100 Free Lifetime Bronze Memberships

As I am launching a new membership site about internet marketing NEXT WEEK, I will be giving away Free Bronze Memberships to 100 lucky people.

The name is still secret but the launch date is official: Wednesday 20th April 2011. I will start dropping hints of the name in Facebook and Twitter starting tonight. Meanwhile, if you want to make common sense out of internet marketing, and want to turn things around, or improve your results, you better hang around for this one!

For now, all I can tell you is that this program…

  1. Is about internet marketing (surprise, surprise).
  2. Will benefit beginners (and those that aren’t making enough money online).
  3. Is totally independent of anything else I am doing.
  4. Will make common sense out of making money online.

How To Improve Your Chances Of A Free Bronze Membership

To have a good chance to win one of the FREE Bronze Memberships, and get Lifetime Bronze Membership, you will be asked to play along with me. None of this will cost you one single cent. But if you win, you get the benefits. Sound good?

  1. Comment below this post. Say anything you like and I will pencil you in for a chance to win.
  2. Make sure you have commented on the Facebook Fanpage <== Click This Link
  3. Stay tuned on the Facebook Fanpage and on SeanRasmussen.com for last minute updates.
  4. Make sure you have clicked the Facebook LIKE button at the top of this page (but ONLY if you LIKE this page).

The BIG Rush Starts Thursday
(the 100 free memberships are given out Wednesday)

On Thursday 21 April 2011, over 20,000 people will be offered paid access into this area. YOU have the opportunity to get in on Wednesday; One Day Earlier.

So beat the Easter Rush and stay tuned via SeanRasmussen.com and the Facebook Fanpage.

Comment here, comment on the Facebook fanpage, click LIKE at the top of this post
(if you LIKE)

I will be back soon with more juicy details. Easter Bunny might come early this year πŸ™‚

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator
Aussie Internet Marketer Β© 2004 – 2011

About Sean Rasmussen

Sean Rasmussen is a passionate blogger and has been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When he's not with his family, or dog Buddy, Sean is usually blogging or doing something related to the internet.


  1. The playground is open for business. Opportunities never hang a CLOSED sign on their door. :0))) Let’s play.

  2. Sounds super exciting Sean… I can’t wait to find out more!!


  3. brilliant

  4. Wow, 100 Free Lifetime Bronze Memberships sounds like a wonderful opportunity.

    I have slowly been building up my knowledge and learning with you over a period of time now, and am so grateful for all that you’ve taught me so far.

    It has been a huge learning curve, and a feel now that I need to up the pace a little.

    Easter is a time of new beginnings, and for my family and I it is about moving house (yes, on the Easter weekend – my children have asked if the Easter bunny will know where to go ;)). Hopefully the Easter bunny will pay a visit to us all :)!

    • Cherie Rasmussen says:

      Hi Hilary

      Happy moving and Easter Bunny sure can hop fast that I’m sure you will have a house full of happiness and squeals of delight πŸ™‚

  5. Stella Niswar says:

    Sean, thank you for your email offering this Bronze membership – will be grateful if my name will be announced as one of 100 lucky people – Stella

  6. Sounds liks fun, Sean

    Look forward to learing more from the Easter Bunny

    Jean NZ

  7. Hi Sean
    Pick me Pick me πŸ™‚
    Would really like a Bronze membership:
    (and those that aren’t making enough money online) – this is me :-). Will be watching closely to see your new program and how that will completment IMPOTY.

  8. Ailsa Smith says:

    The 100 free lifetime Bronze membership sounds awesome. After struggling to learn about internet marketing for a while now with no success..this could be the answer. Very exciting!

    • Cherie Rasmussen says:

      Hi Alisha

      Great to see you again after Sean’s Learn and Earn Competition if you were excited then, you should see what he has in store for us next πŸ™‚

  9. Jenni Markham says:

    What an awesome opportunity for anyone just starting out. Look forward to hearing more and fingers crossed I may be one of the lucky ones!

  10. Hi Sean,

    This looks great thanks. I know a certain amount, and have got a couple of sites to #1 on Google, but I need something comprehensive to pull all the disparate threads together. Maybe this is it!



  11. Hi Sean,

    This membership site seems to have come at a good time for me.

    I have made some money online so am not a complete newbie, but I want to learn how to make consistant amounts and then how to scale it up to make a full time income.

    Kind regards,


  12. Even while on holidays I’m looking forward to it. it will be a welcome to have the accepted email in my inbox when I land back in Australia the next day.


  13. Hi Sean,

    Thanks for your generous offer 100 bronze membership. I think I will not sleep well until next week 20 April 2011. Hmm…

    I think I’m already in your secret name list just want to make sure on 20th April then to have good sleep. Lol….

    Anyway, I will commit myself to be a good player in this game!

  14. This is a very exciting offer Sean, I’d love to be part of it.

  15. Hi Sean, sounds interesting. Can’t wait for the next clue.

  16. This opportunity sounds so exciting. YOu are full of surprises Sean, can’t wait for the big unveil.

  17. Julie johnson says:

    Really need your help Sean. Going nowhere fast:) BTW – one of your links says Facebook Panpage! Fingers crossed!!

  18. Helen Conran says:

    Sounds exciting! cant wait!

  19. Hi Sean, I reposted it to my Facebook home page. Fingers crossed that I get picked!!!This is my year!

  20. Sounds great Sean!!

  21. roll on Wednesday 20.04.2011 – looking forward to the membership, cheers

  22. Very cool Sean. I LIKE what you are doing!

  23. Great offer, happy holiday

  24. Hey Sean
    That is exciting! 100 free memberships … for life!

    Hope i am one of the blessed names, if not then I wish all of the winners the best of success! πŸ™‚

    Leanne <

  25. Hey Sean,
    It’s great to see all the success you’re having, and teaching! It was 2005 when I first called and spoke to you on the telephone about Jim Daniels and your wonderful site, universalwealthcreation.com. You sent me your book and CDs. That seems like such a long time ago now!
    Thanks for all you do, my Aussie friend!
    Peace ~ Gary

  26. Thanks Sean for the wonderful opportunity to be in for a chance of winning this free membership. I’m really enjoying the process of learning about internet marketing as it can help me share my passion with the world and I’m ready to learn more and make it work.

  27. Count me in Sean. I also know you from UWC and 21st Century Ed.
    Hopefully this is my lucky post!!

  28. As always Sean, I am a fan of your work. I would not have what I have today had it not been for your coaching. I look forward to hearing more of what you are offering.

