Julian Assange New Media Martyr

Freedom of the press and internet activist, Julian Assange is the New Media Martyr.

I have believed that New Media (Social Media) will overthrow governments early in the new Millennium. We live in the Age of Ethics. People are starting to stand up to the lies thrust upon us by governments. The honest will survive; the crooks will fall (in an ideal world). Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks,  could very well be the man that instigates this movement. It may very well be his downfall too. If the people who believe in freedom of speech and a free press don’t get behind their beliefs, nothing will change.

Balls Of Steel: The 2010 Witch Hunt

When someone exposes the authorities (and those that are behind the authorities), they are in for a hell of a time. To put it bluntly, Julian Assange must have balls of steel to take on the world governments and expose them for the REAL truths that go on behind the scenes; words that aren’t meant to get to us, yet are delivered in opposites and lies through the press (Old Media).

Sure, many people in the public will sheepishly follow the authorities and continue to believe their lies. Julian Assange, to many people, will remain a villain because of government propaganda. To many more he will be a New Age John Pilger, who will put the story across despite upsetting some very powerful people.

Public Enemy Number 1

I would dare to say that Julian Assange is now officially public enemy #1 on the USA’s list of people to shut down. Convenient charges are laid against him in Sweden that don’t seem to apply to ‘normal cases’.  Julian Assange is up on rape charges against a well known Swedish feminist. It seems his aversion to “wear a condom” is the main issue here. In one case a condom broke… the woman who he had the one night stand with threw a party for him the next night. Did she feel that being raped meant that she’d throw a party in Julian’s honor? I smell something very dishonest here…

The other alleged ‘rape victim’ had consentual sex with him on 2 occasions but on the 2nd ‘occasion’ Julian allegedly didn’t wear a condom: Rape? FFS!

Rape is a serious crime and a serious charge to lay against anyone. It affects both he victim and any innocently accused people. Even major international feminist activists (against rape) have now spoken up and questioned both the Swedish women’s motives.

It is apparent that the case is not about rape; it is about Julian Assange rocking the applecart by exposing the oppressors.

Australia Can Start Standing Up For It’s Citizens – Now!

I seriously hope Australia’s Prime Minister stands up for Australian citizens and doesn’t allow the US to ONCE AGAIN jail one of our citizens against international laws and play world sheriff, judge and jury. New Media will sack governments if they continue with their deception and especially when they cry because the truth got out about what they said. I have time and again heard crap excuses for governments sending soldiers to foreign lands, when anyone with half of a brain knows it is all about money (oil, gas, etc). Sure there are good reasons (except for those who are occupied and killed) somewhere that makes us feel ‘justified’ to kill other nation’s citizens… because someone will always have an opinion that justifies the dirty deed…

Wikileaks Stories That Have Rocket The Applecart

  • Australian Senator, Mark Arbib, has been reporting inside information to US officials.
    Hello! Last time I checked, that was called espionage! Kim Philby was reporting to Russia… he was a spy. Maybe he was to naive to know the difference between talking out of school and leaking confidential information to a foreign nation?
  • Royal Dutch SHELL literally controls the Nigerian Goverment.
    OK, I’m sure we knew that oil companies bribe governments to make profit but, it seems, the US knows that too. Now it’s official that “they know” that “we know” that they turn a blind eye to the ‘benefactors’ that put money in their own pockets. And I’m sure SHELL controls a large portion of the US government too (along with Haliburton and Bechtel).
  • Saudi Royal Alcohol & Sex Parties.
    Imagine the look on Saudi citizen’s faces when they hear that members of the royal family have had secret parties with drugs, alcohol and ‘Working Girls’ as part of the entertainment. Normal people face public lashings, be-headings, and if they are lucky, maybe just the loss of a limb to make up for it. Oh dear!
  • Russia is a Mafia State.
    US diplomats stating that Russia is corrupt and run mafia style. Haha. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! 🙂
  • And let’s not even talk about Afghanistan and Iraq… That topic is getting really old now.

