Go Ahead. Watch My YouTube!

Next stop: YouTube. Actually, the Learn And Earn Internet Marketing Competition is embarking on a big point grab today and YouTube is only one of the stops on our journey. We will also look at LinkedIn, making recommendations, the affiliate program and another blog added to the For A Few Dollars More competition.

Watch My YouTube

Today’s webinar was a bit of a new record. Record short, I mean… and just to stir the pot a bit more, I didn’t even put this video on YouTube. It’s on Vimeo as they let you stream long videos. You get that…

The tutorials in the above video are in the Free Internet Marketing Support Area. You will find a tutorial on Google Accounts and another about YouTube.

The New Blog

The new blog that has been added is Stock Market Education. It is a small blog – only 7 or 8 articles at this stage. Feel free to comment away as part of the competition. The other 2 (yes, there are more) will be announced next week.

Don’t forget to score some points in the Big Point Grab.

Go ahead. Watch my YouTube!

Sean Rasmussen
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About Sean Rasmussen

Sean Rasmussen is a passionate blogger and has been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When he's not with his family, or dog Buddy, Sean is usually blogging or doing something related to the internet.


  1. Hi Sean

    Thankyou for another very entertaining webinar and for the tasks you have given us to do for the Learn and Earn Internet Marketing Competition.

    Being an Options Trader, I am very excited about your new blog ‘Stock Market Education’ which I will go and have a look at once I finish this comment.

    I have been over to Youtube and joined up as I already have a Google account. I visited your Youtube site and I am very impressed at how good it looks. I am going to make mine look shmick too.

    It is fun to learn while I earn and I can assure you after having read well over 300 articles so far I have learnt an amazing amount of information about internet marketing. I am so looking forward to putting this information into practice.

    Thankyou Sean.

    • YAY go Elly, your firing on all cylinders. My husband and I are option traders as well so I am also looking forward to reading Seans new blog “Stock Market Education”.

    • Hi Elly
      I have added 10 points to your score for YouTube πŸ™‚
      Congratulations on your fantastic results you are achieving and keep it up. Wow, that’s lots of reading. You sound nearly as passionate as my husband. hahaha πŸ˜‰

      • Jayne Pleysier says:

        I’m really looking forward to followijng this blog as well. My brother-in-law introducted me to options at the beginning of this year (really to help in with the computer and internet stuff) and I have really struggled to throw myself in as my paper trading hasnt been that successful and all I’ve really wanted to do was work on my websites. When hubby and I first looked into it we thought this would be a great way earn some income whilst I did website stuff, but it became too much on my plate with being a Mum, having a home business, music teaching and learning internet marketing.

        What I realised is that I’m not throwing myself into it because I don’t know enough, so having one of your blogs to follow to learn about Stock Market things is going to be fantastic and take a lot of the scariness out – thankyou for revealing you have this blog!

        • It’s a hard decision to take time out of something you’re doing and know how to do in order to free time to learn and so something new. But if what you’re doing isn’t getting you to where you want to be it’s time to let go of that a little to grasp on to something new.

          I’ve been leaving the internet marketing and affiliates up to my husband who never has the time to work on it so slowly and because of Sean I’ve been incorporating it into my schedule (what I have left). I know in the end once we find the right customers and products we’ll have much more time on our hands to work together and get to where we want to be as a family.
          .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..A House of Straw =-.

  2. Hello Sean,

    Thank you for the wonderful webinar today. It was again full of useful information. I have two YouTube accounts and have subscribed to your youtube Channel for sometime. Have added you as a friend as well πŸ™‚

    Sure I went to youtube “Go Aheand Watch My YouTube”! was easy to do because I am addicted to youtube πŸ™‚

    Great to hear useful information.

    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Healthy Lifestyle Challenge =-.

  3. Hi Sean

    Well done with the webinar tonight. Full of information but also entertaining. I’ll take your word on the whistling. How boring would it be if it wasn’t!

    I had not really thought of YouTube as a marketing tool so that will be real interesting. I also hadn’t looked at YouTube as a search engine but having had this brought to my attention I have done exactly that myself. I haven’t been on YouTube lots but when I have it has very easy to waste time.

    Another way to use time & task management skills – two birds with one stone.

    My husband has a real good idea for putting a video clip on YouTube for his business so I’m sure this will help me how to really maximise it.

    For this reason I am already registered on YouTube. However I still plan to watch the Google Tutorial and the You Tube tutorial anyway.

  4. Here is an informative webinar with plenty of opportunities presented.

    The learn and earn comp is 4th week now,more than half way..Things are hotting up with more blogs comming up and even you tube has a mention..

    Something new to know is google now owns you tube..

  5. Went to you tube and have an account . Subscribed to your you tube site ..

    The new blog Stock Market Education is taking shape nicely. There are 5 articles on there now to digest..Enjoy anything about stock market..

