Learn And Earn. $20,000 In Cash And Prizes

In April I gave away $1,000 to the winner of the Fistful Of Dollars competition. I promised a bigger and even better competition – and it is about to start. Don’t snooze… because the Cash and Prizes are up there: Β $20,000

Learn And Earn

This competition will allow you to Learn and Earn. You will learn while I teach you about Internet Marketing during June and July – and you will earn if you apply the strategies and win prizes.

Of course, if you use the strategies correctly, you could even earn money online in your own right. You choose how much effort you put in and you choose how much you want to learn. To help you achieve and win, I will give out free webinars, free video’s and plenty of prizes!

$20,000 In Cash And Prizes

Who can join this competition for the chance to win $20,000 In Cash And Prizes? Anyone can (almost). I will submit some basic rules very shortly. Effectively, the rules are fair and it won’t cost you a cent to be involved – except for your internet connection!

Your Initial 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Join the Facebook FanpageΒ Sean Rasmussen Talks to stay up to date with the competition. Only members of that fanpage can be part of this competition.
  2. Comment below this post so I know you are interested.
  3. Comment on the Facebook Fanpage if you like what you see.
  4. Invite friends to Sean Rasmussen Talks. I will increase the prizes up to $50,000 if we reach 5,000 contestants.
  5. Register for the webinar on Thursday (3pm AEST)*

Starting date and full competition details will be available soon.

* Time of the webinar is Thursday 3pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT +10). I will provide a recording the next morning for our friends in other timezones to catch up fast.

Consolation Prizes

If you don’t win a big prize, the worst thing that can happen is for you to learn a heap of great stuff about internet marketing. I will however ensure that participants that take active part in the competition, and follow the rules responsibly, will get rewarded.

I only ask 2 things from you: 1) Follow the rules. 2) Participate to win!

If it all sounds too good to be true, there is no pressure to join the competition. I welcome excitement and genuine ‘will to learn’ with open arms. There is no cost to be involved.

If you want to see how to Make Money Online and have a bucketload of fun in the process, you don’t want to miss out on this competition.

The webinar kicks off on Thursday. Register even if you cannot make it. You will receive an email after the webinar with a link to the recording.

More to come… now don’t just sit there. Get started on the above list πŸ˜‰

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator
Aussie Internet Marketer Β© 2004 – 2010

About Sean Rasmussen

Sean Rasmussen is a passionate blogger and has been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When he's not with his family, or dog Buddy, Sean is usually blogging or doing something related to the internet.


  1. I don’t mind a $20,000 learning incentive.
    Thanks Sean.

  2. Ah!! You’ve done it again big fella…I’m in…
    Let the Learning begin
    .-= Cade´s last blog ..My 3 Favourite Volume Indicators for Stock Trading =-.

  3. Awesome can’t wait – although I will be in South Africa supporting our national teams until July I will still be doing this πŸ™‚

  4. Benjamin Barrett says:

    I’m very excited about this opportunity and will make the very most of it!

  5. Can’t wait! I was a little discouraged when I saw how many comments Jazz had already but this competition for $20 000 is much less time consuming with so many more benefits than the last. I’ll be participating for sure!
    .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..The Magic of Believing Has Me Inspired =-.

  6. I’m in. Let’s strive for the cash and stretch out learning together.
    .-= David Moloney´s last blog ..What is the Difference Between a JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG and EPS? =-.

  7. This sounds like heaps of fun & we get to learn too. Count me in!

  8. Sure I am interested.. sounds like a great promotion.. nice marketing.

  9. Mike Fulgaro says:

    I’d love to have a crack, Sean!

    Need all the knowledge I can get, and you are just the man to deliver it!

    Thanks so much for the DVD as well, I loved it. My aim is to make enough money online to get one of your courses into me…slowly, but surely, I will get there!

  10. Oh Just show me the way……..I am always in for the fun…..and to make money …What a BONUS….Cheers Ed

  11. Sean

    It’s a great opportunity and even though I will be traveling a lot in the next few months, I will give it my best go.


    .-= Dobbs Franks´s last blog ..Today’s Most Vexing Question Is Which Brandy? Armagnac, Cognac or Calvados =-.

  12. Fantastic competition Sean, I think you’re doing a wonderful job, teaching others and increasing the excitement so more people will participate and get involved making income online. Very each to participate and see whats coming up.

    Wealth Creation and Success Motivator
    .-= Kase Cheah´s last blog ..5 secrets tips to increasing your motivation daily =-.

