!! coz your blog or comments speak for itself.
    I am currently in HK for my annual work here and I want to share to you Sean that Chinese and other nationalities recently working here were so ecstatic of what the election comes out and I won a bet over some white people over here. Honestly I am one of those people who prayed that somehow God help Obama to win as we really need a change, a fresh starts and at least no corruption (for awhile)??? I hope he will not as the world suffer so much from the recent economic downturn of the US caused by GW BUSH!! (what an …) as we in Asia depends on US dollars. Asian Stock market closed steadily today and in a few more weeks flows of dollars in Asia will be stable that we’re really hated to have for awhile (USD).
    I hope that someday the world will be borderless,hand in hand going to have a harmonious and peaceful relationships between races and colors.
    Thanks for the space Sean πŸ™‚

  34. Thanks Marie
    Indeed we may see a borderless world before we know it. I think that is what GW Bush and his friends would like. But you’re speaking of in a nice and humane context and I like that.
    Wish your friends well in HK

  35. President Torney says:

    *** Swearing again. Removed ***

    Sean Rasmussen

  36. I’m not getting in this argument Sean! LOL!!!

    Look, of course the American government is corrupted and is in incredible debt. I am a hardcore libertarian who believes the government has far too much power and it should be reduced in size by 75%. I believe the government’s only job is to defend America’s shores and deliver the mail.

    Having said that, none of America’s problems were caused by Obama! I will give him a chance and pass no judgment on him. We will know what kind of president he’ll be in four years. I think it’s great web have a biracial president and I wish him well. If anything, he may inspire something good! I have no illusions about corruption, but I will give Obama a chance πŸ™‚

    George W. Bush was the worst president in American history and I say GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!

    Bobby Revells last blog post..The Embarrassing Nuisance of Depression

  37. G’Day Bobby

    You turned up on a good day. Here in Australia we have some odd people. They colonised us with convicts and a thing called “Tall Poppy Syndrome”.

    I have to agree with your GW Bush statement. 100%

  38. President Torney says:

    *** personal insults directed at readers. Removed ***

    Sean Rasmussen

  39. Sean I think President Torney is in his mid 50’s to early 60’s. I read all of his comments here and I cant help but to chuckle and shake my head. Old people are like this, their going back to being childish and normally being non-sense. I remember my grandies like President Torney who enjoys all the attention that he is getting from all of the people that he had been arguing with until all of us looked with each other and ignored him haha!!
    The more you say a word the more he will not stop so pls. for the sake of those people who read your blogs and had a headache w/ this old man just ignore and say cheezzzeee!!! πŸ˜‰

  40. President Torney says:

    *** Yawn.. more of the same. Removed ***

    Sean Rasmussen

  41. President Torney says:

    *** Sexist remarks. Removed ***

    Sean Rasmussen

  42. President Torney says:

    *** Insults. Removed ***

    Sean Rasmussen

  43. President Torvey

    You have had lots of fun now. You were given the option to continue in a civilized manner and chose not to. Your email has been blocked from this blog and subsequent comments removed. I wish you well.

    Peace be with you – and God Bless

  44. Sean, you have a great site and I am always encouraged by your e-mails.

    Thanks for your support of our new President and thanks for your positive expectations and faith in the redemptive potential of our country.

    I am so sorry for the shameful acts the U.S has committed. Not all Americans agree or support the many of the recent examples America has displayed.

    It is encouraging that so many in the global community have not given up on our Country and it is touching that the global community also recognizes and acknowledges the struggles and recent victory of Black Americans.

    You see Sean, I am a Black man who has done a little bit of traveling and made many friends with people from all over the world who have visited or moved to America.

    Over and over again, I’ve seen that many people overseas get their impressions about Black Americans from what they see on t.v and in the movies. All over the world, people watch hollywood movies and see the black gangsters, drug dealers, pimps, etc,etc and those become their internal images of black people. White Americans do the same thing.

    The people that often have the greatest prejudices towards black people have often had the least exposure to real black people.

    Or they’ve only been exposed to black people in a small limited area. Like I’ve had friends from Pakistan and India whose parents set up convenient stores or motels outside some of the worst ghettos in the country. These immigrants deal daily with some of the most desperate and marginalized people in the country who happen to be black. So they start assuming ‘they know black people’. They’re exposure is limited to just one small percent of millions of people! There are ghettos all over the world where people white,black and asian are struggling with poverty, ignorance and hopelessness. Poverty and ignorance are like a biological disease in the sense that they effect every generation of mankind the same way.

