Learn How To Blog – For A Few Dollars More

In today’s webinar we are going to Learn How To Blog – For A Few Dollars More. This will be part 1 of the blogging webinars as I will cover much more for you over the duration of the 7 week Learn And Earn Internet Marketing Competition.

Learn how to set up a new blog in a matter of minutes and be ready to publish articles online at your own leisure. You will be able to do this at no cost and learn the art of blogging.

Learn How To Blog Webinar

Watch this webinar as many times as you need to learn the setup process. If you are a beginner, this will especially help you Learn How To Blog. Follow the instructions on getting a free blog set up in no time.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s webinar in the For A Few Dollars More series. The next webinar will go further into blogging and help you post articles and structure your blogposts with themes, links, images and videos.

Furthermore, I will add in more avenues for you to earn points in the Learn And Earn competition.You will also get access to the competition ladder so you can see where everyone is at for the cash & prizes.

If you missed the most recent webinar, you can go back and catch up here: Learn Affiliate Marketing. You can also catch up on the launch of the For A Few Dollars More competition.

See you back here soon.

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About Sean Rasmussen

Sean Rasmussen is a passionate blogger and has been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When he's not with his family, or dog Buddy, Sean is usually blogging or doing something related to the internet.


  1. Here is the signup link >>. Please don’t share it outside this post. Otherwise it needs to be changed and that wrecks it for everyone else 🙂

    • Thanks Sean
      I enjoyed the webinar this afternoon.

      Just for your information for some reason I can’t get into the webinar on Firefox and have to resort to either Safari or Google Chrome. Don’t know why, but it certainly won’t deter me.

      I’m off to blogging heaven now and hope to finish the first one in time for the St Kilda/Geelong game and the second in time for the Hewitt/Monfils match.

      Then it will be a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of red, a little sleep before more blogging.

      .-= Dobbs Franks´s last blog ..Musicians Can Entertain Professionally =-.

      • It’s good to see you have your Popcorn/Red Wine ratio all sussed out, Dobbs.

        You speak my language 😉

      • FRank,
        I get the webinars fine on Firefox. Have you updated lately? Or missed a plugin/

        I used to have trouble sometime ago (not for these) and I re-loaded Firefox – that may help you too.

        • Peter

          Thanks for your information. My mother was a bit weird but my first name is really and truly Dobbs and my last one Franks. I had nothing to do with it and have lived with it for a long time. However, it has certainly been a talking point. Interestingly enough it gives me an easy in to chat with people and make new friends. I hope to include you in that group.

          I I update Firefox every time there is a chance or an option. I have no trouble getting into the webinars on Safari or Google Chrome, so I will content myself with that.

          I am on a MacBook which I only last year added to my armory. I am still getting used to it having been a windows addict for quite a while. So, I may be doing something wrong on Mac, but whatever I use Firefox for all the YOTA things except the webinars.

          See you around often, I hope.


          • Peter

            Worry not about it. I have been trying to find nice and friendly ways of telling people about my name all my life. I am just pleased, as always, to have it straightened out.

            We will progress from here to affiliate heaven.


    • Thanks Sean – just great. Now I can re-build my gardening blog which Wp cut off.

  2. This is fantastic free advice ot get you up and running with your own blog without outlaying any money. Great way to practice blogging and get perfect. Thanks for the link Sean.
    .-= Jackie Stenhouse´s last blog ..Falling Pregnant =-.

  3. Hi Sean,

    Thanks for another great webinar, Sean. Now the fun stuff really begins. I’m looking forward to starting my blog and trying a few things.

    Now is the perfect time for experimentation. Because we’re mates right? And if I get it banned, or something, you’ll give me another one? Please? Lol
    .-= Jazz Salinger´s last blog ..Learn and Earn – It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint =-.

  4. Willem Broekers says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this great gremlin free video Sean, you do things in such a short time and with such clarity! Must get the signup link!

  5. geoff harnden says:

    Thanks Sean. seadog.uwcblog ready to go. This is really good fun!!! Thanks so much. Can’t wait for Monday. cheers GH

    • Looking forward to seeing the Seadog Blog, Geoff.