Public Backlash

Hacking organisations have jumped into support for Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Over 4000 volunteers worldwide (according to radio news report) are helping ‘sabotage’ company websites such as Mastercard, VISA and PayPal who are bowing to US pressure to stop dealing with Wikileaks.

VISA stated they have ethical reasons to stop dealing with Wikileaks. This is a company that takes people’s money for porn memberships and issue merchant facilities to brothels. What ethics, I ask? Oh dear!

Despite Wikileaks internet provider has withdrawn their services to host their website, clearly due to ‘outside’ pressure, mirror sites are now popping up all over the world so Wikileaks can stay online. The Social Media community is now stepping in to support Wikileaks. If the governments are not careful, they will provide the battle that many have been waiting for: The fight against authority! This time, the army will be anonymous people all over the world, with no borders.

Companies like Facebook and Twitter can provide the platform, but they need not become complacent! If Facebook or Twitter thinks, just because their owners are multi millionaires, they are now authorities, their power is only one click away from dissapearing. If Facebook or Twitter block or ban Wikileaks, I suspect their sites will suffer serious backlash, including loss of members and hackers galore on their servers.

  • Wikileaks have over 1 Million supporters on Facebook
  • Wikileaks have nearly 500,000 followers on Twitter

Wikileaks = New Media

Wikileaks are New Media’s version of journalism. New companies like Fairfax publish a leaked government cable (or 100) and everything is alright. Wikileaks publish news like this and Julian Assange is branded as a terrorist by the US administration. Some officials have even publicly spoken of assassination! That is an absolute disgrace. So Julian Assange is publishing the truth – that the US were not clever enough to hide – and Julian is a criminal.

So, the news that we ‘sort of’ knew already is now public. It comes to nobody’s surprise, surely, that western governments assassinate foreign leaders,  support oppressive dictators, bribe each other, lie, kill civilians in warzones (and peacezones), spy on eachother, and do all that stuff that religious people classify as “condemns you to an eternity in hell”.

Miserable Failure

How about this one: George W Bush promoted the idea of producing Mini-Nukes while bombing the hell out of Bagdad and using the lamest lie in history: Looking for WMD’s (weapons of mass destruction). It turns out that the real WMD was the BUSH Warlord Family.

So, they are not saints. They do unethical stuff behind the scenes. Diplomats tell lies in the nations interest. We know that. Julian Assange knows that – and he has exposed it to the world.

As an Australian, brought up with ethics and the good old Aussie attitude of “Giving a guy the benefit of the doubt”, I will not assume Julian Assange guilty of the alleged charges. I will not respect the US Government for accusing him of Terrorism. And I most certainly will not support any illegal holding of any Australian citizens on US soil, just because they say so.

The Aussie government can grow some balls on this issue and stand up for it’s citizens for once. If Julian Assange is up for any charges that will put him in jail on foreign soil, especially if it is by a US military court, then they must demand he stands trail in Australia without US intervention.

And, if they think Wikileaks is an issue, they can start prosecuting our own ministers that leak confidential Australian information to foreign diplomats.

Julian Assange International Awards

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Sean Rasmussen
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  1. Julian Assange is the New Media Martyr? Some are saying this internet event is the new 9/11. What did 9/11 achieve? Who were the big winners (eg defense corporations, security corporations, petroleum corporations, etc.) What will Wikileaks achieve? Who will be the big winners? Will Julian Assange turn out to be a winner? Or will he, as you suggest, end up martyred? I have just witnessed Facebook censoring a bona fide article from a respected medical web site that says eating beef grown with growth hormones is not recommended. Is this the start of high level internet censorship? Will the internet remain an avenue of free expression or will governments and social media corporations outlaw freedom of expression on the internet? This is a power game of potentially massive proportions. At stake is freedom itself. Jules, what have you done?
    .-= Wal Heinrich´s last blog ..How We Turned Our One Bedroom Kit Home Into A Two Bedroom =-.

