Mindset Mastery 137 – Setting The Price On Wealth

Mindset Mastery eBookAnyone has the currency to build wealth with, because anyone can have an idea. And there is, as you’ll read here, no price that anyone can set on your ideas; but certainly a price you can set for them.

No Price Standard

There is no standard price on ideas. The creator of ideas makes his own price, and, if he is smart, gets it.

The movie industry created a whole flock of millionaires and billionaires. Most of them were men who couldn’t create ideas—but—they had the imagination to recognize ideas when they saw them.

The next flock of millionaires grew out of the radio business. The money that was made there was made by those who discovered or created new and better radio programs; people who had the imagination to recognize merit, and to give the radio listeners a chance to profit by it.

Fresh Ideas

Throughout the age of radio entertainment singers and baseless talk show hosts have come and gone, to be replaced by newer, fresher, and better artists. The stations that have managed to stay alive and well today are those who have produced the best radio programming and entertainment; those who have been able, despite ballooning competition from a myriad of new technologies and entertainments, to continue to supply the population with the entertainment they want and demand.

But in large part the radio industry has stagnated where it has been for decades; no truly unique programming ideas are being produced. However, now that the competition is stiff, the producers that prove their staying power will have to come up with something completely new and fresh. Above all, the thing that radio needs is new ideas!

If this new field of opportunity intrigues you, perhaps you might profit by the suggestion that the successful radio programs of the future will give more attention to creating “buyer” audiences, and less attention to “listener” audiences. Stated more plainly, the builder of radio programs who succeeds in the future must find practical ways to convert “listeners” into “buyers.” Moreover, the successful producer of radio programs in the future must fine-tune his features so that he can definitely show its effect on the audience.

Change, Not Demise

The radio industry is not dying, but it is changing. With competition from satellite radio and entertainment resources that have been able to do away with commercial interruptions, the radio industry as it is known today will certainly have to find some completely new ways of staying afloat and turning a profit. This opens up a lot of room for opportunity amongst forward-thinkers.

Opportunistic Change

That things change is the way of life. That imaginative people can capitalise on such change is elemental, too, and has been proven countless times throughout history. All of this success, however, goes back to one point—that with the ability to produce a single idea, you can think your way straight to wealth. The possibilities are endless!

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator
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Sean Rasmussen is a passionate blogger and has been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When he's not with his family, or dog Buddy, Sean is usually blogging or doing something related to the internet.


  1. Opportunity in radio?

    I enjoy the radio for music and, a talk-back show sometimes but, other than that there’s no other reason to tune in, that I know about. A fresh idea would be welcome. I think a comedy show would go down well.

  2. True, some industries need to keep up with the times and the radio is one example. Another one that I wonder about is the Yellow Pages – not exactly in the same category but imagine if they hadn’t offered an online version – and you would have to argue, do many people actually go to the yellow pages site to search for a business or do they just type in what they are looking for and let the search engines find it. Even the best ideas and most stable businesses have to keep changing with the new demands and expectations of their audiences.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Sign Language for Babies =-.

  3. What’s great is that a new idea doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel. They say that if you can make something existing better – even just slightly better – you can make money. In fact, there’s an argument that if you’re onto something no one else is (especially on the internet), there’s probably a good reason for that.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..How to make comments online and build your online persona =-.

    • Hi Lina,
      the question is – how do you know nobody else is onto that something? If they are all developing it at the same time you might not see it out there yet but it still can be a great idea. So I wouldn’t take this fact as a decider. Why shouldn’t you be the first one to create something absolutely brilliant?
      .-= Renee´s last blog ..Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind =-.

  4. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    I think people can profit from change especially when they can see the change coming. I think it’s about being open and receptive to new ideas.

    I think the best way to open your mind to possibilities is to learn and apply the principles of success. This is the best way to create the mindset you need to create the life of your dreams.

  5. A Change is as good as a holiday – was one of late Grandma’s favorite sayings!!
    I agree that radio’s are changing. I will often change stations so I can stay tuned to the presenters that make me laugh.
    Stations are also having to come up with new ideas to keep their audiences listening and playing a part of the radio station. Good to hear that if you do have a great idea, along with a business plan, that you could set your own price.
    The only way to really set the price on wealth is to make your own product (eg; ebook, book, physical product) and along with smart marketing tools create a website (or shop etc) that will allow you to set your price – like you said if you are smart enough (honest enough) you will get it 🙂
    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Searching For Gratitude Rocks =-.

  6. We will always be able to rely on things changing in our world. So there will always be space for new ideas that come up out of the different forms of creativity. That’s the beauty for me – there will always be room for improvement, always new opportunities up for the taking. As long as I am open for them I will find them and be able to translate them into wealth.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Motivational Music =-.

  7. I think you may be right, the radio as we know it today is completely changed from where it was when I was younger, I used to enjoy the radio and I still do but FM has set a new completion for the AM stations and we all know today that FM attracts the younger audience.
    .-= Richard Colum´s last blog ..Tips for First Time Home Buyers =-.

  8. Hi Sean

    I don’t listen to the radio or watch Television. I don’t buy newspapers either so I am not able to address any of these media outlets.

    One of the great advantages of not ‘tuning’ into the ‘news’ is my mind does not get filled with other people’s concepts or distortions of the world. I am always thinking about projects to help others and how I can make a positive difference every day.

    I don’t need to access the media to find out what needs to be done with the world, I can just look around me to figure that out. There are a helluva lot of wonderful people in the world doing extraordinary things to help others every day. The media won’t have that blazing across the front page of their newspapers or announced every night on the news.

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