  13. Hi Sean
    Here I am again. I have already commented on your fan page and I look forward to out next mission! Cheers

  14. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    It sounds so exciting. I can’t wait for the webinar on Thursday. It sounds like a win-win for everyone. πŸ™‚

  15. Hi Sean,
    I am really excited by this competition, and our opportunity to learn even more from you about Internet Marketing. AND maybe win some of that prize money as well – bring it on!!

  16. G’day Sean
    You are the KING of under promising and OVER DELIVERING !!!! As I work through all the IMPOTY and the LCM studies, I have to tell you this new competition is BREATHTAKING ! How to fit it all in ???????????????? Can we have a 30 hour day for a while, please ?
    .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..Your Mobile Phone and Emergencies =-.

  17. Sean
    Another great opportunity for everyone. Looking forward to finding out what this competition will be all about. Anyone will be able to win this if they listen to Sean and follow his instructions.
    Good luck to everyone taking part and I’ll be doing my best to have my name on that $20,000 cheque.
    Thanks so much Sean
    .-= Tania Shipman´s last blog ..Save Money with your CTP Greenslip =-.

  18. Sounds fantastic. Looking forward to hearing what we are going to be doing!

  19. Dorian Beatty says:

    I am looking forward to learning more, and if I can win some cash in the process, that is even better.

  20. nick neale says:

    Hi Sean , can’t wait to win this so I can learn from a master and to put into practice what is learnt so I can be a slave to my own desires and not spend my time making my employer rich with my hard work .

  21. Jo Carey-Bradshaw says:

    Hi Sean,
    Your Fistful of Dollars competition was huge fun and a good learning curve for me.

    This Learn and Earn competition is shaping up to another adventure.

    I am really looking forward to thoroughly learning. Your competition prize will be the icing on the cake!

    Thanks Sean.

  22. Sounds great – lets go

  23. I already enjoyed the competition in April so I will not miss out that one for sure …

  24. Am looking for the back link in your sight. seems like you have removed it. It will make you more famous than you already are.

  25. Sounds so exciting. Can’t wait to learn and maybe earn. Thanks Sean
    .-= Jackie Stenhouse´s last blog ..Being a Stay at Home Mum =-.

  26. What a fantastic opportunity Sean! I can’t wait to find out the details.


  27. Sounds like a great opportunity. Looking forward to it.

  28. Christian K. says:

    Sounding real good, excited! Count me in, Sean!

  29. I have been slowed down by circumstances, but every moment I have free I will be there to Learn and Earn and no matter the journey time I will be there at the finish line .
    .-= Rita pepper´s last blog ..SEO Training =-.

  30. Trish Rock says:

    Great to be part of this Sean and anticipating some fantastic ideas in your training!

  31. I am looking forward to this exciting webinar and have notified my friends about it too. I just watched your DVD last night Sean – I’d love to be in your internet learning course so I’m in for the fun and prize. Thanks for all the info and all the best to you!
    .-= Beth Bowman´s last blog ..New Cancer Cures For Your Dog =-.

  32. Jacqueline says:

    Sean, I am interested

  33. I’m eagerly awaiting publication of “The Rules”
    .-= Ray Pinkerton´s last blog ..Things To Think About When Buying Discount Electronic Cigarettes =-.

  34. Hello Sean,

    I am looking forward to hearing more about this competition. It amazes me how much you are willing to teach others, and with how much knowledge you have to share πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to Thursday.
    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..PJ Drive =-.

  35. I am interested. I want to learn and I want to earn and I want a bit of that $20,000 in cash and prizes. Thanks.
    .-= Wal Heinrich´s last blog ..The Secret Of Healing The Shadow Self And Tapping Into The Riches Of The Dark Side =-.

  36. Sonya Lane says:

    Hi Sean

    Always happy to learn and earn. Looking forward to more details.

  37. This is great Sean, not only for the prizes and competition, but also for the great content and education being provided. I’m in this for sure!
    .-= Cemil´s last blog ..What We Can Learn From Female Entrepreneurs =-.

  38. Hi Sean, Never too old to learn. I need all the information I can get. Will be on holiday in Bali for the next 2 weeks from Friday. Hope to tune in before I leave . If not I look forward to the recording.
    Note the website change
    Doctor Bill
    .-= William Warr´s last blog ..Pentecost Sunday-The Coming of The Holy Spirit =-.

