Hierarchy Of Values

In the leadup to my wife writing a review on the 7 Day Prophecy Experience with Dr John Demartini, I will post about a favorite topic Demartini teaches.

Hierarchy Of Values

Your Hierarchy Of Values will determine what you do and how you live your life. Listen to John Demartini in this YouTube video when he talks about values. It is 4 minutes well invested in yourself.

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How To Make One Well Of A Profit And Still Get To Heaven

John wrote this book after appearing in The Secret: “How To Make One Hell Of A Profit And Still Get To Heaven“. You will understand that better after viewing the above video.

One area that many will be able to relate to is when Dr Demartini speaks about people’s ability to save money. If “saving money” is HIGH on your Hierarchy Of Values, then you will have:

More money at the end of your month than month at the end of your money“.

And the opposite applies if saving is LOW on your Hierarchy Of Values. then you will have:

More month at the end of your money than money at the end of your month“.

Now there’s something to think about. I hope you enjoyed the video. To read more about Demartini and his books, go to the about Dr John Demartini page.

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  1. “More money at the end of your month than month at the end of your money“


    “More month at the end of your money than money at the end of your month“

    Which one is it going to be?

  2. Dennis Carr says:

    Hi Sean,
    Congratulations on your book and success. What you have done is amazing. I totally agree with the saying about your hierachy of values. For me it is ‘more money at the end of the month’. Only in the last 3 months have I had a budget and stuck to it. In doing so I have been able to save just over 5k. Also there seems to be a shift in my fortunes. I have become a good saver. Thanks again for being my mentor.
    It was nice to meet you at Perth 4 dayer.
    Dennis Carr

  3. Well done, Dennis
    We can’t ‘make’ if we can’t ‘save’.
    It was great meeting you too. See you next time (and here in the blog of course)

  4. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    Wow! That is such a great video. I understand that Dr Demartini is talking primarily about saving and financial matters in this video but I was blown away by the concept of a hierarchy of values.

    Dr Demartini is right. If something is not high on our list of hierarchy of values then we don’t pay attention to it and take action regarding it. Whatever we value, we place more importance on and have more success with.

    This is such a powerful video. Obviously if we’re unhappy with a certain situation in our life, it’s because it’s not high on our hierarchy of values. If we want to improve the situation, we simply have to place more value on it. Wow! I’m going to do this!

  5. Hi Jazz, Great observations. I see your meaning and I think it may work like you say.

    I for one, have not cared about money for most of my life, so like Dr John Demartini said about people like me, I spent it as quick as I earned it. That is up until around 4 or 5 years ago when I realized I will be poor in retirement if I didn’t become financially secure. I became interested in property investing and thought I was doing really well for a while. I see now though that I didn’t have a hierarchy of values and, this could possibly be one reason why I didn’t have the properties for long and ended up broke and in debt.

    I need to put more value on my money. I think I will enjoy doing this as well. See how it goes.

    • Jazz Salinger says:

      Hi Jill,

      I think once we realize there’s a problem, it’s a lot easier to fix. I amazed that what I thought was on my hierarchy of values wasn’t even almost on the list. I think putting something at the top of our values means we will bring about a different outcome. It’s not too late for any of us financially, Jill and we’re definitely in the right place to turn it around.

  6. It’s unfathomable to non-millionaires, that people who earn millions of dollars annually, can be in debt at the end of the year. This video explains how that can be so.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..Richard Branson Business School: A day visit =-.

  7. It’s unfathomable to non-millionaires, that people who earn millions of dollars annually, can be in debt at the end of the year. This video explains how that can be so. I guess people from poor countries would think the same about the rest of us.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..Richard Branson Business School: A day visit =-.

  8. An excellent video. Makes you think.

    I have always felt for some people they spend what they earrn whatever that sum is.
    It is refreshing to learn why this is so.

    Another way to look at saving is by the expression “pay yourself first” which basically means put away your savings first and then you know what your available income is.
    .-= Gee´s last blog ..Why You Should Just Ignore Fad Diets (Part 2) =-.

  9. I love hearing KISS (keeping it simple sweetheart) explanations. Clear, easy to understand, and frees up so much time to enjoy life if/when we just ‘get it’.
    .-= Jo Carey-Bradshaw´s last blog ..Empowering Mindset – Mindfulness =-.

  10. It’s really a great video with a easy to understand (and accept) explanation. So what are my values? I did an exercise where I had to come up with all my values and then had to put them in an order. Very interesting and very reveling. “Freedom” and “Independence” are high up there 😉
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Who’s the boss – start taking control =-.

