God Bless The USA?

Don’t read this if you love US foreign policy. Chances are that you will be upset if you think of the US regime as the good guys in white, because I’m about to write what a lot of people outside of the “official” US borders say publicly about the crap that goes on.

I’m not a fan of any foreign policy that involves killing people as “collateral damage”. There are many others that deserve a bashing but today I’m letting the US admin have it.

I might even slip in a few swear words. Why? Because they belong in this article to get my point across. No pictures can illustrate this story so I have left them out. All except one…

Beyonce – God Bless The USA – FFS!

Beyonce released a version of God Bless The USA, seemingly in light of the recent killing Of Osama Bin Laden.

Dammit, Sister!… could you have timed that one any worse? Blast that song all over the world when the US regime has once again breached international law and committed an act of war on foreign soil. They have created a new martyr in Osama Bin Laden and upset, not only Pakistan by carrying out a covert military attack in Pakistan, but have turned just about every other “I hate USA” country in the Middle East against them, again…

There is nothing more inflamatory than a victory song in the ears of the enemy after you have thumbed your nose at them and broken the rules that are only allowed to be broken by nations with “The Bomb”. And over the top Patriotism (read: brain washing) is the most dangerous thing to a nations health because it invariably leads to war.

There is a reason why it is dangerous to wear a US Flag on your backpack outside of the USA. It’s called US foreign policy.

I’m sure there are plenty of people that love that song (by Beyonce) but now is NOT the time to inflame the cause and rub salt in the wounds of those who are already antagonized by 60 years of heavy handed US foreign policy.

Chili, Equador, Panama, Iran, Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and everyone I have left out… the list is big! Governments overthrown, replaced with dictators, invaded…

How To Make A Quick Buck

There is an old saying since WWII: “If you want to kick start your economy, start a war against the United States“. Italy went wrong by changing sides. That was their (financial) mistake. Had they stayed with the bad guys (nazi’s) they would have had a massive economy boost like Japan and Germany. Sure, all their war criminals with brilliant minds would have got a job for NASA and other US controlled agencies in 1946 (i.e. the man to put the first man on the moon was Nazi Rocket Scientist: Von Braun) but hey, the economy would have prospered.

What a great formula! Fight the bad guys. Employ their top scientist and core group of masterminds to do work for you, and pretend everything is great! Sounds like an evil plot from a b-grade movie…

Killing Is Not The Answer. Retaliation = Weakness

A Christian nation, who prays to God, and demands a man of God to be the President, should not endorse public assassinations and killing of anyone. Looking at the faces of Obama, Clinton & Co when they viewed the killing of Bin Laden (on a screen) displayed even their horror of the situation. The others seemed somewhat “used to it”. I have one word for a Christian (or any other religion) that kills another human being: Hypocrite!

I’m sorry to say this, and it may come as a shock to many people: USA is not GOD.

Let’s get it straight guys. A “tooth for a tooth” went out with the Old Testament. Get with the times!

Good One Schmuck!

OK, so you killed Osama Bin Laden (again). Great! Now you got the bad guy, created a martyr and fueled the cause even more. Just as the smoke had settled… a beaten man, a Toothless Tiger, killed 10 years ago (when George W and the other jokers claimed the kill). You settled the score. Now what? Ah yes, it was ONLY ONE MAN you idiots! You didn’t kill their cause. You FUELED IT! Someone else steps in with more fire in his belly and you have ignited the fight again.

Good one, Scmuck! Remind me not to go to the London Olympics. God, I hope I’m wrong and there will be no retaliation. Two weeks ago Wikileaks released US docs about a Nuke hidden in Europe just in case Bin Laden was killed. A week or two later the bloody World Sheriff goes and kills him.

FFS! People bring their kids up with more sense than that! You don’t go into your neighbor’s yard and beat him up just because he has a better car, has different political or religious views or is a total idiot. You just don’t do that shit!

And especially not if he tells you has a bomb planted under your other neighbors house!

I wonder… if the “supposed” bomb was on US soil, rather than Europe, would the US admin have acted differently? This could actually boost their economy. Send in Bechtel and Haliburton to rebuild a European city. Hm… better not consult a banker on this one.


