Inspirations Of Your Inner Child

This week, I started up two blogs for my 2 sons. They are Budding Internet Marketing Kids and have been bugging me for weeks to get their own websites up and running. There is a basic site set up for each of them now and on Wednesday next week, I start teaching them how to maintain and build their own websites. Why not until Wednesday? Well, I will be at the Brisbane Smart Online Profit Systems event over the weekend. But all good things are worth waiting for, right?

Aussie Internet Marketing Kids

Back in January, my sons made a video for YouTube named Aussie Internet Marketing Kids. It was a short testimonial for Dad’s book: Year Of The Affiliate. We were in Streaky Bay, South Australia, and that short video ranked number 1 on Google for its keywords. Needless to say, my kids got a taste of Internet Marketing and it wont be long now before they are up and running with their own little online enterprises.

Follow Your Passion

Here is the key: The thing I teach people – and the only TRUE WAY to be successful – is to Follow Your Passion. That is exactly what my kids are doing. They want to set up websites that shares free resources for kids. Video’s, cartoons, games, books – as long as it’s free and fun! It is not about the money. It is all about the fun!

Reaching your goal is not the best part. It’s the journey getting there that is the most satisfying reward.

Inspirations Of Your Inner Child

If you can remember the inspirations of your inner child, therein lies the key to your success. I see in my sons how they are inspired by the simple and fun things in life. There are no obstacles, just a journey that needs to be undertaken. They have met great friends of mine like Arctic Explorer Peter Bland. They have traveled to places like, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Fiji and Vanuatu. Life is a journey full of experiences and nothing is too hard to achieve in their minds.

I see only my outcomes, and my obstacles give way ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Stay tuned and I’ll let you in on my Internet Marketing Kids progress. If they allow me to share their work, then I certainly will. As they get more experienced with the internet, I’ll be teaching them income producing strategies such as Traffic Trading, but I wont let it get in the way of their fun. Keep it fun and fill it with passion and life is pretty marvelous.

Have a most marvelous day

Sean Rasmussen
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Sean Rasmussen is a passionate blogger and has been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When he's not with his family, or dog Buddy, Sean is usually blogging or doing something related to the internet.


  1. that sounds like heaps of fun…let me know when you have it up and running as we have five boys that getting on the internet for games, and finding free (fun) things is always the best for them.
    Thanks Sean….we are going to the event on Brisbane this weekend as well….looking forward to hearing you speak.
    Stay at home Mum to five boys… who is already making money online:)


    lisa woods last blog post..Ebook…..Reviewed

  2. ida van der Togt says:

    I wish I had the education that your kids are getting. I get so frustrated with my lack of basis computerskills and don’t know where to turn. Hope to see you in Brisbane were you can share your knowledge with newbies like me.

  3. Mini Seans here we come!

  4. I’m on my way to Brisbane now. I’ll keep you posted on my kids progress as mini-me-marketers

  5. That’s great Sean

    Thanks for helping open my eyes up to a whole new world. And I will definitely ‘Follow My Passion’!
    .-= Cemil´s last blog ..Anti Spyware =-.

  6. I’ll share with you my daughters experience with internet marketing. At teh young age of 15 she decided to share her photgraphic creations with the world. She didn’t just put them on Facebook or Myspace for her friends to see, she also put them on Red Bubble and Flikker. She has monetised her work and she has already sold a few prints online. I was incredibly proud of Casey. She was always a very shy and reserved kid but she is now blossoming to be a wonderful and talented adult who is far more worldly at 15 then I ever was.

  7. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    I think we can all learn a lot from your boys, Sean. We need to find something that we love to do and just enjoy the journey. If we’re genuinely having fun, the problems will not seem so insurmountable.

    I agree that the key is to follow your passion. Find something we love to do and just do it. Maybe your boys could write a kids perspective on how to be an Internet Marketer? It would be an interesting read.

    • That’s an important key you mentioned Jazz. I have noticed that when I have fun at what I love doing, I seem to fly on “Cloud 9” (whatever that means – why 9, what happened to the other 8?). Everything seems so easy – and as you said the ‘problems’, whic feel more like little hiccups, are never anything to get one’s knickers in a knot over.

      I am constantly thinking about my passion & only get my knickers in a knot when I am not doing what I love.

  8. Hi Sean

    You talk a lot about following your passion and now I know why. I owe you for helping me to discover my passions.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..How to make comments online and build your online persona =-.

  9. Hi Sean,

    Thanks for sharing your personal experiences with your boys, with your readers. It must be very rewarding for you to pass on your skills to your boys and when they are still so young.

    It’s a great opportunity for them to learn by following in dad’s footsteps. You have a reason to be so proud of them. They’ll be entrepreneurs before leaving school at this rate!

    Best wishes, Jill.

  10. Hm – Traffic Trading. That one I haven’t heard before.

    Your sons have the great fortune to experience that living your passion is possible first hand. So – what else should they be doing but following your example? It’s great to know that there will be two young man living their passion and sharing it with the world. Good on you Sean for making that possible!
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Motivational Music =-.