  11. I am always blown away when I see Demartini talk!

    There is absolutely no time to write anything down – he’s someone you just have to listen to… and keep up with. He has a great spirit & I love his story. Authentic – is the perfect word to describe him!

    How we live our life comes down to what value.
    .-= Samantha Banfield´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen and his crazy talk! =-.

  12. Hello Sean,

    I like how Dr Demartini thinks. He has a wonderful way to look at life. From being told he would never to succeed to actually teaching others how to succeed? That is one man worth more than money. I like his quotes, and his story of the lady that donated so much money to charity because she saved her money:)

    Very good questions you posted in your comments Sean “which one will it be?” – depends on which one you want it to be 🙂

    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Our Kids Today =-.

  13. Ultimately we do what we do because of our values. It is important to know our top values and in what order we have them. Saving money is a better value to have than spend it all now. Demartini is not yet on Forbes billionaires list.
    .-= Wal Heinrich´s last blog ..Think And Grow Rich Mindset Mastery =-.

  14. Hi Sean,
    Dr Demartini certainly hit home with me. I recall times when I had a lot of money and I literally didn’t know what to do with it to get rid of it and had no value for it at all.

    I have given away more money than I have spent. I do need to change my values. I can do this by developing a saving mentality. It’s a start anyway. I need to make a value list as well.

    Thank-you Sean. Some great learning here. 🙂
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Common Law Marriage – What is Common Law Marriage? =-.

  15. It reminds me a bit of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”….and therefpre good stuff. I also think that failing to plan is planning to fail. And, goals and budgets are integral to this – and not just about money – it’s goals and budgeting of time too, plus goals and budgeting for what I can do for others as I make this journey – if I don’t do this, my only focus is on me and that ain’t good.

  16. Hi Sean.
    Dr John Demartini’s video made me realise that I had more money at the end of my month, when I was on my own bringing up my 3 children as at that time I operated totally on a budget then at the end of each month we would look at how much we had saved, we did very well. some where along the way I stopped doing that.
    Now I see I must get back to that mindset of having more money at the end of the month, starting right now.
    .-= Rita pepper´s last blog ..Learn and Earn =-.

  17. Have been lucky enough to hear Dr Demartini talk about this, and it really was an eye opener. It’s really interesting, and a great idea to look at your hierarchy of values with your partner. My husband and I did this individually, and then compared notes. Was interesting to see where we held similar values, and also where we differed.
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..Indoor Air Quality =-.

  18. I think this guy is great and to the point.
    I have always been able to save money and pay the bills in the past but that is where it ended.
    When I began my millionaire mindset education a few years ago, I realised that multi millionaires definitely have a high value on money becaue of the lifestyle, power or sense of freedom of choice it will give them.
    They’spend’ their money differently. They spend/ invest their money on things that will appreciate in value therefore making money out of ‘thin air’ or while they sleep.
    Yes, they still had to save money initially but they learn then how to make money work for them instead of the other way round.
    A great video, thankyou.
    .-= Elly´s last blog .. =-.

  19. Having a higher value on money is only something my husband and I have started practising even though we knew this in theory, we never quite understood how to pay ourselves first. We now save 10% of any money which comes into the house regardless of what bills need to be paid and we use that 10% for investments. Its amazing how it adds up.
    .-= Jackie Stenhouse´s last blog ..Falling Pregnant =-.

  20. Hey Sean,

    I was at work when I first read this entry, but didn’t watch the video. I’ve just watched the video, and I have a question: how do you effectively change your values? Clearly, with the financial state that I find myself, I’m not efficiently managing my money (I keep trying but keep getting derailed, but eventually get back on track), which means as much as I would like gain wealth, freedom and the lifestyle they provide, it’s lower on my list of values than I’m consciously aware of. I would definitely like to change this. How?

    Just a thought!


    .-= Pete´s last blog ..peteboyr: @bullhunter Thanks, Sean. Just reviewing the webinar, and will get to your blogs after that. Big night ahead, pizza on the way! =-.

  21. Jody Chambers says:

    I am now questioning my own Hierarchyof values. This is a great video that made sense to me and has me now questioning what I value and why.

  22. Annaliza Moreno says:

    Is hierarchy of values always definite?. Will it change or it will always stay as it is?. Value of ranking as I mean is always constant in our lives. But what if the selection of things(objects) will change as life process is going on. Will it be still be called as hierarchy of values?

  23. Hello Sean,

    I have read this blog post before, watched the youtube clip before, and have left a comment way back…..but I had to re-read this today. It sure makes you realise what is important in life. There will be more money at the end of my month just because my values have changed – and that is because I have changed the way I think. I change my outlook on life, and my words. It means my life around me has changed!
    Thank you for the reminder of the Hierachy of values

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