  39. Melanie Braggs says:

    I really want to learn all I can about internet marketing, I am keen on being involved to speed up my learning and be there when the prizes are handed out! Thanks for the opportunity Sean.

  40. Sounds good. Let’s go!

  41. Im in. Can’t wait

  42. Brenda McNutt says:

    After a disastrous start to learning about earning on the internet via another organisation I wonder if that can now be turned around ?

    • Hello Brenda,
      Being bruised by other internet operators is par for the course. I had 2 USA companies which were disgusting in the way they treated customers, but I’m VERY HAPPY to say the support you will get from Sean and his team will blow your mind. IT CAN BE TURNED AROUND !
      They are the most ethical and honest organisation you could possibly find, so if you want to succeed, this is the PLACE !!!
      I had a tricky question this afternoon, and got an answer in SIX MINUTES !!! Plus some encouragement, which always helps.
      Looking forward to seeing you in the forum.
      .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..Your Mobile Phone and Emergencies =-.

    • Brenda,

      Sean is one of the most ethical people I’ve ever met. It won’t be a case of ‘just’ getting value for money, Sean gives more then you would believe.

      .-= Tania Shipman´s last blog ..Save Money with your CTP Greenslip =-.

  43. Hi Sean,

    count me in! I am sure it will be lots of fun (and a little bit of work) again like with your last competition, but everybody who actively participates is a winner already. And it can only get better with winning a prize!
    I see you all in the competition !!!
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Self Improvement – 25 Self Motivation Quotes =-.

  44. I’m keen. Sounds like a great opportunity. Thanks for putting it together

  45. Looks like a lot of fun, wonder what the challenges are going to be. Most importantly really look forward to what can be learn’t

  46. Good on you, Sean for stirring up excitement and buzz as usual! I’m happy to be a part of it.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..10 forum moderator qualities that make any online community thrive! =-.

  47. Bernadette says:

    Sounds like a load of fun – letting the inner child out is always good…

  48. Kerry Wray says:

    Hi Sean πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the opportunity to learn something useful, and possibly win something fun! Can’t do much better than that?

  49. Ok, Sean let’s do this

  50. Elisse Teoh says:

    Definitely interested! πŸ™‚

  51. Sounds great Sean, winning stuff while learning and having fun sounds cool to me. I’ll do my best to make it to the webinar. Cheers!
    .-= Scotty Smith´s last blog ..Investing In Semiconductor Stocks =-.

  52. Tess QIU says:

    Back again to learn more. Not very confident but nothing to lose I guess.

    Thanks Sean.

  53. Sound great I’m ready to jump on in. I have learned a great deal since buying your The
    Year Of The Affiliate

  54. hey i am interested in the competition would love to win that whole bunch of cash!!!..:) sign me up im in jamaica!!.. but io still want to be in the webinar!!

  55. Lincoln Mah says:

    I’m interested.

  56. It sounds so aweSAM… I have my own slogans now – well, it’s just the one! But you have opened me up to so much that I know that not only will I learn much about making money online, internet marketing but I will also learn some new Witty Sam slogans as well.

    Looking forward to the fun and the webinar on Thursday… isn’t it great to have no 9-5 job to tie me up from missing out on the webinar on Thursday.
    .-= Samantha Banfield´s last blog ..Apple iPad Launch =-.

  57. Hi Sean, I’m looking forward to the webinar with an open mind, I really can do with $20,000:)

  58. Hi All,
    Time to get busy internet marketing or get busy dying (ha ha).
    .-= John Davis´s last blog ..Updates Galore! =-.

  59. Mathew Zanggo says:

    Hi Sean, that sounds like a whole lot of fun. Can’t wait to get started.

  60. Sean this sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun as you say & I’m looking forward to what you have in store for us. Here’s to learning how to make money while possibly winning some, sounds like a winner to me.

  61. Sounds like a great challenge. I am in πŸ˜‰

  62. Wow I am looking forward to this exciting adventure, and the webinar on Thursday πŸ™‚
    .-= Sandra Sentance´s last blog ..Time Management =-.

  63. Cathy and Trevor Howitt says:

    Mmmmmm! What can I say that hasn’t already been said?
    DITTO to all of the above.
    A truly wonderful incentive to inspire people to go the extra mile (although I daresay most people would go the extra mile without it…..just sweetens the journey).
    Looking forward to it all!
    Cathy and Trevor Howitt

  64. Shahkyr says:

    Sweet deal! πŸ™‚

  65. Ready to go!
    .-= Baby Boomers Marketing´s last blog ..Jessica Watson – Truly An Inspiration =-.

  66. I’m new to this and would like to give it a go…

  67. Thanks Sean,

    This is great!!! Yeah count me in.”Would love a challenge!!!But most of all the learning and the knowledge is so beneficial..
    so lets get started!:)
    La Rouge Group

  68. tangitehau says:

    keen and willing cant wait,

    thanks Sean.