  11. Hi Sean

    Great to hear about your boys. How are they doing? It would be great to see how they have progressed
    Is traffic trading still in your vocab or have you moved on?
    .-= Gee´s last blog ..Why You Should Just Ignore Fad Diets (Part 2) =-.

  12. Hello Sean,

    Its good to read about boys wanting to make their mark in the world at such a young age, and by having fun. I like how they think, Making the website about fun – not about making money.

    Good to hear that your skills are being taught to a younger generation. Imagine what they will be when they are older? Really the world is at their feet when they are younger and have the right role models.

    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Searching For Gratitude Rocks =-.

  13. I inspired to be free as a child. I did feel trapped as a kid and all I wanted was freedom. And to travel the world.

    It’s the simple things that I thought of as a child. I never thought it impossible – the idea never entered my mind. I just imagined myself living it.
    .-= Samantha Banfield´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen and his crazy talk! =-.

  14. G’day Sean,
    The Brisbane SOPS seminar was our 1st meeting – thankyou for my ” 10 seconds of fame ” during your presentation. Your decision to go your own way just after that was an excellent one. I concur. It’s that VIBE thing again.

    I think the fun and free aspects of your sons internet endeavours are absolutely inspiring. Good on you for setting them on a good path. The poet, Kahlil Gibran in the book ” The Prophet ” said
    ” We as parents are the bow which sends forth into life our children as arrows. Blessed is the bow which sets forth the arrow on a straight path. ”

    Read that 40 years ago and it’s stayed with me since. Not sure if it’s word perfect, but you and Cherie will certainly get the meaning. You are to be complimented on the raising of your sons.

    .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..How Proud Can One Be ? =-.

    • Hi Harry,
      congratulations to your “10 seconds of fame” – you definitely deserve more than 10 seconds.
      Just wanted to say that Kahlil Gibran is a wonderful writer and I remember that part as well – and it is very fitting :). I guess it makes great reading for every parent on this planet.
      .-= Renee´s last blog ..Definition Of Motivation =-.

      • Renee,
        He was in full flight doing the SOPS presentation, when he turned towards me and introduced me to the mob as the famous jazz pianist. Here’s the funny thing…………. we had never met in person and only seen photos. ” Me think it ‘mazing ”
        Sean seems to have a fabulous memory for names and faces.
        There is a great chapter in How To Win Friends And Influence People about 1/2 way through the book on the importance of that skill. Worth a look.
        .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..How Proud Can One Be ? =-.

  15. G’day Sean,
    OOPS for the double sign – off above. 1st time I’ve done that so far. It means no sign-off this comment. Does that mean I’m commenting on my comment or just apologising for the OOPS part
    .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..How Proud Can One Be ? =-.

  16. Sorry Sean,
    The knees won’t stand any hail Marys – do the Catholics Kneel for them ? I KNEED them for the morning walk around our beautiful hills of half past sparrow whatsit.
    .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..How Proud Can One Be ? =-.

  17. Sean – that’s ONE huge hurdle we all have to get over – that pesky ‘money’ monkey that seems to ride our backs. The focus, and greed for some, but getting past the $$ in front of one’s eyes and focussing on the fun aspect. Is it that we are born with the dollar sign gene? The invention of capitalistism as the be all, end all to existance? Money is all that matters? So who cares what you do for it?? I know someone that did awful things just for money… and it’s really, really sad. One’s soul is worth more than selling it to the highest bidder.

    Sorry, that got me thinking in a bit of a downward spiral. Wave money in front of people’s faces & they go batty… absolutely nut-diddly-nutty. As I have mentioned elsewhere I used to earn a bunch of money as an Office Manager but I got burnt out, worked myself to the bone, took on so much responsibility that if I continued I don’t know if I would have survived for that much longer – so at the end of the day, having ‘heaps’ of money doing something you hate is meaningless if you are dead.

    It’s weird the meaning humans (which does not include me – I aint human) have placed onto money. It’s an illusion.

    Right, let’s all go & have some fun!!! Remember, it’s ALLa bout the fun. I think some have forgotten – I wont mention any names.

    • Money is all an illusion. It’s only worth the value we place on it. We should place more value on what we can offer people so we don’t go batty or … absolutely nut-diddly-nutty. Society has it all wrong but since we are society we should realize it takes our own efforts to change it.

      Sean’s doing it right – instilling values in his children before they have to worry about a salary and paying bills.
      .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..You Are the Reason I Know It Will Happen =-.

  18. I’d love to connect with your sons. As a children’s book author encouraging different forms of literacy the story of your sons hits home. Anyone can have a website, a dream, a goal and everyone can be successful. I’m encouraging my son to be a prime example of being as creative as he wants to be and more.

    ** check out the picture of my little sweetie (2 months old at the time) experiencing the joy of books as best as anyone can on my website.
    .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..You Are the Reason I Know It Will Happen =-.

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