The Secret Formula To My Success

The secret formula to my success is basic, simple, cheap and attainable for every person in this wonderful world we live in. It is a secret that has … [Read more...]

Mindset Mastery 171 – Economically Advantaged

We hear all the time about the disadvantages of life and the economical disadvantage of people. There is no arguing that the playing field at the … [Read more...]

My Story

On Monday 30 November 2009, I will share my story online via a webinar. I invite you to come along and join in. If you are not sure what a webinar is, … [Read more...]

Mindset Mastery 153 – New Working Relationships

The relationships between employees and management are changing, as are those with the public at large; at least they should be. Understand these new … [Read more...]

Mindset Mastery 134 – Determined Financing

Continuing on from the last Mindset Mastery post, we learn more about how Dr. Gunsaulus turned an idea into an institution. You'll recall when we … [Read more...]

Mindset Mastery 133 – Where There’s Will

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it. Why wait? Why not get that million dollars, and live out your dream? Here's a story to … [Read more...]

Mindset Mastery 103 – Plan For Action

Once you have received your inspiration via that "sixth sense"—your telegram from Infinite Intelligence, it is time to make a plan of action. Be wary … [Read more...]

Sydney Internet Marketing Workshop

As I write this, the Sydney Internet Marketing Workshop is underway: Smart Online Profit Systems. We have spoken all morning and I am between sessions … [Read more...]

When A Nation Cries

Tonight I watched a CNN video of a woman dying in a hospital while 2 security guards casually watched on and a nurse went up to the lady and kicked … [Read more...]