Let’s look at a few comparisons to recent events:

  • Imagine playing “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, Über alles in der Welt” across the world in 1940. I don’t think that would have made some nations citizens overly happy. “God bless the USA” would come across the same way today in the Middle East, except for maybe Israel, who enjoy almost unlimited US endorsement for their war crimes.
  • Imagine Japan sending in military troops, helicopters, and the rest, into a US city, carrying out an attack on a building and killing people. Without approval of the US government… yeah right! Japan are allies of the USA, just as Pakistan are allies of the US (even though it seems the US wants to have a war with Pakistan for some reason).
  • Imagine Australia sending in troops to Guantanamo Bay (even though it’s US soil in Mexico) and taking back an Australian citizen held by the US against international law, against the Australian government’s approval, and without the rights for a fair trial despite any public conclusive evidence of being guilty.
  • Imagine USA handing over Julian Assange to Australia for a fair trial if the US get their mits on him…
  • I’ll leave one of the worst terror bombardments of a civilian population to last. Read the next paragraph.

The Terror Bombardment Of Laos

From 1964 to 1973, USA dropped 260 Million Bombs on the small country of Laos. That is more than they dropped on Germany and Japan during WWII. This is, by the way, on a country they were not even at war with! Today 75 Million of these bombs are still undetonated and every year 300 people are killed or injured in Laos by a US bomb. 25,000 people have been killed or injured by a US bomb in Laos since 1973… bless their souls.

War Or Terrorism?

Let’s get something else straight here. When a government commits an act of killing, it’s called war, collateral damage or something else that suits the fat arse’s policies in the senate. When a civilian kills or commits an act of war, it’s called terrorism.

Of course, that makes all the freedom fighters during WWII Terrorists. Damn that sucks! I’m quite upset by that because I had freedom fighters in my family. Actually, that almost brings me to tears! Hang on while I go away for a little cry over that revelation…

(Weren’t the US forefathers initially civilians? They fought the British for their freedom)

So… let’s get this even more straight. If a war has not been declared, and an act of war is committed – with soldiers or civilians killed – it’s an Act of Terrorism.

Hm… Laos – 260 Million Bombs – no war declared – no firing back by Laos forces – untold civilians killed – 75 Million undetonated bombs left 29 years later (Laos made the mistake of NOT declaring war on the US, then they could have enjoyed massive economic benefits, like Germany and Japan).

The USA spent an average of $2 Million per day of their taxpayer’s money to terror bombard Laos for 9 years. That’s around 15-17 Million Dollars in today’s currency. Not much consolation to either the US taxpayer, nor the dead people in Laos who weren’t even at war when it rained bombs for nine years.

Yep, sorry guys, that makes the US government a Terrorist Organisation in my book. Ah shit! I forgot that they are a Government. That means they are exempt from terrorist status. That means they are OK. Phew!

So, if they are the good guys, maybe the US administration can face up to their past mistakes and spend $17 Million per day, for nine years, cleaning up the bloody mess and atrocities they caused in Laos. I think that gesture would go a long way towards repairing their reputation across the world.

Maybe buy a few prosthetic limbs for the maimed and build a few mental hospitals for the people who are still dealing with several generations of pain caused by nine years of peace time bombardment of a country that could hardly even afford a defence force. You’re real big toughies aren’t ya’? Beating up on the weak kid in the Schoolyard.

They could start by apologizing to the people of Laos right now. Time to grow up guys! Fess up and apologize like grown men.

Beyonce wouldn’t even know about Laos. If she did, she’s sing God Bless Laos instead. God knows, they need it.

Flannel Shirt + Kill = Terrorist. Uniform + Kill = Soldier

So effectively, and to put this very crudely, it depends on what clothes you are wearing to whether your killing is officially endorsed by the fat cats. Last I checked, nobody with a sane mind endorses murder. When ANYONE kills, it is murder. I don’t care what anyone thinks about that. If you believe in God, then you do not go to heaven after killing another human being. Sorry to break that news guys! Those are the rules. Everyone else goes to hell.

So, that gives every single US president a pretty bleak chance of ever going to heaven. Bugger! With endorsing all those wars, that was a lot of wasted Sundays in his life then, wasn’t it!

Understand Cultures. Don’t Fight Them

Understanding of other cultures is not learned through CNN, newspapers, TV, Government propaganda or any other media. It is learned by living with them. Any other way is misleading, so for anyone to stand up and support peace time military style attacks on foreign soil (Pakistan) must understand that it is a MAJOR BREACH of international law. It is also a massive insult to 100’s of millions of people in that region that already fear the USA after 60 years of over handed foreign policy, starting in the 1950’s in Iran through to today.

To understand another culture, you need to “Leave Your Own Borders” and visit it. That’s a good start. When people start piping up in the comments below, getting upset with me, please state how many years you have lived with those other cultures or if you have ever left your own country. Just a thought…

Let’s settle this lie once and for all. Muslims are not bad people, nor are any other people. Individuals are bad people, in isolated cases. But if you expose a nation, or region, to constant war for more than a generation, you will start breeding in wholesale hatred towards their aggressors into their culture.