    Black people are just like white people, Asian people, Indian people and generally people all over the world. Most of us are hard working, honest people, who want the best for our families and seek peace, freedom and happiness. Many Black Americans have more then 1 job. Black teenagers are more likely to be working their way through school.

    Yes, as former slaves, we’ve been at the bottom of a caste system for many years. But that does not mean there are not millions among us who are honest, intelligent, competent and excel in what we do.

    You may see the black rappers and ball players on t.v but there are many more black doctors, lawyers, teachers, computer scientists, physicists, economists, and executives who are not as entertaining to watch on t.v.

    And they did get there from ‘affirmative action’. Most white Americans would have to literally ‘be black’ for a day to truly understand the daily prejudice and major and minor injustices that every black person , regardless of skin tone, education, national origin or occupation endures.

    In fact the only thing that all ‘black’ people have in common, is having to put up with racism.

    And I bring all this up, not for sympathy (which I find insulting) or to induce guilt.

    I bring this up because I want to encourage all people to stop taking superior attitudes over others. Stop assuming you are better then somebody, just because your circumstances are better.

    Being black, aboriginal, asian, hispanic, muslim, etc,etc, does not make you an inferior person.

    Besides, most of the time people feel superior to another over something they have no control over anyway.

    I was lucky enough to be born into a black family with property and education. My grandparents and great grand parents ran businesses, owned property and educated their children in a time and place where this was extremely rare for black people. My parents had the luxury of getting a good education and passing the value of education and entrepreneurial ism their children. All that I am, I owe to them. If I work hard, its because they taught me to, If I am honest, it’s because I did not have to steal or kill to survive. If I’m educated, its because my parents sheltered and protected me and gave me the luxury to develop higher facilities.

    Many people growing up all over the world did not have these luxuries.

    So I have no right to turn my nose up at another man for any reason at all!

    When I see another black man getting shot or going to prison (which happens every day here) I don’t condemn him for being ‘inferior’ or ‘immoral’ or ‘ignorant’. I say to my self “There, for but the grace of God, go I”

    I say the same thing when I see little Iraqi children scrabbling for scraps and picking through garbage piles on t.v
    ….”There, for but the grace of God, go I”

    When a toothless, smelly, homeless man ask me for money (which I give, if I have it)
    …”There, for but the grace of God, go I”

    When I read about the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay who were snatched from their home countries, with out reason or explanation, tortured and held indeterminately for being ‘Enemy Combatants’ I think
    ….”There, for but the grace of God, go I”

    You see, nobody , black, white, American, Australian, etc,etc is better then anybody else.

    Yeah, some of us got better breaks coming into the world. Some of us make better use of the resources we do have.

    But life can and will turn on us all. We must all face loss, sickness and death equally. We must all share and conserve resources we have and the planet we live on. If one nation ‘blows it’ then we all suffer.

    We are all brothers and sisters and we should all treat each other accordingly.

    The sooner we figure that out, the happier we will all be. Its like letting the guy in, whose trying to get on the road in rush hour traffic…if everybody looked out for the other person, then traffic would flow and nobody would have to wait.

    So that’s my spill.

    Please keep up the good work Sean. I am so impressed by the quality of your work. I only subscribe to positive people with empowering messages so that’s why I read all your post.

    Again, this is one of the greatest days of my life. I will never forget today! And I thank you for your support.

    Some of your readers are gripped with some personal negativity. Racism and all hate borne expressions come from fear and insecurity. Its hard (at least hard for me) but the only way to overcome hate is with compassion and -its’ going to sound cliche but here goes- love.

    Keep it up!


  45. Dear John KW

    Your post comes as a bright light to this thread. Bless you. Today, history was made. It was your win, but I believe it could also be ours.

    ”There, for but the grace of God, go I”

    Well said.

  46. I wont stoop down to your level Mr. President Torney as obviously you have no manners AT ALL!!! Look at your grammar!!! Goodnite and have a nice day…………..

  47. First off, I’m from Europe and since the very beginning I wished Obama became the next president. Surely, it’s a historical day for America. This moment calls to my mind Martin Luther King and his ‘dream’ of one equal race, human race: ’Rosa sat so Martin could walk, so Obama could run, so our children can fly.’

