Don’t Be A Sad Sack

I used this expression on the latest 2 webinars and have received a bit of feedback on it: Don’t Be A Sad Sack!

Buster (in the picture) is a great representation of a real Sad Sack. He sure looks the part. Anyway… Today’s webinar (Friday 17 June 2011) is for YOTA Internet Marketing Forum Members Only. I have however emailed all past and current members with an invitation to attend the webinar.

If you have an invite, but are not a current YOTA member (Affiliate Marketing Mastery or similar) then I highly suggest you get on the live session by registering with the link you received in your email. The recording of this session will only be in the YOTA members area when it is ready.

Don’t end up like Buster, on the right. He missed out..  and look at him! Such a sad sack 🙁

World Class Product Creation – Own Your Life – Part 4

Today’s webinar topic is part 4 of the series: Own Your Life.

Members session. 7pm EST (Australian Time). See you there!

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator
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  1. G’day Sean,
    Bugger, mate. Have to work – last minute gig. Have fun

  2. Never a sad sack around here – only crazy happy kids 🙂

    Great information on your webinars.


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