Confessions Of An Economic Hitman

John Perkins is the author of Confessions Of An Economic Hitman. It is one of the best books I have ever read. John was inspired to write this book after the events of 9/11. Mr Perkins suggests that 9/11 was a cumulation of aggressive US foreign policy since the 1950’s. He was sworn to secrecy and was even threatened when it was suggested John was writing a book about his former job as a Professional Economic Hitman.

John Perkins: A Book Review

This is a book review. I do not agree or disagree with the contents of this book. I do however find it interesting. Make up your own mind when reading ‘Confessions Of An Economic Hitman’.

I read John Perkins book a few years ago. I was amazed and intrigued to learn, and have confirmed, many things I had heard in the past about US foreign policy. I highly suggest you invest 53 minutes to watch this interview below with John Perkins.

Confessions Of An Economic Hitman

I have already read Confessions Of An Economic Hitman once, so when watching this interview it makes even better sense. Hearing John Perkins in this interview is both refreshing and chilling at the same time.

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This is a fantastic book. It explains the rise and fall of companies like MAIN (who had a very similar rise and fall to ENRON) and the involvement between US government and construction companies like Haliburton & Bechtel. Countries are held for ransom through massive foreign loans. Countries are persuaded to take these loans through either, persuation, assassination or invasion. One example was Panama, that went through the process of loan, assassination, replaced leader, failed leader (didn’t play the US tune), the George Bush Senior invasion of Panama and imprisonment of the leader (against international laws).

John Perkins

John Perkins dealt personally with the process of converting third world countries to US economic control. The process was in 3 steps:

  1. An Outrageous Loan. The Economic Hitman would make an economic forecast for infrastructure that was blown out to basically bankrupt the third world country with promises of economic prosperity to break them out into the industrial world. The loans were issued by US banks and the work was carried out by US companies such as Haliburton or Bechtel. The money would be transferred directly from US bank to US company. The outcome would be massive economic failure of the third world country while oil, gas and other resources (including United Nations votes) were secured in US interests.
  2. Assassination. If option 1 (above) didn’t work i.e. the leader of the country didn’t agree, an assasination or coup would be instigated by the CIA. Convenient plane crashes with country leaders were the order in Central and South America. A US aligned leader (Dictator) would be put in place and hopefully he would play the US tune. Great examples of these are: Pinochet (Chile),  Suharto (Indonesia), Noriega (Panama), The Shah (Iran) & Saddam Hussein (Iraq).
  3. Invasion. If the new leader didn’t play the tune, generally an invasion would be arranged. One of the most controversial ones was the George Bush Senior invasion of Panama and the blatant international law breach and imprisonment of the Panama Leader on US soil. The Iraq story is strikingly similar to Panama.

Omar Toridos, the leader of Panama, saw through the US policy and invited John Perkins to provide honest economic forecasts and to work with Panama. Senior Haliburton & Bechtel officials became senior government officials (Secretary Of State George Schultz, Secretary Of Defense Caspar Weinberger), Omar Toridos personal plane exploded mid-air – and Manuel Noriega was put in place. Noriega negotiated for Japanese involvement and control of the Panama Canal. The US invaded Panama and the rest is history…

One example of a world leader that holds economic control over natural resources is Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez. He refuses to  play the US tune and is ostracized in the media. If he is not replaced through a coup (it has already been attempted once), or assassinated, an invasion may just happen for some humanitarian cause. History will prove itself to be consistent. He is upsetting the powers to be.

I highly recommend this book by John Perkins. If you think big countries are nice guys and genuinely put people ahead of money and power, this book is not for you. It will hurt your feelings. However, if you question the legality of invasion of foreign countries, assassination of foreign leaders and oppression, you will enjoy this book. You will be amazed at the historical points raised in Confessions Of An Economic Hitman.

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  1. I will have to put Johns book on my list of books to read.
    Many people have had suspicions that this type of activity goes on around the world, especially after the recent Iraq War. It pays to keep an open mind, I guess.
    One other World Leader the US has battled to control over the years, is the Cuban Leader Fidel Castro.
    I saw a documentary on the ABC a few months ago… very interesting story.
    .-= Cade´s last blog ..Trading System Review – Measure & Improve =-.

