I Felt Old Age Creeping Up On Me

I look forward to Christmas. hm… am I getting old?

I used to look forward to Christmas as a kid. Then there was a huge period of time where Christmas was just a commercial hype, stretched from a Christmas Pageant in November and jolly tunes in Americanized department stores for so long leading up to Christmas, it made the experience just a little, teeny bit, painful 😉

When I lived in Europe, and in a society that was much less americana, Christmas came as a real treat. It was a season that some people saw as a religious time – and others to be with family or just get lots of presents!

But now, I am really looking forward to Christmas. Not in the way of the previous 14 years; because of the kids, but because I actually look forward to it for myself! I can’t remember last time I looked forward to an occasion for “me”!

So, the conclusion is evident. I am clearly entering a second childhood..

Today, when I was out walking, a pensioner was walking behind me. I felt “old age creeping up on me”. To think it was actually me, and my reborn passion for Christmas – Wow! (pardon the pun)

It’s clearly an early onset of age. It’s time to welcome the grey hairs and enjoy the pleasures of being a kid again. Here are some of the great things I can enjoy as a child, and an old fart, at the same time:

  • With memory loss, I get to hide my own Easter Eggs. No need for anyone else to do that for me!
  • I can dress in any way I like, without caring too much what others think of my fashion sense (came to think of it, I don’t have much fashion sense in the first place…)
  • I can open my presents at Christmas and throw a tantrum if I don’t like them (rather than being polite after opening presents stuffed with sock & jocks).
  • When teenagers call me “random”, I’ll actually know what on earth they mean…
  • I can sing along to Kevin Bloody Wilson and not be concerned about non-pc jokes and putting noses out of joint.
  • I can spend 14 hours a day on computer games, rather than climb trees (far too dangerous to do real life stuff as a kid).
  • I get to wear a hat whilst driving my car in the overtaking lane – doing 60km in a 110 zone – living happily in lala land.

And I can just write totally irrelevant blog posts; just like this one. And if anyone complains in the comment section, I get to call them random 🙂

I’m starting to like this second childhood.

Oh yeah, and Happy Christmas to you and yours!

Sean Rasmussen
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  1. Hi Sean, You are just saying all this in your imagination! Wait untill ypu get to my age when it is all real!!!!
    Well, I really enjoy Christmas! To see the expressions on the faces of my Grandchildren when they open their (expensive IT) presents – I know we need our “heads read!”- and having our extended family invading the home and sharing a meal with us , makes us realize all over again how fortunate we are.
    My best wishes to Cherie, Yourself and the boys for a blessed Christmasnand the best New Year yet .

  2. Happy Christmas to you and your family Sean, one day I too will be able to write irrelevant blog posts like this! 🙂

  3. Ah the joys of the “Golden Years”. You’re lucky that old age is “creeping up” on you. As you advance in years you’ll find that it begins to approach like a runaway train. 🙂

    However, being an “old fart” can be enjoyable as you pointed out in your list. I’d add to it if I could remember what I was just talking about….

  4. Happy christmas to you

  5. Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the winds, write whatever you want, and not worry about relevance. A Happy New Year to you and yours.

  6. Cherie Rasmussen says:

    Great article and made me laugh. Especially with the “dress sense” admission as socks and sandals sure is a sign of old age creeping up on you. lol. 🙂

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