  69. Oooh $50,000 sounds even better! Thanks Sean : )
    .-= Jeremy´s last blog ..Play the Best RTS games online today! =-.

  70. As per usual, Sean has struck the nervous nail cleanly and sweetly on the head with this latest inspiring competition.
    I wonder if I can borrow his sales copy writers for a couple of years or so!

  71. Good scheme Sean, Im in.

  72. Sounds like a lot of fun to me – with the potential to earn some cash along the way. Reckon it’s a no brainer! πŸ™‚
    .-= Jan Littlehales´s last blog ..Raising Great Kids – Healthy Eating Habits =-.

  73. Fantastic stuff Sean! Looking forward to all you’ve got mate! Cheers, Mel πŸ˜‰

  74. HUbert Baim says:

    Hi Sean,

    I live in Port Moresby, PNG, and have been reading alot of your emails but never participated in any of the exercises/activities. I’ll take part now for fun!


  75. Lailoma says:

    what else one can find? getting prize for learning!
    Please add me too.

  76. Step 2, Tick!! Looking forward to learning and having a heap of fun. Cheers!
    .-= Chris Bellesini´s last blog ..31 – Easy Targets =-.

  77. Looking forward to finding out more!

  78. Sounds exciting Sean – count me in.
    .-= Colin´s last blog ..Wealth and Success =-.



  80. Sounds good to me. Count me in.

  81. yeah, i’m interested.
    So I can get my system for people to make surveys going.

  82. Robyn Vosper says:

    Sounds like the best way to learn, while having fun. I look forward to the challenge and stepping out of my comfort zone!

  83. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity Sean
    It’s great to be able to earn while I learn and I am always a very happy learner. I wish all my fellow competitors every success…….. let the games begin!
    .-= Elly´s last blog .. =-.

  84. I am intrigued by what you have to teach. You seem to have plenty of people eager to learn so I will jump in as well.

  85. Cool, thanks Sean. Not sure how to join your facebook page though? I clicked on “like” but couldn’t find any button pertaining to becoming a fan?? Help please πŸ™‚

  86. Sharon Tappenden says:

    Ready, willing, and able to be at the webinar. Thanks Sean!

  87. Sounds like a great thing to do.>Sam

  88. As always Sean you are unbelievably generous with your knowledge, always willing to share it and make it extra rewarding, too!! You are an inspiration and an amazing teacher. Thanks and I look forward to immersing myself in the fun. Cheers Jenny

  89. Gerd Kohlmus says:

    Hi Sean,
    sounds great! I’m in. Just can’t do Thursday 3 pm. Hope that’s ok.
    Thanks heaps!

  90. I,m in. The knowledge and stuff you will learn is worth $$$$$ on its own…Prizes are a bonus.

  91. Awesome, looking forward to new learnings.

  92. Fabulous opportunity. This is all new to me so look forward to learning lots in the webinar πŸ™‚

  93. Sounds like fun I’m in. Have to agree the knowledge is priceless. Thanks for yet another amazing opportunity Sean. Best of luck to all the lucky contestants πŸ™‚

  94. Deborah Baker says:

    Many thanks Sean, for this opportunity as I am a newbie and learning what I can at present.
    Warmly, Deb.

  95. Hi Sean, thanks for the invo.
    Have a top day,
    Cheers & sunshine, Sue πŸ˜‰

  96. Looking forward to your challenge

  97. Woo Hoo Game On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Sean – loved the CD and am ready for your version of Deal or No Deal!!!

  98. tanya jankins says:

    I’m very interested. Thanks

  99. Yaah can’t wait – fantastic challenge for me. Lots to learn. Thank you

  100. Hi Sean,

    Another great competition with heaps of opportunities while having heaps of fun. Opportunities to learn and to earn while I learn. Wow! great value. Count me in, Thanks,
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Common Law Marriage – What is Common Law Marriage? =-.

  101. Tejas Nalwade says:

    Hi Sean,

    That’s very nice, we will see that how much we can earn on basis of believing the LOA… best wishes

  102. Hell Yeah, looking forward to the challenge……………. : )
    .-= belindaO´s last blog ..Using On-line Video for Internet Marketing Success =-.