  2. OMG!!!!! I am going to get the book, just hearing the video, then reading the prologue from the book sent shivers down my spine,
    That governments are able to get away with this kind of behavior is something I really can’t comprehend.

  3. Hey Sean – I will put this on my list of books to read – and set aside 53 minutes to watch the whole video. I’m also going to recommend my 18 year old reads it/watches it – he’s just started a Business degree at uni and this is just the sort of thing he finds fascinating. Thanks.
    .-= Jan Littlehales´s last blog ..Raising Great Kids – Cycling =-.

  4. G’day Sean,
    This sort of material has been known to our family for years, as one member is a researcher, and deals with this type of information. It makes the world seem like a not too friendly place in some ways, but, we of the YOTA forum in particular, should not pull the bedclothes over our heads and be afraid to ACT NOW.

    As we well know, the media are the slaves of governments and corporations, and take delight in MAKING US CONTINUALLY FEARFUL ! The only way to overcome the effects of this fear inducing media is to be aware of how much is true [ difficult but possible ] and not listen to most of them. I think you said you rarely listened to the ” news ” What a great idea, as I bet you are less fearful than those who have to listen to every bulletin.

    I’ll be listening to this in the next hour. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..How Proud Can One Be ? =-.

  5. G’day Sean,
    Finished Part 1 and Part 2. Not sure how many times to say WOW WOW WOW Part 2 is speaking at a Veterans For Peace Convention. His stories about a newly elected president being threatened with either mega amounts of money if he / she conforms to the corporate statedgy OR death if they don’t is absolutely terrifying.

    From 1/2 way through part 2 he outlines positive strategies to help implement some of the reforms he espouses to stop CORPORTAUCRACY [ Correct spelling ? ]
    Link to Part 2 :-


    See you after part 3
    .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..How Proud Can One Be ? =-.

  6. I have know doubt in my at all at what has happened and is happening, the unfortunate part is the people that we trust are the ones to blame, it is called greed. I reckon I would be right. Yes I think I might get a copy of the book as well I wonder if it is on mp3.
    .-= Richard Colum´s last blog ..Property: An Excellent Financial Investment =-.

  7. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    Wow! John Perkins has an incredible story to tell. I am surprised that he is actually being allowed to discuss these matters so openly. I wonder how often he looks over his shoulder.

    I am not surprised but I’m incredibly saddened by his story. It’s no wonder that these countries hate us so passionately. I say us because I’m pretty sure that the Australian Government over the years would have been involved to some degree.

    John Perkins sold his soul for money, sex and power. They are incredibly powerful motivators. I wonder how many of us would do the same thing. It just reinforces to me how important it is to understand what drives us. I guess it just depends if we use them for good or evil.

    It seems that governments, big business and the banks will stop at nothing to get what they want. They get away with it because we all live in a state of ignorance. I wonder when we will say enough and demand that these institutions conduct their business with honesty, integrity and complete transparency.

    Thank-you for posting this video, Sean. I love documentaries and I really enjoyed watching this. Have you seen the Robert McNamara documentary, “The Fog of War”? It’s very interesting also.

  8. Hi Sean,

    “The lunatics have overtaken the asylum”

    It certainly is a revealing interview with John Perkins. He is a courageous man to be speaking out. Refreshing and chilling at the same time, like you say Sean. I will be buying his book.

    I hope also (as Harry indicated) that we in the YOTA forum can help stop the rot. Firstly by not watching a fearful “news” on TV.

  9. Hello Sean,

    I have not seen or heard of the book Confession Of An Economic Hitman By John Perkins. Will be on the lookout for one, seen as how much of a book worm I am.
    I am not amazed or surprised to hear what goes on behind the scenes.

    The Government have a big part to play in many incidents in history. It reminds me a bit of what I read about the Swine Flu. That was another scheme to attract money, because it has been documented that there was no actualy Swine Flu….the chemist (along with the powers that be) decided that the country needed to create a stream of income. The swine flu needle is actually more dangerous then the Swine flu because the side affects can (and will) kill. Is that another way the Government can take care of the population with assasination?

    Will be playing the video tonight and will be looking out for the book.
    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Chasing Your Dreams Or Chasing Your Tail =-.

  10. Thanks Sean, have added this book to my expanding list. Will let my fingers do the walking tomorrow or maybe just order online. Looking forward to reading this book as I do not read fiction.

