My Mayan Calendar Christmas Wishlist

Time officially ended on 21-12-2012 according to the Mayan Calendar. So now is a good time to make some radical wishes for Christmas. Time has never been better. 

Mayan CalendarLet me explain:

Time Has Reset

Let’s play along with the Mayans for a moment. Let’s see what they actually did, back in their day. I am reciting this from memory and first learned about the “apocalypse” date back in 2004/2005 from Dr Ian Lumgold.

Every 52 years, the Mayans believed that the world would end, unless..  they kept their Gods happy.

All energy would be extinquished across the entire Mayan Empire. Fire was put out, embers were destroyed, debt was reset to zero (the Mayans knew that money is energy), etc..

So, at the exact time of 52 years passing (and the Mayans were far more exact about time than those primitive Europeans were at the time), a High Priest would rip a pounding heart out of the chest of a Sacrificial Victim to appease the Gods.

A flame was lit and passed around the empire to start anew. It was a new time, a time for a new beginning.

2012 was the end of an era, according to the Mayans. But at no stage was it the end of the world. That was just the interpretation of people that need that sort of thing in their life. Possibly to make up for other things that are lacking.. who knows..

This is the 7th time, in my lifetime, that the world ended. Just end it already, or shut up you loopy people! 🙂

Let’s face it. Nostradamus didn’t mention anything about 21-12-12. Got ya there, all doomsday-sayers, didn’t I! Oops! He did mention a global war starting in the Middle East at the start of the 3rd Millennium. Oh well, as long as the US keep their nose out of there, we are all safe. Phew!

So here is my wish for Christmas 2012

Reset all debt, just like the Mayans did. Seriously think about it. The banks cause more grief and devastation that any other THING in the world’s history. If all debt was reset, you will find that there actually was no debt in the first place.

What country actually has the POSITIVE bank account to make up for all the debt? None! It’s held by no nations and is owned by international entities. (except for a few financially smart nations, like Norway, most nations are in massive debt to “someone”)

  • War Gold EuropeBanks funded Napoleon’s conquests in Europe.
  • The same banks funded his enemies to defeat him.
  • Banks funded the World Wars. Surely everyone knows why Switzerland was Neutral, right? Because of the banks! Hitler sold his lute to US bankers to fund his conquests (through Switzerland). Shame on them all.
  • The same banks lent the money to defeat Hitler. Hm.. as long as the Victor took over the losing sides debt (and they did..)
  • And we could go on (so I will).
  • Iceland had the balls to convict the bankers and bail out the victims (their citizens). This goes a long way towards fixing the problem (surprise, surprise).
  • The USA, well – lol, they screwed over their own people and bailed out the banks, who in turn screwed over the people too. Maybe the USA needs to learn a few lessons from little Iceland about how to treat your own citizens. Some countries have a Civil War over less reasons than that!

So let’s not lose any sleep over the banks needing the money. Now to my wish.

Dear Santa:

“This Christmas I wish for all debt to be reset across the world. Give everyone a fresh start. I’m sure things will be back to normal again soon, but at least we will have a little holiday in the meantime.”

So, every 52 years, the Mayans had a pending Apocalypse. It never happened and never will. They extinquished all energy, including debt, every 52 years and time started again.

For another 52 years.. until they had to reset the bugger again!

Have a great “First Day of the Rest of your Life”, or at least a great 52 years ahead. Make today a fresh start. Time has started again. Jippee!

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator © 2004 – 2012

P.S. Mayan Calendar expert, Dr Ian Lumgold quoted this day (22-12-2012) as the start of a New Consciousness. He also termed this as the Age Of Ethics. An age where people would not put up with the crap Governments and Media were feeding their people. People would sack corrupt governments (he was referring to George W Bush at the time and was incredibly brave about it) and some governments have fallen of late from people power (and a bit of foreign help). Some of his theories could be passed off as “loopy” but he made a lot of sense, contrary to many people that live with their head in the sand all life, being puppets to their system.

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