    • Hi John
      Well done on joining YouTube and I have added 10 points to your score.
      Great to see you enjoying Sean’s new Stock Market Education site. Thank you for the positive feedback. Doing well. πŸ™‚

  6. I listened to the webinar live and am enjoying the big point grab. Have watched the Youtube tutorial and signed up to Youtube.
    .-= Melanie Braggs´s last blog ..Building Chicken Coops =-.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed today’s “Go Ahead. Make My Day!” webinar, Sean, even if I did have to get up for 3AM. Seeing as I a haven’t been back to sleep since then I’m a little fuzzy, and that’s not just the little hairs on my face. πŸ™‚ Once I get fully caffeinated the day will likely look better.

    I’ve been hanging around Youtube for a bit now and actually have two channels:
    http://www.youtube.com/user/donwhite1943 and, of course, http://www.youtube.com/user/gratefulwerenotdead. An I see we linked up through my donwhite1943 channel a couple weeks ago (Bit of a senior’s moment there.) {lol}.

    Looking forward to checking out your Stock Market Education blog. When it comes to understanding the Stock Market, I think I’m a lot like most of the pundits – I don’t really have a clue. πŸ™‚
    .-= Don White´s last blog ..Plurk And Me =-.

    • Hello Don,

      Great that you left your links to your YouTube channel…I went in and added you as a friend.

      aka Healthy Lifestyle Challenge πŸ™‚
      .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Healthy Lifestyle Challenge =-.

    • I didn’t get my reply in to you because just as I was writing it the ‘s’ hit the fan and everything went up the kite.

      I did subscribe to your two channels on YouTube and I went and watched your YouTube (one with the band). What a hoot! You guys must have so much fun.

      I played it for my husband and he thought it was cool too. He also had a laugh at your opening paragraph. Our kind of people he said! He’s a black powder buff and we have a number of friends, of the slightly older generation, who are into the re-enactment side of things too who would probably like to watch your video.

      Think I’ll be sharing the link with them.

      • Thanks for subscribing, Bernadette. I’m glad you like Grateful We’re Not Dead. We’re not the best musicians in the world (or on the block for that matter) but we do have fun and enjoy being able to give back to society by entertaining for free in support of charities and other good causes. Hope your friends enjoy the material as well.
        .-= Don White´s last blog ..Psycho! =-.

        • Hmmm … not the best musicians in the world … well I didn’t have to put my hands over my ears as it sounded like a cat howling … and if you are still doing gigs you are definitely doing something right.

          The videos you have put on YouTube are ‘grate’ to show people what you are about and that’s also ‘grate’ supporting worthy causes. It will come back to you.

        • Hello Don,
          What a wonderful group, and it is good to see that you all have a lot of fun and giving to the community.
          I have listened to some of your music, Don, and enjoy it
          .-= Sandra Sentance´s last blog ..Time Management =-.

    • Hi Don
      I have added 10 points to your score for YouTube. Fantastic to see you enjoy YouTube too. Please enjoy hubby’s Internet Marketing Competition. πŸ™‚

      • Hi Cherie

        I would like to point out that maybe you have given me points for YouTube twice. I see you’ve commented you have here but also just above this. Have they been added twice or have you just commented twice?

        I don’t really want to take points off my score but also want to achieve them in their own right and not through a mistake.

    • Subscribed to both Don. It’s nice to connect with a fellow Canadian in this Learn and Earn competition and I’d love for you to subscribe to my You Tube account. I do plan for it to be more active in the near future.

      Your music sounds pretty good for just having fun loving what you do. It’s proof that you can be happy and continue doing what you love to offer the world goodness.
      .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..River’s End Was Brilliant! =-.

  8. Brenda McNutt says:

    Doing something on YouTube is going to be very interesting!

    Having just dabbled with a small selection of shares in the past few years I am very keen to follow your blog Stock Market Education.

    Going to Google now to sign up for a Google account, before heading over to YouTube.

  9. Thanks Sean,

    Unfortunate that we won’t be getting any tennis tips from John McEnroe this time lol!

    Yet again this is a very entertaining webinar packed with cool stuff to gain more competition points with.

    I’ve just registered a new Youtube account using a Gmail address as instructed… hopefully I have ticked off some of those mystery bonuses too! : )
    .-= jeremy´s last blog ..jlagatule- Just downloaded this cool social media ready web browser perfect for internet marketing- http-Flockcom =-.

    • Hi Jeremy
      Great to see your quick action taking with YouTube. I have added 10 points to your tally and you are doing really well with Sean’s Learn and Earn Competition. πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Sean,

    After my fiasco of trying to get online this afternoon for this webinar, I am once again grateful for your multi-skilling and thoughtfulness re posting this recording here.

    I like the clear and easily understood explanations of the Stock Market Tutorial site.

    I am already a member of You-Tube, and often am distracted from my tasks by that very same membership. I’m just off now to find that Bo Diddley, and sort him for you.. the hide of him!
    .-= Jo Carey-Bradshaw´s last blog ..Wealth Creation – Coffee and Internet Marketing =-.