    It makes one wonder how much we are actually kept in the dark, and how far governments are prepared to go!!

  11. Extraordinary. It’s rare that you come across a book that is truly interesting and on such a far reaching topic. Thanks Sean for highlighting the unique read.
    .-= David Moloney´s last blog ..Positioning: The Brand Personality For Your Small Business =-.

  12. Thank you for the book selection review. This is one of my favorite hobbies, the study of hidden history taking place.
    .-= Terry Tiessen´s last blog ..Ad Unit Magic =-.

  13. Andrew Sinclair says:

    Sean, I’m a little surprised you do not have affiliate credit for distributing this product. I am not against supporting one of the few online marketers who know how to conduct this business appropriately.

    • Hi Andrew
      I could have done it with an affiliate link but a true recommendation is non financial, especially when you are dealing with an EHM (Economic Hit Man) 😉

  14. Unlike most everyone here I have decided not to read this book. I do appreciate and understand that history is in the making with this reveal but I have to admit I find history a bit dry unless it’s my own or local history. We do need to move past this horrifying ordeal and a lot of people will need to read the book to do so while I choose to embrace the idea of change and action, hoping for a better future.
    .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..You Are the Reason I Know It Will Happen =-.

    • In the book John Perkins reveals that organisations are still doing this today. MAIN disappeared overnight and was replaced. There are hints of a similar organisation doing this today. Of course if he mentions their name, he will probably just remain a memory for us all. I doubt it is history.

  15. I just bought a used copy of the book on eBay including postage for $12 64

  16. Another great book on a similar subject is “Why Do People Hate America?” by Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Davies. Will be sure to check out John Perkins’ one.
    .-= Colin Schedler´s last blog ..Inspirational People – Richard Branson =-.

  17. There is a great site you might love – I can’t remember the name of it but I will look it up for you – it is all about conspiracy theories. It does cover 911 and alot of these same issues. I agree -if you don’t think that these superpowers play dirty then you are a little naive – they all have their agenda.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Baby Sign for Puppy – A Dad’s Story =-.

  18. I am not sure if I want to know everything that is happening “behind the scenes” but a lot of it is out there and most of us just close their eyes. I will be getting the book, as it will open up my horizon to what is possible and happening – in a crazy sort of way.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..The Best Way To Get Motivated =-.

  19. I knew I had faith in humanity for a reason, Sean. I have just watched this video and the other two parts. Everyday when I listen to people both around me; in newspapers; in overheard conversations at the coffee shops; in talkback radio sessions; talkback tv shows; at the bowser when I am travelling from state to state; I hear the same ‘time for change’ ringing in my ears. I hear people deciding that something really needs to be done. And while there are lots of those who like me haven’t been quite sure exactly what it is they can do about this that is their way to contribute best, the time is fast coming. History only repeats itself when we haven’t learnt from the past. We CAN find new ways of being and doing things and living well. We just need to know what is right for us ALL, and accept nothing less until it is achieved. This has Always been my grand dream goal. And the time is NOW. Inspiration? this is just the beginning!!
    .-= Jo Carey-Bradshaw´s last blog ..Empowering Mindset – Mastering Self =-.

  20. Hi Sean,
    I too knew about this kind of unethical behaviour from the US. I was first introduced to it through the Zeitgueist movies. Go to and have a look at the free movies. They go into even more depth with the foreign policy of the US and the money creation methods of the central banks etc. It will blow your mind like Confessions of an Economic Hitman. They also offer alternate social structures and ideas to help change the way we live.
    Jon Symonds

  21. Nothing lasts forever , the Roman Empire , the British and many others all eventually join the dinosaur’s , China and Japan have bought trillions of dollars worth of US debt as government Bonds and Timothy Geithner is back in China behind closed doors now, perhaps on his knees , possibly to finance the health care pa, I wonder what the solution will be when their creditors put up the interest ? Even closer to home I remember being skeptical of Howard’s philosophical rhetoric when he supported free elections in Timor , and now who controls the biggest percentage of oil in the Timor Sea ?There’s always alterior motives and I’m sure if us average citizens had to vote on decicions such as taking out foreign leaders who would prefer to do the right thing by their voters if
    .-= tony shirren´s last blog ..Wealth Creation =-.

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