  2. Let’s just be ready in case all of this will be the first step to total government control of the internet, which means ‘no privacy’ for anyone! Recently, I tried to watch a youtube video on a past co-founder of wikileaks, and it was blocked here in Australia (although I was able to watch the CNN version archive). According to Reality Zone founder, Griffin, Australia has already surpassed the US in internet censorship, none of which has been put forward to the people for a vote, and is being done behind our backs.

    Secondly, I smell a rat with the whole thing. Why is it that mainstream media, who never give conspiracy theories the time of day are all of a sudden jumping all over this. I get the feeling the PTB are doing what they always do, creating division among the people. Everyone needs to remain objective and not allow past emotional experiences in life persuade them who to listen to, but rather “what is right”

  3. I totally agree Julian Assange is being taken down by the media… The trumped up sex charges are certainly suspicious. Typical fear campaigning is being used against just one person – hoping blaming all the wrongs of the world on him will take the heat off themselves.

    I hope this is the beginning of a big “new media” awakening!

  4. This situation with Julian Assange and US government, certain smells of authority trying to protect its own interests or image by silencing voices of truth. Although the circumstances are different, its reminiscent of the most recent Iraq war, where governments fabricated evidence to justice wrong actions…all of which turned out to be not true.

    I really don’t know what to believe in the news media these days. Seem most of what you read or hear these days is crap, just to sell papers or persuade your thinking.

    I agree this is a battle which has only just begun, and its a event that challenges the freedom of speech and censorship on the internet. One thing is for certain, it will be watched with a keen eye from many people all over the world, I just hope the authorities know what they are dealing with, as it has the potential to bring governments and companies undone with many unhappy citizens.
    .-= Cade´s last blog ..Learn How To Blog – “Sneak Peak” Review =-.

  5. Was it exposing the governments of the world that motivated these charges against Julian Assange? Wikileaks exposed the atrocities that happened in Iraq. Then they exposed what has happened in Afganistan. Both times the US voiced their displeasure but took no obvious action. Then when Julian Assange revealed what governments had been saying about each other he recieved a similar response untill he threatened to expose a major bank. Then all hell broke loose. First he is accused of rape then the DOS attacks, the Australian government threatens to cancel his passport, Amazon is pressured to drop his hosting and comply, PayPal blocks his account, Visa and Mastercard do likewise. Who is realy in controll of world affairs? The governments of the world? Or the shadowy people that some believe controll the worlds banks?
    .-= David Wood´s last blog ..Nickname Competition Winner Announcement =-.

  6. Jo Carey-Bradshaw says:

    Long live balls of steel!

    ‘Hypocrisy, lies and deceit’ certainly does have a bad taste and smell about it doesn’t it?

    I wholeheartedly agree with your post Sean. And have we all noted that it’s an Aussie that is at the epicentre of ethics and honour and integrity? I’m thinking the Anzacs would be proud of him. This whole issue is not going to go away – thank goodness. Good on Julian, and good on you too Sean. We would all do well to demand better, and accept nothing less!

  7. Well written Sean.

    Great to see you take a stance and back it up with data. The truth will set us free.
    It seems that the move by Julian to reveal communication from major banks in America is making them panic in USA. It is said that it will be particularily about Bank of America and J. P. Morgan Bank both of which is part owners of the FED (Federal Reserve Bank of America). I am sure that the truth will reveal that most of the money that the FED has lend out was in order to help their own owners (The banking cartel that owns the FED). The problem is that the american taxpayers is going to be slaves forever trying to pay the debts that they now owe to the FED. This debt is primarily in the form of treasury bonds that the FED has bought from the american government.
    Anyway our whole monetary system is a joke and Assange is about to reveal it all via Wikileaks. This will mean that everything we ever believed in is about to blow up like a balloon in our face.
    Assange is Australias Ned Kelly 2010 version 2 but this time we the people must protect him from being shot at and killed.

    I made a sentence this week that covers it all:

    We The People Can Handle The Truth
    Those That Suppress It Can’t

    Let the truth win and let that be the norm and moral for now and forever……..

