Feeding Frenzy Overload

Tonight’s webinar had a “slight” overload…

The 1 Hour Blog Challenge got overbooked and the software didn’t like it at all.

My apologies to the people that didn’t make it. I am going home to sleep on it – after replying to a few hundred emails…. 😉

By the way, the challenge was a success and I completed the full blog on time!

Here is the site that we built in less than one hour tonight, by the way. (more writing below the image)

I’ll be back tomorrow with a solution to help all those that didn’t get in to the webinar tonight.

Stay tuned. (please comment below)

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Sean Rasmussen is a passionate blogger and has been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When he's not with his family, or dog Buddy, Sean is usually blogging or doing something related to the internet.


  1. Brilliant!

  2. Having not paid close enough attention to the confirmation email I managed to miss the first part of the webinar. However, I did see the last thirty minutes and it was exceptionally well done. It moved a little quickly for my sleep-addled brain, especially since the coffee had not finished brewing, but I realize how fast one has to move around to build a blog in one hour. My congratulations on a a truly amazing feat. Hopefully Tim is on his way to becoming a successful entrepreneur like his famous father.
    .-= Don White´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen- Gentleman and Internet Marketer Extraordinaire =-.

  3. Thanks Sean for your understanding of those who could not get on tonight, including myself. I read all the positive comments on facebook, and would dearly love a copy of it, if this is the solution you can come up with. I do need a kick along.
    Have a good and well deserved sleep.

  4. Can’t wait to see how you went about it, thanks for putting it together


  5. After missing so much through illness I was all geared up tonight but couldn’t log on. Never mind Sean at least we know you are human after all lol. You achieve so much and we followers envy you & listen to every word. I know you will find a solution. Keep up the brilliant work

  6. Well the feeding frenzy overload certainly caused a stir! I know that so many of us had waited in anticipation to see how the challenge to have a blog up and running within the hour would go.

    Being one of the lucky ones, I can certainly say that I was not disappointed. As usual Sean provided a barrage of educational information.

    I have no doubt that after a good night’s sleep, a solution will come to light to appease the many that missed out :).
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..Eating Organic – Is There A Benefit- Or Is It All Just Hype =-.

  7. Hello Sean,
    So sorry I missed the webinar but gee it sure lets you know that there is a calling for “Learn How To Blog” and that Internet Marketers need a program that works 🙂

    So looking forward to what you come up with for a solution!
    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Replacing Motorhome Windows =-.

  8. Wow!! It just goes to show how much people respect and value what you have to offer.

    I must have only just missed out being one of the lucky ones last night, I guess that’s a lesson in itself.

    Good on you Sean, I knew you would have a Plan B for the people who missed out.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you have install for us

    .-= Cade´s last blog ..Learn How To Blog – “Sneak Peak” Review =-.

  9. Thanks Sean . I was one of the lucky ones. I realise some of the important steps I have missed in the past. You make it look easy which it no doubt is if one follows the steps. Really appreciate all your efforts on our behalf and your integrity which shines through.

    Doctor Bill

  10. Hi Sean, you always make blogging seem so easy. The site looks good for an hour’s work. I suspect children Tim’age will pick it up faster than an adult.

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