  11. geoff harnden says:

    Hi Sean

    I have signed up on YouTube : username HelthandWelth

    A fair bit for myself to learn with this medium too,
    but this is actually what is so enjoyable about what you are doing here in the
    “Learn and Earn Internet Marketing Competition”……
    so much new and enjoyable stuff to learn. It’s just awesome.

    Thanks yet again

  12. Hi Sean,

    Fantastic webinar once again. You really know how to keep us on our toes. It looks like there are some very exciting times ahead and I can’t wait to see what you do.

    I’ve joined YouTube and I’m looking forward to learning how to take advantage of the second most powerful search engine on the internet. Also, I just want to say that I’ve learned so much from reading your blogs.

    There’s so much great information in them and it’s really building up my internet marketing knowledge. πŸ™‚
    .-= Jazz Salinger´s last blog ..Finding Your Passion =-.

    • Hi Jazz
      Wow, you are awesome with Sean’s Learn and Earn Competition. I have added 10 points to your tally with YouTube. Well done Jazz πŸ™‚

      • Hi Cherie,

        Thank-you very much for adding all our points in. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate it. πŸ™‚
        .-= Jazz Salinger´s last blog ..Finding Your Passion =-.

        • Jayne Pleysier says:

          Hi Jazz
          Huge congratulations on leading the Dollars score board – I am just amazed at how many points you have – it is very exciting and a great motivation for us all – keeping us on our toes!

          • I second that as well Jayne. Well done Jazz. You have added valuable comments with some great extras in them. I have found them helpful. Keep them coming.

  13. Alison Cox says:

    Thanks for the webinar, Sean. I have been a good little vegemite and signed up for YouTube. I’ve used it a lot in the past and have searched for items that interest me on it, never realising the potential! Can’t wait to find out more. πŸ˜€

    • Hi Alison
      I have added 10 points to your tally for YouTube. Well done and great that you are enjoying the learning. Fun is the key and really like your cute cat avatar πŸ™‚

  14. Hi Sean,

    I had recently set up an account on Youtube, but I haven’t really spent much time on there. I didn’t realise I could subscribe and send friend requests which I have now done to your account. So I have learnt something else today in Learn and Earn Internet Marketing Competition
    .-= Tori´s last blog ..Twitter – Do I need to tweet =-.

    • Hi Tori
      I have added 10 points to your score. Great to see you learnt more about your account with YouTube from Sean’s Internet Marketing Competition. Well done and keep having fun πŸ™‚

  15. Great tutorial for setting up a Google account. I was already registered on YouTube, Gmail, Adsense and Google Analytics.

    Now that I have gone through Google accounts and set up my profile I now have them all under one roof (so to speak).

    • Hi Bernadette
      Congratulations on your YouTube account. I have added 10 points to your tally for YouTube with Sean’s Internet Marketing Competition. Well done and you are doing fantastically πŸ™‚

  16. Jody Chambers says:

    In my opinion this webinar on Youtube/LinkedIn was the best yet! Just heading over to read your stockmarket blog now….it’s sort of ironic that my first encounter with universal wealth creation and the bullhunter was when I purchased Jamie McIntyres homestudy program for the stockmarket information…..go figure. \m/

  17. Our new community network is quite portable with registering on Twitter, LinkedIn, Alexa and now YouTube and more to come.

    Now we can get together in LOTS of places. πŸ™‚

    • Jayne Pleysier says:

      It is fantastic and I am amazed how many people have sent LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook and Twitter requests over the past few days. It is very exciting to be part of such a friendly community!

  18. Thanks Sean,

    Yet another great world record webinar by you. The recaps and the point grabbing tips were well explained.

    I am now off to sign up with YouTube and work on the tasks you mentioned. Stock Market Education is something I thought would never learn and you have given me that golden opportunity to break the ice. Also learning heaps on blogging which is super.

    Thanks also to your hardworking team and the support crew and the volunteers who have made this all possible for free.

    Just going to find the right words here to recommend you on LinkedIn.

    .-= Rose Kawe´s last blog ..Selling Affiliate Products Without A Website =-.

  19. Hi Sean,
    Congrats on breaking your shortest webinar record….I liked it, it was short, sharp and to the point.

    Thankfully I have registered for my Google and Youtube accounts in the correct order many months ago, and having one login for the two. It certainly makes it easier when logging in or moving from one site to the other.

    I’ve just jotted down some deliverables for myself over the weekend, and with the week away with work, the list is pretty long.

    So I better get cracking. πŸ™‚
    .-= Cade´s last blog ..β€œLearn And Earn” competition- a great opportunity for β€œnewbies” =-.

    • Hi Cade.
      I have added 10 points to your score for YouTube. Great to see you are enjoying Sean’s competition and yes this sure will keep you busy for your week off. Well done Cade. πŸ™‚

  20. I have previously had problems uploading a video to YouTube. I think it’s the file size so have gone back to my camera manual and had a play around.