  29. Lisa Stromborg says:

    Sean, you are so generous. Thanks for the opportunity πŸ™‚

  30. Thanks for all the comments so far guys. Keep them coming. I’m heading out on the veranda for a few quiet drinks with Cherie πŸ˜‰

    • Sounds like a great idea. I’d join you but the sun isn’t over the yardarm yet here in Ottawa. πŸ™‚

      • Cherie Rasmussen says:

        Hi Don

        It is great how the online world can bring us all together no matter the time zone. Maybe we will see more of you with Sean’s Lifetime Bronze Membership πŸ™‚

  31. The Australian online business opportunities are only going to get bigger and better. Why wouldn’t you want to learn from the best to get the best! Cheers Sean

  32. Alan Power says:

    I can only speculate on what these Free Lifetime Bronze Memberships are about…however if they are as good as the Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course which I am currently studying then this is something that requires some heavy duty visualisations ..Thanks Sean

  33. After trying for so long and getting nowhere I know it is time for help. Why not with the best Oz marketer there is, bar none. Thanks mate, keep me in mind. Enjoy the drinks.

  34. Hi Sean, I would like to be one of the 100 lucky souls to get a Free Lifetime Bronze Membership. TIA.

  35. too cool to see the Easter Bunny coming early this year Sean. thanks.

  36. To be able to continue working with you Sean learning all I can from one of Australia’s top internet marketers would be so good. Thank you for the chance to participate in this oppertunity

  37. Hey sean thanks for the email and the chance of early easter present hope the bunny drops one in my basket

  38. Sina Palermo says:

    You’re always coming up with great ideas, Sean. Eagerly awaiting!!

  39. Hi Sean, I hope you are enjoying your quiet drinks with Cherie!

    I would not only love to have a free Bronze Membership to your next venture, I need a free Bronze Membership!!

    If I am one of the chosen hundred, I am sure I will learn heaps from someone as knowledgable and astute as you!

    Thank you for your past help,

  40. Great idea Sean – you always provide good value!

  41. Bronze is soooo ;my colour! :)) What a wonderful offer Sean, 100 bronze memberships to amazing top quality knowledge. Generous as always.

    Good luck everyone.

  42. Kim Walker says:

    Love your work.
    Damn it, time to launch!!!! Lets do it

  43. I can’t resist your teasing invitation
    Your are always so generous

    Doctor Bill

  44. I was interested in Sean’s approach to the internet right from the word go. There were four speakers that particular day and none were as convincing as Sean. For one thing, Sean made no secret of how his method works and openly explained it to all who stayed on into the evening to listen. I have played with his method but so far haven’t made the inroads that I would like to.

  45. Sean

    Your offer has come at a good time for me. We’re still paying off my wife’s recent abdominal surgery, and I’m struggling to get through a late-life career change. So even a small amount of regular, extra income will help enormously.


  46. Dana Rederis says:

    Myself and the other 99 happy bunnies wish to thank you Sean in advance for this wonderful opportunity. πŸ™‚

  47. Estelle Harder says:

    Hi yes sounds good to great I am very keen Sean to learn I have grown cloggs on my fet trying to learn would love the oportunity .. and you explain it all so clear and precise ..congratulations as I am stuck not making anything love partaking in friend ships however really would like to make a finacial payment too after after the time spent on the computer …

  48. Great Stuff Sean.

  49. Hello Sean,

    I am so looking forward to hearing more about your Bronze Membership and hearing about the new Internet Program that you have on offer. I love easter time..and it sounds like the bunny is really busy this year!!!


  50. Looking forward to the opportunity to earn a little more money to help with our goals! Thanks Sean!

  51. Love your work Sean and the last course you did at in Perth. I have been posting blogs related to my company…ok a blog but it got .78 in Google Adsense so I know the system works. So want to be a part of this mate and learn learn learn.
    All the best,

  52. Sounds like the sort of opportunity and help that I’m looking for. Cheers

  53. Hi sean, looking forward to the opportunity to be one of the first to try it out.

  54. Sean,
    I’ve seen you ‘live’ and love your honest approach!
    I know some things about IM and love to learn & IMPLEMENT!
    For me, it’s always about ‘integrity’ and long term relationships with people so I hope this goes gang busters for you!

  55. Sean

    I normally expect GOLD, but since it’s you, I will settle for bronze and make the most of it.

    In fact I will shine it daily so that it will almost look like gold.

    As ever


  56. 100 Free Bronze Lifetime Memberships WOW!!
    Another incredibly generous offer Sean.
    Please put my name down on the list as well.
    Maybe the Easter Bunny will be kind to me, best of luck to all entrants!

  57. Chrissie says:

    Wow…I want to be one of the lucky ones!!

  58. G’day Sean

    How the hell do you do it? How do you keep coming up with so many great surprises? Seriously. You really are a game changer.


  59. Thats a very generous offer Sean!
    What a great to way to get some IM runs on the board πŸ™‚

  60. Helen Croser says:

    Hope the tide will turn, so i will be able to surf in and help others.

  61. Hi Sean,
    I’ve been waiting an opportunity to learn from you from long time, so please put my name down on your 100 lucky people list.

  62. Sean, great idea! Hope I’m one of the lucky 100!!! Dean

  63. Sharon Gibbs says:

    Hi Sean,
    Thanks for the chance to win a PLATINUM membership. Well even though it is Bronze it would be the pinnacle for me. As you know I have had a very rough past 12 months and it has been hard to put a positive spin on things. If I was to win one of the lucky memberships it would definately give me a boost and alot more incentive and positive outlook that things could only get better from here.
    Happy Easter to everyone and I hope the EasterBunny brings you all lots of yummy Easter Eggs.

  64. I Am happy and grateful for this opportunity. Thank You Sean.

  65. Debby Quinn says:

    Hi Sean

    Sounds very exciting and would be most greatful to receive this as I am finding myself struggling at the moment. I am a total novice and have found this road a very bumpy one and am not as yet getting the hits or the business I was hoping for. I am slowly getting dispondent and feel with the help of this new venture you are offering that it might give me the motivation that I need to leap over my obsticles.

    Thanks to you and the Zodiac’s for all the help you have already given me, but must admit could do with alot more.

    Your number one follower

  66. Cant wait to see the content. Dream that I will get the membership for live.

  67. G’day From The Great White North, Sean.

    As you are not doubt aware, I always do enjoy reading your writings and listening to the dulcet tones of your voice, especially when you’re talking underwater. πŸ™‚ Needless to say, I’d be quite pleased to obtain a Bronze Lifetime Membership in your new program.