  103. You rock! Doing all these exciting things and creating a buzz, with a positive outlook and fun. I love it!
    .-= Keith´s last blog ..How To Make Money Online Fast And Easy =-.

  104. adostorer says:

    Keep up the good work spreading the word…!!

  105. Just watched the youtube videos. I’m interested with time to play!

  106. Jody Chambers says:

    You’ve got my FULL ATTENTION Big Fella! Show us how Bunno Rocks!

  107. Hi Sean,

    Sounds like it will be an interesting couple of months. I am looking forward to it.
    .-= Mick Moore´s last blog ..Manly Beach – One of Sydney’s Best Beaches =-.

  108. Helen Conran says:

    Hi Sean cant wait please keep me posted.. cant make the webinar look forward to the recording..



  109. Awesome, looking forward to learning some new stuff!
    .-= Anthony The Travel Tart´s last blog ..Funny Hotel Names – the Fook Yew Hotel, in Kuantan, Malaysia =-.

  110. Wuzzles says:

    Looking forward to some sweet learning…

  111. I’m in! Sounds like fun, competition is always good to get one going

  112. christina says:

    That all sounds lovely πŸ™‚

  113. What a wonderful way to win a competition and have fun at the same time. Thanks a lot for the opportunity. Win lose or draw I will have some fun in here anyway.
    .-= Richard Colum´s last blog ..Why Commercial Property Investing in Australia is a Good Idea =-.

  114. Can never be learning too much.

  115. Sounds like soething exciting and still promising. Surely, I always wanted to learn something about online marketing and so this is a great opportunity. I am also looking forward to the challenge. Can not miss it.

  116. aki pliego says:

    Looking forward to the webinar and win the prizes !!! matane!!

  117. Hi lets see if this realy works…have a blessed day and year guys xoxo

  118. I’m interested

  119. Sean – thanks for the opportunity to learn and apply, whilst being in the run for a competition.

  120. Leo Bookham says:

    Hi Sean,
    thank you for this great opportunity to be able to learn from you. l know you are a bloke with a lot of integrity so l am looking forward to what lays ahead.

  121. Joy Mesina-Bahia says:

    all i can say is….WOW!!!!

  122. My attention is sparked. Waiting for tomorrow. Wow! Thanks much.

  123. I so want to learn more fast,can’t get to this webinar due to shift work, its such a B…..
    I’ll find other ways….


  124. Lilian Donleavy says:

    I am interested in all of it. You told agreat life story.

  125. Mary Halacas says:

    Hi Sean, awesome incentive to learn to make money online and have fun achieving that goal. I look forward to joining the competition. I love to learn new things and meet new people. Good Luck Everyone!

  126. Kelly Graham says:

    Hey sean,
    looking forward to learning more at the webinar tomorrow. What a great opportunity!

  127. Priscilla Wrambin says:

    I am looking forward to the webinar tomorrow.

  128. Angus Turner says:

    Hi Sean,

    Will be watching the webinar recording soon as I can, sounds like more fun ahead.


  129. Looking forward to learning and competing!

  130. Just fantastic Sean. Thank you

  131. Hey Sean
    What a great competition you have goin here, why would anyone choose to miss this, a fantastic prize (s) up for grabs, and I know you provide excellent content Sean. I would encourage all to participate in this event.
    All success to you Sean, and to all who take action.
    .-= Gavin Mcmahon´s last blog ..Affiliate Marketing – Attracting Visitors to Your Website =-.

  132. I have a mind that’s willng to learn new opportunties

  133. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Sean,
    I am excited about this webinar. I have followed you and believed in your work for over a year now and the fact that you are a dedicated Aussie Dad makes me even prouder to bew one of your fans! Thanks for the opportunity to work with you and to get my business off the ground!
    Get you on the webinar!

  134. Am keen to see how make cash while learning πŸ˜›

  135. Tiffany says:

    Sounds exciting can’t wait

  136. Hi Sean,

    I am flat out busy running my own IM businesses but I am keen to see how you run this comp. I am always in the biz of learning from others. That is what http://www.gainbetterresultsonline.com is all about and that is why we promote people like you to our global subscribers who want to learn how to crack the top 10% club of Internet Marketers. Cheers….Chris

  137. Looking forward to move my Internet Marketing forward with help from the man who first introduced me to the world of IM. The competition is also a trigger to take some action, thanks Sean for making it easy to understand and fun to participate and thus improving myself. Education and Implementation = Results!