    I then uploaded a 30 sec video and, voila, it worked! Now to do a video that’s not a test one!

    Very soon you will be able to Watch My YouTube

    • Yes, Bernadette, there is a size limit. YouTube viewers don’t have great attention spans remember LOL

      • I wasn’t thinking so much the time length of the video but the size of the video to be uploaded to YouTube. I’ve decreased the recording size so should be able to get a one minute clip into the same size.

        If people have uploaded 3-4 minute clips their recording device may record at a lower recording size to mine.

    • Hi Bernadette

      That’s something to watch on YouTube. The other video sites are a lot more forgiving.
      .-= Gee Hollings´s last blog ..Are Keyword Research Services Really Worth It =-.

      • Can you reduce the file size (I don’t know if resolution is the correct word when talking about a video clip) of a video clip? What type of software would do that or is the likely to be some with the camera for doing that? I have it set as low as it can go.

        Obviously you don’t want it to low or you video quality will not be great.

        • Hi Bernadette

          I’m not sure about cameras but when using screen capture software the options will allow compacting the size
          .-= Gee Hollings´s last blog ..Are Keyword Research Services Really Worth It =-.

          • Hi Gee

            Thanks for your reply. My camera has two settings and I’ve put it on the lowest. That’s the setting I recorded the short of videos of my boys (that I uploaded on YouTube). The quality is still kind of okay.

            Does compressing or compacting it reduce the quality or just the size in the same fashion as zipping a file? Wouldn’t like to see the quality much less than what I have.

  21. Thanks for the great webinar yesterday. I really look forward to your humourous ways of delivering these. I am already a member of you tube and was surprised that google now own this. It was very easy to sign in as I already have a google account as well.

  22. Hi Sean,
    Another excellent webinar I am a member of Linkedin and Alexa and YouTube.

    I was surprised I didn’t know that YouTube was now owned by google, but I guess anything that starts challenging google as a search engine will eventually be acquired up by them and become even bigger.

    • That fact thjat Google had taken over YouTube surprised me too, Rita. I guess the new way is not to create a battle or price war with your competition, because in some instances both can lose somewhat, but to just take them over. Could cost a penny to do so but creates a fortune for the future.

      • It also says something about how Google is not so short of a buck or two and that it can gobble up any competition or adjunct that will help them broaden and tighten their grasp in cyberspace

        • Google are obviously not short of a buck or two in shelling out US$1.65 billion to acquire YouTube.

          Heck, if I’d known their was a takeover bid in the wind and could’ve grabbed the odd billion of so I’ve got stuffed in my mattress!! πŸ˜€

          Yeh, it’s a real soft comfy bed!!

          • Jayne Pleysier says:

            Im not sure if it is a good or bad thing – corporate conglomerates…….It will be interesting to see how Google melds into the YouTube persona…….the adverts are already there in force!

    • Hi Rita
      I have added 10 points for your YouTube account to your score.
      For points to be allocated for LinkedIn and Alexa, these need to be commented on the correct webinar thread πŸ˜‰
      You are doing really well with Sean’s competition. Well done πŸ™‚

  23. I have now uploaded one from the floods we had May this year.


  24. Just letting you no I have just sebscribed to your channel on you tube and become your friend – if you will accept me.
    .-= Jackie Stenhouse´s last blog ..Types of Child Anxiety Disorder =-.

  25. I have to say that this was another, yes another, excellent webinar. The best thing about the Learn and Earn webinars in our For a Few Dollars More comp is that they are repetitious or boring.

    Strangely, I know, I don’t usually like videos (so shoot me!), but so far I have found every one here worth the time and effort.

    Of course, like the others this one had oodles of more things to do and learn – which is good.

  26. Ailsa Smith says:

    Hi Sean. I have now signed up for YouTube. Looks like it will be alot of fun. Now just got to find you on there. Thanks for the great Webinar. Can’t wait to learn more. Oh and I signed up for my Google accound too

    • Hi Ailsa
      Congratulations on your YouTube account and I have added 10 points to your tally. Thank you for participating and great to see you are enjoying hubby’s competition. πŸ™‚

  27. Leigh Aubrey says:

    Hi Sean,
    Another top webinar. I am a member of Linkedin and have a Google Account set up to join You Tube.

    I didn’t know that YouTube was now owned by Google, but I am not surprised as they have to keep their business compact and efficient as they can to make money too.

  28. Willem Broekers says:

    Thank you Sean for another great recording; Go Ahead Watch My Youtube!

