Decisions + Actions = Results

In life we make decisions and take actions based on our belief systems and perception of life and people around us. The results we get are shaped by our attitude to life.

This recording covers a topic that many people avoid and I have been asked to make it available to the public. Previously it has only been available in a members only area.

Decisions + Actions = Results

The feedback from the Decisions, Actions, Results webinar was incredible. Some were unimpressed as I raised some delicate reasons why people fail in life. The truth is tough to handle, however most took it as a positive and really enjoyed the content. You be the judge. Watch and enjoy!

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  1. I have enjoyed this topic and it has made me think about the future even more. I must get on with the task at hand and stop procrastinating. Thanks for this information.
    .-= Richard Colum´s last blog ..Tips for Shopping the Australian Commercial Real Estate Market =-.

  2. Hello Sean,

    I really enjoyed watching the recording when it first came out…. Decisions + Actions = Results and am looking forward to watching again and sharing with our family. Its attitude that is the most important ingredient for success. What you think about happens, so be very careful for what you ask for in life!!

    Looking forward to moving our life forward.

    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..What About Me! =-.

  3. Maria Uzun says:

    The topic is of paramount importance. Thank you for having it. You are right, only actions may change the life to the better.
    Kind regards

  4. bless your great self sean…. u seriously r an inspiration…. there is great love here 4 u

  5. energy flows, where attention goes…. so many lifes saved while i’m writing this…. show them how it’s done… it all starts with 1 thought.

  6. Sam I thank for the bottom of my heart for sharing your members video content. I was feeling reluctant to watch the whole video initially, because I just finished doing a copy-writing exercise that took 3 hours! When I saw the chinese probverb the pen came out and I was scribbling furiously. You have great insight as a person who really understands the potential of the human being. I extend my respect, admiration and goodness. Your E-Books LoA and Mind Mastery Have changed my thinking.. A thought in this substance produces the thing that is the image created by the thought.

    Your a Great Person Sam

  7. Great Lesson For Procrastinators, Sean. Also For Those Who Are Not Operating In Their Full Potential & Capacity. Lots of Us Do Not Realize The Work Involved For Real Success. Our Own Personal Dependancy & Development Is A Must, Else We Fail, Because You Are The One That Really Cares About Your Own Success. Let’s Get With The Program Today.
    Faith Ansah

  8. Good presentation Sean, had me laughing with your references to Alf Stuart!! Great to get this reminder to keep things on track.
    .-= Chris Bellesini´s last blog ..45 – Your Greatest Achievement =-.

  9. Hi Sean

    Thanks for this great webinar. Some serious soft spots you touched on.
    A lot of food for thought. Thank you
    God bless

  10. Great Webinar.

    Agree whole heartedly with what you say. We decided it was time to stop procrastinating and get back our lives.
    We too read books by Robert K, and Napoleon Hill and listened to Tony Robbins. We Made Decisions, We took Actions, Now for Results.

    Thank You

  11. Hi Sean,

    Thanks Sean for this video because we need this type of information to kick us in the bum to get us going and focused on the target.
    .-= Leo Bookham´s last blog ..Solar Step Lights =-.

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