Common Sense Formula Affiliate Program

The Common Sense Formula Affiliate Program is ready to rock! With a commission of 50% on each sale, the earning potential is handsome to say the least! I have summed the program up in the video below, to make it easy for you to join the affiliate program and access the affiliate resources.

You can join the affiliate program through the banner on the left. Check the video out for details on how to access all the resources and learn about the program.

Common Sense Formula Affiliate Program (video)

This video runs for only 30 minutes. It’s straight to the point and worth your while watching to get up to speed with the affiliate program.


Affiliate Resources:

  1. You can join the Common Sense Formula Affiliate Program here
  2. Access affiliate resources for the Common Sense Formula here (such as banners, etc)

You need to be logged in, as an affiliate, to access the affiliate banners in point 2 (above).

Your Affiliate Commissions:

You will earn $73.50 per sale (50% of $147.00) for each successful referral that purchases the Silver access into the Common Sense Formula. If someone checks it out, through your affiliate link, and comes back to purchase later, you still earn your commission. The beauty is that you also earn commissions on other products we sell too, in our affiliate program.

The Lifetime Silver Membership

The product is a Lifetime Silver Membership into the Common Sense Formula that sells for $147.00 (AUD).

People you refer get access to all this for $147.00:

      • Bronze Membership Area
        14+ videos and 2 ebooks learning basic internet marketing skills.
      • Silver Membership Area
        14 part video series learning a “Friday to Sunday” setup strategy to setup a blog from scratch and have a product ready to sell online. This follows the entire process from scratch.
      • Bonus Videos
        12 videos so far (and more coming) about improving the above strategy and a few “techy” videos as well, to ensure all details are explained.
      • Year of The Affiliate 2.0 – Have Laptop Will Travel
        Instant access to download this book valued at $97.00
      • Cash In On Your Passion
        Instant download access to this book valued at $47.00

The Common Sense Launch Video

This is the official launch video for the Common Sense Formula.

YouTube Preview Image

Go through to YouTube and give it a thumbs up if you like it!

The Common Sense Facebook Fanpage

If you LIKE the Common Sense Formula, then please join all the other members on the official Facebook Fanpage.

To check out the Free version of this product, go here >>

To check out the Lifetime Silver Access, go here >>

See you somewhere online, very soon!

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  1. Thanks for another great and easy to understand video on another way to earn money from IM. Affiliate links were one of my greatest bug bears when I first embarked on my Internet Marketing Journey….now I find them so much easier to capture and use.

  2. Hi Sean,
    thanks for the opportunity to be an affiliate for the Common Sense Formula Affiliate Program, I am already looking for keywords for my url to start my new blog.

  3. Great video Sean! I’m looking forward to promoting the Common Sense Formula with your affiliate program, as there are so many people who will benefit from learning about internet marketing, blogging and turning their own passions into profits! Thanks 🙂


  4. Sean,
    You are spoiling us rotten…………PLEASE DO NOT STOP.

  5. I LOVE only.
    Common Sense Formula
    Sense Formula

  6. It is something extraordinary you can learn in a week how to make money online.Va multunesc have a great sufet Mr. Sean.
    I will want to live 100 years to learn how many people.

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