Happy Birthday, Gary Birch

Yesterday was Gary Birch’s 70th birthday. As it worked out, Gary was also the winner of the Learn How To Blog competition from December 2010. When Gary got the phone call from me, to announce that he had won, he told me it would be his 70th birthday on the very same day I would be building his blog on the live webinar.

So to help Gary even more on his big day, I have recorded the live webinar and am posting it in the YOTA Members forum (and the Learn How To Blog forum) for Gary and all our members to watch.

Gary Birch’s Site: Learning To Blog

Here is a screenshot of Gary’s blog that I built for him in less than 1 hour on his birthday.

Please visit Gary’s blog and wish him well, along with all the other well wishes he received yesterday!

  1. Wish Gary well on his blog: Learning To Blog (article to wish him a Happy Birthday)
  2. Wish Gary well on Facebook: Gary Birch on Facebook
  3. See all the Facebook fans that recommended Gary’s blog on Learn How To Blog.

Happy 70th birthday, Gary! (for yesterday)

For being a stellar French teacher: Joyeux anniversaire

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  1. Sean, you’ve given Gary a very special 70th birthday gift that I’m sure he will treasure dearly.

    Go Gary, go!! Here’s to your success!


  2. Hi, this is quite interesting. I’m like Mr. Gary here. I dont even know how to make a blog, what more a website. Hope you can help me with this Mr. Sean. Thanks in advance.

  3. My sincerest thanks to all the generous people who wished me well for my 70th birthday and congratulated me for being chosen as the winner of the Learn How to Blog competition. I count myself as very fortunate for being chosen to have Sean build my website and am absolutely delighted with the outcome. I am conscious of the fact that with my good fortune comes a considerable responsibility to continue the blog at the standard that it has been begun by Sean.

    Once again: merci beaucoup mon ami, Sean.

  4. Danny Younes says:

    Well done Gary and happy birthday.What a great gift you have received.

  5. Well gary, bet you never thought you would get a great present like this. I am glad I watched the webinar as I picked up a few more tips whilst Sean was creating your site.

    Happy 70th and hope you have more to come


    • Thanks for your kind thoughts Rosemary. As presents go it has to rate up with one of the most potentially valuable I’ve ever had. It’s up to me now to realise its potential by building on it.

  6. Hi Gary, Your website looks fantastic! A great place to start. Hope you have lots of fun working on it.

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