  68. Looking forward for this opportunity.

  69. A further thanks to all of you for your great comments here and on Facebook. Keep them coming. Meanwhile, I need a bit of shuteye so I can get up early in the morning to start the final video production for the Bronze Membership Area πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Sean.
      When the student is ready the teacher appears. Excited I am. Hope you can feel my attitude of gratitude. How can I Pay it Forward. Sleep well πŸ™‚

  70. I was wondering if you ever slept

  71. gabrielle says:

    hey am listening/ reading from Spain , hanging in there, hope to see you in May


  72. Hi Sean,

    I am definitely interested to see if a free bronze membership to your new program could kick start some decent money making in my internet marketing efforts. I’ve tried various, free internet marketing opportunities & strategies but still haven’t found anything that significantly works for me. I wander if this could be the winning course of action???! We shall see on Wednesday 20th April 2011, thanks buddy! : )

  73. gerd kohlmus says:

    Sounds great, Sean!

  74. Tim Brown says:

    Thank You Sean!!!

  75. Anthony Moore says:

    OK Sean you twisted my arm and yes I agree I like the oportunity of a free lifetime bronze membership πŸ™‚ and further to that i would like to know how I can help you for in the giving is the recieving have an absolutluy excelent day

  76. I would love to join in, I’ve seen you talk but haven’t been able to afford any of your programs yet, I’ve been going at it alone.


  77. Sounds great Sean! I’m in!!!

  78. Plenty of scammer types in Internet Marketing but Sean is for real.

  79. Hi Sean,

    I am so grateful to be in for a chance at one of your gifts. Thank you.

  80. Looking forward to the surprise, Sean!! Many thanks.

  81. Hi Sean,

    I am going to be so bold as to predict the future outcome of this new venture of yours:

    This new venture in Internet Marketing will empower many online and will be another chance to show off your excellent communication, marketing, and blog skills to many.
    My psychic insight shows that it will empower and lead them to doing more useful and practical projects online.


  82. Hi Sean,
    After reading YOTA from cover to cover, I know what ever this new thing is, it’s going to be big πŸ™‚

  83. Tony Kaye says:

    Sound good? Sounds brilliant. At last a genuine diamond amongst the internet rough!


  84. Hi Sean
    This sounds like another great initiative you are embarking upon. Wish you all the best with this, and what a great idea you have to encourage the viral spread of the message. The message about your ethical and honest approach, with real support and interaction with people, deserves to be widely spread.
    Looking forward to hearing more about this and hoping I can assist you in helping others.

  85. Hi Sean,
    Sounds like a wonderful program and cannot wait to find out more..

    Will tune in on the day . Thank you for bringing these opportunities into our lives.


  86. Hi Sean

    Great buzz you’re creating, Sean. Can’t wait to see what’s happening, you teaser you!

  87. Mike Nelson says:

    Sounds very interesting Sean. I am keen to get involved.

  88. John Probert says:

    What a great opportunity not to be missed or wasted. Thanks for the invite Sean, I will be watching.

    Regards John

  89. intriguing and I would certainly would love to be in.
    I love Facebook, social media is my thing.

  90. John Probert says:

    Great idea Sean, would love to take part


  91. Sounds good Sean, looking forward to finding out more!


  92. Hi Sean,
    It sounds very exciting what your creating I look forward to it
    All the best

  93. this really is like waiting for the Easter Bunny and his basket of eggs, in this case maybe only one big one,

  94. I can’t wait to know more about this new opportunity!

    Sean your generosity supporting our continuous learning and ongoing success, is second to none – THANKS!


  95. Hi Sean,
    Is this another incredible product from Sean Rasmussen, if it is remotely similiar to any product from the past, it is definately a winner. I would be very interested in finding out more. Keep me updated.


  96. Hi Sean

    This is very exciting can’t wait to learn more.

  97. Hi Sean, sounds exciting, can’t wait to hear all about it!

  98. The excitement is building and I am shaking with anticipation. Surely, this time the gods will smile upon me.

  99. All for one and one for all, I would just love a bit of your energy Sean, your passion is inspiring. xx

  100. Sounds fun.. look forward to it..

  101. Internet Marketing ideas to boost my earnings? sounds good to me. And as a lovely easter egg? Count me in for the lifetime bronze membeship!

  102. Hi Sean

    Anything you touch turns to GOLD! You certainly deliver, my friend.

    Thank you I would love to be part of your new program, going on what I have learnt about blogging over the last 8 months.

    Annette πŸ™‚

  103. Cheryl Griffin says:

    WOW!!!! Chocolate and Bronze Membership at Easter. Joy of joys, what more could you ask for!!


  104. Hi Sean
    It just goes to show the trust we have in you when we are all ready to dive into something we don’t fully know about. That’s a pretty big compliment but well and truly deserved, that’s for sure.
    Sounds like a great Easter pressie to me and not fattening like chocolate Easter eggs.
    Thanks Sean.

  105. As always Sean you offer fantastic opportunities for free to so many people. I hope I’m successful and one of the 100 lucky people who get a Free Bronze Memberships to your new membership site about internet marketing.

    Thanks for giving so many people this opportunity and good luck to everyone else.


  106. Sounds Fantastic!! Will come at a great time now I am looking at more marketing to increase business.. Happy Easter ..

  107. Hi Sean
    Wow – what a great response since yesterday! Really looking forward to this new program and helping out in anyway that I can with what you have planned. I would really like to be involved as what I have been learning so far from your programs and eBooks has been extremely invaluable.

  108. Wow a free Bronze membership..sounds great.. plus free Easter Eggs?? sounds like a double yummo treat is in store!!. Would love to help out where I can.

  109. Andrew Samootin says:

    Hi Jayne totaly agree with you Sean info has been so helpfull

  110. Hm, not sure what happened to my comment πŸ™

    Ok, trying again – I definitely like early easter surprises and am looking very much forward to learning more about the lifetime bronze membership …
    As there are more than 100 comments already I am sure it will be no easy task for Sean to decide who gets the freeby. But I am sure he will come up with a great solution, as always πŸ˜‰

  111. Campbell Schilling says:

    Sounds exciting Sean, I cant wait to see what you have in store for us, sure could do with a leg up at the moment. Happy Easter.

  112. Hi Sean

    I find anything I am learning from you super useful and great value πŸ™‚

    I can’t wait to find out more about this opportunity.


  113. Pete Hillier says:

    Hey Sean, you Easter Bunny you. If you’ve got this many friends you must be doing something right or something very well…. or both. I’ll be checking the garden on Wed, but please don’t leave it under the roses. Those thorns kill me.
    Cheers and keep up the good work

  114. lorea elia says:

    even just observing what you’re doing is great for getting lessons – how much more interesting stuff you must have packed into your new course….!

  115. A new product. This is great news Sean. Thanks for educating the masses. Need a hand? just yell (email, phone) and I will be there to help as you have helped many others. Happy Easter πŸ™‚

  116. It sounds fantastic. And I’m sure like everything else you have produced to date, every bit of that excitement will be well justified. Looking forward to it!!