      • geoff harnden says:

        cheers Sean. First ever blog is now published on the worldwide web. Bit scary when you say it like that isn’t it? Just want to say a big thanks to you. Goodness, we are only into the 2nd week…!! Also wanted to raise an angle not mentioned to date, but could be just as exciting for some people, as making money (easily) online may be to others.. is that this (blogging) is a great avenue for people who have a talent or desire to just write. Difficult to write a short story or book & then get it published but this is easy: and you can get worldwide (literally) feedback. It can provide for the passion of writing (and of course, then the moula will follow!)

  6. Hi Sean,

    thanks for a great webinar – you show the basics needed to quickly start up a blog, get it set up right and have fun … and even with access to a great free Blog base.

    I do already have an UWC blog – am I ok to start another one? If yes, should I use the same access I already have, or should I sign up with another email?
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Self Improvement Books – What Are Your Favourites =-.

  7. Ailsa Smith says:

    Thanks Sean, for another awesome webinar. I have never blogged before and I am so excited about learning how to do it. Can’t wait for Monday. Your generosity will never be forgotten.

  8. Drinking water before I went to bed didn’t get me up in time for the Webinar so I’m in the process of downloading the video as I write.

    I must admit that I’ve been blogging on a somewhat irregular basis for a few years now but not with the intention of selling anything. However, I think it’s time that I tried earning some money to support my Internet “habit”. And sitting in my computer room earning money beats picking up beer bottles along the side of the road, especially on rainy days.

    So thanks again, Sean, for the effort (and money) you’re putting into this seven week Learn and Earn competition. With a little perseverance and seriousness even I may be able to use the info gleaned.
    .-= Don White´s last blog ..Just A Little Bit Longer =-.

    • If the beer bottles have tops firmly fastened and contain Becks, give me call, Don.

      Hey, I’d even give Canadian Beer a go! I can visualize a trip to our sister country very soon. 🙂

      • Oh I always keep my eye out for the bottles that still have the top on, Sean. 🙂

        By the way, I really liked the musical video you included at the bottom of your demo blog. Throw in a few more of those.

        Now I’m scratching my head where my hair used to be to think of a name for a blog on UWCBlog.com.
        .-= Don White´s last blog ..Psycho- =-.

        • If it helps Don, make sure you include your niche in the domain name. Also Google it and see what other names are out there and do a variation on them
          e.g. if it’s travel and travel.com is the top one on Google, do something like premiertravel.,uwcblog.com; in fact you may even get travel.uwcblog!

  9. Hi Sean

    Thanks for another wonderful webinar.

    I sure am thinking about my ability to streeeetch time here to fit everything in and I am going to prove that it can be done.

    I just think of Clint Eastwood and all the things he could do in just under 2 hours in his movie and I know I can fit everything in.

    I just think about you an Sir Yang’s workload and I know that I have to create some miracles here, but miracles do happen, and I know I can do it….. so see you at the Webinar on Monday, with bells on.


  10. Hi Sean,
    what a great webinar. Perfect timing to where I am in the forum learning as well, off now to set up the first blog, and feeling very excited. Wont be too long until you see the recent blog attached to the comments. thanks again for all the learning tools you are providing

  11. Sean you have a natural talent , I think I’m getting a complex seeing you do it in a matter of minutes but I definitely know volumes more than only months ago and it’s thanks to your commitment to teaching in a way that even dummies like myself can learn.
    .-= tony shirren´s last blog ..Day Trader =-.

  12. Thank you Sean for another great webinar in the Learn and Earn competition. There is a great world of opportunities for those who have stuck with it all. So hang in there guys and enjoy the ride. There is plenty to learn yet and weeks of quality coming your way!
    .-= Helen´s last blog ..Learn and Earn – Week One =-.

  13. Hey Sean,

    Just finished watching the webinar a few times. (Well, finished watching it about an hour ago.)

    Dived in, and come up with my blog and first article. Definitely needs a little polish, but I’ll be looking forward to Monday’s webinar to help out in that area.

    Thanks for the easy, step by step instructions!

    Have a great weekend!