    Dorothys last blog post..Obama Wins: How He Did It

  48. scotty smith says:

    I definately did not get hot under the collar, i was just playing mr torneys silly little game, as i was bored…really bored, if i was not bored i would not bother even typing one word to a tunnel visioned person like our lovely mr torney. His comments actually made my night a little bit of fun, thanks mr torney. Anyway his medication is probably wearing off by now, and he will realise that it doesnt really matter who runs america…as it is the banks that run america, why dont you have a crack at them mr torney…shame on you.
    Scotty Smith

  49. Wow. I’m not going to jump on any side of the band wagon, but it amazes me some who who believes they have an educated point of view being so immature with how they are responding.. I’ve never seen to man **** (note i typed the * myself πŸ˜‰ ) on a blogs comments in a long time.

    Change is as good as a holiday. Let’s have a holiday πŸ™‚

    Jamie Souefs last blog post..Linux Tip : Sorry, sudo must be setuid root

  50. KC Carlson says:

    Ummmm… kinda gotten off the topic here a bit haven’t we??

    All this whinging and bitching at each other isn’t gonna make the blindest bit of difference.. is it? Obama is the next president of the USA – that’s that! I hope that he does the best job he can (we all agree he has his work cut out for him) and for all the right reasons.

    Hope you all have a great day πŸ˜€


  51. Hello KC

    Indeed, Obama has his work cut out for him. Nothing like a challenge. He’s got a clean slate to work from (personal record, not the US record) so he has got destiny in his own hands.

  52. Michelle Green says:

    Sean, it just goes to show that tall poppy syndrome still exists. Some people just can’t stand to see someone succeed – problem is, they could too if they only changed their attitude. Torney’s one bitter guy…

    It’s people like Torney (president of what, I am yet to work out??) that make me realise how far I have come. Like many people, I was once a bitter and negative person like he is. The difference is that I made the choice to change my attitude which in turn changed my life.

    You’re doing a good thing Sean, so keep it up, and hope for more critics (because that’ll mean you have a LOT more friends!!) πŸ˜€

  53. Thanks Greenie
    Lots and lots. Sometimes we get reminders of how good they are πŸ˜‰
    Life’s good

  54. That was actually quite funny to read lol. Mr Torney sounds like a cranky old man…

    Binh Down Unders last blog post..Avoiding Stretch Marks

  55. Google is such an amazing tool. Punch in “President Torney” and someone has been a very busy boy. Quite sad really when you think about it.

    Let’s not forget the real meaning of yesterday folks, and that was all about a turning point in history.

  56. Hi all

    President Torney turns up and makes some statements which could be termed as controversial by some.

    Sean responds and calls P.T. a rascist

    Members climb in and give it to P.t.

    Sean posts trying to explain/justify his previouse post

    P.T. posts explaining what he was really doing.

    Members climb in again in MUST PROTECT MY LEADER MODE

    P.T. loves it [no stopping him now]

    Stevieb watching from the sidelines thinking COOOOOOL

    Sean sees this is getting out of control and wisely declares he is going to bed

    Stevieb thinks AAW BUGGER IM !!!!!!!!

    P.T. smell victory and launches personal tirade against Sean

    Troops rally once again

    Sean snoozes away blissfully

    P.T. still taunts , knowing full well the ignore button is due

    Sean decides bugger it and pulls the plug amid talk of lawyers etc

    P.T. is ecstatic as “VICTORY” he shouts. He’s not sure what of, but VICTORY anyway.

    The crowd disperses and returns to the reasonable type theme of this chat

    Life goes on as if the president hadn’t even been here


    BUT WAIT !!………………..

    There has been a winner in all this, Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Stevieb !!!!!!!
    I was just about to invest quite a bit of money in a course in HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY , but now there is no need as I’ve just got the whole bloody course here, FREE, GRATIS and FOR NOTHING.
    Thanks to all who participated.

    All in good humour,

  57. Haha. Thanks SteveB

    Fantastic news! See, we all saved you some money and provided entertainment at the same time. Now THAT’S leverage. LOL

    I’m pleased we can help. Call back as often as you like.

    BTW. For every comment made, there are about 90-100 reading. I have the stats for the site and a lot of people were getting entertainment from last night farce.

    Happy days!

  58. Quote “…the only way that any individual can become a millionaire anywhere on this earth …


    That’s just not true and you know it so I expect you are not being serious and just looking for something to attack Sean with (which is not going to sway anyone around to your way of thinking which I believe is the point of an argument or debate)but I’d like to address this one point if I may.

    How can investing in something that rises in value and selling it later at a higher market price hurt anyone? How can building up an educational business that educates people (for example by selling How To DVD to people interested in learning how to use a piece of software – like a guy I know) – hurt anyone?

