Facebook Leads Social Media Revolution

Facebook have led the way for the Social Media Revolution. I’m not talking about a revolution in the communications industry – nope! I’m talking about helping overthrow governments…

Totalitarianism Society? Yikes!

What are you talking about, Sean? You can’t mention overthrowing governments! Well, it has happened throughout history and it will keep happening. After a while, Democracy turns into Fascism with a taste of Communism – and some Totalitarianism to boot. It’s not necessarily what the people want but after a while governments forget that they are elected by the people – for the people. When they start locking citizens up and imposing ludicrous laws (and taxing everything except breathing air), then the people start getting a bit annoyed with their elected leaders.

…and in some countries this leads to a revolution. A change of government.

Adolph Who?

Examples of well known Totalitarian leaders from the past: Adolph Hitler & Joseph Stalin… (there are current world leaders that I better leave off this list)

Joseph Stalin forced Millions of Russians to relocate from the countryside to the cities, pre WWII, to turn Russia into an industrial nation. If you check the law of your own country, you will most likely notice that your government has got the right to do exactly the same with you, like it or not! That is a taste of Totalitarianism

And that famous little Austrian dude with the Charlie Chaplin moustache, I’m sure you’ve heard of him too. You know, the one that Britain, France and Italy gave their approval to take the outskirts of Czechoslovakia in 1938 to expand Germany’s borders. Oh dear! Maybe the “good guys” should have invited the Czechoslovakian leader to the table before signing the papers.

Who Are The Good Guys?

Having been brought up in a family who lived in occupied territory in WWII, I have heard a few stories that will turn your stomach inside out – atrocities from both sides of the fence. Totalitarian rule or so called Democracy, both sides left behind some gruesome stories. Fortunately for us, we have been spared of half of the bad stories, because after all, “History Is Written By The Victor“.

It seems, the very evil system that we are told our parents, grandparents and great grandparents were sent off to foreign lands to fight, governments are gradually imposing upon us. Isn’t that an insult to their memory? Isn’t that an insult to their sacrifice?

If you live in a society where you cannot do anything without the approval of local or federal government, where you have to produce an ID card when asked, can get locked up without justification or a trial, when they can change the elected leader without consulting the voters… then you may want to consider that your Democracy has been a fraction eroded into a scary George Orwell version of the future.

The Social Media Revolution

I have long maintained that governments will fall with the aid of social media. It is inevitable it happens. The single most powerful tool a government has to control is subjects (voters) is to restrict mass communication to a One Way System. This has been primarily through newspapers, radio and TV in the past. It has been extremely hard for the populations of a country to get their opinion across in masse, due to the control of mass media.

…until the arrival of Social Media and sites like Facebook.

I can go on and on with fact (and opinions) about this topic. I will get replies that I have my head buried in the sand or my head in the clouds, living in an illusion, etc… that social media is just another mass media controlled by governments. Well, I’m not so sure. Maybe it is. Most likely it isn’t. Sure, everything we say on Facebook is there to be watched by big brother. But what you do is your choice at the end of the day. That is after all freedom.

People Tell Leader: Walk Away, Like An Egyptian

Egypt is having some upheaval as I write this. Facebook was a major weapon in distributing the word for the people. Leaving politics out of this (After all, who am I to trust the media to tell me the truth on what’s REALLY happening – and why – across the other side of the world?), the proof is evident that the Egyptian government probably won’t be adding Facebook to their Christmas card list this year.

The irony is, that if you are a leader of a country and want to carry out evil acts on your subjects, make sure you are allied with the right nations. When a guy like Idi Amin got to pass away from old age in Saudi Arabia, living in luxury, one has to question who the hell the good guys really are? I suppose he served a good purpose for somebody in politics.

Long Live Social Media!

Social Media is here to stay. Some countries will ban it, but they cannot stop it. Globalisation means globalised communications. Borders are disappearing fast. As an internet marketer, I love the power of social media. I like the transparency and I like the fact that it, in many cases, brings out the truth from those that could hide under the Old Media System.

