I Gave Up All Hope! What Is Your Excuse?

This Tuesday’s webinar, 28th September at 2pm AEST. Decisions + Actions = Results

It is the most basic and common sense formula known to man, yet SO many people don’t follow it. Why is that? Laziness? Security of making few (or little) changes in our life? Staying in our comfort zone? Excuses? Fear of rejection? Ridicule from friends and family? The need to blame everyone and anything else except ourselves for our failures – or failure to take any positive action at all?

If you are not having the results you desire in life; my question to you is this: What is your excuse?

Decisions + Actions = Results

What is your excuse? It’s a hard question and some take serious offense from that. It touches an area called failure and nobody likes failure, let alone anyone reminding them of it.

The formula is however very simple. Make a decision, followed by positive actions and you will have beneficial results. People make excuses in life. They are designed to justify WHY they haven’t achieved the things that they want in life. Yet the only excuse we have is ourselves! We are the only ones (individuals) that hold the power to change our own individual destinies.

Confucius Says

There is an old Chinese Proverb:

“If you want to see your past, look at your CURRENT situation. If you want to see your future, look at your CURRENT actions”

I’ll translate that to drive the meaning further home…

“If you only ever do what you always ever did, then you only ever get what you always ever got.”

And if that has now got you totally confused 😉 then I’ll put it in layman’s terms.

You are currently in a place and situation that are a DIRECT result of all of your past decisions and actions. If you want to improve or change that current situation you are in, then YOU need to start making some changes. Otherwise, nothing will change.

If you want change, it’s time to make some decisions followed by some very positive actions!

Step 1: Give Up All Hope!

Stop hoping for things to happen. “Hope” is just another excuse. Nobody ever hoped themselves to success and happiness. Every single successful person throughout history made a Decision to make a change. They took Action on that decision and they reaped the Results in their favour.

Step 2: Forget About Luck

Luck won’t help you. Luck is something that you hope for. If you really want success in your life, start by canceling your Lotto Ticket today. I did that in 2004 and that was the year my fortunes changed (notice how I didn’t say luck). I haven’t bought a Lotto Ticket since, nor any raffle tickets or anything that requires me to even remotely consider the possibility of me Hoping for Luck so my fortunes will improve.

I’ve personally given up on all hope and need no luck at all!

Sounds almost depressing, doesn’t it? It is however a very positive statement. I have given away Hope and replaced it with Decisions. I no longer wish for Luck. It has been replaced by positive Actions. What is the result? Yes, exactly. I get Great Results!

What do you want? Hope and luck? Or Real Results that change you life in the direction you desire?

You Owe It To Yourself And Your Loved Ones

The things you do have a ripple effect. It is also known as the Butterfly Effect. You hold in your hands, a great power… a power so great, you can affect the future of not only yourself but everyone around you. Your family, your loved ones, your friends… the list is endless. What YOU decide now, you can take action on and get results that will influnce your future in a positive way. It therefore changes the fortunes of your loved ones, who will be influenced by you and your personal growth.

The alternative is to whinge and complain about everyone and everything and do nothing positive about it. This brings everyone down around you and makes you wonder why people stop coming around (except for the negative ones that thrive in emotional negativity). The path is up or down. There is no neutral path in life. You choose to either Evolve or Dissolve in life.

The choice is yours!

Step 3: Mindset Webinar. Attend It For Growth

Come along to the webinar on Tuesday. If you rely on excuses, blame others for your situation and have a closed mind, chances are that you will take offense from my straight forward Aussie address of the issues people deal with to hold themselves back in life. But if you can have an open mind and GENUINELY WANT to taste MORE SUCCESS in your life, come along for the ride.

Here is the registration link >>

Leave all Hope and Luck at home. You won’t want it or need it for the webinar 😉

I’ll see you there as a Decisive Action Taker!

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator
Aussie Internet Marketer © 2004 – 2010

About Sean Rasmussen

Sean Rasmussen is a passionate blogger and has been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When he's not with his family, or dog Buddy, Sean is usually blogging or doing something related to the internet.


