Making Money Online – Is Common Sense!

This is not science; it is a fact: Making Money Online – Is Common Sense!

On Friday afternoon, I offered 100 Free Lifetime Bronze Memberships into my new program. There has beenΒ  a bit of interest (actually, LOTS) so I upped the ante a fraction. Yesterday, on Sunday afternoon, I offered to give away 200 Free Lifetime Bronze Memberships if my blog post got 500 LIKES on Facebook.

Well… me and my big mouth πŸ˜‰

500 LIKES happened so fast, you couldn’t say: “Hand over 200 Bronze Memberships now, Sean, and do your best to fight off the raging crowd that want one too!”

At this rate, the whole country will be full of Bronzed Aussies by Wednesday.

What Is The Name Of The Program, Sean?

Seriously guys! LOL. I have mentioned it many times already. It really is common sense. And when you guess the name, I might let a few extra people in the doors. Maybe! 200 is a lot to give away already. You tell me if 200 is enough to give away. I think so. Please comment below.

Should I perhaps offer 300 Free Bronze Memberships if we get 500 LIKES on this blog post? (Like Button is at the top of page). Personally, I just think that is nuts! Because all we need to do is get the same people to click LIKE again.

You tell me, click LIKE and comment below.

Your Biggest Money Making Clue Yet

I’m going to give you a massive clue because I want you to be making money online. I know now that 200 people will come through the doors on Wednesday, FREE, to my new program, and you will have a full day in there before the RUSH happens. This will make the Myer Stocktake Sale look like a 2011 Michael Bolton concert…

CLUE: My specialty is to rank webpages #1 on Google. I’ve had to put the brakes on ‘this website’ I’ve been working on lately so it doesn’t show up too high in the rankings. HELLO!! Google it! Use the clues I have given on Twitter and put them into the Google Machine.

If you are inventive with your search, or use common sense, and are prepared to venture to page 2 of Google (because I have tried to keep it off page 1), you might even find a website, a common sense type of website, that will give you more clues πŸ˜‰

Seriously, if I gave you any more clues, they would be answers.

I’ll leave the answers for the Bronze Membership Area πŸ™‚

To take up a FREE Bronze Membership, if you win, you need to be through the doors on Wednesday 20 April 2011.

See you there on Wednesday – strap on your seatbelts!

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator
Aussie Internet Marketer Β© 2004 – 2011

About Sean Rasmussen

Sean Rasmussen is a passionate blogger and has been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When he's not with his family, or dog Buddy, Sean is usually blogging or doing something related to the internet.


  1. Hi Sean,

    that’s some serious clues in here πŸ™‚
    I will keep my guess to myself for the time being and see what I can find on Google πŸ˜‰

    And I am sure we can reach the 500 likes on this site as well. Good marketing initiative btw πŸ™‚


  2. Hi Sean,
    I love the challenge and the fun of the ride that you inject into your work, and you leave everyone who has participated with knowledge from the experience. I will keep my guess to myself also. Rock on Wednesday!
    All the best

  3. Hi Sean,
    Wow things are really heating up. This really is a great opportunity for people wanting to make some serious changes to their lives. Thanks for being so generous.

    Mmm…. common sense hey, I’ll have to give that google machine thingo a go!!

    You might be on to something πŸ˜‰

  4. Common sense has it…or is it just following instructions…either way it is fun, thanks Sean, now I better do some work!

  5. Hi Sean,
    This competition is great fun, and there is always more. Loving it.
    I am thinking of calling you son of google! ha ha. Its been awesome to see you work your online magic. Thanks also for the opportunity to be bronzed with lots of great people

  6. Hi Sean – found it!!
    Took me a few minutes on Twitter – but it is there.
    Go on you Jody and well done!

    Great domain name Sean – very catchy!!

  7. It is a good name we should se a lot more commonsence in all walks of life.

  8. Cherie Rasmussen says:

    If you could all see Sean’s face right now, priceless! Grin from ear to ear and absolutely loving it. Sure goes to prove ~ Do What You Love and Love What You Do!