    Just a thought!



    Oh, and http://justathought.uwcblog.com is up and running!
    .-= Pete´s last blog ..In the Beginning, there was Thought! =-.

  14. Cathy and Trevor Howitt says:

    Hi Sean,
    A great and easy way to start blogging. For now though, it’s time for bed, but I have millions of thoughts running through my head. So many ideas for blogs….so little time to do it all! But gotta start somewhere, so it may as well be here!
    Looking forward to Monday.
    Regards Cathy

  15. Circumstances beyond my control caused me to miss the Webinar but I have viewed the very enjoyable recording. I am looking forward to a refresher course on developing a blog.
    .-= Isa´s last blog ..Get Your Life Back! =-.

  16. Sean like Renee I already have a blog and attempted to follow the advice you gave her but the link you provided would not accept my email address, advising that that email address was already in use. I await your welcome advice.
    .-= Isa´s last blog ..Get Your Life Back! =-.

  17. Thanks Sean,
    Awesome webinar, working on practising my blog. Another great opportunity for free.

    • Hi Sean,
      Just completed my first ever blogpost..I now await the next webinar on Monday to perfect this. Is there any way I can go back to confirm this if its published??

      • Rose, you can cut & paste the new URL and put it on the address bar – click it and see if it comes up.
        You also can, from within the dashboard, see your live posts as well as previews

        It’s all pretty quick and efficient

        • Thanks Peter for your help. You can clearly see the beginners lost in a foreign field..It’s just like learning how to use a new accounting software..finally got around to it & still practising!!
          .-= Rose Kawe´s last blog ..Do I Feel Lucky Well Do Ya =-.

          • And as they say practice makes perfect and practicing will mean you will definitely earn while you learn for a few dollars more. It could make the difference when every cent counts.

  18. Very clear and concise Sean to getting started blogging. It is interesting as it brought up a new fear – why would people be interested in my thoughts? Then I realised what an opportunity it is find similiar thoughts and differences. As it is in our differences where strength lies.
    .-= Nateele´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  19. Hi Sean

    Just managed to watch the webinar. Once again great info on how to get started online for no outlay.

    I jumped the step on getting an UWC blog going straight to a self hosted WP blog. I will go get one now.

    I presume I will be able to link between them.

    .-= Gee Hollings´s last blog ..Are Keyword Research Services Really Worth It? =-.

  20. really enjoyed the intro to blogging signed up for a uwcblog and motivated 🙂 thx

  21. Awesome webinar. I started a blog a while ago about my travel experiences but didn’t keep it up. This has reminded me how much I actually enjoy writing. Time to start again me thinks!

  22. my gravatar didn’t come up. wrong email. oops
    .-= Tania´s last blog ..Logo Painting Part 2 =-.

  23. The webinar was a timely reminder to pull my finger out and use the blogs I have been neglecting!
    I also found out the hard way about WordPress not liking promotions and sales oreinted stuff – they just disabled my good gardening blog! And, of course when I said I would clear it up – no reply! Typical!

    • Sounds like Sean’s website hosting platform is the perfect solution. You have more control and more scope to do what you want to do. Plus, if you’ve got any queries you know exactly who to go to.

      Thanks for the webinar Sean. Learning how to blog is certainly a lot easier (and a lot more stylish) than it was only a few years ago.
      .-= David Moloney´s last blog ..What is the Best Domain Hosting =-.

    • damn dont ya hate that … I had trouble with it too… Back everything up!!
      I wrote an intro and trying to personalise it with background and then it says we are suspending u whilst we clean up spanners haha…spammers , something like that …
      I wanted to link up some of my other web pages but I dont think they like it too much >?

    • At least being part of Learn to Earn ‘For a Few Dollars More’ you know you are not just another ‘number’ in the system

  24. A very helpful webinar. I’m very impressed by the concept behind this whole Fistful of Dollars initiative. It’s a great introduction for people new to blogging and encourages a hands on approach from the beginning. Not to mention the possibility of making some money while learning the trade.
    .-= Gary Birch´s last blog ..How to Learn a Second Language =-.