  138. Lea Gasmen says:

    HI want to join their Sean keep me posted..tnx

  139. Cornelia Tovok says:

    I’d love to join!!

  140. Is this stuff Difficult or is it difficult. I have so much to learn I think I am boggeg down with info overload … good luck to y’all now!

  141. OOoh I hope it’s not too late to join up!! Sounds interesting, I’m in!!!

  142. Wow! 138 comments already! That’s at least an additional 100 since I commented the other day! Well done, everyone!!!
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..10 forum moderator qualities that make any online community thrive! =-.

  143. Jacqueline says:

    Thanks Sean. Just listened to your Webinar and can’t wait until Monday. Listen to you then

  144. G’day Sean
    Great webinar today, and I’ll bet there are some people straining at their leashes for next Monday . Really like your emphasis [ as usual ] on honesty and ethics within your organisation, unlike some we’ve heard of.
    It’s head down and ****** up from now on. See you on Social Media …….IT ROCKS
    .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..Your Mobile Phone and Emergencies =-.

  145. Sean,
    You’ve obviously got way too much money or you’ve completely gone mad. Actually, I think both explanations are applicable here. I’m just jealous and leaping to follow in your footsteps.

  146. Hi Sean,
    This competition is one of those great opportunities that doesn’t come around very often so needs to be jumped on fast! This may only be my opinion…….
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Common Law Marriage – What is Common Law Marriage? =-.

  147. Trish Rock says:

    Hi Sean,
    This is a very creative way to build fans to your page! I love it! Also really looking forward in participating in the comp for the next 7 weeks πŸ™‚

  148. Alexandra says:

    Sounds good! Missed the webinar! Hope I can still be in !?…

  149. G’day Sean,
    It’s nearly midnight here and I’m disappointed that no one else has commented since I did at 3.59 this arvo. Expected at least 200 by now. See you on the fan page.
    .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..Your Mobile Phone and Emergencies =-.

  150. Sean I thought I had commented on this site, I have been busy tweeting, digging, facebooking etc….. sorry I missed this page.

    This sure is a creative way to market. I am excited bring on Monday!!!!
    .-= Sandra Sentance´s last blog ..Time Management =-.

  151. tony shirren says:

    Thanks Sean , should be fun looking forward to the challenge , and prizes as well what a bonus!

  152. You’ve really stirred it up this time. Lots more interest this time.
    Maybe the fence sitters last time have learnt they need to be in and that you deliver what you promise.
    .-= Baby Boomers Marketing´s last blog ..Jessica Watson – Truly An Inspiration =-.

  153. A very big thanks to Sean and his team. it is truly a great opportunity. Having followed Sean for a few years now, I have taken a lot of information in, and am ready to put it all together. I have read plenty of places that would give you less than what will follow in the next 7 weeks, and charge you a tidy sum for the privilege of reading bits of fluff. Sean is giving you all this for FREE?…. All with no fluff…What a chance in life. Will you be 1 of the extraordinary 5% of different people. Please don’t sit back and follow the 95% of normal people.

    Plus lets not forget the chance to win some moola..

    I remember at a Seminar in Perth here, the whole room screaming “SOCIAL RASMUSSEN ROCKS”…god that was a good seminar.

    Thanks Sean
    .-= Darren´s last blog ..Need a Pool Photographer in Perth =-.

  154. Hi Sean,
    The webinar on your Facebook page is a great lead-up to the competition.
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Common Law Marriage – What is Common Law Marriage? =-.

  155. Im just getting started on Learn How to Blog with WordPress…for Web Dummies! Im excited!!

  156. Jennifer Chu says:

    Thanks Sean for sharing. I’m looking forward to learn more about Internet Marketing and the prize…

  157. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Looking forward to a great journey!

  158. Jayne Pleysier says:

    Really look forward to participating and learning what you have to offer

  159. Thanks for this opportunity Sean. Eagerly looking forward to it.

  160. Hey Sean, looking forward to it!

  161. Great idea! thanks

  162. Zoe Townsend says:

    Thanks Sean, looking forward to the competition and to learning more πŸ™‚

  163. Heather Wilson says:

    Hi Sean I am looking forward to learning heaps about internet marketing I have been trying but without success so far but still know it is possible to make lots of money online.

