Napoleon Hill MP3 Of Think And Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill wrote the legendary self help book, Think And Grow Rich many years ago. I have made available a Free MP3 version (below), professionally narrated by a friend in the USA. I have covered all expenses, including the bandwidth, for you to access this abundant and life changing work by one of the fathers of positive thinking and manifestation of wealth.

Please understand that wealth is more than money. Napoleon Hill talks of financial riches, as this is a gauge people use in our society, but you need to have a holistic approach to wealth to succeed and become truly successful: To Think And Grow Rich!

The first MP3 episode is further down this post.

Think And Grow Rich = Mindset Mastery

This book, Mindset Mastery, is a modern version of Napoleon Hill’s timeless classic, Think And Grow Rich. Like many others, I have accessed this book from the Public Domain and legally re-written it and published it in my name. I have also payed tribute to Napoleon Hill at all opportunities – as I should. Most people don’t know about this way of re-publishing books, yet it is done by a lot of people.

The public domain has enabled me to get Napoleon Hill’s message out to thousands of people. Many life’s are improved because of this abundant message, originally published by Napoleon Hill in 1937 in the name of Think And Grow Rich.

As a write this, there are almost 6,000 members of the FaceBook FanPage to access Free books like Think And Grow Rich.

Napoleon Hill’s original message has not been changed, prostituted or compromised. I have purely re-worded old references to modern analogies to make it more relevant to the current day reader. An example is this: Napoleon Hill may refer to Marconi and the invention of the radio and sound waves through the ether as groundbreaking technology. I have changed the analogy to Bill Gates and the effect he has had on the modern world and computing. It is all in the name of making the message relate to the reader on the day.

Free Napoleon Hill MP3 Of Think And Grow Rich

Here is the first installment of Think And Grow Rich. It is an introduction to the book. This intro is relevant to understand the book and the hardship that gave birth to the ideas of Think And Grow Rich. You will also hear my Hearfelt Tribute to Napoleon Hill.

Instructions on getting the MP3 Player to work are in the image on the right ==>

Introduction and Tribute To Napoleon Hill (8:27)

The narration is not by me but by someone I have paid to narrate Think And Grow Rich.


(MP3 download link for this chapter will be available in May 2010)

You can Download The Book Here (pdf) >>

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Chapter One (35:05) will be available tomorrow: The Man Who Thought Himself Into Partnership With Thomas Edison

Until then, with abundance

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator
Aussie Internet Marketer © 2004 – 2010

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  1. Sean,
    Thank you for everything you are doing so we can have a life of abundance I have already set up to help others and will in time increase that commitment.

  2. Thank you Sean for sharing this helpful information.
    I will look forward to the full version being available for mp3 download. Your last mp3 download was brilliant and I listen to it often. I can’t tell you how much that has helped me over the last few months, keep focused, keep on track and build my own internet businesses.
    Thanks again Sean!
    .-= Bev Langford´s last blog ..All PPV Companies Don’t Yield The Same Results =-.

  3. I am the proud owner of this download, and it has been added to my favorite Ipod that I carry with me every where. Napoleon Hill is legendary, with his wealth creation lessons.
    He has changed lives for the better of people back in his time & is still doing today, around the world. With out a doubt it would be one of the top personal development & wealth creation books in the world. Now you can have a download of the book in audio, thanks to Sean Rasmussen.

    .-= Allen Sentance Fisherman´s last blog ..Five Positive Steps Towards An Open Mind =-.

  4. Hi Sean,
    I am really looking forward to the full version of the MP3. I really appreciate and highly respect your work and your level of ethic. Well done – again 🙂
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..The Best Way To Get Motivated =-.

    • Hi Sean
      Thankyou so much for your generosity. It is great that ‘Think And Grow Rich” is out there in the public domain to be shared by everyone, but even better still that you have improved it even more by making and mp3 of it so we can hear it in a whole new way. Looking forward to the complete version.
      Kind regards

  5. Thanks, Sean, your generosity abounds. I am curious about what wonderful things you are going to bestow on your fans next.
    .-= Wal Heinrich´s last blog ..Think And Grow Rich Mindset Mastery =-.

  6. Thanks for making this available Sean – much appreciated.
    .-= Colin ´s last blog ..Wealth and Success =-.

  7. Thanks Sean for sharing this information, it will be used to the best of my ability. Cheers mate.
    .-= Richard Colum´s last blog ..Property: An Excellent Financial Investment =-.

  8. Sean Rasmussen I salute you! Thank you.

  9. Hello Sean,

    Looking forward to the Think and Grow Rich via MP3. I have listened to the first introduction and have to say that it will be a great way to listen about the book , and the voice is a easy to listen to. Looking forward to learning more, instead of reading it willl be great to hear the words. By listening I wonder what other information I will gather because I always pick up more and more each time that I read the book, hearing about it will even enhance the learning process 🙂
    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..What Ever Happened To Respect? =-.