    Keep having fun everyone and looking forward to Wednesday πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Sean – you do run the best comps, everyone loves getting involved! πŸ˜€

    Very cool to see Jody is the man with his research! Could it be that there really is a common sense formula or approach to Making Money Online?? No doubt all will be revealed this week! πŸ˜‰

    Cheers, Mel

  10. I believe common sense is the formula for success. If you want to replace your income online ignite your passion and become a 7 figure affiliate. I think that should just about cover it. cheers

  11. Yippee πŸ™‚ this competition just keeps on getting better!! Gotta love Internet Marketing when there is so many that all have the same goals…making money online!! Congratulations Jody for finding the New Program!! Yep sure makes sense once the name is revealed πŸ™‚


  12. Lisa Stromborg says:

    Liking again and xing fingers πŸ™‚

  13. Keith Hancock says:

    Your generosity just keeps growing with excitement growth I`m sure. There are sure to be many thankful folk for your generous spirit.

    Great to see a generous soul still exists.

  14. I found it!!! Hooray!

    Awesome comp Sean. Keep the guesses coming everyone – seek (or Google) and you will find!!


  15. Hi there Sean wonderflu to have the opportunity So would should love to be one of the 100 going on offer PRETTY MUCH THINK YOU COVER ALL THE CORNERS .. ESTELLE THANK S

  16. Sean

    I am going to guess


    and hope

  17. lynda Rose says:

    that was soooop0 fun!!!


  18. Unbelievable Sean how you can make a great competition even better… always looking for new ways to encourage and reward! Enjoying the ride!

  19. Gunter Lang says:

    Common sense makes perfect sense. However, common sense is not nearly as common as its name implies. It’s particularly uncommon in bureaucrats and polititians.

  20. Hi Sean

    So excited about the possibility of winning a FREE bronze membership!! Love the info you provided our listeners with last year and there’s so much more I want to learn – have a thirst for Internet Marketing and succeeding!!! And did I say creating a lifestyle for me and my children πŸ™‚ (PS. Lisa Woods is in my Mastermind group and hasn’t stopped raving about you and your website since the day we met her).
    Cheers for now. Have a wonderful Easter. Toni-Louise

  21. hey sean, i like your comment about putting the brakes on the google machine
    to hold your ranking back form page 1. look’s like things are taking off in a big way.
    i’m sure your new website will take off in a big way, by wed or shortly after.
    thanks for all the internet marketing and seo tips it’s realy great that you are giving back
    and keeping things in plain simple terms. thanks again cheers

  22. Ray Edwards says:

    Sean – I’ve clicked LIKE and I’m commenting here – you should offer as many bronze whalers to as many people as possible – you have to think big if you want to rule the world – that’s just common sense!

  23. Sean what a great way to build interest. The more common sense around the better.

  24. great , keep it up Sean and let us learn by your example.

  25. Hi Sean, I’m moving on to that page 2 google search right now. I think it may even be the first time I’ve ever gone to page 2! Cheers, Jonathan

  26. Common Sense and Making Money……hmm wonder how and what type of Formula can be applied to make this a fantastic strategy. Congratulations Jody on figuring out those clues πŸ™‚

  27. It sounds like “making money on line is common sense” but I would still like to learn a lot more.
    Would appreciate your help with a Bronze membership

    Doctor Bill

  28. Hey Sean,
    “This will make the Myer Stocktake Sale look like a 2011 Michael Bolton concert…” LOL!
    ‘Common sense’ would dictate that you hold the line at 200- but your ‘uncommon’ generosity will probably have 300 in the doors..A good thing too!
    Do we all have to don ‘Lifeguard’ gear to be real bronzed Aussies??
    (Shudder!! Not the ‘budgie smugglers’ I hear the ladies cry!)

    Looking forward to the “Ta Da!” moment!!

  29. You certainly know how to stir up interest in a new product Sean!

    I think you need to up it to 300 with the amount of interest already shown πŸ™‚

  30. Haha…Great work Jody. Nice domain name Sean. Tried to sign up but my email couldn’t get confirmed. Guess has to wait till Wednesday.

  31. Looking forward to Wednesday, Thanks.

  32. Mark Gliddon says:

    Hi Sean,

    Sounds like common sense to me. Looking forward to Wednesday.


  33. Kirsten Trethowan says:

    Now what game can we play?

  34. Dr Michael says:

    An opportuniy!!

  35. life go to the tryer

  36. Pete Hillier says:

    I think I finally got there, so it’s not impossible everyone. Typically Sean, typically Australian – cut the crap and get to the point.