  • Afghanistan was at war with Russia for 10 years: 1980-1990. Russia left with their pitiful tails between their legs like defeated dogs.
  • During this time, and the following 10 odd years of peace, the Taliban were very chummy doing business with the Bush warlord family and previous US regimes, gratefully receiving arms and military training (to later be used against US soldiers and allegedly during terrorist attacks).
  • Then they got attacked by their former allies and are now still at war. Now it’s civil war. The US president elect for Afghanistan is in charge and we now have a Nation who have had enjoyed only 10 years of peace since 1980.
  • This recipe has had children grow up with AK47’s on their doorsteps and we wonder why the west is not flavor of the month?

As soon as one nation is humbled and alienated we move onto the next: Iran. Then Syria and “who knows next” is under public scrutiny. Of course, Israel get away with anything they like because they are treated like a state of the USA.

“Why don’t you guys make a few more nukes? Hell, we don’t want Iran to make any, but you guys can make some because we are (currently) allies! Why not? You are even in firing distance of Tehran. That’ll fix ’em”

Be careful Israel. Being a US ally in the Middle East is traditionally dangerous to your health. Just look at Sadam Husein, who was endorsed by the US to replace the previous regime and received lots of US assistance, technology and military training during the 10 year war again Iran. The US (and allies such as France and Germany) even threw in the biological weapons technology to gas the Kurds with.

But isn’t it funny that worthless nations with no oil don’t get much attention?

The Bush Warlords and Cultural Genocide

The people are not stupid. Nobody believed the WMD crap by the Bush Warlord administration. People laughed at George W Bush when he spoke of producing MINI-NUKES during the invasion phase and terror bombardment of Baghdad. Besides killing untold numbers of civilian Iraqi’s, making the 9/11 death toll look like a decimal, the Iraq National Museum was literally decimated of artefacts left over from the beginning of our civilization as we know it.

I’m talking about cultural artefacts destroyed, stolen, missing… from the oldest land known to man. Mesopotamia. The land of 2 rivers: Euphrates and Tigris. Where civilization as we know it, all started. Anyone with any culture and understanding of history knows this. That in itself was a crime against humanity. Maybe we all just “Misunderstimated” the Bush Warlord President.

  • Bless all the souls that got killed in 9/11 and Afghanistan, Iraq, and wherever else uninvited guests are moving in with their military assaults.
  • Damn the bloody Oil Pipeline that the Taliban wouldn’t let the USA build PRIOR to the invasion (that went ahead after the invasion).
  • Damn the trading of Oil out of Iraq that was traded in EURO’s PRIOR to the invasion of Iraq (and is now traded in US Dollars).
  • Damn anyone that endorses killing in the name of God, Country or whatever their lame excuse is.
  • And if the US doesn’t apologize to Laos for their acts of terrorism against their people, then F*** the US admin!

And someone please give the US administration some smelling salts so they can wake up to reality before China dumps 3 Trillion US Dollars in Cash and US Treasury bonds on the market and bankrupt the USA. Now that’s a whole story in itself…

I do love my US friends. This is about the government policy and so called democracy (we have the same issue in Australia) where the voters don’t choose the person that they are “allowed” to vote for as the leader. We are given a candidate. Talk about freedom!

Yes, I do know that our fathers and grandfathers fought for our freedom. I just wish we didn’t waste their sacrifice sometimes.

Forget about patriotism, Beyonce. You’ll never wear a soldier’s uniform. How about a less brainwashed version: God Bless The World! It’s less inflammatory and has a nicer ring to it.

Sean Rasmussen
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Sean Rasmussen is a passionate blogger and has been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When he's not with his family, or dog Buddy, Sean is usually blogging or doing something related to the internet.


  1. That’s what you get when the world is run by Psychopaths who think human beings with empathy are weak

  2. You sure let it rip Sean. Good for you.
    Glad to hear someone speak their mind in opposition to the formal view

  3. Sean, I like you even more now.
    Please take time to attend one of David’s full day events in Perth, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland! I know you will like it! 🙂
    More details on http://www.thelionsleepsnomoretour.com/
    and see real dayly news here http://www.davidicke.com/

  4. We are all attached for one reason or another. For America where do they turn now for funds. The Chinese machine awaits the building weakness..