    By the way, here is some oxygen…….phhhhttttt! πŸ˜‰

  29. Elizabeth says:

    Can’t believe I missed this webinar last night. I’m very miffed with myself. πŸ™ But, at least I have been able to watch it tonight. Thank you, Sean for recording these in addition to producing them for us. I’m off to Youtube to watch the video. I joined up quite a long time ago. πŸ˜€

  30. Thanks again for the recording on Go Ahead make my day Sean. I was logged in at the live webinar but, it is always great to see it again as sometimes not everything registers in the brain at the time. Probably because the webinars are so interesting and one’s excitement builds.
    I am now off to do a few things like visit stock market education blog and check out a few tutorials in the forum. Fun, fun, fun : ) even if it does involve actions as well.
    .-= Isa Potter´s last blog ..Just had a Go Ahead Make My Da… =-.

  31. I have been holding off signing up to Youtube until you did a webinar on it. Well I guess this is it (I hope there is at least one more) and here is my Youtube user name – youtube.com/user/dragonfirewal
    .-= Wal Heinrich´s last blog ..A Great New Prefabricated SHACK In A PACK Home =-.

  32. Hi Sean,

    I visited your Youtube channel and spent a moment trying to figure out how to subscribe. But I couldn’t find the subscribe button. It turns out I have already subscribed :). Good to see so many other fellow students with channels as well.

    Loved the italian end frame: per qualche dollaro in piu = For a few dollars more.
    .-= David Moloney´s last blog ..A Free Photoshop Alternative =-.

    • Hmmm … I am wondering if I have it set up right. I have subscribed to your channel too but I don’t see the where David is talking about For a Few Dollars More.

      I see there are 17 video clips but no mention of a name like that amongst them.

      Any ideas?

    • Hi David
      I have added 10 points for YouTube. Congratulations and thanks for participating in Sean’s competition. Well done πŸ™‚

  33. Helen Nester says:

    Hi Sean,

    I have signed up with You Tube and have added you as a friend and subscribed to your channel πŸ™‚ . Looking forward to having a play around in there. Have set up a basic profile but lots more to fiddle with yet so it would seem.

    Be interesting to see what the winner will be there when I go to set up the rest of my profile …. tinker with profile or check out the ‘funny videos’ ….

    I am sure there is a whole lot more to You Tube of course!!

    • Hi Helen
      Great to hear you have given YouTube a look. I have added 10 points to your score. Great action there and yes to laugh is always a great way to spend the day. πŸ™‚

  34. Hi Sean,
    I missed the webinar starting time but watched the recording. I’ve subscribed to you on YouTube and shared the webinar to MySpace as well.
    also Jazz’s Learn and Earn video.

    Having a YouTube account is great for watching and sharing videos. Great idea!
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Couples Marry at Common Law =-.

  35. I think I have done all the ‘chores’ – am on YouTube, have subscribed to Sean, he is on my site as a friend – and I don’t know how he did that! I tried to do that on someone else’s site and just ended up as a subscriber – which isn’t a bad second prize anyway.

    • Maybe tasks Peter. Chores has that boring, dull, don’t want to do them sound to it.

      This is what I’ve learned from playing – Beside the person’s name is the Subscribe button which is what you’ve obviously clicked on. Just below that is a button Add as a friend. When you click that an request to be added is sent to the person by email.

      I’d say this is what you did when you opened my channel and that’s why you have my name their twice, both under subscriber and under friends because I accepted the invitation.

    • Hi Peter
      I have added 10 points to your score. You must be one cool cat to be doing so well in Sean’s Learn and Earn Competition. Fantastic contribution there. πŸ™‚

  36. Hi Sean,

    Have joined Youtube (there’s plenty to rummage about in, in there) have subscribed and befriended you.

  37. I have been busy following suggestions and advice from this latest and great vimeo/video and have revisited linkedin and given a tick to a certain person of great character.
    YouTube now have me connected to them and even offered me to upload a video. I will when I have one unless you can make a suggestion. The google account as advised made this a much easier process. So thanks again.
    The newer stockmarket education is great and is another gem.
    Ride ’em on – ride ’em on – rawhide!
    .-= Isa Potter´s last blog ..Just had a Go Ahead Make My Da… =-.

    • Rawhide! Gee Isa, you are revealing your age if you remember that! I remember that too! LOL. Bet some of the younger guns on here don’t know it – was a great song by a great singer.
      You are correct when you say that stockmarketeducation.com.au is a gem – it is going to be interesting to follow its development and information.

    • Hi Isa
      Well done with all your fun and learning you are having with YouTube and the competition. I have awarded you 10 points to your score. Well done πŸ™‚

  38. I really enjoyed reading the new blog added to the competition, Stock Market Education. I have always thought the stock market was complicated but Sean has explained it in layman’s terms for people like me. I hope everyone else has had a chance to read the posts on the Stock Market Education blog.
    .-= Melanie Braggs´s last blog ..Building Chicken Coops =-.

    • The stockmarketeducation.com.au is an interesting blog isn’t it? Especially because it not only offers already a lot of info, but there is promise of so much more to come as it is in its early days.

      • Reading the comments on the site endorsing the way things are explained makes it a great place to start in learning what it’s about before any toes go near the water.

