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Just in case you have been living under a rock for the past 73 years and haven’t read Think And Grow Rich yet… here is a free download for you.

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Download Think And Grow Rich (please send people to this site to download a free copy)

This is my public domain version of Think And Grow Rich with modernised language patterns. The message is unchanged and the new version is called: Mindset Mastery. Napoleon Hill is the author of the original book and is duly respected and credited for the powerful message in his book.

About Napoleon Hill

I first came across and read this book year 2000. I called a book shop in Perth and asked for great books on mindset. The first name that came out of the mans mouth was Napoleon Hill. I though Napoleon was a French Emperor! After receiving Napoleon Hill’s book, Think And Grow Rich, my way of thinking totally changed. It changed the way I looked at finances and attitude against life. I hope it helps you too. You can read here about the author Napoleon Hill.

Please comment about Think And Grow Rich below. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Sean,
    I had a similar experience to you after reading Napoleon Hills book Think And Grow Rich. This book is a mind changing experience for the better. I think everyone should read it at least once in their life.

    I’ve downloaded a free copy and I’ll send this link on to my friends who I know will be most grateful to receive such a valuable gift.

    Thank-you now I have a digital copy of Think And Grow Rich.

  2. My link didn’t register.
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Lifestyle with Sean Rasmussen – Affiliate Marketing =-.

  3. Cathy Howitt says:

    Hi Sean,

    Think and Grow Rich had an amazing affect on how I viewed life also. And it still does. I’ve read Napolean Hill’s book several times and each time, get something from it.

    In fact, anyone I have ever heard talk about “Think and Grow Rich” have only had good things to say.

    I have enjoyed your version of the book with the modern slant to an otherwise timeless classic.

    Thank you for making it available to so many people.

    Cheers Cathy

  4. Hi Sean,

    I just downloaded think and grow rich. I hope to read it over the coming week. Thanks for making it available.
    .-= David Pearse´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen- Internet Marketing Master =-.

  5. I’ll have to pass this on to all the affiliates I lined up over the last few weeks. I’m sure a few will be interested.
    .-= Don White´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen- Gentleman and Internet Marketer Extraordinaire =-.

  6. You’re a bloody Legend, Sean mate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your generosity is legendary too.

    I love this book and have been following the instructions at the end of Chapter 4 ” Autosuggestion ” and have read that chapter aloud before ZZZZZZZZ time for 2 months without missing a night. I’m amazed at my PERSISTENCE ! Also listen to the narrations and thus absorbing all the great inspiration. Like Secret Law of Attraction, I read and listen simultaneously at times as it’s the most efficient way to get the message and make changes.

    Thanks again, Bless You
    .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..SEAN RASMUSSEN’S ” LEARN AND EARN ” COMPETITION =-.

  7. Thanks HEAPS Sean!!
    I’m looking forward to reading through this mindset mastery masterpiece.
    Kind Regards, Jacqui 🙂
    .-= Jacqui Emery´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen Internet Marketer =-.

  8. Uzun Maria says:

    Thank you for your generosity. I shall share this instructive and valuable book with those who are in need of knowledge and lack persistence in order to overcome difficulties.
    Kind regards!!!

  9. Hi Sean, thanks for the link. I’ve been wanting to share your version with my friends, now I can ☺

  10. Hi Sean
    finally got around to start reading this book (haven’t finished it yet) but I am amazed at how relevant it is still in today’s modern world. I know that when I’m finished, I’m going to have to read it again as there is still a lot of info that I’m sure I’ve missed first time around!
    The principles explained are even more so important to follow especially with the internet age where there is a level of sceptisim/truthfullness etc etc in what we read online. If you are in the process of setting yourself up in the internet marketing world, this is one book you should have next to you at all times with well worn pages!!
    Sean, love the information you are presenting here, so thank you for sharing.
    .-= Daiana Magalhaes´s last blog ..Aftermath of World Traffic Summit =-.

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