  37. Is common sense common? When a website says “sign up now!” and yet the doors don’t open until Wednesday, does ‘now’ mean today or Wednesday? Will common sense give me the answer? I will try it today. If that doesn’t work I will try again Wednesday.

  38. I think the name is going to be Common Sense πŸ™‚

  39. Mike Nelson says:

    Hi Sean
    I am really looking forward to my free Bronze membership

  40. Hi Sean
    I’ve got so much to add to your group by asking intelligent and tricky questions, you have to give me a Bronze membership.

  41. So common sense prevailed! Nice work Jody. Great name Sean. Look forward to learning more.

  42. The excitement is rising
    Sean is advising
    Everyone is devising
    Ways of getting a Bronze Membership

    There will be a lot of chastising
    And a whole pile more despising
    There might even be an uprising
    If we all dont get a Bronze Membership

  43. now im starting to believe

  44. Jenny Locke says:

    I found it too. It’s just common sense really. This is fun.

  45. hi sean – haven’t got a clue what it is but i like your way of marketing and getting us all in. congrats – you’ve got me. πŸ™‚

  46. Max Mittler-Damon says:

    Hi Sean & Cherrie, looks like things are getting hotter every day with new things coming up, how are we supposed to keep up with you ? Anyway I’m looking forward to what ever comes up! Take care……… soon…………..Max

  47. Sean,
    I would like to be a Bronzed Member of Bullhunters Internet Marketing.

  48. Wow!!! I found it too!!!Very clever Sean. I’ve loved this game.

  49. lorea elia says:

    thank you, sean, you made that one really easy… πŸ™‚

    looks like things are finally falling in place, i’ve got an internet connection via my neighbour, in a few days i should hopefully have a mobile and i’ll be able to access my new bronze membership… awesome. wonder what other wonderful miracles are coming my way? off i go to study my course and work on my blog…

  50. Sean just has a lot of “passion” for ‘common sense’.
    There may even be a commonsenseformula in there somewhere! We all need that.

  51. I’ll just have to use my formula of common sense to try and find it…

  52. Campbell Schilling says:

    Sounds intriguing Sean, obviously something to do with common sense, cant wait to find out what it is.

  53. David Cox says:

    Follow the leaders (and learn as you go) ………….all will be revealed – looks like an awesome product. Hope to be in the count. Well done Sean.

  54. Wayne Hill says:

    It is great to see you giving stuff away Sean and I would really like to get into “Making Money Online” but I am at a loss when it comes to making posts on Twitter. Maybe you will find it in your heart to give me one of the free Bronze Memberships

  55. G’day Sean,

    One quick search using the right terms given in the clues above leads one right to the new web site and the name of the new program. And as you say, it’s just common sense. πŸ™‚


  56. Hi Sean
    I would love for you to give away 300 bronze memberships to your new program. Gives me more of a chance then to nab one.

  57. great name sean, i like to play along

  58. Not long now…

  59. Sean…hate to tell you but the web site is now at the bottom of page 1 to night…!

  60. Rodney Northover says:

    Of all the people I have heard speak about the internet marketing potential you are the one with the most integrity
    Keep it going Sean
    Stay well

  61. Great fun and a quick lesson for me Sean. I signed up to twitter and made my first tweet,(Yay) plus followed all the threads. Thanks

  62. Sina Palermo says:

    Good one, Sean!

  63. I thought I was excited to be involved in the big launch. Now I am twitching with antici pation. πŸ™‚

  64. Hi Sean,
    I’d like to be a life bronze member.

  65. Hi Sean, this is really great. I hope I can join in. I am really excited about this as if there is no tomorrow.

  66. Narasimha says:

    Hi Sean,
    For LOL you have given in early topics as: ASAP.

  67. Helen Croser says:

    Looking forward to learning more

  68. “Making Money Online” sounds like a nice rounded off name for a program.

  69. I love that you use that term “common sense”. It’s also given me a kick start for another project. What a great time to be on holidays. I can really get stuck into this and I’m looking forward to the chance to win one of 200 ! Bronze Memberships.

  70. Common Sense Internet Marketing. Hmmmmmmm>

  71. Matt Struthers says:

    Cheers Sean.

    You really have a great way of sharing what you know and love.

    Well done and keep it up.


  72. Okay, so it’s gotta be called the Common Sense Internet Marketing Program, or something like that… ???

  73. Hi Sean,

    It took me all morning but I finally found the website. YAY!