    • @Wal, @Colin, @Richard, @Jill, @Lisa
      You are all very welcome! Enjoy Think and Grow Rich. The most powerful way to take in the message is to listen to ONE Chapter at a time, one day at a time. Enjoy!

  10. Thanks for your generosity on this Sean,

    As you know, you have already changed my life and part of that started with you sharing Hill’s message. 🙂

    Regards, Eileen.
    .-= Eileen´s last blog ..Chocolate Easter Eggs =-.

  11. Can’t wait for the full version to become available, although still enjoying the installments. Will download the full version to my ipod. I have been a fan of Napoleon Hill for a number of years now. Thanks so much for your generosity Sean. Enjoy your Boys trip away, and have a great Easter.
    .-= Cheryl Griffin´s last blog ..CONSISTENCY:- AN IMPORTANT STATE OF MIND FOR EVERY TRADER =-.

  12. Thanks for being so generous to share this download with us all, Sean.
    I have enjoyed learning the teachings of Napoleon Hill and putting them into action.
    His teachings have helped improve many people lives, not just with Monetary Wealth, but a Personal and Social level.
    .-= Cade Arnel´s last blog ..Traders Daily Routine Checklist – Are you Ticking the boxes – Part 1 =-.

  13. Jiminy Crickets Sean, if you keep this up it’s going to be a full-time job just to repay you, let alone pay it forward to you.. I will find a way. Thank you so much for this, and you are right about the full download – for those on lower capacity downloading, these chapter by chapters will be a boon; and less intimidating perhaps. I look forward to these audios, and I’m finding the narrator easy to listen to. Thank You.
    .-= Jo Carey-Bradshaw´s last blog ..Empowering Mindset – Mastering Self =-.

  14. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    Thank-you very much for making this download available for free for all of us who want it. I love that I can have it on my Ipod and be able to listen to it whenever I want. It definitely makes traveling on Sydney’s trains a lot more pleasurable.

    Also, it speaks volumes about the man that you are, that you are willing to fund this entirely out of your own pocket. I am very grateful that you are my mentor. I appreciate everything you do for us and I will work hard to honour your commitment to us.

  15. G’day Sean,
    Thankyou for this priceless gift. I love the idea of listening and reading simultaneously to really implant the messages.
    .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..A Rare Gift – Film of History in Action =-.

  16. I’m so pleased that the distribution of this message has not been stopped by anyone who may have a less abundant mindset than is in these teachings by Napoleon Hill.

  17. Hi Sean,
    I love the fact that I can both read the book, and listen to the mp3 it somehow becomes clearer.
    Greatfull for the opportunity to pass this information to many people

  18. Thanks Sean,

    I have just downloaded your pdf version of ‘Think & Grow Rich’, I have actually been to this page before this competition but could not work out how to download it to my computer lol.

    I ended up downloading it from somewhere else but only got half way through. I think perhaps it is time to complete the book… who knows, maybe I too will learn how to become successful : )
    .-= jeremy´s last blog ..jlagatule- RT @gurubob- True influence is not forcing people to say yesit is systematically destroying their reasons to say no – GuruBob =-.

  19. Cathy Howitt says:

    Thank you Sean for this great resource.
    I read Think and Grow Rich many years ago and then again as your PDF. This is the next best thing as it can only enhance the message and make good use of travelling in the car.
    Thank you once again.


  20. Sean, thanks for everything. i just wanted to remind you that this is August and i can’t find any link yet for the THINK AND GROW RICH MP3. Pls make this available.

  21. thanks so much!!!
    This book wonderful

  22. Thanks for making this great book available on MP3 Sean. I’ve read it several times and it’s without a doubt one of the best books I ever read. I’ve had several copies stolen by so called friends or roomates too, and that’s a shame if they’d have only asked I would have loaned them the book to read, but they didn’t want to read it they only wanted me not to read it and be happy and be successful, they have failed. I’m a lot more successful than any of them not rich yet but I’m happily married and I’m clean and sober and doing better all the time and have no loser friends betraying me anymore and that’s a big success for me. I think it’s time I gave this book a review and listen to the MP3 again. It has helped me so much in the past and it can be of help at any stage, and it’s universal no matter where you are no matter what obstacles are in your path, and I’ve had some mountains in my way believe me, but Napolian Hill shows me a way through the darkness. His book brought me some hope that I had control and I could change my life, sadly for me some of the people closest to me never wanted me succeed so they are now out of my life. Sometimes, I’d say most of the time, our friends and all the people around us don’t want us to succeed or be happy they’ll be jealous, so they sabotage all our efforts. Get away from them as fast as you can and never let them in again! I say if you really want to succeed read this book apply the rules to your life then get rid of all your backstabbing friends and anyone else in the way of your progress.

  23. I’m praying for God’s blessings in the Philippine Missionary Work. I think the book of Napoleon Hill may help me in some way know some secrets how to receive some blessings for the work.

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