    Sure there are crooks out there who do nothing but make promises they can’t keep and steal people’s money but I can think of dozens of ways people can become financially much more well off than the average person just by having a good idea that they sell to lots of people and make heaps of money.

    You seem to want to blame a specific financial amount on the woes of some people. I’m afraid that’s just too broad a brush. Are you saying that people should only have a certain amount of money? Or that people should never act upon a good idea even if it helps other people improve their lives? Or if they act on that idea and it helps people save or make money that they should not sell it for a fair price in the market? Are you saying that every business should give away it’s goods or services for free? Or that money shouldn’t even exist?

    Money does exist and if it wasn’t money it would be shells or stones or bananas…etc There needs to a medium of exchange because not everyone can do everything. There has to be a way to exchange one’s skills and efforts with another with either an exchange of goods or equivalent fair exchange of something they can exchange with someone else.

    I know Sean personally. He’s a good guy and any good arguments you may have (and I can see a few) are diminished by your attack on him and our system for lifestyle growth. Everything has to grow, why not people? Why not allow people to become all that they can be? I’m obviously not aware of your circumstances but your specific comments regarding the financial enrichment of some at the mandatory expense of others just doesn’t hold true as a rule. It might in circumstance but not as a rule and by saying “only” you have show a side of you that seems to have thrown the good in with the bad.

    Yes there is bad in all society but to stifle people from wanting to better themselves or bring a better good or service to society, asking a fair price and having a better life because of that enrichment is exactly why I hate the left. That is what they stand for. The cutting down of people who want to have a better life than what their current circumstances permit. The left (the very left being communism) will not allow people to grow beyond a certain limit imposed by others and that not only goes against nature but against the need for human growth.

    Do you have a job? Have you ever fought for a pay rise? Have you ever had an enterprising idea or wanted to ask a fair fee for your service? Imagine someone calling you a greedy bastard just wanting to ask what you thought was a fair price? The right allows and encourages you to grow to any size you please as long as it falls within the boundaries of common law. The left is just a spiteful jealous mob of no hopers who don’t want to see anyone have more than they have and that is why I would never vote for the left (Labor, Democrats).

    They use a mob mentality to crush individualism. It happened to me when I refused to sign up to (and pay) the industry union and had all my tools stolen so that I could not “partake in the wage that the union fought for”. I had a stand up spit face verbal brawl with the union representative and told him he was “so far out in left field that he wasn’t even in the game anymore”. Ever since I realised what the left stands for (ganging up on people that have more than you to extort money from them to feed their own laziness and cater to they vicious jealousy” I have drawn a line and decided to take a stand for individual freedom.

    Now, I’m not saying that I agree with all the policies of the right and that all the policies of the (centre) left are bad but I’m smart enough to know when I see need to see what side of the fence makes sense to me and the comment you made above is wrong, inaccurate, based in leftist political views and therefore in my opinion as evil to me as the right are to you. It is the left which I believe to be a more evil force than the right.

    I don’t believe in killing anyone especially innocent people and so have mixed emotions when it comes to taking down oppressive regimes so I’m not going to defend every social or defense policy that we on the (centre) right have had but financially, the left are out of touch and if they had their way none of us would have a different amount of money than any one else or a better house or better car or an air conditioner (unless everyone else could have one too)…etc and that is just wrong. People should be allowed to grow as big and prosperous as they possibly can and so I will always vote to the right and never to the left and will encourage everyone else to do the same. Too many people vote for personality (or in this case colour which is just the saddest thing I’ve seen in a long time – politically speaking) when all people should be focusing on should be policy.

    Before I leave this comment I know that some of you are thinking that “if the right were so good at business management then why are we in this temporary credit crisis?”. The current economic situation is not all the government’s fault. I agree that they should have kept a closer eye on regulation of the financial derivatives market so this could not get as out of hand but it’s not their fault – even mostly.

    I stand by my comments made previously. The left should never (ever, ever!) be in power because without sound business policy that encourages growth and prosperity we will all feel downtrodden and kept below our natural growth levels and that is never a good feeling as I’m sure all of you know. So, instead of congratulating the left for taking power because people couldn’t keep they eyes of a mans skin colour (or mistaking all political parties for evil liars) we should pay a little more attention to the fundamentals of the each side and focus on the overall policies and in this case be saddened by the fear that this is another fine mess the unthinking voters have dragged us all into.

    If I could summarise my post by one saying it must be…”Think Before You Vote. You must vote in what is best not vote our what is worst for something that is even worse”.