  117. Hi Sean
    I appreciate the opportunity and if I am meant to be one of the 100 then I guess I will find out soon enough. Cheers and happy Easter.

  118. Can’t wait Sean, bring it!! Oh and thanks for the opportunity.

  119. Steve Brown says:

    Thanks for this opportunity Sean, looking forward to being
    One of your bronzed Aussies!

    • Hi Steve,
      That is a very clever – bronzed Aussies. I hope we both
      become “BRONZED AUSSIES” & also get our bronzed
      medallions! Have a wonderful Easter & I hope the Easter
      Bunny is good to you. Love Alice Maria Burt πŸ™‚

  120. Jamie Willis says:

    Sean, I have been learning from you for a while now and find you consistant with the things that are important, thanks.

  121. Thanks for the membership Sean! You are the man! I would love to learn more from you.

  122. I hope you let me in to play.

  123. Hi Sean,

    I have been trying to get my head around internet marketing since I met you in Brisbane, but have found it confusing, maybe because I have not been able to afford coaching, so maybe my ship has come in finally.

  124. Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of the party! The party begins soon and the elevation to a great destiny will be fantastic!

  125. Gunter Lang says:

    100 Bronze memberships – would that be 99 to 99 people more deserving than I – and one for me?

  126. Wayne Hill says:

    Thank you so much for including me in this offer Sean. I will be making big moves in this area this year. I will let you know what I am doing later and I hope that you will visit us and possibly give us some feedback. Input from someone as experienced and knowledgeable as yourself will be very valuable and much appreciated. I am really looking forward to being involved in this new program.

  127. Hi Sean,

    everybody is so excited about your offer. I am a bit more skeptical. Is it just another way of making big bucks for yourself? You letting 20 000 people in on your Bronze Membership.
    For what prize? Anyway, I am going to look out for more information and hopefully will learn to have some success online.

    Thanks and good luck for the launch

  128. This sounds really exciting. Awesome opportunity for someone who is struggling online, like myself.
    I would love to get a Free Lifetime Bronze Membership. I will be eagerly waiting to see if there’s one for me. Good luck to everyone, and thanks Sean.

  129. David Cox says:

    This new product sounds intriguing, especially as it caters for all levels of expertise.
    I look forward to hearing some more, keeping “my ears on” for updates, in the meantime will be playing around with some names. Hope to be in early on the adventure and be happy to add my encouragement and support. David.

  130. James Huey says:

    BUGGER !!

    I am currently travelling in China and cannot access Facebook or Twitter :-(( which as we know, are symbols of Western decadence :-))

    So, I can’t do what is necessary to enter !

  131. Sean’s knowledge is incredible – cannot wait to learn more. Sean’s decision to do what it takes will benefit all of us.

  132. Hi Sean, wow it sounds super exciting, can’t wait till Wednesday.
    What is it? com’on πŸ˜‰ tell us.
    Have an amazing day!

  133. I’d love one of these, thank you for the opportunity.

  134. Really looking forward to see if I get accepted! Would like to bring my skills up to Sean’s level!

  135. Hi Sean,
    Just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic technical & learning support offered in forum as part of your internet marketing and learn how to blog programs. Your customer service is excellent. I can ask a question, get an answer and move forward. This bronze offer is another great opportunity.

  136. Hi Sean,
    I just would like to say thank you for the excellent response to my recent challenges with my daytrading blog ( http://daytrading.uwcblog.com/ ).
    Yes it is all working again.
    I am an apprentice internet marketer and just wish to keep learning and applying my new skills.

  137. Hey Sean, Great news about the bronze membership. I was most impressed when we last connected by the down to earth genuineness you convey and the practical advice you deliver. I look forward to a long term partnership.

  138. Gold, Silver, Bronze no matter what the colour is – I’d just be happy to be on the winners podium come Wednesday! Thanks for this opportunity Sean ^0^ from one happy bunny.

  139. Hi Sean,

    Had reply your Twitter and put through my guess of the name for the product. Normally I not good in guessing don’t think the name I suggested will be the one in your mind.

    At least I show my participation. Hope I will get my “Early Easter Bunny Chocolate.”

  140. catherine monroe says:

    I’m hoping that I can get a brozon membership too. I followed all the instructions. I really need this…..

  141. I’m think this time is the right time for me.
    Thanks a million for the opportunity.

  142. Dammit! I really wish that I’d found this sooner….

  143. We met on the same day Jesus was picked to play
    fullback for Jerusalem..What a game, He played like
    there was no tomorrow. I thk i bought that home study
    we used to promote at the time..It wasn’t yesterday Sean.
    Best Terry

  144. Hi Sean,

    The Easter Bunny is very busy this year.
    I am now on holidays & he was busily leaving his
    chocolate droppings all over Wyong hospital last week.
    He must have been following me as the deposits
    miraculously appeared wherever I visited, much to
    the delight of patients & staff!!!

    So as I believe in Karma & what you sow you reap, I will
    THANK YOU in advance for my bronze membership
    as I know that Easter Bunny loves me! πŸ™‚ He follows me
    everywhere & leaves chocolate droppings in the most
    amusing places!!! πŸ™‚

    Just imagine what you are going to get from the Easter Bunnny
    for giving away a 100 free bronze memberships!!!

    I bet the Easter Bunny loves you too. I hope you &
    your family have a magical Easter filled with love. fun
    & laughter.

    May the Easter Bunny bring you lots of wonderful

    Sean and the Easter Bunny rocks!!!! Whoo hoo!!!!

    Love Alice xxx:)

  145. Hopefully with the roll out of the Australian Broadband Network now underway, people who’s locality has restricted their access and ability to be able to make money online, will soon be on the same level playing field as the rest of the developed world.
    I joined Sean a couple of years ago but had to cancel my subscription because I was stuck on a dial up connection which restricted my access to training videos etc because I didn’t have the internet speed required.
    Fortunately, I recently gained access to satellite connection through a roof mounted dish which is only just adequate, but my heart still goes out those who still experience the frustration of extremely limited internet access in a world which is quickly becoming a world which relies on unlimited access.
    I’d love to have one of those bronze memberships to take advantage of my new found freedom.

  146. Thanks!

  147. to many Scammers out there are you really for real Sean , must join up when $$ are available

  148. Hi Sean,

    The more I learn about internet marketing the more I want to learn. You are never to old to learn.


  149. Hi Sean,
    Sounds great, thanks for the opportunity

  150. It is my first time visiting your site Sean and I am excited to join in the contest. I already liked you in FB and followed in your twitter. Now I am commenting here and I hope I will be awarded the bronze membership. Thank you.