    Regards, Eileen.

  74. Gday Sean,

    I have been following this potential offer for a while, and you and I both know there’s nothing not to like about it.

    I figure if I can make .78c off a blog with 2 followers, I can definately do well with the knowledge a Bronze membership will give me.

    have a good one,

  75. Can”t find a like button to click.
    But still looking forward to finding out what the new program is.
    And really looking forward to the opportunity of a bronze membership.

  76. Very nice program name Sean. Cant wait for it to be unveiled.

  77. Jeanette Hamilton says:

    Hi Sean
    Thank you for providing a common sense approach to the Internet and going back to the basics.
    My mother used to used a recipe book called Common Sense Cookery and some of the results were fabulous. Hope that my results from this are similar.
    Thanks again

  78. Hi Sean,

    Sounds good. Waiting to hear more.

  79. Nick Marlos says:

    Hi Sean,

    I was at a seminar last week where they announced they had secured the services of an Aussie Internet Guru to coach their students, since we have to guess what the name of Seans website is, any takers on who will coach the the students of this program?

    Look forward to joining your group Sean as your name brand is something beyond guru status.


  80. susan taylor says:

    Hi Sean,

    I contacted you by email then I clicked like on face book last week as instructed and today I get another email letting me know that I can register for one of the bronze memberships by clicking on like on face book so I did that again and now I am on this page so does this mean I am now a Bronze member???

  81. It all makes sense to me… in a common way.

    I am in complete suspense! More so than the time I watched that movie with suspense.

    Seatbelt is firmly strapped…

  82. Hi Sean,
    I have found the web site, it looks very interesting. I am looking forward to the pre launch.
    By the way, it is at the top of the page now.


  83. Great competition. Sean always manages to come up with something exciting to keep us on our toes. The energy and creativity he puts into helping people with internet marketing is incredible. And now he has yet another bonus opportunity for anyone willing to learn.
    Thanks Sean

  84. Getting exciting now with 200 or 300 free bronze memberships!

    Wow! There are going to be lots of excited people tomorrow! πŸ™‚

  85. Jason Yeun says:

    Interesting… looking forward to it (^_^)

  86. Daniel Jeyachandran says:


    I got it. “”



  87. Allan Frenkiel says:

    Hi Sean, would your new website be

    If it is correct I’m praying i’m not too late to qualify for one of your bronze memberships.

    Youve been very generous extending the number of Bronze memberships to 300 if you get another 500 likes to your latest facebook blog. I was wondering if you could stretch your generosity even further for us later entries to your competiition.

    Thanking you in anticipation Sean of you inspiring us through your bronze membership offer so that we can build a blog that can, and will, change the world with you as our teacher and us as your visionary students. Sean you are AWESOME.

    God Bless You


  88. Great to increase free bronze memberships to 300, so I hope there will be 500 likes. Looking forward to ‘making money online’. Excited.

  89. julie johnson says:

    Yah! found it!

  90. Looks like a great COMMON SENSE program to me Sean. Look forward too hearing more about it.

  91. Just got back from the Sunshine Coast last night and checked my email this morning and have been keeping an eye on the tally on how many facebook clicks, will it hit 500 before the end of wednesday night, who knows as anything can happen!

  92. your generosity never ceases to amaze me. Your programes are the very best. I still cant get this yet but will persevere. Thank you.

  93. Make money by gaining respect & building an army of fans while other people do the work.

    Sean, you certainly do gain respect.


  94. I’m looking forward to receiving a bronze membership as I need all the help in promoting my new 100 page ebook ” Money Saving Tips “.

    Getting traffic & sales !

  95. Nick Marlos says:

    Hi Sean, I have been accepted as a member but I am having problems logging in. I did not receive my login and password and after viewing the 4 introduction videos I was unable to go the final section and accept your conditions. I have received numerous emails in the last few days from you, but I am still unable to get into the bronze section. I did email last night, but I think it probably went back into your auto responder email section and you probably have not seen it.
    Could you pls help out in finalising this problem?


    • Hi Nick
      I sent the welcome email again. If you use this email (the one you used to comment here with) then you need to go to the FULL ACCESS tab and check out (free). If it doesn’t work, do it on another computer (maybe in a friends house) because it is, 99% of the time, the users computer that plays up when these things happen.
      Email me at sean[at] for faster responses. I check these comments in the blog once a day

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