  25. I just caught up on yesterday’s webinar and it was packed with goodies yet straight to the point. I love the part about using a free blog to experiment and learn the ropes while becoming a seasoned blogger. I’m really looking forward to the next installment!

    Thanks again Sean!

  26. awesome to have the replay to get the little bits i missed

  27. Thanks Sean for another informative webinar. The thing I love is that, for someone who is well seasoned at doing this, you still haven’t forgotten how to relate to the newbie – simple step by step instructions. Fantastic :).
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..Indoor Air Quality =-.

  28. Simple and understandable!, that best sums up the video on this post. It explains how you can have your own UWC blog site at no cost to you.

    Then Sean simply explains how to set up the basics. For someone with no experience it makes a lot of sense.

    Giving this kind of information and not charging for it is a practical example of Sean’s genuine desire to help people learn and earn.
    .-= David Pearse´s last blog ..Online Opportunity Still Available!! =-.

  29. Alison Cox says:

    Too easy! I can’t wait to pretty my new blog up.. and maybe have a think about some actual content :S

  30. Tiffany Davis says:

    Well I was right I did miss a another great webinar but very grateful for the recordings so we can watch them again. The wabinar was great easy to understand how to set up a blog I have a couple of blogs already and I learnt something from the webinar that I didn’t know so thanks.


  31. Hi Sean,
    Just viewed the recording from yesterday’s Webinar and it was great. I didn’t want to miss anything. The competition is really hotting up now, going into the second week. It’s especially thrilling to build a blog from scratch and to have it up and running and published within a matter of minutes. It’s incredible really how easy it can be to get started with blogging.

    I didn’t realize either before how beautiful the Clint Eastwood theme song music is…it’s so nice and it really sets the mood. All set up within a couple of hours. Great work Sean.

  32. Awesome webinar Sean,

    I thought that you really kept simple for those that may be new to blogging which is great! I am pretty excited to be reminded that there will be a good variety of prizes and more ways to generate points for this competition. Thanks again for putting this together, it’s a pity that your site gets spammed because it really is a genuine opportunity for people to make money online at no cost.

  33. Yes kudos to you Sean for your help and generosity. Seeing Jeremy’s comment above about prizes – I had almost forgotten about them having got caught up in the reading, watching and learning.

  34. Sean I am not sure how I go about getting a second blog with the same email address. I did attempt to put a different domain name with my email address but that didn’t work. Hopefully the Monday webinar will offer some advice on this predicament. I still haven’t managed to find the link for Monday but have registered for the Tuesday webinar anyway.
    .-= Isa´s last blog ..Get Your Life Back! =-.

  35. Got my one started last night. Someone’s suggestion of a timer to keep on track would have been a good option for me. New toy – must play – time flies! http://www.energised.uwcblog.com

  36. i think something went a bit funny with my last post. i got my blog going. having a play round. i didn’t heed some good advice of setting a timer – new toy, must play, time flies!

  37. Leigh Aubrey says:

    Cant wait to learn more in the next webinair. I panicked when I had to go to my sons footy training and missed the session but glad it is easy to catch up.

  38. Jody Chambers says:

    The weather here in the southwest has been so awesome only just got back to watch your webinar. I love the tutorial style of learning…obviously I am a visual learner…have started the sign up process, just waiting for email…and eagerly awaiting monday 1.00 pm wast doh…as always your marksmanship is faultless \m/

  39. Thanks for another informative webinar Sean. There is always something to learn or refresh my memory.
    .-= Helen Proudfoot´s last blog ..Kobo now available in Australia =-.

  40. I love that you’re encouraging everyone to start their own blog as I believe we’re going to get some good quality posts from everyone here. The dedication I see from your viewers and followers is phenomenal and I trust that will continue as the need for earning continues after we learn in the 7 weeks.
    .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..Asking the Universe =-.


    THANK YOU for hosting and giving us a free blog page etc.
    I have just scrolled thru some of the comments and will check out some blogs first as i am nervous!!!

    OH, AND LOVE ACCA DACCA, mate i salute you!
    lol and cheers!
    .-= Sue Brown´s last undefined ..Response cached until Mon 28 @ 12:27 GMT (Refreshes in 23.32 Hours) =-.