  1. Having your mind set in the right zone is the answer to what is in this post. Positive thoughts, out way all negative thoughts. Thanks for this it will help me to go further with my growth.
    .-= Richard Colum´s last blog ..How You Can Take Advantage of Corporate Housing in Australia =-.

  2. Pure Gold Sean. Straight to the point, and delivered the way it counts.

  3. Great post Sean – so true that where you are now is a direct result of the action you have taken.

  4. When I made the decision to take action and change my own results is when I lost all my friends. I then realised how negative the world actually is and how it has affected everyone around me. If only they knew how to change? People ignorance to the truth of what really matters in life passes them by everyday.

    • Christopher. You are in the better place; not them. They are still there in their fear based reality. Good on you for saying this. Most people stay in limbo because they let their past rule their future decisions.

      • This has been the best decision I have made in this life. I have now made new friends that bring me up and not down. When you leave the negative and fearful people behind its amazing how much more energy you have. I only associate with positive people and the ones that want to make a difference in their lives and the world.

    • I take my hat off to you Christopher, you are a person of action well done. Sean says you are in a better place for making positive action , he is right and you now deserve all the rewards that come your way.
      .-= Richard Colum´s last blog ..How You Can Take Advantage of Corporate Housing in Australia =-.

  5. Being honest with yourself about your success in life is one of the hardest things someone can do, I guess that’s why many people avoid it.

    Once I recognized some of the traits that given me success in some areas of life, and other traits that short circuit my success in other areas in the past, it became obvious why I hadn’t yet achieved them.

    You’re right changing my thinking really does bring with it, a new wave of actions, that is sowing the seeds for my success.

    Can’t make it Live, so I’ll catch you on the recording.
    .-= Cade´s last blog ..Online Stock Market Trading -the Smart way to Invest =-.

  6. Good on you Christopher.
    I think Sean hits the nail right on the head. We all have a choice in our lives. I believe the choice is to be at cause or effect in your life. I choose cause every time.
    For example when the car runs our of fuel because the fuel station was shut, I could blame the fuel station or take charge and say it was my responsibility and I can take action for that to not happen again. (there is useually a lesson to be learnt) In my opinon blame gets no one any where. Being at cause you hold the power to create your life the way you want and to take action towards that.
    Positive Persistant and Proactive.
    .-= Benji´s last blog ..Margaret River Hotels – where to stay =-.

  7. The right decisions change the life indeed. It is impossible to say you are in the envirnonment of bad friends and at the same time to go on dealing with them, it is impossible to say about the lack of time, when you have the possibility to have your
    own business and this way regulate the own time- just learn how to run it accordingly; as well as it is impossible to say that have bad children because they are the very image of theis parents. We must stop hating people for their negative behavior and have own position when something concens us, not to let others take decisions in our stead and deal with people with the same moral values. As for wealth, it is closely connected with the society, accepted religion and form of government. Moldova makes the first steps towards democratic values, freedom of speach, freedom of thoughts; until now all was established by a dictatorship. People who took legal and honest decisions, but against the desire of the dictatorship were made to leave their wealth, business just to save their lives and those of their close people. It is horrible when one is written and quite the opposite accepted; this way people do not know how to act correctly, it means not threaten themselves and their families. Sometimes the most reasonable decision in this case concens the life- just to survive. It may be said the same of the people from all the countries which are in war or under dictatorship.
    Best regards!!!

  8. Hi Sean,

    As always you hit the nail on the head. The only tiny thing I take issue with is the the question you asked: “what’s your excuse?”. For me, the time and energy I’ve used answering this question held me where I was. Stuck! I used to do it a lot! When I learned to stop asking that question, and asked a better one, eg ‘what have I got to do to get a change?’, I found a much more effective answer. I’m looking forward to this webinar on Tuesday.
    .-= Jo Carey-Bradshaw´s last blog ..Empowering Mindset – Truly Amazing Power =-.

  9. Ria Thomson says:

    Most of us are struggling in achieving our goals because we are not really doing our best. Having the right mind setting and a positive attitude is simply the secret to a successful life.