    All the best for us all


  8. There must be an enormous amount of truth in what Julian Assange is saying and the governments are afraid of him, what they don’t seem to realize is we the people of the world are now sitting up and taking much more notice of what he has to report and believe that there is a lot of truth in what he says, Truth we the people of the world don’t get from our governments

  9. G’day Sean,
    Good on you for taking this stance. I’m afraid to say our PM has just joined in with the mainstream and condemned Julian in no uncertain terms. Following is an email I got from a friend who is part of the GET-UP organisation. It’s much longer than most comments I’ve previously made but at least there is some action !!!! They are publishing a letter to President Obama in the New York Times. That is the plan – will the NY Times have the guts to print it ?
    Harry…………… Email follows

    Sarah Palin wants Julian Assange hunted as a terrorist 1. She’s among a
    swelling chorus of American politicians calling for the arrest – and even
    the death – of the Australian citizen who runs Wikileaks. It’s a shame that
    real terrorists, of the kind that we should be focusing our attention, don’t
    show up at British Police stations with their lawyers, as Wikileaks founder
    Julian Assange did yesterday.

    Here in Australia, Prime Minister Gillard pre-emptively judged Mr. Assange
    “illegal,” even as the Attorney General confirmed that no Australian nor
    international crime by wikileaks has been identified 2.

    The death penalty? Judgment before trial? This isn’t the kind of justice
    system we have in Australia. If our Government won’t stand up for the rights
    of Australian citizens, let’s do it ourselves.

    We’re printing ads in the Washington Times and the New York Times with the
    statement our Government should have made, signed by as many Australians as
    possible. Will you add your name to the signatories, and invite your friends
    to join too?


    The statement:

    Dear President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder:

    We, as Australians, condemn calls for violence, including
    assassination, against Australian citizen and WikiLeaks founder Julian
    Assange, or for him to be labeled a terrorist, enemy combatant or be treated
    outside the ordinary course of justice in any way.

    As Thomas Jefferson said, “information is the currency of
    democracy.” Publishing leaked information in collaboration with major news
    outlets, as Wikileaks and Mr. Assange have done, is not a terrorist act.

    Australia and the United States are the strongest of allies. Our
    soldiers serve side by side and we’ve experienced, and condemned, the
    consequences of terrorism together. To label Wikileaks a terrorist
    organisation is an insult to those Australians and Americans who have lost
    their lives to acts of terrorism and to terrorist forces.

    If Wikileaks or their staff have broken international or national
    laws, let that case be heard in a just and fair court of law. At the moment,
    no such charges have been brought.

    We are writing as Australians to say what our Government should have
    said: that all Australian citizens deserve to be free from persecution,
    threats of violence and detention without charge, especially from our friend
    and ally, the United States.

    We call upon you to stand up for our shared democratic principles of
    the presumption of innocence and freedom of information.

    We’re printing this statement in the Washington Times and the New York Times
    early next week – and the more Australians sign, the more powerful the
    message will be. Please add your name by clicking below, and forward this
    message to friends and family:


    What has started with WikiLeaks being branded as terrorists won’t end there.

    In fact, just yesterday U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman, Chair of the Senate’s
    Homeland Security Committee, said that the New York Times should also be
    investigated under the U.S. Espionage Act for publishing a number of the
    diplomatic cables leaked to Wikileaks 4. We can help stop such plans in
    their tracks, by showing how they are affecting the image of the US in the
    eyes of their staunchest friends and allies.

    Click here to
    sign the statement before it’s published in the New York Times and
    Washington Times.
    .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..How To Play A Piano =-.

  10. The truth will reveal! Unfortunately the governments of this world do not want the truth revealed!
    Why are governments more interested in making money than looking after their people?
    Governments all over the world are more interested in their banks than their people!
    Do the banks control the world?
    Julian Assange is not the criminal! The source is! But it is much easier to go after the messenger!!
    .-= Willem Broekers´s last blog ..Wikileaks- freedom of speech =-.

  11. Geoff Kirkwood says:

    And where is our PM – fighting for Aussie citizens who have broken no Australian law? No she is looking for photo opportunities with Oprah.