Sean Rasmussen
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  1. Well spoken. Certainly something to think about, we must all remain aware of what is happening around us and this article certainly has tuned my awareness level up. Thanks Kaz

  2. Well said, Sean.
    Very interesting information about Egypt – only a fool would close down the Egyptian discussion sites now!
    I grew up in Australia absorbing regular information about the Yellow Peril, Commos, reffos, wogs and the White Australia Policy – a straight diet of xenophobia in the conservative burbs. At the same time I heard much about how “we” fought for freedom. It didn’t make any sense to me, with a multicultural selection of wonderful school friends and broadminded teachers ensuring we were culturally enlightened for the future good of this country.
    Whether it’s WikiLeaks, whistleblowers, the voluntary membership of the Australian vaccination network or any movement that has a heartfelt desire to open up free discussion in the interest of the public, if we wish we have the right to hear all the information and decide for ourselves without fear of reprisals. That is self-determination.
    Just wondering has Australia adopted the UN Human Rights Manifesto yet?
    Democracy – government by representatives elected from within each community: for the most part Australia does not have this. Most of our representatives are expected to answer the party’s call in the interests of stable government. It’s a furphy, fear tactics to delude the masses into maintaining the status quo. Let the old order crumble and pass away – let’s at give democracy a fair trial before we judge it.
    The internet is our free channel for democracy and free speech. I love it’s benign anarchy. Let’s keep it that way:)
    Through social media the revolution is here – long live the revolution!

  3. People are now have a better form of information due to the internet as well as social media informing them on what the people are say, then in our father’s time or those before him, being blinded to national pride as was the norm back then.
    There is a saying, that good men that don’t anything, are just as guilty as those we perceive to be doing evil.
    Fear seems to be the only tool that those in power hold, when people overcome their fear, maybe then this planet will live as one in peace!

  4. Social Media allows us all to know what’s really happening around the Globe at any time and News Networks and Governments have no choice but to take into account of the power of the internet.
    Social Media has become a watch dog as any individual, any where on the Globe can give a true account instantaneously, using even just a simple divice as the online mobile phone with access to the internet at the click of button. We can see for ours selves what is happening at any moment of the day any where in the world. But at the same time Governments for example: China has thousands of people working for them downloading misinformation to the Social Media sites to misinform the public. I recently watched that documentary on TV, how the Chinese Government uses the Social Media sites to their own advantage. We are living in precarious times, there is still plenty of unrest in the world and the vision of world peace is still on the horizon.
    The power of Social Media is still in it infancy in influencing world leaders, but no doubt it will have a major influence in the future as more people get online in the next decade.

  5. Jody Chambers says:

    I agree fully….democracy is slowly giving way to dictatorship…we are already a facist society….I am not condoning the likes of Jack “youknowwho’ but we are slowly, through legislation and fear tactics, being controlled. Guts Bigfella…well done.

  6. Well written, Sean.
    Since learning about Social Media, I can see the power that sites like facebook and twitter can have for the community. I myself have used facebook to raise the profile in a local community issue, with amazing success.

    I found it interesting to read the other day that the Obama government are trying to pass a bill that gives the president the right to turn off the internet during a “cybersecurity emergency”.

    I’m thinking this is all stemming for the recent Wikileaks fiasco, and the fact that government are really struggling with the fact they can’t control communication on the internet, like they do with the forms of media (radio, tv, newspaper)

    So interesting times ahead…I think for our/future generations sake, we need to make sure our rights are not eroded any further.

  7. I agree with you Sean, social media is a way people can express themselves and change a government without having to go to the polls! It is also a safer way to demonstrate than going out into the streets!

    Social media will be the way of the future!

  8. Social Media is totally changing the way we deal with governments. No longer can governments hide what’s happening by controlling the flow of information.

    There are many things that have happened in our own recent history that would have probably changed the government (babies overboard) which if Twitter and FB were active then would have been revealed as false.

    I have many friends in Egypt who are able to post on the FB about exactly what’s happened. The governments who have enabled the Egyptian leaders to remain in power are now scrambling to distance themselves from him. No longer can it be coverered up.

  9. Social Media sites has bloom these days and it has helps a lot of people connect or find a lot of people who have lost communication with them. But one thing that is scary about it is being too open to bad people about of information and some details of our life. And that should be avoided.

  10. Great site Sean

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    Keep up the great work I love the clean lines of your site all to often people let them get really messy and confusing


  11. What about the apps within facebook in first world countries such as Australia? Take, for example, the ‘check-in’ app. If Australia wanted to become a totalitarian society, they could start propaganda campaigns by being at the same places their key people have checked into via facebook. Or advertising to those people’s contacts by using their check-in information.

    Worse- what if legislation was passed so that all mobile phones must be equipped with GPS technology? And what if that GPS posted to social media without your knowledge or permission? And what if your government used that information to control society? Obviously, this is worst case scenario and very unlikely to happen… but the technology is there, just waiting for a dictatorship to use it for totalitarian control.

    (Found your blog whilst researching for a uni paper about this topic)

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