  39. With a bit of delay – managed to watch the recording and as I already have a Youtube account I had a look around and connected with some friends (including Sean πŸ™‚ )

    Now have to dare to create my own first video …
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Self Improvement Books – What Are Your Favourites =-.

  40. Jody Chambers says:

    This may have been your shortest webinar Sean but upon a revised viewing it was my longest as I actually completed the tasks as it was asked. I have a google account and a youtube account under the name whynotri1 and have subscribed to your feed on your youtube account. I also went back and commented in the correct place a seanrasmussen.com for the LinkedIn and Alexa points, instead of on SeanRasmussensTalks wall ‘Doh’ and have sent requests. Now I’m off to see webvision2020 and play around in there, hang on its Sunday afternoon….where is my relaxing session at the local?

  41. Great YouTube video on vimeo. I have signed up for a YouTube account. Thanks for the useful tips on how to sign up.

  42. Hi Sean

    Finally managed to get to watch the webinar. Great stuff.

    You have 40 blogs! Wow I have trouble keeping up with four so I have a long way to go.

    I am already a member of YouTube and subscribed to your channel. I have requested to be a friend as well. I have done some other things while there so will have to wait to see if any extra points come my way.

    I am aware of how far Google has it’s reach. Probably only a matter of time (or the amount they are prepared to pay) before Facebook comes under the umbrella.
    .-= Gee Hollings´s last blog ..Are Keyword Research Services Really Worth It =-.

    • Surely, there has to be a point where the US SEC steps in and says it is too dominant – like it did with AT&T years ago and also with Microsoft.

      There is value in having competition and not monopolies – well, unless it is my monolpoly of course LOL

    • Hi Gee
      I have added your points on an earlier comment you made to Wal on the July 11, 2010 at 3:46 pm today. Doing really well Gee πŸ™‚

  43. Great overview – YouTube is another alien to me, but with such an excellent teacher – watch out world! So have signed up to YouTube – going to go have a look around there soon (timed look around!), also trying to connect on LinkedIn so I can write you an authentic recommendation.
    Got to say intrigued where the stockmarketeducation.com.au is going to lead!?
    .-= Nateele´s last blog ..My Car vs My Body =-.

  44. Hi Sean,
    Thank you for the “Go Ahead. Watch My YouTube!”
    Another great one, as usual!
    I recently signed up for an YouTube account and I am happy I did it the way you instructed us in the webinar. I also uploaded a very short video!
    Looking forward to learn more about YouTube and improve the look of my account.
    Yours looks fantastic!
    .-= Ada´s last blog ..5 Simple Steps to a Healthy Family- =-.

  45. clem schollum says:

    We watched this today and have joined the Youtube Sean Channel- its a bit of a theme at our house the last two days- all Sean, all day on every channel! but that can’t be a bad thing!
    Also, we signed up with Linkedin and would like to be friends with Sean so we can leave a genuine review- we’ve had great experience with him so many yrs ago and now all this amazing info and help- its the least we can do mate!

    • Hi Clem
      Well done on joining YouTube and I have added 10 points to your score. Great that you are part of Sean’s Learn and Earn Competition.
      Regarding LinkedIn and Alexa Bernadette as kindly given you the link to make your comments to receive the points. Sorry, I need to keep the competition fair and on an even keel for all.
      Glad you are part of our competition and you are doing well. πŸ™‚

  46. clem schollum says:

    Forgot to say we signed in on Alexa.com too, we are still in the process of figuring out just how that all works but we’re leaving a review for Sean there too- wow so many amazing networking opportunities we just never ever knew existed!

    if anyone is on Bebo.com, we’re on there too, as lots of the uni students still on that so see you there too we hope! (anyone know of good password minder software we can get? this is intense!!) πŸ™‚

  47. Help to to understand my YouTube

    I’ve just seen that you can have subscribers and you can have friends. I see your name in both lists. Subscribers, friends, channels …

    I click on Subscriptions up by my name and I get a list of subscribers. When I clicked on Sean’s there were 17 videos.

    I click on Channels up by my name and it brings up my channel and down the bottom on the left it has the same list of subscribers. However this time when I click on Sean’s name it brings up Sean’s channel and in here there are 39 videos.

    What’s the difference? Why would I not see them in both places?

    • Actually I think I may have got the hang of it. Have been looking and playing. I’ve done some friends requests for people I have subscribed to.

      Look forward to having some more You Tube friends.

  48. Can you search for a friend on YouTube if you know their username?

  49. Hi Sean,

    Just joined your facebook page and received an email about a DVD I am receiving. Looking forward to it. Just joined the competion in Week 4 and have lots to catch up on. I am all new to this and am really wanting to take my business to another level, that is on the internet. Thanks for your time and your gifts. It is really appreciated. I am looking forward to learning about setting up a Blog. I am going to watch Week 2 now and trust I will catch up before the end of the seven weeks. Thanks again. Jackie

  50. Hi Sean,
    Wow what an exciting time this is, all activity happening with Go Ahead Make My Day and U Tube. I am already a member on U Tube and Linkedin , about to join Alexa
    .-= Sandra Sentance´s last blog ..Time Management =-.