  12. Can you imagine what would happen if Wayne Crookes prevailed, and anyone who so much as posted a single link to wikileaks.org or any of the 1800+ mirrors (as of Dec.12) became civilly liable for the entire content of what was posted there?


    While it’s easy to laugh this off as a retarded-Canadians story or just a crooks-from-BC story, it’s relatively easy to file and collect civil judgments all over the world. Small publishers aren’t going to be able to defend every action from determined world wide players who want a secret kept.

  13. I think it is disgraceful the way some governments are trying to silence Julian and our own country should be protecting him more as a citizen of a country believing in FREE SPEECH.

    People have a right to know what is going on and the Internet makes that so much easier. If Wikileaks is successfully crushed then other sites will spring up.

    We just need to be very careful of our own governments attempt to censor our Internet with the ISP filtering they are trying to implement. First it will be porn sites, then sites speaking out against the government like Wikileaks, then ANY website they don’t want you to see!
    .-= Peter Kiem´s last blog ..Magnetic Car Signs =-.

    • Hell it will be so you don’t buy a product from a competior to thier mega friend!

      The truth being outlawed…… just think about that!!!!!

  14. Wilma Robinson says:

    Freedom is the most valuable thing on this planet. The worlds population has slowly but surely been losing this most basic fundamental right over time. Govt’s not providing all the facts in order for anyone to make an INFORMED decision with their voting rights and corporates, govt dynasties and finance criminals reaping the rewards for the flawed decisions that are made. We the public are duped through propaganda to support and not ‘rock the boat’ for fear of being branded a trouble maker, an anarchist or worse still an enemy combatant. The way the world has been run in the last 50 years needs to be changed, we have people being killed for oil, we have families out on the street due to wall street greed, we have people dying in the streets because they cannot afford heath care and we have generations that have no hope to escape the cycle of poverty because they cannot afford eduction. This bubble will burst…..and i am proud to stand by an organisation that is the prick to the balloon of greed

  15. Well written Sean,

    The worst thing is , no governments from any of the country comes to his support, seems everyone is running an puppet gov under US, They don’t care what will American diplomats call them behind the scenes, All they care now is to bring down this man who is described as a terrorist by most of the politicians out there in US.

    .-= Beth Owens´s last blog ..Symptoms of Ovarian Cysts =-.

  16. Aged 7 at the time my Geat Gradfather died I never realised his impact until years later. This man would tell us stories from the old testament and Revolations as we dug the garden, milked the goat and went about our family visits.

    Ministers within the then Pentacostal church [1973] held awareness discussions. Heck this is when I first saw the computer at a friends home. I was so scared of what this machine could possibly do.

    In 1994 Swamy Acundinda made the statement that secrets were not secrets if anyone knew of them. I thought this strange that the statement was made at the time. And that given all that has happened to me I still remember this.

    Then years later when I first met my husbands dad [1997] he had been in a military position since the second world war. Over time this man I grew to respect made comments re what he had seen, heard and done.

    In 1998 I was sent my forst bankcard. Carboard it was. I hated the fact that one day I may need to rely on this piece of ‘wood’.

    Life has taken so many different roads but I still find it strange but these three mens situations had the same stories to tell. Do I look ahead to the fire around the rim [Great grandad] Watch out for Korea, even the Americian President Eieshower had secretes to hide. Not every thing that was believed should be treated os fact. There was too much behind the public view case that was an illusion. Great for secruity and peoples ignorant peace of mind. But that is what people wanted. Security. So they believed.

    The computer has not changed people. People have been fed what they wanted. Now we have the computer and associated things acting as a channel and opening up minds that question, ask and demand the truth factors. Ugly and reasonable.

  17. Khaled Kilani says:

    Well done Sean. Excellent and powerful article.

    Julian indeed is a man with balls made of steel. he is the best thing ever happend to us ‘Truth seekers’. It’s the duty of every person who believes in truth, justice and freedom of speech to support Julian in his ordeal because he fights and risks his life for us. Amazing man with incredible bravery and real belief and committment to put the truth out in the public arena. Hats off for you Julian and thans Sean.

