Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Paradise

Where else would you surf the web in an Internet Marketing Bootcamp than good old Surfers Paradise?

This years Internet Entrepreneurs Bootcamp is on the Gold Coast, or Surfers Paradise to be exact. I’m heading East now and about to board the plane. With a few minutes to spare, I seized the moment and hopped on the Qantas Club computers to get my daily dose of blogging!

200 Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs

We have nearly 200 internet marketing entrepreneur apprentices booked in for this weekend. 195 to be exact… To actually have 5 spare seats in the room comes as a bit of a relief because I didn’t think we’d have enough room for a while. We did no advertising at all (and I call myself an internet marketer – lol), yet there was no need to. The room filled itself with my clients without me selling the seats on a massive sales page that scrolls for ages and ages (don’t you just love those long sales pages?).

I’m sure that someone, somewhere must have died from old age reading one of those internet marketing sales pages that goes on… and on… 😉

Ranking Number 1 On Google

I am really looking forward to this bootcamp. For 2 days, I will teach 195 people (hmm.. I wonder if there are 5 more people wishing they had booked in now?), step by step, in layman’s terms how to rank number 1 on Google, how to blog like a champion and start raking in some serious pocket money (money goes in your pocket, right?) with some fun strategies and having a bucketload of fun marketing products online.

Anyone that is in business and hasn’t locked in a number 1 position in Google is seriously “not serious” about staying in business. Sorry, but if you haven’t locked away number 1 on Google for your local business, someone is taking away your customers right now… So guess what we will be focusing heavily on at the bootcamp?

Surf The Web In Surfers Paradise

Before I jump on the plane to do some surfing in Surfers Paradise (Seriously, I can’t surf to save my life), I’ll make the last 5 spots for the Internet Marketing Bootcamp available. If anyone wants to fill those seats, give my office a call on 08 9791 6600 or go online at Affiliate Marketing Mastery and grab the 6 month program. If you call the office and the phones are busy, leave a message and my Customer Support Manager will call you back.

After all, while I’m in Surfers Paradise, I might as well give the office something to do. Else they might get bored 😉

Oops! That was my boarding call… I’ll see you on the other side 🙂

Sean Rasmussen
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Sean Rasmussen is a passionate blogger and has been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When he's not with his family, or dog Buddy, Sean is usually blogging or doing something related to the internet.


  1. I’m so excited to be attending Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Paradise!!
    Although I have been learning from you for a while now Sean and have also had the great pleasure of speaking with you and meeting you, I can’t wait to learn more and get even more of my websites ranking no 1 on google. I’m pumped! Bring it on!!
    .-= Bev Langford´s last blog ..Male Hair Removal =-.

  2. Looking forward to seeing you there, Bev 🙂

  3. I’m comin’ to the Gold Coast, BABY!!! Yes, with baby in belly and I’M FREAKIN EXCITED!!! The room will be buzzing and it’s going to be a blast! You’ll be great, Sean! What a fun weekend ahead!!!

  4. Wendy Campbell says:

    Hi Sean,
    Joined your course recently and I am loving it!
    Looking forward to the bootcamp.
    I was hoping my hubby would come for the social side of things but he can’t get away
    so if there are any last minute registrations I have a spare bed in my room if anyone is interested. I booked early and got the discount price.
    Your office has my details.
    Wendy Campbell

  5. Hi Sean,
    I can’t wait to get there. I know already from our last meeting that you give me the Answers I have not even asked yet!! This weekend will be my best for the whole 2010.
    See you very soon 🙂
    .-= Gerlinde´s last blog ..Melbourne to Brisbane Day 1 =-.

  6. Surfers paradise someone is lucky make sure to bring the sunscreen lol. It sounds like a good SEO deal your putting out there for people. I hope they take you up on it the Internet is the way to go nowadays. Have fun, Jay!
    .-= Jay´s last blog ..Plr Or Private Label Rights Articles How To Use Effectively To Flood Your Site With Targeted Traffic =-.

  7. Annette Tonkin says:

    This weekend is going to be the best. I am going to learn lots, be amongst motivated and stimulating people. Where else would any one rather be than on the Gold Coast learning how to be exceptional!! This weekend will fulfill one of my goals for the year and that is to spend time with people who know more than I do. How great is that!!