  51. Jean Follington says:

    I have joined YouTube.
    Thanks for another great webinar Sean, I learned a lot as usual.

  52. Jacqui Emery says:

    Thank you Sean for an awesome Webinar – so much information!
    I have joined You Tube and contacted you. Wow once you get started on YouTube its hard to stop.
    I’m looking forward to the next webinar on Alexia!
    Thanks again Sean for your generosity, Kind Regards, Jacqui πŸ™‚

  53. Hi Sean

    I have posted a recommendation for you on LinkedIn.

    I have also done a bit of stuff on YouTube. We will see if it’s worth extra points.

    Looking forward to the next installment on Alexa so I can start using it more effectively
    .-= Gee Hollings´s last blog ..Are Keyword Research Services Really Worth It =-.

    • I’ve only done a little bit on You Tube. Whether it’s close enough for any extra points would be just a guess.

      I am looking forward to the next webinar on Alexa as well. I’d be happy to just know what to do with the thing.

  54. Hi Sean,
    I’m a bit behind with the webinars for some reason. I have a chance to catch up with the recordings though. That’s so good that you make the webinar recordings available.

    I have recently also found the Stock Market Education blog and I find it very interesting. I’ll be following the articles so I can receive an education on what the stock market is all about. I like the idea of having a dabble especially once I have a chance of knowing what I’m doing. πŸ˜€
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Couples Marry at Common Law =-.

  55. Hi Sean,

    I’ve well and truly joined Youtube and subscribed to your channel. I’m looking forward to your future pearls of internet marketing wisdom delivered straight to my inbox.

    .-= David Moloney´s last blog ..Paint Net How To Tutorial =-.

  56. Hi Sean,
    Just opened account on youtube and joined your channel. Also put a recommendation for you in Linked in. This learning is starting to get more interesting.

    Thanks Again
    .-= David Pearse´s last blog ..Targeted Internet Marketing-Market Samurai =-.

  57. Hi Sean,

    I have joined YouTube. Yet to update and upload videos.


    .-= Rose Kawe´s last blog ..Go Ahead Watch My YouTube- =-.

  58. Hi Sean
    I’ve joined Youtube for some time and subscribed to your channel
    .-= Tania Shipman´s last blog ..Internet Marketing Competition – Weeks 1 – 4 =-.

  59. Hey buddy

    cheers for the webinar, I now have a google and YOUTUBE account πŸ˜€
    Interesting to hear that youtube is the second largest search engine :/

  60. Hi Sean/ Cherie,

    I commented here (above) on the 11/07 about the webinar and also mentioned about setting up my new YouTube account.

    Just wondering if my 10 points for this have been added ..? Haven’t seen a confirmation from Cherie yet?
    Thanks, Ada

    • Hi Ada
      You have been allocated points and I replied to your comment July 13, 2010 at 4:50 pm. We must have been crossing over at the same time πŸ˜‰
      Doing well Ada and please keep enjoying Sean’s competition. πŸ™‚

  61. Im on YouTube , I added as a friend, commented and subbed πŸ™‚

  62. Im on YouTube, I added as a friend, commented and subbed πŸ™‚

  63. Cathy and Trevor Howitt says:

    Hi Sean,

    I went ahead and watched your YouTube!

    I already had a Google account and a YouTube account. I simply subscribed to your channel.

    I am really looking forward to reading your Stockmarket Education Blog very soon.

    Cheers Cath

  64. When you go on YouTube to find people or enter their name to find their channel?

  65. I have shared some of your videos from YouTube yesterday afternoon and already had one like back so it may be circling further afield.

  66. I have done two video clips of my precious little (well not that little) prodigies. I asked them to introduce themselves and something about a life lesson and/or a goal. I told them I was going to share it with my friends.

    Mitchell was really keen and once Mitchell did one Logan was happy to do one. They both worked out themselves what they wanted to say. Once the camera was going trying to think what they wanted to say testing for them but they did well.

    They were quite excited to see their video ON THE INTERNET!! Logan thought that was super cool.

    It would be cool if you could watch their video and give them a comment on what you thought.

  67. I’m happy that I have FINALLY caught up on the recent webinars for “Do You feel Lucky” & “Go Ahead. Watch My YouTube!”… Just in time for Today’s “Escape From Alexa”…

    So I’ve been busy opening accounts – LinkedIn was done & I’d already connected with you Sean. πŸ˜‰ Also did a recommendation for you at LinkedIn & registered for Alexa – I had no idea about using Alexa as an affiliate/research tool, so I’m really looking forward to the webinar! πŸ™‚

    I did have a YouTube account previously, but thought it might be good to start a new one from scratch, with my new Google Account to get the ball rolling. So far so good, started adding to my channel page & I subscribed to your channel Sean plus several others from the gang here (Jazz, Jill, Gee, Isa, Don, Bernadette!..) Cheers!
    .-= Mel Smith´s last blog ..Link Building – to uplift your website rankings =-.