  164. Looking forward to your information. I’m ready to step out of the square and enjoy all life has to offer. Ann

  165. Thanks Sean, looking forward to learning from you.

  166. stefanie says:

    Hi Sean, thanks for the opportunity, am very much looking forward to learning from you.

  167. Awsome stuff! Very interested to get started!

  168. Steve Adams says:

    Looking forward to the competition and learning all about internet marketing,
    Regards, Steve

  169. Rod Mackenzie says:

    Thanks Sean for the opportunity to learn about internet marketing

  170. Thank you Sean. I look forward to the challenge.


  171. Dena White says:

    Thank you Sean for continuing to teach us all how to succeed through your guidance & expertise!

  172. Michelle says:

    Thanks Sean. Looking forward to learning more!

  173. just about to launch a big website (so I think) and looking for some great advice… hoping I’ve com to the right place πŸ™‚

  174. Sounds awesome!!! Thanks Sean.

  175. Sean, this is a very clever way to almost virally advertise your skills & knowledge and increase traffic to your sites….for a prize no doubt. As soon as I received your email, I forwarded it to people whom I thought would be interested in the competition or simply to learn internet marketing. I’m sure others did too. Absolutely brilliant!!!

  176. Thanks Sean.Look forward to some words of wisdom.

  177. Claudia says:

    …well, I’m here. Interested and ready to learn.

  178. Claudia says:

    Just tried registering for the webinar but it says that it is over?

  179. Peter Felmingham says:

    Looking forward to all of it!!!

  180. Jean Follington says:

    I’m really looking forward to this starting tomorrow, sounds wonderful

  181. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Sean,
    Just wondering if you have a link to the webinar recording as I couldn’t make it on Thursday…
    JacStar :o)

    • Tess QIU says:

      Hi, Jacqueline,

      I am wondering about that too. I got an email as I missed the webinar on Thursday but I have no success finding the recording yet. Maybe I have to read more on their fan page on Facebook.

  182. looking forward to the challenge ! πŸ™‚
    .-= Gabriela´s last blog ..My original paintings / Moje autorskie obrazy =-.

  183. Look forward to seeing weinar Sean

  184. Helps if you can spell doesn’t it, I meant ”look forward to seeing webinar’ not ‘weinar πŸ™‚

  185. Great opportunity for all of us wanting to learn. Thanks Sean.

  186. Thank you Sean. This sounds a brilliant idea.
    Only discovered this tonight.
    Is there a way to have access to the webinar, after the event?
    Cheers, Thea
    .-= Thea Westra´s last blog ..Day 276: Article: Want Answers? Ask the Right Questions =-.

  187. Sean, I apologise for my message just moments ago. Please ignore. I now have all the details. It was purely a slow to load page re. the webinar reg. page. Thank you. Cheers, Thea
    .-= Thea Westra´s last blog ..Day 276: Article: Want Answers? Ask the Right Questions =-.

  188. Adam Nickoll says:

    This sound great. Count me in

  189. Tegan Hadley says:

    From the YOTA forum!! and we are very keen to get started in this competition!

  190. Hi Sean

    still don’t have the link to the webinar……..which Thursday did you start? There are no dates so I assumed it was this coming one, the 17th. When you follow the link it says webinar is over?

  191. Greg Born says:

    Bring it On!

  192. Ok Sean, im ready to go! thanks for the motivational incentives! Keep em coming.

  193. Phill. D says:

    Hi Sean,
    It’s been a long time. As you know I was burnt before by the other mob and haven’t touched Internet marketing for many months. I lost my websites. I am ready to start again.
    I have developed a new product which can be used in the fishing market world wide and am going through the patent guff now. I look forward to your ideas on marketing it. ie. you tube , blog etc.
    Hi to everyone.

  194. Less than an hour to go till the webinar, so excited, I can’t wait to hear what shean has in store for us!!
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    Thank you for sharing your knowledge so that we may also live the life of our dreams!

  196. Hey Sean, great stuff!! Looking forward to it!

  197. Great idea Sean & Team! Learn and Earn as well as a competition that makes the lazy human being (e.g Fred) to take some action! Good on ya!

    PS. Sorry that both Denmark and Australia lost their first games in the World Cup. Let’s see what NZ can do tonight!


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    Interesting FB page.

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  203. Wendy Johnson says:

    Hi Sean
    Thanks for all the info you keep putting out there. I’ve been off the air or should I say internet for a week or so; technology is wonderful until it doesn’t work! Anyway I am back. Of course I missed your webinar this time and need to spend a while catching up on all my mail but hopefully will catch your next one.