  5. WOW!!!
    It Frightened me when I heard what The US had done my first thoughts were What are the supporters going to do to retaliate that execution.
    If you look at all the natural disasters today is it God warning the governments of the world ???
    Will they take notice NO I don’t think so.

  6. Spot on Sean.

    However, it is not just American foreign policy that is screwed up.

    I’ve lived my 67 years just North of the United $tates of America. Even though I know (and like) many American, I am disgusted with their gun-loving, war-mongering politicians and policies. Their “Gun is God” culture is an abomination. The latest idiocy is Texas passing a law allowing concealed handgun license holders to carry weapons into public college buildings and classrooms. Are these politicians (especially Republicans) born dumb or do they just grow that way?

    The American Administration defines hypocrisy. They are constantly preaching to other countries about human rights; yet they are the first to ignore human rights if it suits their purpose. Case in point: Omar Khadr. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omar_Khadr The American Administration and military are not above torturing and prosecuting a child. Unfortunately, the Canadian government under Steven Harper did nothing to prevent this. Of course, Steven Harper could be consider George W. Jr.

    I guess I better stop now or I could rant on forever. However, I am sending the link to your article to several of my friends in the Canadian Peace movement.

    Excellent article.


  7. When you look at futuristic shows like Start Trek, the earth is all in harmony and run from America!

  8. Hi Sean,

    FFS Indeed!!… You ‘forgot’ (perhaps wisely) about the protected cocaine crops; Sadaam’s placement and support before he ‘became’ the bad guy…. makes you wonder why anyone would be comfortable to be ‘friends’ with the USA and elitist admin eh?.. The whole world is becoming profoundly aware of the tactics of creating scenarios to engender planned skirmishes and wars. Divide and Conquor. The only ‘raised eyebrows’ I found myself with was the statement about China – perhaps the bankruptcy is already a fact, and the Chinese are refusing to play the game anymore.(?)
    Ahh, there are days when I’m glad I’m just me, creating my world of love and bounty and respect for every being in my life and watching all around me waking up to the joys this life has to offer.
    The best I hope for for the ‘insane, profane ones’ is that the silly fooooools of ’emperors’ have someone remind them about that story of the emperor and his clothes! Let us all take responsibility for our world.. and no longer accept this self-destructive non-sense in any way, shape or form… And by the way, I wholeheartedly cheer for freedom-fighters, past and present! I’m an Earthling whole loves this planet dearly; I know that we ‘Aussies’ are family with connections the whole world over!
    It is time for all of us to say: FFS! Let us Unite, and love and thrive! Bless us all!

  9. Tell it as it is Sean, don’t hold back. We are living in precarious times and I shudder to think what will happen next, there is no doubt if the U.S.A. is boxed into a corner for what ever reason they would be capable of anything to get themselves out of it.
    Hopefully some sanity will prevail so the global situation does not escalate.

  10. Sean I can sense in you the passion you showed when I first met you and we talked about some of these issues.
    I feel much the same about this!
    A good summary of events!

    I spoke to a teacher yesterday who did a relief class for a history lesson and was watching a doco on the Vietnam war. She (being English) had no idea of the cost Australia paid for that one! She also was amazed at the basic cause of that war and the atrocities visited upon Laos etc! The students in the class had no idea about the war at all and were amazed by the story unfolding before them!

  11. Yes Sean you are damn right about the USA.

    They are a law unto themselves and damn anyone that tries to make them think otherwise. We all know it’s about the oil, and them trying to keep their currency as the top dog. You only have to look back to the 1990’s and Yugoslavia to see where their interest lays, no oil no help. Not to worry if they do move against Iran or any other middle eastern country, Europe and China will finally of had enough and move against them.

    We all brought up to be fearful of the Russians, but it now appears that we where brainwashed by the USA about this fear, the one we should be fearing is the US itself. Nothing against the people that live there, as they only get fed the information that their government wants to feed them. Heaven forbid if you voice your opinion against them, as then your branded a terrorist sympathizer, so much for freedom of speach, as long as you follows the party line.

  12. Sean in comment to your 5c, opinions are like as?#$%les and everybody is got one.

    Yours is rather passionate yet solves nothing, creates nothing.

    The people are waiting. Your people are waiting.

    P.s These ‘players’ plan a long well thought out game.

    There must be war. Too many people make money from it. They dont pick sides. They just fuel the flames.

  13. Making your own rules and pointing out that others are wrong while you’re doing it all wrong just for the sake of your own benefit is not right. Some of USA actions indeed is wrong, they fuel the terrorisms’ cause.