  18. My Wikileaks freedom of speech post has been removed!! I wonder why?

    Every one running scared??
    .-= Willem Broekers´s last blog ..Wikileaks- freedom of speech =-.

  19. The more this goes on, the more I feel that Assange is nothing but a puppet and the PTB are simply using the same old plan they always use and that is create a scene to divide and conquer. This has absolutely nothing to do with Assange and people are wasting their energies focusing on him. It’s about control of the internet.

  20. 20 odd years ago the Australian Government made a big fuss over the Identity card. While people got onto this debate several major changes came into being. 1 was the cash transactions act which after 10 years and 1 day popped its ugly head around the corner and stated I’m here folks. People had forgotten its exisatance. by that time there was nothing poeple could do to get rid of this law.

    Learned. To look under the smoke screens. Governments are hiding something. What would they be hiding with this smoke screen? find that out and let us all know.

    .-= Susan Connor´s last blog ..Open your eyes and ask further questions =-.

    • Nicely said Susan,
      I find it funny Gillard comes out and says she is NOT a fan of Wikileaks, but my response to her would be…Why? Have you got something to hide? Is this not the same line used on us when we protest the removal of our privacy?

  21. I really hate to rock boats, but I think too many people have been sucked into the “Assange is a great guy” theory.

    His Lawyer is involved with the Rothschilds

    It really pays to do a lot of research into all the players involved, not just the pin up boy

  22. Geoff Kirkwood says:

    Dean – so why do you?

  23. Geoff Kirkwood says:

    And my lawyer is a McCulloch – not sure what that proves. And what does “involved with” mean. Sounds more like emotive language to me.

  24. I was hoping someone would say, No Dean you’re not rocking any boats, you’re just seeking out the truth.

    We shall see what’s emotive and what’s not, but Hillary Clinton has called WikiLeaks “an attack on the international community”. Coming from her, we must assume that is meant in all seriousness. We must compare it to what we saw on our screens on 9/11: “America under attack”.

    When America was ‘under attack’, we got the Patriot Act domestically, and never-ending war internationally – the Constitution was shredded along with international law. That was a very big response. What kind of response can we expect when the ‘international community’ is declared to be ‘under attack’, because a website has revealed a few relatively harmless secrets?

    Just trying to connect dots Geoff, and when people get sucked into mainstream media, they are easily rocked

  25. Bulf or bull. What is behind the voice of reason? http://www.pluripotencynow.com/2010/12/whwmaehnkp.html
    .-= Susan Connor´s last blog ..By saying this he implies that =-.

  26. Thank you for writing this post Sean. Many of the things you mention are things I’ve been voicing or thinking about over the past few weeks, so well done for being the one to put pen to paper – or rather fingers to keys – and expressing your thoughts.
    I particularly agree that the Australian Government should get off it’s rear end and assist Julian Assange. I’m so cross about the way he’s been treated I feel like protesting at Government House !
    .-= Jan Littlehales´s last blog ..Mince Pie Recipe – in Ten Minutes =-.

  27. Wake up wage slaves!!
    Wake up stuff junkies!!
    They lie to us as we lie to ourselves.
    If we all had the courage of Julian Assange, they could not do these things.
    For lies, secrets and evil deeds to flourish, the people must collude or choose to not see.

    The politicians are OUR servants. Hired to administer the collective services we require such as roads, health, education etc,. Their behaviour has been a carryover from the feudal sytem that preceeded the democratic evolution of governance. They, and many of us, still believe that we are chattels of the state.
    We are the power that we lend to them. It is time we took democracy to it’s next evolutionary phase and exercise our power in a more direct form than the “Two party” semi-dictatorships that are the norm.

    The internet etc, has given us the tools to now run effective direct democracy rather than the impoverished version that is representitive democracy.

    We live in a world that is full of wonder if you choose to see it. One is able to choose Happiness independantly of circumstance. Let us all choose to be as Courageous As Julian Assange has chosen, and tell ourselves and others the truth, so that they see we will no longer accept thier lies.