  204. Wow! 209 comments already! Make that, 210! Great to see everyone supporting the learn and earn opportunity and helping to create buzz.
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  205. Sean Thank you fr all the time you put into teaching us. you are much appreciated.

  206. very exited about the compitition, your webinars are fantastic and have inspired me to start creating my website. thanks for the help.

  207. Very exciting and inspirational!!
    Thanks for your lifestyle motivation!
    .-= Sue Brown´s last undefined ..Response cached until Tue 22 @ 5:26 GMT (Refreshes in 16.92 Hours) =-.

  208. Leigh Aubrey says:

    God I hate school holidays, running about with kids instead of being able to do my own thing!!!! Wednesday is footy training and I have to be there to open the canteen AAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I love the info you are putting out and am trying hard not to miss anything even when it is 12-18 hours after the webinar or page has been published. I am so enjoying making my own page I hope it turns out ok.

  209. This Learn and Earn internet marketing competition being run by Sean Rasmussen is well worth the time and effort expended. Each day offers a little more gold even if it is wrapped in foil.
    Bring on the Fist full of Dollars!
    .-= Isa´s last blog ..Get Your Life Back- =-.

  210. Cathy and Trevor Howitt says:

    It was great to refresh myself with all of the rules. We’ve had so many “learn and earn” webinars and posts now, it is easy to become sidetracked. Luckily, Sean has set things out in a coherent and easy to follow way, so to all “new” people thinking of joining this competition – go for it.
    Best one you ever join!

  211. Hey Sean – too late to get started? Well, actually, I’m already starting. Don’t mind if I’m not included in comp, still going to learn lots! πŸ™‚
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Apple iPad accessories … what protection you need =-.

    • Welcome Nicole. It’s never too late to start. The only ‘have to’ rule of the competition is to click like on ‘Sean Rasmussen talks’ Facebook page.

      Work your way through the steps by following the links and videos at the bottom left of the Facebook page and I think you can still be part of the competition.

      Have fun. You WILL learn lots.

      • clem schollum says:

        Hi, oh we just thought same thing, hoping we can still make it, I am not sure how to register, all a bit confusing what the comp is and exactly what you’re meant to do first etc… fb left corner….i see there are links! well, we will at least watch and learn even if it doesn’t get us in the comp!! πŸ˜‰
        yay so excited! we’ve agreed to unplug the tv for the remaining 3 weeks so we focus- we’ll see if the toddler cracks us on that! πŸ™‚

        • I love your attitude, Clem – let’s give it a crack anyway.

          There are a number of ways you can view the videos and webinars. As you’ve clicked like on Sean Rasmussen talks FB page then you are already in the competition. I didn’t start right at the start either but once you get through the first couple of webinars it will become clearer. Click ‘See All’ in the links box and go to the third page and the first webinar which outlines the rules and the competition is called For A Few Dollars More. Here’s the link which would short cut that for you. http://www.seanrasmussen.com/wealth/for-a-few-dollars-more/

          Sean has a website from which he teaches people internet marketing. For people in the competition he has set up a special room in the forum where he has links for all the videos and webinars. He has also set up a question and support area within this area where you can ask any questions you like so long as they relate to the content of the competition. He has a super team and some great volunteers who are there to answer any question. Very quick to reply and very helpful. Personally test driven by myself.

          Click on this link, scroll down and you will see the Signup Link for the Support Area and follow the instructions.

          If you get stuck just add a comment with how you want help. They’ll always be someone to give you some advice or direction.

  212. Once again Sean you are going way beyond and giving so much amazing content. Ive been blogging for around 9 months and I am still learning from you! Thanks for this,
    Angela πŸ™‚

  213. Great to see lots of more new faces joining in on this great learning experience. Not only are we learning from Sean but we are learning from each other.

  214. Its never to late to start..

    Become an affiliate marketer now and join in the offer for free mentoring with cash and prizes.. This will be fantastic ..

  215. Jayne Pleysier says:

    If you have just come across this post and havent signed up into the Learn and Earn competition I highly recommend that you do as the videos and information which Sean has shared to date, and also what great information people who have commented have written, ti si definitely worth the investment of time!

  216. just found out about this from another one of your competitors. count me in.

  217. Welcome Cha. Thanks for joining us in the Learn and Earn internet marketing competition. πŸ˜€

  218. Austin Reddy says:

    I am interested to join the competition and learn to make money online.

    Thanks Sean.

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