  14. Good post Sean,

    You’re right on so many levels. The retaliation which will result from these recent moves will indeed fuel another war, which any prudent man realizes is stupid politics! DC is run by a band of childish war-mongers, and they remind me of the playground bullies who picked on the little kids, rather than lifting them up and protecting them with their superior strength.

    No one can ever agree with everyone’s religious beliefs, it is impossible. But, we should at least have the decency to allow other people, of all nations, to celebrate life in any way they see fit. Taking land or mineral resources from another is wrong, it doesn’t matter who you are. We, the American people, actually started the conflicts with other countries, and then we, as a nation, get angry when they want to protect themselves or strike back. Idiots, that’s what we’re supposed to do as humans!

    Sorry to rant on your page like this, but you’re right… damn it, you’re right!
    Take care my friend,
    GM Leachman


  15. Well said Sean, join me on the ‘Red’ list (as Jr. said, “if you aint 100% with us, you’re a terrorist”). They could have done so much good, but look at how they’ve gone – not good.
    The only civilisation to have gone from ascendency to decline without any golden period.
    They are now going down SO FAST, and I fear, going to drag so many of the rest of us with them.
    I just hope our ‘leaders’ can break away and we can get to do our own thing, which is, show the World the right way to do things.
    Keep stirring, and if you want a hand on the oar, I will help you!

  16. G’day Sean,
    Wow – talk about passion. The USA has so much innocent blood on its’ hands and has been involved in wars outside the USA for well over 100 years.

    On the day you wrote this I started a most interesting book on the beginnings of that insidious bunch of nasties, the CIA. It’s called Legacy of Ashes by Tim Weiner, who is a Pulitzer prize winner. A big read of 702 pages in paperback. Heavy shit !

  17. tangitehau says:

    Kia ora Sean, Peace

  18. Wow, strong point of view Sean, well done writing only what is on the minds of the majority. Lets hope the tit for tat stops as nobody wins.

  19. Glad to see so many others agree with me on these issues. I feel better now knowing that not everyone is blind to the true nature of the world!

  20. Kim Oxford says:

    Interestng vent Sean. Needed time to ponder for inpiration……. I pray the multitudes chose to focus on the beauty and abundance we have on this planet and the influence from those such as Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Mandella, Lao Tzu to name but a few will spread to all who chose to live in harmony. I pray for inspiration to create alternative fuel sources that do not destroy our planet home, I pray for ego and the WIFM (What’s In It For Me) attitude to abait and the small handfull of people who have control wake up and smell the roses. “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” Such a shame our world leaders seem to not get it. We live in heaven or hell here on Earth. It is our choice what we create. We have extremists in all religions. May we unite in peace!!!!! Namaste

  21. Nakamal says:

    Sean, bravo!
    I share most of what you say.
    How came that a nation which was built on freedom principles, which fought for its liberty became sich a monster? Too much power makes you a dictator.
    We (all) know USA is a decadent declining nation, and will soon lose their leadership, just like USSR some time ago. Wh’s the next? China? I would prefer the Old Europe with its strong established values.

  22. Another one, this time. I made my mates laugh the other day about “Americans”. I told them that citizens of the United States of America were arrogant (not only the French then?) pretentious and pedantic. They asked why. In turn I asked them to put themselves in a Brazilian’s shoes, an Argentinan’s, a Mexican’s, a canadian’s shoes. Aren’t they Americans. Don’t they belong to this continent alledgedly found by Christopher Columbus? Or maybe they are second-rate Americans, and don’t deserve the label. What would they think of that? In my opinion, USA have confiscated the name of American to their sole use, denying any other people from Americas to be called as such. Isn’t that an imperialistic behaviour. No wonder people around the world hate “America”.
    I invite every citizen of every country of American continent, from now on, to call themselves “American”.

  23. Hello Sean!
    Yes, I totally agree and see what you’re saying. I have a very live and let live attitude to life. I feel that the universe is big enough for all of us to believe in whatever religion works for us individually without beating someone over the head with our beliefs. Just because they work for us doesn’t mean they work for the next person and that’s okay, or at least it should be. About what we’ve been doing in the Middle East? Yes, it’s all about the oil. I cringe when I see how we did nothing for the people of Croatia, Bosnia, all of what used to be Yugoslavia, simply because they didn’t have anything ‘we’ wanted. We were too busy chasing oil! What are ‘we’ going to do when folks finally wise up and the demand for oil is no longer there because we have found alternative means of energy. It’s ridiculous! My dream is to someday become and expat and live in the north of France. Think I may need to work on my fake British accent!

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