Masters Of Conversion

Alexi Neocleous and Pete Godfrey are the Masters of Conversion.

September 6 Update: The Masters Of Conversion Conference is here.

It’s not every day I give other internet marketers a huge plug, but today is the day! Alexi and Pete are without a doubt the best copywriters in Australia – and are sought after worldwide by some of the biggest names in internet marketing.

Brad Fallon, Christopher Howard, Ed Burton, Dale Beaumont… I can mention a few.

I am a personal friend of Alexi Neocleous. You might remember him from my Common Sense Formula videos (in the free bronze area). Alexi has helped me with copy for sales pages such as my book Year Of The Affiliate which set up a multi million dollar business model since 2009 and has sold more copies than I have kept track of (thousands of copies).

So needless to say, it would be selfish of me to keep this secret. Whatever Alexi Neocleous and Pete Godfrey are up to, has to be good. So good, in fact, I will be there!

Masters of Conversion Pipeline Blueprint

Today I downloaded Alexi & Pete’s FREE Masters of Conversion Pipeline Blueprint. I suggest you grab it too. Watch the 7 minute video as well because they go through some key points about the free report that you must consider.

If you are serious about making money online and converting traffic into sales, then you have to grab a copy of Alexi Neocleous and Pete Godfrey’s report: Conversion Pipeline Blueprint (link below).

Get it here >>

I endorse these guys so much, I will be sending people to their event when I could be getting more people to my own event – you see, as an internet marketer, perhaps I should be getting as many people as possible to my upcoming Product Creation Bootcamp in November, rather than distract potential customers by sending them to Alexi & Pete. But the point here is quite simple:

What they are teaching will help you convert sales!

I will give credit where credit is due. So, go and grab your free download and watch the video. I have read mine already and it is very good!

You can get your blueprint here: Masters Of Conversion

I fully endorse Alexi Neocleous and Pete Godfrey through the above link. I have made great profits with Alexi’s help. I still have plenty of room for improvement and together, both you and I can become Masters Of Conversion.

Latest Update: Check out the Masters Of Conversion Video Here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Sean.

    Website Conversion is something that I’ve been focusing on in my own business lately,
    its amazing how small changes to can yield far great results. It sounds like these guys are the people to learn from in this area.


  2. G’day Sean,
    Thanks for your generosity as this info will give a kick – along. SM Boosted

  3. Thanks for letting us know Sean. Will be checking out the link you have provided.

  4. Tessa McKenzie says:

    Hi Sean,
    I have followed and read up on your story and find it quite motivating. My name is Tessa McKenzie and I am a student in Brisbane. It is as part of our assessment that we organise a mock conference. I am enquiring if you do speak at conferences. Ours will be held on Motivational Steps to get Rich. If you could contact me just to give an idication as to if you do speak at conferences and how much it would cost for 45mins. Many thanks,

  5. Thanks for sharing. I like updates on internet marketing and how to succeed in it.

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