  151. Another great idea with a great mentor and a great team with a great results what more can you ask for?

  152. Ricsudulai says:

    Thank you for the offer, sorry I don’t have anything to do with Face book, so won’t be doing that. Unfortunately we may not have an internet connection at all, and if anything it will be dial up only most likely from mid next week. I plan to look harder at some form of internet business in the future, but our situation currently doesn’t seem to support this plan, and living in a part of the country with patchy access at best to broadband makes the prime consideration – 24hr broadband access – somewhat of a moot point. Never mind, it’s my birthday on the 20th, and I am sure those you grant membership to will be delighted with it. While we are moving away from internet access – we are moving towards some stunning country and lifestyle. Cheers.

  153. Karla Enoka says:

    Thanks Sean. You’re offers are always incredible and help so many πŸ™‚

  154. That’s great, Thank you so much for including me.

  155. I’ll be checking the garden on Wed, but please don’t leave it under the roses.

  156. Hi Sean , I receive a lot of emails from internet marketers and they all try to sell me the latest greatest package thats going to make me unbelievable amounts of money in no time but when it comes down to it all they want is my money giving me nothing in return whereas you are the only guy I know of that is actually putting his own money where his mouth is and trying to help people and not rip them off , ( must be the Aussie in you coming out ) .
    To be honest in the time i’ve received emails from you i’ve never known of you to not be giving stuff away and now is no different , good luck with the program , hope it goes well and that the next time I get to email you its to thank you for the membership .

    All the best ,


  157. Sounds great. I am certainly not making very much money with my efforts so far.

  158. Ken Grady says:

    Hi Sean,

    This opportunity is just what I need to get me out of my current situation being nearly 61 years old, unemployed & living with my daughter. I would love to give something back to her.

    Thank you for the chance to get started again I am very greatful.

    Kindest Regards


  159. Howard pRITCHARD says:

    Great, bring it on.

  160. Naz Hall says:

    Looking for opportunities to learn new skills and enhance those I already have…so this looks like a good beginning for me Sean.

    Happy Easter to all


  161. glen winder says:

    Im excited

  162. Hi Sean,
    Thank you for the opportunity to be one of the lucky ones to receive a Free Lifetime Bronze Membership to your new internet marketing site.
    What this means, is that you are offering to teach us “survival skills” for our businesses ” in the land of Internet jungle”.
    For people like myself, who feel they have “crash landed on this planet named Internet”, every bit of knowledge and instruction counts, as we never took technology as our subject in school. Thank you very much for your generous opportunity.
    Best Wishes,

  163. Sounds interesting, Sean. I’m looking forward to seeing more when this program is revealed!

  164. Michael G. says:

    Look forward to being part of the program!!

  165. alan musa says:

    let’s learn

  166. I still am unsure if I will continue in this business as I see no progress to my own niche, but I do hope I’ll be one of the lucky members because I wish to know more of how I can make it work.

  167. You are such and inspiration keep up the great work in help the us all follow in your foot steps

  168. Julie Walker says:

    Hi Sean,
    This sounds great. I have been following you for ages but haven’t had the time or money to take this any further. To be honest I have also been reluctanct as I don’t have the confidence to start an online businees. My contract at work is about to run out and I will need a new income. This could be a great opportunity for me to move into an online business and put your program to work.

    Hope I am a winner!!

  169. Brian M Birch says:

    Hi Sean,
    You are a breath of fresh air! There are so many programs on offer on the internet, that are misleading, hyped up, and with no decent contact support. That leaves you in the lurch once you’ve spent hours working on a project, but get stuck and with no-one to help you out. (I’m there at the moment!)
    You Sean, seem to be the opposite to that, always able to help, which I like.
    A bronze membership to your site would be the perfect solution to my affiliate marketing nightmares!

  170. Wow!

    Giving away 100 lifetime bronze memberships is awesome! Count me in.
    Wednesday the 20th April looks more interesting now.

    1. I have commented on this “post”.
    2. I have commented on the facebook fanpage.
    3. I am staying tuned on the facebook fanpage and seanrasmussen.com for updates
    4.I have “liked” this post.

    My chances of winning a free bronze membership look pretty good!
    Now if I could just figure out that Secret Name?………………..Hmm

  171. Matt Struthers says:

    I love the opportunities you give people Sean. I am definitely in for a chance.


  172. Tara Hoy says:

    I will have a lot more free time soon and have been planning to use that time to learning how to make money on line. You are a shining example of how things CAN be!

  173. Sean, with a little booklet from you I’ve just managed to put up my first blog by following those instructions. It was a bit raw, but using a little outsourcing (I’m dumb about techie stuff), I have managed to improve it and can only get better. Now I have the bug! Put up more sites, keep learning and doing. Next is to earn some money … lotsa money! I can’t wait to earn my first $1 profit. You are a born teacher, and I put my trust in you with that little book … and I will put my trust in your hands again if I am lucky enough to win Bronze.

  174. Leroy Perry says:

    Great opportunity Sean!Just getting in on the groung floor.Many thanks.

  175. Sounds like a recession beating idea. πŸ™‚

  176. Nothing like being able to gain some strength on one of my weaknesses, look forward to hearing more and hope to be one of the 100 chosen, thanks Sean 8)

  177. Up till now I have been a very timid and slow learning bunny. Please help me to become a wise rabbit this year.

  178. I’ve been following Sean for a few years now, even without knowing it – aka Bullhunter, he’s proven to be man of integrity and he and his team deliver. A life time alighnment would be an honour.

  179. Hi Sean,
    Guees I fall into category 2 ..those not earning enough money online. So I would definitely like to be in the running for a lifetime free bronze membership.
    You’re so good at creating a bit of hype Sean – love it πŸ™‚

  180. Hey Sean,
    Thanks for the offer. I would love to receive one of the places on offer as it will help my knowledge and hopefully start to make some money out of Internet marketing.

  181. Sounds better than that other $18,000 deal with Shawn S. Ouch!!!! That will never be recouped.

  182. Hi Sean,
    Generous ideas always bring forth more. Waiting for the creativity in you.

  183. Our own Australian guru, I guess it takes a while for us here down under to realise the opportunities, not just in the US but in our own backyard. We have ground floor opportunities in our own backyard, go the green and gold. Looking forward to your continuing innovations in the affiliate marketing arena.

