Mindset Mastery 68 – Impacting Impulses

Mindset Mastery eBookThe impulse of thought that Hill’s son had became his ultimate success. This one solitary idea, this one impulse, born of a definite desire, paved the way for this man who was born at such a disadvantage.

Sum And Substance Of Impulse

“The sum and substance of that impulse of thought was this: It occurred to him that he might be of help to the millions of deafened people who go through life without the benefit of hearing devices, if he could find a way to tell them the story of his Changed World. Then and there, he reached a decision to devote the remainder of his life to rendering useful service to the hard of hearing.

“For an entire month, he carried on an intensive research, during which he analyzed the entire marketing system of the manufacturer of the hearing device, and created ways and means of communicating with the hard of hearing all over the world for the purpose of sharing with them his newly discovered “Changed World.” When this was done, he put in writing a two-year plan, based upon his findings. When he presented the plan to the company, he was instantly given a position, for the purpose of carrying out his ambition.

A Destiny Of Hope And Success

“Little did he dream, when he went to work, that he was destined to bring hope and practical relief to thousands of deafened people who, without his help, would have been doomed forever to deaf mutism.

“Shortly after he became associated with the manufacturer of his hearing aid, he invited me to attend a class conducted by his company, for the purpose of teaching deaf mutes to hear, and to speak. I had never heard of such a form of education, therefore I visited the class, skeptical but hopeful that my time would not be entirely wasted. Here I saw a demonstration which gave me a greatly enlarged vision of what I had done to arouse and keep alive in my son’s mind the desire for normal hearing. I saw deaf mutes actually being taught to hear and to speak, through application of the self-same principle I had used, more than twenty years previously, in saving my son from deaf mutism.

Principle Desire

Through himself and his son Hill proved the power of desire. That was a power proven over and over again with his son’s growing success and that which he witnessed by observation of what seemed at the time an unlikely class.

What Hill has done here is proven in new ways just how strong the power of desire can be. This is certainly not the only application of the success of a burning desire in the book, but it is one that is quite compelling. Learn from Hill and his son, develop that burning desire for whatever is it you recognize as success, and watch as the world brings it to you!

Sean Rasmussen
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  1. This is an epic tale Sean.

    The lives of these two are extroadinary.

    More so the principle of the burning desire.

    Kudos to Sean

    Tommy Turbos last blog post..Mindset Mastery 68 – Impacting Impulses

  2. Richard Colum says:

    The tireless effort that the Father put in to help his son. and with his mother watching over was the testament of the love they had for their son.

  3. We all have the capabilities within us to achieve just what Napoleon hill and his son did , unfortunately so few ever exercise this ability.

    Allen Sentance

  4. What really inspires me about this story is the result of the burning desire. Most people see the result in how things came together with the manufacture of the device and the new world of “hearing” that opened up for Hill’s son and many others, that’s much further down the timeline. The direct result was the activity they both engaged in that created the bridge to connect them with the manufacturer in the first place. The hours Hill spent communicating to his son that this was not a handicap, the days that Hills son poured over the existing marketing plan to create a new one – these were manifestations of the burning desire that translated into the final life changing relationship.

    Often these are the results, or activity that some may not look for when waiting for the impulse of thought to bring their fondest desire.

    This is such a powerful story. Thank you Sean.

  5. I had a discussion with a friend of mine the other day who is a family man and we were discussing private education, suburbs worth living in and money. When I mentioned that we intended to be wealthy in the next couple of years he said that they (he and his wife) had given up on that idea. He had totally closed his mind off to any possibility when I mentioned that perhaps he should find something that suited his lifestyle so he could then afford the private school and house of his choice. He then proceeded to tell me that he enjoyed his work and that he would want to continue working but then in total contradition would say that it would be nice to not have to work. Any goal of making more money discussed in our conversation involved planning long term and not for the now. He talked stock market as the main money producer and could not see any other option.