  59. Hello Bill

    Passionate as always πŸ˜‰ . Thanks for sharing that with us. You have many valid points and, I’m sure, some that people will agree and disagree with, depending on where they grew up and what idea were put in their heads growing up.

    I come from down in the valley, where mister when you’re young, They bring you up to do, as your Daddy done” – Bruce Springsteen

    I know a lot of people that blindly vote what their Dads voted for when they grew up.

    I totally agree people should vote for the policy, not the person. Thought, if it’s a madman, please consider carefully.

    I’m possibly more left than right but am under no illusions of the people involvement in politics. Labour is right of centre in Australia. We have negated the left wing and that was successfully done during Menzies Commie smear campaigns. He did that very well and it was a political success by all means.

    With parents growing up in occupied WW2 Europe by a Fascist, right wing government and the extreme opposite was Communism, it seems clear that they stand for the same thing in essence. They are polar opposites that have polarized so far that they became the same: Evil and selfserving for the rich, leaving the poor with little hope to get out of the Rat-Race.

    As the policeforce was removed, people had to turn to the German soldiers for law enforcement. If you were seen being friendly with a german (they are human to, right?), especailly if a woman, you were given a shaved head, and in many cases a compulsory “Rape” by the resistance movement – The Good Guys.

    So there was far right and far left – all being the badies. But it’s the people that ruin it, not the policies.

    Personally, I’m not very politically motivated. Just dont’ send off our children to kill and get killed in other countries in the name of commerce. That is just plain wrong!

    Barack won as would Hillary and so would just about anyone else who ran against GW Bush’s past actions. People just want change and they literally vote blindly when that time comes. The Republicans knew that, I’m certain. McCain has only taken a massive publicity boost from this and that will increse the likelyhood of them getting back in 4 years from now. Barack will likely be the scapegoat for anything that is handed to him now, financially and diplomatically.

    Carter couldn’t broker Peace in the Middle East, not because he was uncapable, but because he was riding on the coattails of tarnished reputations: Ford, Nixon, LBJ and a Vietnam War. Barack has the same, if not worse task. He’s riding of the coat tails of Reagan, Bush, Clinton & Bush Jr. They were all warmongers and I hope Barack shows us he is different.

    Maybe as a show of good faith, Barack could reinstall the Solarpanels that Jimmy Carter had installed on the White House to go Green. Reagan had them ripped down immediately and coverted back to Oil heating. He was incidently in bed with Haliburton. Enough said – LOL

    Like I said in my article. I am hopeful. Without hope we will never achieve.

    Your passion is contagious, Bill. Great to have you here mate.

  60. This reply is to Sean, with special comment to John KW and then to everyone here.

    Hi John KW,

    Re: your comment “I am so sorry for the shameful acts the U.S has committed. Not all Americans agree or support the many of the recent examples America has displayed.”

    One thing I have learnt from both [Name Withheld] and Topher Morrison is that we are all responsible for such events as S11 and we need to take responsibility for that. It is very refreshing to see someone “sorry” for atrocities when they have not physically pulled the trigger. Such comments make you very empowering John KW.

    This thread has had both empowering and disepowering language. It is easy to want to reply with a forked tongue when under personal attack, after all, we have generations teaching us that we need to defend when attacked and even the Bush administration has supported that view. Perhaps the best thing we can do in such situations is ask “how would love respond?” as [Name Withheld] would say. Then, we start to see negative comments in a different light or can respond accordingly.

    As much as we are all entitled to an opinion whether it be on the election or on the weather, we can, in the expressing of those opinions show compassion and consideration for others. To make change we need to all start doing things a little differently. Ask yourself when you look back on your post here how you chose to respond. (no, this is not taken from a judgemental point of view so humour me and re-read your own replies).

    Sean has created this blog to make a difference in people’s lives. It is your choice as to whether you just read his blog or whether you read it and make it part of your mindset. Where do you sit? Remember that each step you take toward your goal, no matter how small (and for me sometimes they are so small that they are just a blimp on the radar), they are still a step in the right direction and one step closer to change in your own life. This too can be applied to our opinions. Enough people voted and Obama is in. If enough people were to say, for example, “no more cruelty to animals, I choose to make a difference”, then it would make an impact. Also, if enough people give voice to negative comments then those negative comments get more power than they deserve. Don’t give energy to negativity when energy is better served in other areas.

    So, think about Barnes and Edison. ONE MAN had a vision. (thanks for your modern interpretation Sean). We all have a vision but we need to assess that vision. Obama has a vision, YOU have a vision. How is that played out on your tv? Do you like what you are seeing? If not, change the channel by changing your mindset. Re-read a few of Sean’s threads and TAKE ACTION.