    • Like you Sue I get a little nervous when my capabilities are stretched and I feel I don’t totally understand the instructions – and I’m feeling that way at present.
      Have you got your blog up?
      Currently I’m putting it off until I listen to more videos.

  42. Jean Follington says:

    Thanks so much for the clear easy to follow instructions for starting a blog, just what I needed to get me started.

  43. A UWC Blog is a great way to get started. It is exactly like a WordPress.com blog and contains all the nifty little widgets and themes that will make your blog unique.

    Don’t forget to use your UWC Blog even if you have moved onto a self-hosted blog – there’s so many advantages you’ll be happy you kept it updated.
    .-= Cemil´s last blog ..Scribe SEO Plugin – Making SEO Easy =-.

  44. This is really awesome stuff. Phew. I’m like there is so much stuff to remember, I am having trouble remembering it all. Very impressive though.

    • Jayne Pleysier says:

      It always seems like information overload when you start – but you do become familiar with it pretty quick and things which you ignored previously as you had your head exploding do seem to pop up again when you are ready to learn them

      • Sometimes you ‘listen’ but you don’t hear it so you’re right then that you hear it and take it in when you are ready. That reminds me of a quote “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

        • I like that quote Bernadette. It’s so true – and (head hanging down) applies to me! It’s a lot about mindset, attitude and persistence.

          • I think I might have put this on Facebook but here it goes again –

            “Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one” Malcolm Forbes

            – because I just relates so well to Learn to Earn. And even if it’s not earning in the competition you still become wealthy earning from what you learn and put into practice.

  45. Jayne Pleysier says:

    Thanks Sean….glad you have left the link their still – have gotten a little behind and spending this afternoon catching up. I like the fact that you are recording the webinars – so even though Im not coming up as an attendee, Im catching them later on – a lot easier with kids when you can pause and if you miss somethng you can pull the video back a little.

    Thanks for the blog which I can blow-up and shall have playing with it and pushing it to the limit. Really glad it is in WordPress format as I have set up a few sites on the platform – and it amazes me how you always learn something new – now wont be frustrated with the 10 lines in a post now that i know how to make it bigger!

    Onto the next recording 🙂

  46. Jacqui Emery says:

    I have been away for a week and am catching up on all webinars – I tried your link above and I may have been too late.

    Is there another way I can get access to this link??

    Hope I can set up blog soon,

    Kind Regards, Jacqui

  47. Jacqui Emery says:

    Thank you – I’m up and running now with my blog.

    This is very exciting, Thanks again!!

  48. I have listened to this amazing blog webinar a couple of times inbetween dashing here and there with other commitments – am now putting together my first blog! What a fantastic feeling – thanks Sean will let you know when it is up and running – I can’t wait – a bit like a kid in a candy store!

  49. Could someone please help re Setting Up a Blog – I’ve only just been in the competition for a week and am trying to catch up but I don’t understand the url bit?
    I do have a gmail account with google – is that useful?

  50. A good place to start is with the video at the top of this page. This video is also in the free internet marketing support forum that Sean set up.

    If you haven’t already registered for the forum it is an excellent thing to do as it also has a question and answer area which is highly recommended for any problems you have. Watch the video on this blog post http://www.seanrasmussen.com/tutorials/free-internet-marketing-support/ and then scroll down a bit further and you will see the link to sign up to access this forum for free.

    Hope this helps. If you are ever stuck just ask.

  51. Hi Sean,
    I hope I improve my blogging technique. I would love to be a fluent story writer/blogger. Possibly in the future I’ll attend a Michael Rolland seminar. I have reason to believe he’s good value for learning the skills on successful blogging and story writing.

    Nice person as well.
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Lifestyle with Sean Rasmussen =-.

    • With every blog you write you improve, Jill, so simply keep writing. With your knowing Sean Rasmussen and visiting SeanRasmussen.com you are well on your way to learning how to make blogging easy so you can blog non-stop. And as long as you continue to enjoy it you’ll soon be amazing!

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