    • Oh – does anyone have any info about getting your photo to show on YouTube profile? My picture hasn’t shown, even though I’ve set up my Google Account profile & as far as I knew it would show automatically on any Google profile?…
      .-= Mel Smith´s last blog ..Link Building – to uplift your website rankings =-.

      • I don’t know about whether it comes across automatically but I just added mine to my profile from YouTube itself. After you have logged in you will see your name in the top right hand corner. Click on the arrow and choose Account. In there you will be able to add a profile photo.

        • Thanks heaps Bernadette! I had looked into the Settings functions, etc, but hadn’t thought to click my name for ther drop down menu & see the Account tab – DUH!! πŸ˜€ Cheers!!

          • I only found it by my click button principle but even then sometimes it just takes a step back and do something else.

            It can be surprising what you see when you come back to something! I can definitely put my hand up for that one.

    • Hi Mel
      I have added 10 points to your tally for YouTube. Well done Mel and great to see you taking action like Sean said -“Go ahead watch my YouTube” πŸ™‚

  68. Yet another great webinar. I am always on youtube looking things up but have never signed up for an account before…. well until today!!!
    .-= Tegan Hadley´s last blog ..How can affirmations help change my mindset =-.

  69. Wow, I’m discovering so many new things through these webinars! Like Tegan, I have watched many videos in YouTube but I never realised that I could sign up for an account. Glad to say that I’ve just created my account!

  70. Thanks Sean for another great webinar on YouTube.

    I have now signed up for a YouTube account. This is unexplored territory for me, but slowly my confidence is growing to go where I’ve never been before ;)!
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..Indoor Air Quality =-.

  71. I am already a Sean Rasmussen YouTube subscriber and will be searching for your LinkedIn blog as I have already sent the recommendation – I hope it’s sufficient.
    .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..Live- With Regis and Kelly- The Law of Attraction and Sarah =-.

  72. Now subscribed to your videos on Vimeo as well as YouTube. Once I get my own laptop back, some sanity, and your Learn and Earn Competition is complete I plan to upload video’s like a pro and will see which I prefer – Vimeo, YouTube or other.
    .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..A House of Straw =-.

  73. Jayne Pleysier says:

    Hello Cherie
    I have submitted a recommendation on LinkedIn about Sean tonight. I have taken a few days from this webinar to think carefully about what I wanted to say and for it come from the heart.

    • Jayne Pleysier says:

      Hello Cherie – I tried to find you on LinkedIn as well, but the only Cherie Rasmussen there is listed works at the US Department of Commerce – you have a double ! πŸ™‚

      • Jayne Pleysier says:

        Just reviewed the video

        “Please don’t do it on today’s post. Today’s post is just is just about You Tube”

        Oh dear…bashing my head against the table (you can join in)!

        Can you move this comment?, or do you want me to comment again in the next post?


    • Sean will always say which post to comment on for a task completed. It has to be on the correct on to get the points. It is the rule of the competition which I think in the main will be to make it easy for Cherie to allocate the points as it’s a manual process.

      This is the link for LinkedIn recommendation http://www.seanrasmussen.com/social-media/linkedin-social-networking/

      • Jayne Pleysier says:

        Hi Bernadette

        yes, it was a muck up on my end reading my notes incorrectly, serves me right for catching up a few days last night – ive posted in the right forum last night – unfortunately cant delete a post so I look like an idiot!

  74. Jayne Pleysier says:

    Got this one right though

    I have joined You Tube with my Google Account and have added Sean Rasmussen to my subscription list. πŸ™‚

  75. Just as a point of interest – well curiousity really, if I am true to my gravatar – how many Perth folks are in this comp? Bunbury folks can add themselves into that count as honorary Perthites (LOL – will that get a rise or not?)

    • Hey Peter
      With these skills that you are learning you can live anywhere that you choose as long as you get power and satellite. One of Sean’s favourite thoughts is – Have laptop will travel πŸ™‚

      • That’s a fantastic saying and concept and I know that with Sean’s help and everyone’s motivation I’ll be YouTube – ing from different parts of the country while earning an income.
        .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..A House of Straw =-.

      • Have laptop will travel? After his article on IPads, I suspect that will soon be “have IPad will travel”!

        But point taken – the ways of cyberspace are not geographically limited or pinned down to one place.

        Though I did have a wee hope to get a rise or two LOL πŸ˜€

  76. Oh I don’t think I mentioned what my YouTube is. All visitors are welcome at “Tree of the Singing Wind”. Come visit and be friends – and add comments or let me know what I can do to improve it

  77. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited. I have managed to get my video from MSWMM to something I could upload on YouTube.

    Now I can say “Go Ahead. Watch My YouTube

  78. Jody Chambers says:

    I have been to youtube to get my fifty points but I am not exactly sure if this is the right place to comment….any help?

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