    With regards to Obama, I don’t care about skin colour, I care about how humanity will provail, whether we will see more peace and less war and whether the world will become a better place for ALL nations. Obama has a big job, like anyone taking on such a role and I hope he can clean up the mess that Bush has left for him.

    Sean, you have handled yourself in a very professional and diplomatic manner during this thread and it is a credit to you.

    You may believe that banks rule but one day I believe they will not.

    Keep positive, keep sharing and keep yourself nice with empowering thoughts.

    Regards, Eileen.

  61. Thanks Eileen

    Some very good points there. You are an asset to this blog. Thank you. Regretably, I have to now go back and remove those posts (comments) to protect people’s feelings and also protect the offender against himself. If I get hot under the collar, I never respond via email or in blogs as I know I’m not in control in those circumstances, but the other person is holding and pulling your strings.

    I do feel that this thread has stayed on topic, as dirty as some responses got. The point here is that history has been made. If Barack was white, less of the losers would be upset. Because he is colored, more of them get upset. The beauty about it all is that Barack has more pressure on him to perform as an underdog and that can make him the most successful and powerful President ever.

    The downside is the opposite. I’m hopeful that will not be the case.

    I think if Barack had run against GW Bush 8 year ago, he would have lost. People would have backed GW Bush on face value, which wasn’t anywhere as tarnished as it is now. That’s just my opinion.

    So GW has forced equality along through his negative actions. Every cloud has a silver lining, indeed!

  62. Forgeting race, forgeting history being made. I think the biggest thing I’ve taken out of Obama’s campaign and his successful election is his extremely positive slogan “Yes We Can” I was listening on the radio to his acceptance speech and he had over 100,000 people chanting the words “Yes We Can, Yes We Can, Yes We Can!” truly mind blowing how this one man can inspire so many people.

    Arren Vs last blog post..Determined Puppy!

  63. Thanx for such as amusing post Sean and everyone else. See what Politics (and religion) does. Personally I agree with Sean, and have to wonder were there invisible words in between PT’s lines, one minute he’s saying one thing and then contradicting him self. I agree with Stevieb, a great psychology lesson, LOL. Thanx for the humour and entertainment everyone

  64. Michelle Turnbull says:

    Hi all,
    I just think that it’s a shame a person can’t feel happy and hopeful for change and a chance at a brighter future, without someone else raining on the parade.
    It was only yesterday I was explaining to my 9 and 11 year old boys that in the ’60s you couldn’t be seen with a negro, etc. and look how far we’ve come.
    Yes, it started with Martin Luther King’s dream, and who knows where it will lead?
    Obama may be better or worse or just the same as the previous presidents, but the fact that he is president now, not only signifies the shifting of public sentiment against racism, but perhaps a change in ideals, etc?
    I feel sad that some people have such bitterness against others, and for no clear reason.
    Let’s refocus on the issue. Sean, you bring great hope and inspiration to me personally, and I’m sure a whole bunch of others.
    Don’t let one person spoil it for the collective people.

  65. Thanks Michelle

    Point taken. Moving on πŸ˜‰

  66. grace reyes says:

    I think Mr. Torney wasn’t taught good manners and right conduct at home and in school. It’s good no one stooped down to his level.

  67. One last comment from me.

    There were a few I would like to comment on above, although that would just stir things up even more if we were to really lay debate open from every angle.

    At the end of the day, we are not voting for black or white, right or left, Catholic or Protestant. We don’t vote to get the best person and best party elected, we simply vote to keep the worst party and worst person out.

    That’s democracy, and the people have spoken, including all of us.

  68. By the way – who said 50 was old man territory! LOL

    I is 49.6 years old and counting down to the big 50 next March!

    I can still benchpress my weight (infact 20kg over)!

    No agism here please!
    Heheheheheh! LOL


  69. Grrreenfalcon. Why do you think I say no to “Fossil” fuels? LOL

  70. creativehill says:

    It is sad & a shame that people like you Mr torney were taught how to read & write, a sad shame.:)

  71. Bobby Revell: Ah to my fellow libertarian, I would like to start a new libertarian country without income tax, invasion of privacy, non-libertious regulation and general static governance. Perhaps the most administration needed would be to determine whether potential immigrants are truly ready to take self-responsibility and stop blaming their incompetence on “those bastards”. You in?

    John KW: Your post is amazing. Anything more I could say about it would simply dilute your post. It was amazing.