    This conversation showed me that he was, during his discussion with me, fighting with his mindset. I felt sad that he could not see a way forward to achieving his dreams and that he was not even open to the idea of other ways of becoming wealthy. It is true that people do want wealth but most either feel that it is evil to even mention having money or do not see how they can get there.

    our conversation showed me that in order for him to see that dreams can be achieve, I needed MYSELF to achieve my own goals. That perhaps, through my actions and achievements, I might help him break out of his own cycle of dispair and show him that it can be done. I look forward to that phone call when I share with him my success and can help him to dream again.
    I know that is long winded but I believe it ties in with the story and Allen Sentance’s comment.
    You need to open your mind so that opportunities can present themselves. You need to dream so that you have a visual plan and you need to take action to realise your dreams.

    May you all have a Very Merry Christmas and make sure you all dream big in 2009.



  6. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    This story epitomizes for me the idea of the ‘ripple effect’. In the beginning Napoleon Hill taught his son the principles of success. His son grew up and applied the principles of success.

    Napoleon Hill’s son changed the lives of countless numbers of deaf people the whole world over and it all started with one man, his Dad. I am learning to be successful from you, Sean and I’m sure you’re doing the exact same thing for countless others. I wonder where we would all be if you had not first had a burning desire to share your knowledge?

  7. Its great to see that you can achieve your dreams, even if you don’t know the “how”. It will come to you if you keep your eyes on the target and stay open.

    I have been told to keep a little book with me at all times and write down and “million dollar idea” that flashes through my mind so I either can act on it if it is connected with my goal or pass it on to someone else to help them achieve their dreams. You never know which idea might be the one 🙂
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind – Part 2 =-.

  8. I can’t imagine a greater burning desire than a parent’s love for their child. A desire that their son or daughter be truly happy, and shine as brightly in the world as they’re meant to.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..Richard Branson Business School: A day visit =-.

  9. I agree with Allen, it is so very sad when people have had their desire/passion/life-urge quashed. I am so very pleased to note that this is not a permanent human condition, and that while there is life, there is an irrepressable urge to grow. Inspiration seems to be an essential to human existence – thank goodness!
    .-= Jo Carey-Bradshaw´s last blog ..Empowering Mindset – Mastering Self =-.

  10. I wish I had a mentor like Napoleon Hill when I was Blair’s age. The education system was and is lacking. Using the TAGR principles to attain success was then laughed at by the majority, but not so much now.
    .-= Wal Heinrich´s last blog ..Think And Grow Rich Mindset Mastery =-.

  11. I wish I had a mentor like Napoleon Hill when I was still pre-adult. The education system was and is lacking. Using the TAGR principles to attain success was then scoffed at by the majority, but not so much now.
    .-= Wal Heinrich´s last blog ..Think And Grow Rich Mindset Mastery =-.

  12. Hi Sean,
    It is an amazing learning. A story to turn such a negative as deafness into a positive and then to be able to help so many other people as well.

    I guess we all probably have a negative about ourselves. If we have something we don’t like. Imagine turning it into a positive and that we were able to help others due to our disadvantage and as well make a successful career from it. The possibilities are endless.
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Common Law Marriage – What is Common Law Marriage? =-.

  13. Hi Jill,

    Yes,it is an amazing story. I am envious of people who can take something negative and against all odds,not only overcome it; but use it to inspire others and succeed.
    .-= Jazz Salinger´s last blog ..Finding Your Passion =-.

  14. Hi Sean

    I really love Mr Hills determination. He saw his son with hearing and he added to the visualisation the burning desire to see that come to fruition.

    If Mr Hill can do that on the seemingly impossible, imagine what we can do with the possible in our lives. I for one wil start this day.

  15. The burning desire in so many people is dampened by those around them in the schools, and parents who have never been encouraged, and many other things.
    I want to change that world maybe I can’t do the whole world, but I can in my small area.
    If Napoleon Hill could see how so many more people are following his teachings I am sure he would be happy

  16. This is not just an amazing story, but a testament to Napolen Hill and his philosophy of life in action. Yes, to those who made the wish – wouldn’t it be great to have him as a mentor – but we have Sean, so that’s not too shabby an alternative.

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