  8. Terry Paris says:

    Travel plans are in place, I am excited to move my marketing to the next level.
    See you Saturday morning.

  9. Hello Sean,
    We are so looking forward to the weekend. Only two more sleeps and we are there!! Be so good to put faces to names and to met so many like minded wonderful people. It will be one hell of a Internet Marketing Bootcamp weekend, one that is going to go down in history for all to remember.
    Watch out Gold Coast, the best of the best from Australia are about to hit your town!!!
    So wish it was only one more sleep……:)

    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Free Book Summaries Review =-.

  10. Surfers Paradise here we come. Sean I am really looking forward to this weekend. From spending only a few hours with you at your Perth Internet Marketing Seminar I came away with some real golden nuggets. Just imagine what I will learn from a whole weekend. They say you only get out what you put in so I reckon everyone there will get a tonne of inspiration and information, as if they are anywhere as committed as Bev, Lisa, Lina and your Yota forum team then we are in for a whirlwind. See you Saturday.
    .-= Benji Leggate´s last blog ..What are the options for Margaret River weddings =-.

  11. I’m really looking forward to the Bootcamp, I’m sure the crack will be good.
    Leaving tomorrow morning early, hopefully should be rolling into Surfers Friday afternoon. It will be great to meet everyone and finally get to see the most honest, ethical, tell it like it is, no bullshit teacher of all things internetical

  12. Hi Sean,
    We are really looking forward to the weekend. A very early start coming from NZ – to be at the airport about 5am NZ time – that is 2am Brisbane time so it will be a VERY long day for us! But I bet it will be worth it!!
    .-= Lynley´s last blog ..What do you think =-.

  13. The green headed monster is raising its ugly head here as I would love to be there. Just couldn’t make it this year.
    Never mind, I will live vicariously through your experiences. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

  14. Hi Sean
    Are those last five spots still available for this weekend?
    I could definately be interested!!
    I’ll call your office tomorrow.
    Toni-Louise and I are really looking forward to interviewing you next
    Enjoy the Gold Coast.

  15. Hi Sean
    I am itching to get on the plane for the bootcamp. My mind is open to soak in all the info you can provide. Also looking forward to meeting yourself and other YOTA members. Bootcamp, bring it on.

    Like it, Love it, Frame it.
    .-= Craig Hiscox´s last blog ..Certificate Frame =-.

  16. G’day Sean,
    I’ll see you on the Saturday for more of that wonderful mentoring you do so well. What a buzz – especially as the bootcamp is only 40 minutes from home.
    .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..Teach Yourself Piano in Five Easy Steps =-.

  17. I’m nervous and excited all in one – who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I’ll be there with my ears pinned back ready to take it all in – diving in head first off the deep end!! See you there.

  18. I’m really looking forward to the Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Paradise. Marcus and I head out Friday to be there for the weekend. It’s going to be a pleasure to meet up with Sean and Cherie for the first time and I’m really looking forward to meeting some great friends from the forum.
    .-= Tania Shipman´s last blog ..Melbourne Cup 2010 – Give 1 to Charity =-.

  19. Hi Sean and Cherie,

    It’s Thursday morning and getting ready to leave on the 12.53 pm train from Swan Hill to Melbourne and staying over with friends before flying out at 10.40 am Friday to Surfers Paradise and because of daylight saving, arrive at 11.40 am Queensland time. This sure is an adventure (and a bit scary also) and I am looking forward to learning heaps and meeting people for the first time. See you there.
    .-= Leo Bookham´s last blog ..Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights =-.

  20. George Baxter says:

    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for the quick blog from Qantas Lounge.
    Bringing my sunscreen, boardies and my raincoat up to Surfer’s with me (lol), you can never plan too far ahead.
    Absolutely hanging out for some SOLID learning this w/e. Can’t wait.
    Looking forward to meeting with heaps of entrepreneurial people over the course of the w/e as well.
    Catch you on the flip side………!!!!!!!

    Best regards to all,


  21. Hello Seana nad all the Forum Family.

    Sorry I can’t make the Bootcamp. I look forward to hearing alla about it

    Doctor Bill

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