  184. I really do look forward to learning more about your new exciting development, Sean. Here’s to a great launch !!!!

  185. Looking forward to seeing and hearing and being a part of it Sean πŸ™‚

  186. Sean,
    You helped me create my first blog with YOTA. I have another 5 blogs in the making but my memory is not that great…could really do with a membership as a reminder to get them set up properly. πŸ˜‰


  187. What an amazing opportunity. This looks like it could be big for you Sean – not to mention us!

  188. PS The Facebook “Like” button is missing! 8(

  189. Mike Retallack says:

    Hi Sean ive been watching a lot of your videos and reading a lot of your stuff but still not sure where and how to start , As im out of the old school im not to good with computers yet and if i had the chance to get one of these bronze memberships it would help get started . Thanks for the offer

  190. I have a blog that is very hot but I do not know how to expand it as it was hacked previous month. I think I might owe you one as I think you all might have helped to make this blog popular. I owe my present fans who wanted more articles from me but I have stopped writing new and interesting articles as I am afraid sooner or later my blog may be hacked again. I think I have more than 5,000 responses from this blog. So I was wondering if this lifetime membership maybe helpful to me and to you all from YOTA ! πŸ™‚

  191. thanks to you sean and your tuition i was able to put together my first blog. i’m very grateful to your for that. so this opportunity sounds exciting – you can count me in!!

  192. Hey Shaun,
    I’m throwing it out to the universe and hopefully i will be one of the lucky 100.
    Keep up your great work.

  193. Kim Oxford says:

    Been away for a while, my you have been busy! Thanks for all the available support and encouragement. What a fantastic opportunity. All the best to those who receive the Easter Bunny visit. πŸ˜‰

  194. Neda hakemi says:

    Thank you for the offer I am looking forward to learn about internet as it will help me wirh sale of my Art work.


  195. This is truly exciting news. I am looking forward to learning a lot about making millions in internet marketing.

  196. Pick Me

    I am sure this is the yellow brick road marketing thanks for the opportunity Sean

  197. Wow, 100 Free Lifetime Bronze Memberships -I’d like one of those.
    Put my name in the hat at least 10 times. It’s the right time for me
    to launch lots of sites.



  198. I really love to explore the field of internet marketing. Free lifetime bronze membership will surely make my dream come true. Thanks for this great opportunity.

  199. Kirsten Trethowan says:

    Pick me pick me pick me = pretty please πŸ™‚

  200. Hi Saun,

    Well I’m one of the beginners πŸ™‚ I am filtering my money (stretching my $1 to be $3) A pain threshold I did’nt think I had …… But now feeling hungry for more knowledge. I find your e-mails very inspiring – I’m a big believer in “what goes around, comes around” and you are doing just that….Thank-you for your positive messages. Would be appreciative if I was offered a membership. All the best.


  201. WOW…awesome, i am IN!!!!

  202. Your new launch is sounding very exciting, can’t wait to see what happens next…

  203. I will be on the road Wednesday but Weds Night I will be checking this out!

  204. Love your ideas around launching your own products, so would love to see what the membership offers us.

  205. Sean,

    Thanks for the invitation. Would love to join!!

  206. Great offer Sean, I’m sure there will be at least 100 Grateful People to you this Easter. I hoping for a Surprise myself πŸ˜‰ Hope you have some Cherished time to yourself and Family. Cheers

  207. Looking forward to hearing more. I’m pretty much a total newbie when it comes to trying to make money on the net. The opportunity would be great, even if just to get it all off the ground. I have some ideas but still fumbling with the strategies to get it going.
    Thanks for everything you’re doing for everyone.

  208. Sounds like a brilliant opportunity…would love to win!

  209. I’ll put my hand up to be in the running- I could always use a helping hand and a bit of polishing to remember the basics. I’ve made a start but since I’m still working I’m definately not earning enough money!

  210. I am certainly not going to turn down a life membership….

  211. Hi Sean – sounds exciting. Looking forward to hearing the details.

  212. As ever Sean you leave us all in suspense. Can’t wait to hear all about this on Wednesday as I am one of the money people who struggle to make any money with internet marketing. Any help is welcome especially a lifetime free bronze membership.

  213. Andrea Morley says:

    So so excited! I have learnt so much already, but cant wait to learn even more. What an incredible opportunity Sean, one that will really get the chosen 100 off the starting block:)

  214. Christopher says:

    G’day Sean, Thanks for organising this opportunity. My finances are like my luck – pretty bad. It’s time for a change. Looking forward to further developments.

  215. Lynda Rose says:

    We are totally looking forward to Seans new program. It can only be of the same standard as the program we are currently in – which is nothing short of excellent.
    I – personally – have spent thousnds of dollars in the past (embarrassingly) to attempt to put together just some of the knowledge that Sean has in his programs. I never found all that info on my own- and am loving having access to everything I need – in a format that shows me how to go about it! Step by step!!

    I truely believe you can;t go wrong if you follow the recipe Sean has set out for you.

    See you there!


  216. Alan Mullan says:

    I tried the whole internet marketing thing over 12 months ago..totally bombed out could not get it to work at all. Paid for membership to the help site which was little help with limited members. If it is better now am willing for second chance. Thanks Sean

  217. Hi Sean, I have put so many people on to your site after reading your inspiring emails for years now. Many of the people are families in true distress over the financial crisis that has hit so many.
    I hope they have found a wealth of information through your generosity and outlook for returning what you have been given.
    I would like to try your system for myself. First hand is the best option for passing on information πŸ™‚

  218. A free Membership would make an awesome Birthday present for me, and they will be handed out just in time for Friday (22 April). I love the sound of your new program, it is very much needed.
    Good luck with the 500 likes πŸ˜€

  219. Like it??? I LOVE it!!!
    Only joined ten days ago, and am absolutely bowled over by the “easy to follow” info and back up support. Most excellent! Really excited.
    Told myself I didn’t need ANY chocolate this year, but more than happy to take a big bite out of this egg!
    Anything I can do to promote this, I’m more than happy to help.
    Thanks Sean

  220. Hope you get those extra likes and comments Sean. One of those Bronze Memberships sure would help out with training all these young interns and staff members.

    Take care and best wishes,
    Gary Leachman

  221. Sean,

    Really appreciate your initiatives to kick-start us into being better internet marketers.

    Will be great to become one of the 100 lifetime bronze member!



  222. Looks Good! Loving some of the guesses of the name!

  223. Another long day of ‘fun & games’. Time for me to have wee sleep πŸ˜‰

  224. Sean,
    You provide such great content, I am looking forward to your program. Thanks for sharing your time and expertise in Internet marketing.
    If your content is as good as that you provided in Personal Passion Formula it will be well worth the membership price.

    Here’s to success

  225. What a great marketing idea Sean. I love your creativity and abundance mentality. I am looking forward to seeing what your new program has in store for us all.
    Almost there now!
    With Love, Light and Abundance,
    Rae πŸ™‚

  226. Thanks heaps again Sean. Always extremely generous – 100 life time bronze memberships – and committed to helping people out.

