Mindset Mastery 129 – Laws Of The Land

In order to follow and capitalise on the laws of the land, you need to know them. That is what Napoleon Hill works to teach you in this chapter, and throughout this book.

Immutable Laws Of Nature & Wealth

You can build a fortune with the help of immutable laws. But first, you must familiarize yourself with these laws, and learn to use them. Through repetition, and by approaching the description of these principles from every conceivable angle, the author hopes to reveal to you the secret through which every great fortune has been accumulated. Strange and paradoxical as it may seem, the “secret” is not a secret. Nature, herself, advertises it in the earth we live on, the stars, the planets suspended within our view, in the elements above and around us, in every blade of grass, and every form of life within our vision.

Marketing The Secret

Nature advertises this “secret” in the terms of biology, in the conversion of a tiny cell, so small that it may be lost on the point of a pin, into the human being now reading this line. The conversion of desire into its physical equivalent is, certainly, no more miraculous than that!

Don’t be discouraged if you do not fully comprehend all that has been stated thus far. Unless you have long been a student psychology and the inner, scientific workings of the human mind, it is not expected that you will be able to assimilate everything in this chapter at your first reading.

But you will, in time, make good progress.

Understanding You

The principles which follow will open the way for the understanding of imagination. Assimilate the pieces you understand, as you read this philosophy for the first time, then, when you reread and study it, you will discover that something has happened to clarify it, and give you a broader understanding of the whole. Above all, do not stop, nor hesitate in your study of these principles until you have read the book at least three times, because then you will not want to stop.

Focus On What’s Important

What’s most important to you now is to know how to use the laws of nature and wealth to transform thought into wealth and sustainability. Focus on learning these methods and transforming your mindset into one of positivity and progress, so that you too can capitalise these basic laws of the world.

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  1. Hi Sean, I just love this chapter and want to know and understand all there is in it. I hope to work on having a mindset of positivity and progress, that transforms thought into wealth and, capitalizes on the natural laws that are here in the universe. Wow! thanks Sean!

  2. I’ve just come back from 2 weeks holiday in South Africa. Part of that trip was going on safari, observing wild animals and learning about plants in the wilderness. When you spend time in nature, you personally witness the purpose of everything. And how it explains why everything in the universe works, just so beautifully. Like clockwork.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..Green businesses in South Africa =-.

  3. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    Okay, this is clearly going to be a chapter that I’m going to have to read and re-read. I’m not sure I fully understand how the laws of nature can help me transform my thoughts into wealth.

    For now, I will continue to focus on creating the mindset I need to achieve my goals and I’ll work on understanding this chapter a little better.

    • Hi Jazz,
      for me it has to do with two things.
      a) nature creates something (huge) out of seemingly nothing
      b) nature is full of abundance and wealth. There is always much more than necessary which helps to keep everything in balance.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  4. Nature is truly fascinating. In each tiny cell is the whole knowledge of the human being or the tree or the elephant. And it will just create that out of nothing more than a bit of energy.
    And we can re-create that for ourselves on a tiny scale, if we just show a little bit of that determination.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Motivational Music =-.

  5. Hello Sean,

    “The Secret” is knowing what you want out of life, how to go about getting it, and making sure you put plans into place to make it happen. Reach for the moon and you land amongst the stars. Reach higher and you will go past the moon. It comes back to
    ” laws of nature and wealth to transform thought into wealth and sustainability”…very true.
    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Listening To My Boys Needs =-.

  6. Knowing anything is possible and you can have whatever you desire if you believe in yourself.

  7. Hi Sean

    The secret is not a secret, what we all are is the desire to be. What is the most important force in our lives? survival. It has been said that even the so called ‘athiest’ has called out for God to save him when he has been terrified or on the verge of death.

    We have the love to be, a burning desire to stay alive. The author even states this about desire “The conversion of desire into its physical equivalent is, certainly, no more miraculous than that!”

    Something fun to cogitate here ” what desired us into being”?

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