  10. Wow, great post Sean!

    I like the way you have laid all out here because for such a simple concept, changing your life from mediocre to a life of passion & success is a huge deal for so many including myself.

    Positive change is something that takes effort, commitment & it often helps to have influences to lead the way : )
    .-= jeremy´s last blog ..jlagatule- RT @neilpatel The SEO’s Handbook – 53 Resources For First Time SEOs http-bitly-c6YOYR =-.

  11. Decisions + Actions = Results is an important equation. It is also important that we take responsibility for all that we do.

    Another thing to consider is why we sometimes feel like we are constantly taking action, without achieving the desired results. This is where our belief systems play a significant role. Our beliefs are a result of our experiences, as well as what we may have learnt or been told by significant others. If we change our limiting beliefs, we can change the negative patterns that are preventing us from achieving the results that we desire.
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..Make Your Own Cleaning Products =-.

  12. The reality is that every single thing we do on a daily basis is a result of making a decision to do something, taking action then getting a result. It starts with getting out of bed in the morning and continues all day. Even if we do very little all day, we’ve made the decision to do just that!
    I’m not always getting the results I want so I’ll definitely be tuning into your webinar Sean. Thanks in advance!
    .-= Jan Littlehales´s last blog ..Beef Stroganoff – in Ten Minutes =-.

  13. Go action! Being surrounded by like minded people is paramount for success. I remember hearing that a large part of your own potential is based on the company you keep. Unfortunately the tall poppy syndrome tends to anchor people down, effectively forcing them to rest on their laurels. Don’t make this mistake. Give yourself permission to achieve what you want.
    .-= David Moloney´s last blog ..Choose a Cool Avatar- Essential Tips =-.

  14. G’day Sean,
    Mate – thanks for this great inspirational post. Very uplifting. I remember you saying about quitting Lotto early last year and thought ” What a Great Idea ” so for my birthday in 2009 I bought the last one and haven’t thought about it since, until now.

    That $ 350 + I DIDN’T spend on Lotto is now going into my next LCM project to pay for hosting, the URL, and outsourcing at Elance.

    http://learninggrandpianos.com/ is being paid for by Lotto ! BLOODY BEAUTY !

    .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..WALLACE WATTLES REDISCOVERED Part 1 =-.

  15. G’day again Sean,

    I meant to say in the previous post, I can do the action, but need to be Like Chapter 12 in SLOA and learn to do my actions MORE EFFICIENTLY. More of Wallace !!

    .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..WALLACE WATTLES REDISCOVERED Part 1 =-.

  16. Hi Sean,
    My best Decision was to take action, my Actions have changed me and my results in everything have changed me and the way I now do things.
    Decision = Action
    Action = Results
    Results = change
    .-= Rita Pepper´s last blog ..Healthy Dog Foods =-.

  17. Just got off your webinar Sean and enjoyed every wise word spoken. There’s a lot to be said for taking action, and tonnes to learn from for the person doing it. I learnt an interesting stat today – for the average person to try something and see it through to completion (e.g. gym, lose weight, product creation, etc) the amount of people on average is less than 1 attempt. Yet for the average millionaire to try something new and see it through to completion, the average number of attempts for a millionaire is 17. I.e. people who have found large scale success have often failed many, many times before they achieved their success.

    Again, great webinar Sean!
    .-= Kieran´s last blog ..Court Jester Costume – 10 Discount Costume Order =-.

  18. Similarly, there are no coincidences. We manifest those things that we need or want. Although sometimes we also manifest negative things into our lives. It all depends on our mindset. If we constantly focus on the negative, that’s what will be drawn to us. If we only focus on the positive our lives will be filled with all the good things in life. There is no need for hope since all things are provided to us if we just let the Universe know we want/need them. And believe that they will be provided. 🙂

  19. Really good post Sean! These are the lessons I have learn’t over the last 5 years. Life is a lot happier when you know you are constantly moving forward due to daily thoughts and actions. Personal responsibility and being ‘kind to yourself’ during this transition bring great freedom to your spirit.
    .-= David Pearse´s last blog ..Inception DVD Opportunity =-.

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