  227. Looking forward to your new site!!

  228. David Murray says:

    I don’t know much about about internet and its time to learn.If I get a membership and with the help of Sean,this could be my new way.

    Thanking You

  229. Hi Sean,

    I think I have addicted in following this long long comment. Today I came back for 3 times already just to check out other people comment. How I will this could happen in my blog as well! LOL….

  230. This is very exciting!!

  231. Cool info on internet markerting

  232. Can’t wait to find out that I am one of the 100 lucky people!!!!
    Good on you Sean for doing such a great thing.

  233. Just stumbled onto this but do not know how to twit or blog. Need to make money and
    do not know where to start. Maybe I will get lucky with the Bronze.

  234. Sean is always looking for ways to go the extra mile… he usually finds it!

  235. Ha! I have been busily getting my things in order to focus on the task at hand: YOTA! I am now going in the cave for winter to sort out my life. Clearly I’m slow to take action, but YOTA prepared to be stalked. And Sean, thanks for this little comp! Whether or not I win is not as important as my participation!

  236. Sean I’m sure that it will be spectacular , on reading about you after doing a google search on Sean to see if you are a scam, as we should all do on anything that involves our money online….the write up about you was wonderful….good to see that Australia has honest marketers.
    Good work Sean

    • Thanks Jan.
      In life we attract what we focus on. Our thoughts are our biggest success and failure magnets. I’m pleased you put me in the honest bracket because that is the only place I want to be. My parents brought me up with ethics and values that nobody can push off track. πŸ™‚

  237. Hi Sean,
    Have been reading and learning but still no income. Website is becoming bigger than sliced bread. Still unable to get it built and rolling. Maybe this will Assist. 3 more sleeps.. have a great Easter.

  238. Hi Sean

    REALLY hoping I will be one of the lucky people who wins a Bronze Lifetime Membership. I have paid a computer consultant to build me a website shell in Joomla and now I’m spending a great deal of time doing the Joomla tutorials and learning how that particular web content management system works. I know it’s utterly useless to have a pretty-looking website with great content (which I plan to provide to my subscribers when I finish building my website and actually GET some subscribers) if no-one can find it, doesn’t use it and it just sits on the Internet taking up bits-and-bytes space.

    I know I have to become an informed and expert Internet marketer to drive traffic to my website when it launches and manage that traffic intelligently according to Internet marketing ‘best practice’ when it arrives, but I frankly do not know how to do that yet.

    Being fortunate enough to be granted a Bronze Lifetime Membership (AND at the special rate of no cost to me, even better for this impoverished Net entrepreneuer wannabe!) would be an enormous ‘leg-up’ for my one-woman-and-cat-who-likes-to-sit-on-the-keyboard-whilst-I’m-typing SME.

    I attended an Internet marketing training seminar you presented in Melbourne in May 2008 and was really impressed with your level of knowledge and your ability to communicate easily with your audience. I’m not saying this to ‘butter you up’, but to explain WHY I want SO MUCH to be granted a Bronze Lifetime Membership as I know I will learn from you everything I need to do to be an online success. I need to be given 1-2-3 steps to follow. At the moment I’m floundering and am afraid I might have wasted my money getting the website shell built if I can’t make it attract traffic, sell superior-level product, delight my subscribers when they arrive, treat them with the greatest of courtesy and care and deliver to them superb customer service so the experience of interacting is a ‘win/win’ for all stakeholders.

    I intend my website to be a professional business; it’s not a hobby or a whim which I will then abandon to whizz off to play with the latest fad; I’m a ‘stayer’ and have wanted to do this since May 2008 but Life with a capital L has interrupted my plans for the past three years. Now I have ‘returned to you’, so to speak, and want to get back on track and experience emotional fulfillment and satisfaction at achieving my goals and financial freedom so I can care for my family and friends.

    I have set my business up correctly in terms of accounting standards, government regulations, IT infrastructure, etc, and am busy preparing content I hope will be of great interest and use to subscribers and learning how to present it to them in the most attractive and logical way, according to the Joomla tutorials. All I need now IS a business. I know learning Internet marketing from you and following your example and instructions will give me one. Thank you.

    Cheers from Caitlin Foster in far-away South-East QLD

    • Hi Caitlin
      Good to see you back πŸ˜‰
      Such a long comment needs a reply, though I’d like to reply to everyone.
      First of all, show the cat who’s the boss – lol. Second: You will love the step by step “1-2-3” system that I teach with.

  239. Hi Sean

    What a wonderful opportunity for this newby! Am in process of setting up my website.

    I would love to be on of your 100 lifetime bronze members!

    Thanks heaps in advance πŸ™‚


  240. Dave Batten says:

    Fantastic Stuff!
    It makes me want to blog even more! I just got my partner access to the YOTA forum and would love a membership to anything Seans doing.

    It makes me get on with it!


  241. Excitement reaching fever pitch! How generous of Sean to up his offer to 200 free bronze memberships if this post reaches 500 likes. Get onboard and help out. This is an opportunity not to be missed.
    Thanks Sean
    Cheers Melanie.

  242. Jeanette Hamilton says:

    Thank you for being so generous. There is no such thing as coincidence and everything happens for a reason. Once again thank you

  243. Jacqui Emery says:

    Sounds fantastic!!!!!!
    I would love the opportunity for a bronze membership – and a competition sounds damn exciting – I hope I am able to partake in either or both Sean, Regards, Jacqui

  244. Hi Sean,

    Sounds like a very interesting stuff. What a great offer. Look forward to hear the update about this new wonderful program.

  245. Thank you Sean you just keep giving from the heart. Thank you my friend and may you recieve all the karma you deserve. Looking and paying forward all the time.

  246. Tony Ganzis says:

    I am just s beginner but I want to make my primary income from Internet marketing my goal is 250k a year .


  247. Hi Sean,

    I’m just starting IM. Would like to win this opportunity. Thanks you!


  248. As always Sean, you just keep on giving, and I am happy and excited to be able to join the hopeful receivers!! I have been to a few seminars where you have been a presenter and your honesty and integrity shines like a beacon to the lost souls floating in the audience.
    My knowledge of the internet is so miniscule I guess I’m just a coward with things that are unknown. Maybe with the chance of a Bronze Membership, I will find some courage, take that leap of faith and never look back, only forward to a brighter, more in control future. Thank so much for this opportunity. Fingers crossed.

  249. Gday Sean, this sounds like a great opportunity. I have done my second blog and monotised it with Google Adsense and would love to be a part of the new beginners project you’re getting underway.

