How Would Love Respond?

International bestselling author, [Name Withheld], has released his new book: [Name Withheld] ? I had the utmost pleasure of catching up with [Name Withheld] in Brisbane a few weeks ago and film a 1 hour interview about Peak Performance, coaching athletes towards Olympic Gold Medals, acting alongside John Travolta, Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone and much more.

[Name Withheld] 1 Hour Interview

As always, [Name Withheld] is down to earth. His book was recently released: [Name Withheld]. When I called [Name Withheld] on the phone, he made time to see me on a Saturday morning and had all the time in the world to accomodate me. As a member of [Name Withheld], I have gained many benefits from his peak performance coaching. Here is part 1 of the 1 hour interview:


Part 2 will be added very shortly. I will be making the entire interview available for everyone who buys [Name Withheld] book from Amazon or [Name Withheld] website on 11th June 2008. I know the book is motivational magic. I’ve read it!

A Peak Performance, Motivational Legend!

[Name Withheld] has many great quotes up his sleeve. I could mention heaps of them. Here is my favourite:

“The most expensive advice you can get, is free advice from poor people”

Watching the above video (and the rest) will put that quote into context. My mindset has improved massively since meeting [Name Withheld] and I hope some of it will rub off on you.

On the 11th June 2008, the campaign kicks in for [Name Withheld] international book launch of [Name Withheld]. The book is worth much more than the selling price. And to add additional value, many bonus gifts are added by people around the world, such as myself, who admire [Name Withheld] for what he is: A Peak Performance, Motivational Legend! Take my word for it. [Name Withheld] has the goods required to take you to the next level. Read more here when the book launches.

If you are a [Name Withheld] member, you will know this salutation:

Have a most outstanding day

Sean Rasmussen
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  1. Michael Garside says:

    Hi Sean

    I am half way through the book and it is hard to put down. Awesome and easy to read with a great message and inspiring story. It is definitely worth much more than the price and all readers would benefit from it.

    Thank you for introducing me to [Name Withheld], loving the life success club too.



  2. It’s very good, isn’t it? [Name Withheld] has also picked a very good title in: How would love respond. Thanks Michael

  3. I love and really appreciate the use of a video interview with a mentor of yours to add value to your blog email. Great marketing strategy Sean. How about a funky shirt next time!


  4. Great idea, Russ! Who’s to wear the funky shirt? Me or [Name Withheld]? 😉

  5. Hi! I love the book and appreciate the message of responding like love asks us to in challenging and easy life circumstances. In the end, responding from a place of compassion breeds results in many ways that bring wealth to our Spirit.

  6. Very true, Jennifer. Well put!

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