Mindset Mastery 13 – Is A General Want Enough?

Mindset Mastery Ebook by Sean RasmussenWe’ve already talked about Edwin Barnes having a burning desire to be Thomas Edison’s partner. Now let’s put that desire into a clearer perspective.

“One of the chief characteristics of Barnes’ Desire was that it was definite. He wanted to work with Edison, not for him. Pay close attention to the description of how he went about translating his desire into reality, and you will have a better understanding of the thirteen principles which lead to riches.

“When this desire, or thought-impulse, first flashed into his mind he was in no position to act on it. Two hurdles stood in his way. He did not know Thomas Edison, and he did not have enough money to pay his railroad fare to Orange, New Jersey.

“These obstacles would have been enough to discourage most men from making any attempt to carry out the desire. But Barnes’ was no ordinary desire! He was so determined to find a way to carry out his desire that he finally decided to travel by “blind baggage,” rather than face defeat. (To the uninitiated, this means he took a freight train to East Orange).”

Prime Characteristic Of Success

Barnes’ ‘burning’ desire shows that he truly wanted the success he envisioned, but there was another factor at work within that desire—definiteness. Barnes was very definite, very clear and determined in what he wanted, exactly. He did whatever he needed to do to turn his desire into reality, but he did not do so haphazardly; he set off as a stow-away determined to get the exact thing he wanted more than anything else. That is a prime characteristic of successful and wealthy people.

I will see you back here Monday and Thursday every week for the continuation of the Mindset Mastery series.

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  1. Hi Sean,

    That is definitely something I need to work on. Do you believe that writing down what you want will make it more likely to happen or do you believe that you just need the mindset and can achieve what you want by visualisation and other similar methods?

    Hope you are having a great morning.

    Regards, Eileen.

  2. Hi Eileen

    Writing it down means you have started to take action. A though could just be an ‘intention’ and we all know that they don’t always happen, don’t we!

    Write it down and read it at least once per day, else you will forget. You will get side tracked with life’s distractions and before you know it another year has gone by with very little done to achieve that goal.

  3. I use “post it” notes with different goals etc and put them around the house/car/office in places that I cant help but see them to keep me focussed. It works for me. I used this also as a study tool when I was learning to speak French. I would write the french equivalent on say the toothpaste tube so that I used the french word for it every time I brushed my teeth.

  4. Great concept, Donna. I might ‘borrow’ that one myself 😉

  5. Eileen, personally i think that writing things down is very important, as well as other methods to bringing you to your desires, because it takes your intangible thought and moves it into the tangible world. It is taking the first step of Action which is very important. Also i believe it keeps you more focused on what you want if you read your goals/wants daily as well as visualizing them.

    warm regards,

  6. KINGSLEY EYO says:

    Thank you Sean its another secret you just revealed to me now from the success story of Barnes. I learned that it is better to work with somebody than to work for somebody.

    Thanks again Sean and stay blessed till Monday.

  7. Indeed I will, Kingsley!

  8. Thanks Donna and Uli,

    I had started a vision board and I look at it every night before I go to sleep but the board is not big enough so I’ve run out of room to add things and we are short on space in our current house. (something to do with having 3 kids).
    I guess you could still succeed without writing things down but I agree that it would help.
    Note to self: must add to “To Do” list.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. Hi Eileen

    Get a bigger board or outgrow some of your old dreams. Just start covering up old dreams. We outgrow old ideas and sometimes goals are never achieved, simply because they are no longer what we want. We outgrow them.

    My first vision board had a Mercedes 4WD on it. I don’t want one of them now! I’ve got a Mitsubishi 4WD that I personally like better and a Holden Caprice. My vehicle goals changed. The price tag dropped but I got what I wanted. ( both Australian made with 100% of the profits un-Australian 😉 )

  10. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    I think we need to have a definiteness of purpose. The more we can clearly define our goals, the greater our chances are of attaining them.

    I think we need a target to aim for, something concrete to go after. It helps to focus your mind and your energy to a direct purpose. Besides, how will you know you’ve reached your goal if you don’t know exactly what you want?

  11. Hi Sean,

    Edwin Barnes had the vision first. He imagined himself working “with” Thomas Edison. After that getting there and meeting him was incidental.

    I am beginning to understand about having the vision in your imagination to be able to make things happen. Hope I’m on the right track, anyway?!


  12. Inspiring to know that Barnes started off with having no idea or strategy about HOW he was going to do it. It’s how most big dreams start. No HOW, no strategy. Just that burning desire and definiteness of purpose.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..Richard Branson Business School: A day visit =-.

  13. A want is just an idea. The amazing thing that happens when a decision occurs is a distinct ‘clarity’ feeling, and then it all starts happening.
    .-= Jo Carey-Bradshaw´s last blog ..Empowering Mindset – Mindfulness =-.

  14. I also don’t think a general want is enough. Also because you will never be able to measure if you have reached your goal or not because it is just a general thing. More like a “wouldn’t it be nice” attitude. That’s nothing that gets you going or to take action.

    It needs to be a burning desire for exactly that. Once you achieve it (and you could by that Mercedes 4WD) you might realize you have outgrown your dream. But you have achieved it anyway which is what counts.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Definition Of Motivation =-.

  15. When I went to the US, everyone I spoke to at some stage wanted to talk about money. They all seem have a burning desire for money. When they go to church, the first thing they pray for is money as if God were a money god. Most of them are in debt and sinking further into debt. The whole country is in debt to the tune of 90% of their GDP and sinking further. I don’t think a general want is enough, but burning desires have consequences.
    .-= Wal Heinrich´s last blog ..Think And Grow Rich Mindset Mastery =-.

  16. Hi Sean,
    These learnings are great. I could go over them often and make this new learning a way of life. Old habits are sometimes harder to shake than now ones learned. Persistence is the key….where have I heard that? Lol

    Hi Donna, I like the Post It idea also and am likely to borrow it also. Thank-you for the handy tip. 🙂
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Common Law Marriage – What is Common Law Marriage? =-.

  17. Hi Sean

    I love that strong as steel determination to get what you want. You need to ascertain what it is that you want first. I write down my business plans and my weekly timetables but it has been a while since I wrote my goals down as I have ticked most of the previous ones off.

    I am enthused to write my current goals down and create some new ones now. I feel I am very much on track with many of the things I deem as deserving to have, however the BIG ones are still in a bucket as they have time and education keeping them anchored down.

    Napoleon Hill is so inspiring and most especially the story of Edwin Barnes. We would be doing a great disservice to Mr Hill if we did not take heed of his information and take massive action when we are able to follow his directions for success.

    .-= Elly´s last blog .. =-.

  18. When I was gainfully employed in my pre-retirement days I always made a point of writing down my goals and documenting my progress in achieving them. When I first retired I got away from that habit. However, now I write down what I want to do on a regular basis simply because, if I don’t I’ll likely forget it. One of the hazards of aging.

    Let’s see now. What was I talking about? Oh well….
    .-= Don White´s last blog ..Psycho- =-.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    I have seen determination do many things. I tried several times to quit smoking. Finally the last time I had truly decided that I really really wanted to. I was determined that THIS time, I would quit and quit for good. That was five years ago this August 2nd. The other times, I had even cheated a little. I told myself that just a couple drags off a cig wouldn’t hurt. I couldn’t stay quit for more than a month or two. This time, I never cheated. Other things I’ve tried to do, or did, succeeded or failed based on how much determination I had.
    I’m very determined about succeeding. 😀

  20. Jody Chambers says:

    When you truely decide what you want, it is no longer a general want, it becomes a need. In needing something you seem to go that extra mile for it.

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