  250. Sounds really brilliant cannot wait

  251. Sounds exciting Sean, I can’t wait to see what you are starting now πŸ™‚

  252. Too cool Sean!
    There will be SO many people helped by what you’re doing – I know that because I’m still applying what I learned in the “For A Few Dollars More” comp from last year & I am gradually getting to where I strive to be with my Internet Marketing skills! πŸ™‚

    Cheers, Mel

  253. Mark Vaughan says:

    Need all the help I can get, sounds brilliant.

  254. Hi Sean
    Another opportunity! Please let me be a part of it too! Cheers Jo.

  255. Hej Sean, sounds really great… Trust it is… Looking forward to have a look at it and join!

    Happy Smiles,

  256. I am looking for this lifetime opportunity. I hope i get it !!!! WOW!!

  257. Bronze free lifetime membership this week, silver and gold free lifetime memberships to come in the fullness of time.

  258. Wendy Johnson says:

    What a great offer. Would love one of the winners to be me!!! Thanks for the opportunity Sean. Happy Easter.

  259. Sounds great. Looking forward for the opportunity.

  260. I am really interested to see what you have been quietly working away on Mr Rasmussen. You have my interest piqued πŸ™‚

    I wish all of you luck in getting a membership!!

  261. That was fun. Thanks Sean. Got It πŸ™‚

  262. I want something tangible to give my kids.

  263. I can’t push string, but I can pull it. So I want to show my kids IM works.

  264. Wanting to work really hard to create a second income.

  265. G’day Sean,
    The bronze life membership sounds exciting. I’m commenting here first and doing the other stuff next ………….clicking lots of likes. Thanks for the opportunity.
    1000 memberships would be over the top a bit, I think……………Hmmmmmmmm

  266. Adrian Kenyon says:

    OK, Sean, I’ve had a good listen to your message — and yes, although I am not a great chocolate fan, I would definitely like to help you, in whatever way I can, or you want. And the reason for that is that you deserve to have a few people helping you, in return for the help that you have given them. So lead on, because as stated above, I would definitely like to start turning things around.

  267. Alexander Cheung says:

    Ello Sean

    I’ll be reading a bit more on Internet Marketing, it seems to be a good combination with Wing Chun (at least IMO) the ability to get the message out easier and stuff.

    Oooh a hidden smiley :O

    Anyway thank you

  268. Wayne Hill says:

    Hi Sean, is it commonsenseformula.com

  269. Graeme F says:

    You’re a generous bloke Sean… and smart as Einstein too when it comes to uncovering the secrets of the internet that count for ca$h!

  270. Woohoo!
    a free Lifetime Bronze Membership to the new IM site for ….. me! Yes, please. Thankyou very much ;o)

  271. Wow a lifetime Bronze Membership would be too good to be true,
    I would be very grateful for one of those.

    Cheers Ali.

  272. Intrigued… Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got for us!

  273. Sounds real good – can’t wait!

  274. Here comes Sean to the rescue again with his latest online success program!! Can’t wait to see what he has in store this time…but his store has always been packed with goodies on previous occasions.

  275. I can not wait to see, never ending opportunities from a great Mentor.

  276. Good to know about this. Looking forward to some good news.

    Have learnt much about marketing from you.Thanks

  277. I am based in California & was recently introduced to the work of Sean Rasmussen – I look forward with anticipation to his new program!

  278. Sean you are amazing.. People have simply so much to gain from the knowledge you impart and give so much of.

    Ohhhh and so excited – I’ve got it, I’ve got it.. I know what it is.. Now how do we actually win a Lifetime Bronze Membership? lol… there is so much I need to learn and you are simply the best mentor in Internet Marketing to learn it from.

  279. Great idea Sean. Waiting with anticipation!

  280. Hello guys it is great to see so any very interesed people. Sean’s generocity is a continual inspiration to commercial world.

  281. Like your angle! you got my attention.
    Thats half the battle won!

  282. Hey Sean, I have been following you and your blogs for some time now but found this is the first time I’ve ever commented and decided to take an opportunity to get more involved. (feel great about having taken this action!) I have a new project in the works and just know that your skills, dedication and motivation have the ability to inspire, motivate and teach me fundamentals to make this a success.
    Hope I make it in with a chance for this fantastic opportunity!
    Thanks Sean

  283. Anthony Kunkel says:

    I don’t have a website – which might have something to do with NOT earning an online income! Interested in changing this…wouldn’t I make a good case study.

  284. Craig Turner says:

    Although I am yet to realise the benefits of IM, I cant help but be swept up in the excitement of this campaign. commonsenseformula.com

  285. Tim Brown says:

    Thanks Sean!!!

  286. Anna-marie Fowler says:

    Hi Sean, I am so excited to see what you have on offer next, what ever it is I know it will be unique & help a lot of people. πŸ™‚

  287. Ian Payne says:

    Hi Sean,
    I just realised I neeed to comment here. Sorry for my ignorance.
    I would be delighted tojoin the bronze program, as I am sure it will unlock many secrets for me.

  288. John van Nooten says:

    I’m excited to see inside!

  289. prem adheesh lekhi says:





  290. Thank you Sean.
    for the opportunity you are helping me to make sense with internet marketing.

    The very best wishes to you and your family over Easter.

    Thanking you in advance.

  291. Eugenia Smith says:

    Its Thursday and I just remembered woops…. Had my gremlins to entertain before the multiplied into nastier ones… BUT i have managed to get here yay

  292. Excellent! πŸ™‚

  293. A life time Bronze Membership, thanking you very much Sean, I believe in repetition and going over basics to get my head around all this Internet Marketing, great stuff!

  294. this is a great deal, thak you.

  295. cant wait!

  296. Wyatt Taylor says:

    Hi Sean, this sound amazing hope i am not to late…

  297. Nilesh Nischal Prasad says:

    Sir Sean,I reside in the Fiji Islands.For the last 12 months i have been head on your weatlthy contributions.

    Could i know few things before i move on with the Internet marketing?

    What percentage of people in the Fiji Islands are with online marketing on your products?

    You are a very great person and when i say this i admire your courage and journey you into.

    I would like to join the online marketing and would like to make the most out of it.

    What i have to do ?

    Kind Regards and Thank you many times

  298. Norell Carter says:

    The Bronze Program will be, and is, the answer to my prayers! πŸ™‚ I am a new Mum and I would love to learn how to do Internet Marketing so that I can generate an income that will allow me to stay at home and raise my beautiful baby son

  299. Michelle Ley says:

    I know i am a lot later then everyone else, but I could really use this program. I am focused and on fire, and guaranteed to succeed. πŸ™‚

  300. I was one of the lucky ones to get the membership. The information is great and very easy to follow – excellent for someone new to internet marketing.

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