    Bill Stacy: I can relate through remembering, despite all the foreign affairs atrocities under John Howard, I felt like if a person wanted to rise above the crowds and decide to create value and amass wealth – you would be supported. I suddenly that mood has changed under the new leadership. It feels to me like there is more of a political mood to subsidise the average person’s fear, inaction, sense of entitlement and general laziness – that money is a privilege entitled to each citizen regardless of what decisions they make. It is a shame. Although my perception could be skewed – it was only a few years out of my teens when the change happened.

    Eileen: I wish the whole world’s ears upon your message.

    Arren V: And to think one *politician* could inspire so many people!

    Greenfalcon: You put my press to shame.

    Sean: I am glad that it seems P.T. has strengthened your conviction into your blog, and not jeopardised it. Your online presence is such a positive and integral presence, and it’s good to see such strength. By the way, I hope you thanked P.T. for the free publicity!

    Random thoughts because I like the sound of my own tapping fingers…

    Now that the event is over, I am looking forward to seeing what Obama will bring to the country and the world in the form of actual policies. Can a president really use his/her own principles to fight the machine of the faceless leaders? Is he genuinely fighting to push his own vision, and is he more than a pleasant, politically-correct face for who really runs the country? I have found every candidate – bar the great Ron Paul – to be lacking in “this is the blueprint of what I will do during my term”. But, I guess it’s not what the average US’an wants.

    (A close friend of mine started a movement where, everytime he votes (state, fed), instead of selecting a candidate, he writes at the top of the ballot “I vote for policies, not people”. It seems to be quite popular when raised in private discussion. I won’t tell you whether I do it because I don’t want to get in trouble with the “democracy”.)

    To play the skeptic card – We can enjoy the social statement of Obama’s success, but then what? I am slightly unnerved to see his acceptance speech focus so much on how historical his success was, and not on his actual plans for the country. Is the actual “change” in the country going to dwarf compared to the magic of the campaign, and will the hysteria die as quickly as Australia’s own Kevin07 campaign, when the country realised how much of the issues still remained beyond this new change?

    I think Obama will cause some good shake-ups however:
    1.) his exposure to Islamic cultures – maybe much of the US would do well to consider Islam’s perspective, maybe even see how some Islamic ideals are much more peaceful than Christian ones, and unlearn this attitude of it being ‘the terrorist religion’,
    2.) attending a church whose pastor suggests the US brought the 9/11 attacks on themselves – maybe a prospect the country needs to spend a long time considering instead of thinking they can attack their way to peace,
    3.) Obama saying that some rural states are run by fear, and that is why its’ citizens cling to guns and religion – maybe another prospect these areas need to spend a long time considering, instead of aggressively defending themselves.

    But there is one very prominent positive, 11 weeks and counting until Bush steps out of the Oval! Maybe then we can work on sending him and his cabinet to prison.

  72. Hi Tris

    Well spoken. Yes, I have thanked P.T. But I think he took offense. Didn’t see the funny side.

    Of everything you said, one thing in particular stood out for me about the US: “instead of thinking they can attack their way to peace”

    The whole “fear-driven” culture concept is summarized nicely in this South Park cartoon.


  73. Mark Harvey says:

    Hello, President Torney!

    At the moment, I am not saying that I would have, nor am I saying that I would not have, voted for Obama if I were elgible to vote in that particualr election. However, I will say this: Obama won the presidential election because he wanted it badly enough, and because he worked hard for it, and because he had the right attitude! His race or colour had nothing to do with why he won. And even though — as you yourself have acknowledged — he IS a highly intelligent man, even that is not the primary reason why he won. The reasons why he won are the ones that I have just given to you!

    Your saying, “if Obama had an opponent (a white man) that had even half a brain he would not have stood a chance”, is offensive to so-called “black” and so-called “white” people alike!

  74. Fred AKA Proud Vietrnam Veteran says:

    I wish people (Democratic Party) would tell the. truth about “Their” President Elect. He is not a “Black” man, But a “Mulatto” or “Mestizo man. that is to say that he is only Part Black. He has proven, by his prior actions, that he is not trustworthy, he turned against his mother’s and grandparent’s (White) race and has worked hand in hand with persons against everything that United States Of America stand for. He has chosen to follow his “Muslim” Father’s path of life. I believe that those who voted for him are going to have a very rude awakening in the next several years, starting within the first yeat of his “Reign”.

    As to comments made about Carter failing because he rode in on teh coat tails of the Men who held office before him, That is “FAR” from the truth, as Governor of Georgia, which I am a” Native Son” of, he eradicated or reversed many positive changes made by prior Governors of this “Great” State.