  28. Awesome post Sean!! 🙂

    The Julian Assange/Wikileaks ‘scandal’ is the stuff nightmares are made of – when you are the government or group that has something to hide… We-The-People are mostly thrilled to see some of the dirty-laundry being aired about our Powers-That-Be! 😀 The things we KNOW go on behind the scenes, but until now have been covered by thinly veiled airs & graces, diplomacy, deceit, threats & bribery, all packaged & marketed to the world’s population as being “in the national interest” or “for reasons of national security”…

    To live in this information age, where FINALLY the general population can have a say & show what true democracy may be possible, is BLISS – as the ignorance starts to dissipate! Like most human beings I am quite sure Julian Assange is no saint, but the obviously trumped up BS charges of rape (that only hit the scene after he embarrassed/p*ssed off the PTB) stand out as the calling card of an Old Guard. One that has NFI how to deal with New Media & the fact they CANNOT completely control billions of new thinkers & technologies, with the old ways of information control, harrassment, assassinations, manipulations. The internet has given the people of this world a chance to create new freedoms, beyond the old shackles of dominant power brokers.

    To the PTB, branding someone a “terrorist” just because your lies & dirty deals were made public by that person, does not make them the bad-guy. There has been no theft or espionage on Julian’s/Wikileaks’ part. Over 2 MILLION people had varied access to the cables that were leaked – HELLOOOOO – did the US or any other government SERIOUSLY believe that they would not get released eventually?!?… DUH!!! 😀

    I had high hopes our government would stand up to the blatant tripe that the US is dishing out, or that someone would at least lend Julia Gillard a set of brass balls, but it’s not to be… They are far too indoctrinated into the old system of kissing America’s arse & upholding the status quo of the Elite – even when K-Rudd copped a slagging in the Cablegate docos too!.. (Funnily enough, he seems happy to see the US dumped in it & also made the point that “Mr Assange is not responsible for the leakage of the documents – that is the US governments responsibility, as it is one of their own internal staff that would have had access”..)

    Old thinking created the problems we currently have in this world – a new wave of ideas, exposed truths & power to the people is what we all need! 😉
    Thanks so much Sean & the others who have commented here, for sharing your thoughts on this dispicable situation & showing that many people do care about our freedoms & rights! Julian’s fight is what all of us may have to deal with in future, for speaking our minds…

    Cheers, Mel
    .-= Mel Smith´s last blog ..Flexibility And Innovation Can Ensure Nice Income =-.

  29. Wow, great stuff Sean! Lets just go back in time to the sixties or so and organize a standing series of “Don’t come Monday rallies” a movement . . . every week, when the PTB screw us, we all go meet at rallies around the country. If the Egyptians can do it . . .!

  30. swimswet says:

    When Assange stops playing God of Media, he might deserve to have his ass kicked. The best way to do this is simply ignore him. His personal war waged against America has been going on since the infant terrible finished potty training. A man like that Assange promotes himself to be fails to develop any redeeming qualities. Anarchy for anarchy’s sake is Assange’s motto, and his childhood frustrations play out on the world TV studio stage. Respect for a creature like Pope Julian Assange I is granted based on his ability to reign over his Aussie-about-the globe false doctrine. If the pope’s intention to rescue the world from the clutches of the big bad United States actually succeeds what about Assange’s new place in the minds of his devout flock? He would reign supreme before being eaten alive by one of his own. Until then– pope Julian I– will dash here dash there his press book tucked snugly against the bosom of his secretary-booty-call girl. This tike has no interest in truth, honesty, or any other false superior motive pope Assange likes to hear said of himself. If so, why not dump all the gooey bits of America’s dirty little secrets? No, pope Assange combs through the mess– actually lower grunts do all the combing– and picks the best bits timed and framed based on maximum disruption possible. If this isn’t covered in illuminati graffiti nothing is. So, set back enjoy reading the exploits of the last vestige of free press we have left. Just what would the world of Assange and his Band if troglodytes look like? Probably just like Iran! Hail pope Julian I!

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