    A Democrat President, JFK, got us into Vietnam, and President Richard Nixon got us out. The reason “We” lost that war is because of Politicians who wanted to run the war instead of allowing the Military Leaders to do their jobs, and win the War.

  75. Thanks for your input Fred

    This was my comment about Jimmy Carter:

    Carter couldn’t broker Peace in the Middle East, not because he was uncapable, but because he was riding on the coattails of tarnished reputations

    This was referring to past Presidents and actions taken in wars. The world outside the US naturally see US actions a bit different to a US citizen and will be less biased. That doesn’t at any stage infer that any party is right or wrong.

    Carter’s ability to tackle domestic issues are unknown to me, and probably most non-US citizens. We (outside the US) mainly notice interference with foreign policy, such as Carter’s efforts to stabilize the Middle East.

    I totally respect ALL honest soldiers that make the sacrifice for their country. I do however not always respect politicians that send them away on their missions. Ofcourse that is only my personal opinion.

    Yes, I totally agree that Vietnam was run by politicians, moreso than other wars. Politicians have other agendas than just winning a battle. Just ask any Aussie what they think of “Sir” Winston Churchill and the way he sent our Anzac’s to the slaughter in Gallipoli, WW1.

  76. Hi Frank,

    Could you please elaborate on the further actions which has demonstrated that he is not trustworthy? Also, who has he worked hand-in-hand with, who are against what the US stands for? Also, what are the attributes that are against what the US stands for?

    These questions are not meant as a challenge, but as a learning experience for myself and any interested readers.

  77. Hi All,
    I have been totally ashamed of US policy during the past 8 years, and was opposed to the Vietnam War as well. In fact, I see no value in was as a solution to problems. I am 72 years old and have seen much war with no real positive effects resulting from it. I am proud that we as a nation finally elected an intelligent person as president of our nation. He unfortunately has a huge mess to content with worldwide. He is appointing people with experience to positions of power and I hope that our tarnished reputation will be repaired in the future. Helping others to obtain food, shelter and a lifestyle that gives them physical, mental and spiritual comfort is in my book the highest calling in life. That doesn’t mean that my culture should be pushed on others, as we all have been born into different contexts. These are part of a greater whole that when accepted create the one world of peace and love I crave.

  78. He has done so much for the state of affairs over there already, even if alot of it was just to support the people, give them hope, change their outlook. He is a celebrity in my books.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Sign Language for Babies =-.

  79. So here we are, 15 month later. And Mr.Obama has not solved all the worlds problems (how could he) but I think he definitely looks like he is doing a better job than his predecessor. I am not into the details, but I like the way he communicates.

    And coming back to the dream – sometimes dreams last longer than just one lifetime, influence others and continue to be pursued. That happens to such great dreams like Martin Luther King’s.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Overcoming Procrastination =-.

  80. I agree Renee
    President Obama has the respect of people around the world, and he with his team are making a difference in the world.

  81. Hi Sean

    Thanks for having the courage to write a political blog post and share some of your views here.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..Richard Branson Business School: A day visit =-.

  82. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    I personally like President Obama. I like his slogan, “Yes We Can” and I love that for once, he represents real change. Obama does represent the dawn of a new era.

    I think he represents hope for a lot of people around the world. It’s going to be an interesting Presidency. I’m really looking forward to seeing him in Australia in a couple of weeks.

  83. I’m writing this just as the news is coming through re Obama’s Health Reform Bill which is debated and voted on this weekend.
    A lot of hope and prayer rests with this man.
    .-= Jo Carey-Bradshaw´s last blog ..Empowering Mindset – Mindfulness =-.

  84. The alternative was McCain and Palin. Except for a few votes, and a heartbeat, we could be talking about President Palin today. I see nothing in her policies that give me any confidence she would have done a better job than GWB did. BHO acts like a president. I am not sure GWB or WJC did that so well.
    .-= Wal Heinrich´s last blog ..Think And Grow Rich Mindset Mastery =-.

  85. Hi Sean,
    I’m not going to say much about Obama however there does appear to be a problem finding out where Obama was born. It would be pretty incredible if he wasn’t born in America because he would not have been elligible to stand for presidency. Apparently the American Constitution states that anyone standing for presidency in America has to have been born in America.

    If he wasn’t born in America then how could a mistake like that have been made. If he was born in America then why doesn’t he shown his proof so that the critics are quietened?
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Common Law Marriage – What is Common Law Marriage? =-.

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